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Troldtekt lighting ®

Good lighting – pure and simple

Troldtekt® lighting Good lighting – pure and simple Troldtekt lighting is a series with fitting armatures specially designed for instal­ lation in Troldtekt acoustic ceilings. The solution allows for architectural ­simplicity and pure lines – aesthetics and acoustics in perfect harmony. Troldtekt lighting is a complete ceiling system, consisting of special-cut Troldtekt panels, fitting armatures, all necessary installation fittings, glass etc. The Troldtekt panels are delivered with lamp holes, facilitating installation and saving time at the building site. The design is basic and elegant, the possible combinations are many and installation is simple.

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You can read more about design, models, indoor climate and installation in the following pages, where you can also take inspiration from two exciting case studies.

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Troldtekt lighting.................................................................. 2 Design and models............................................................. 3

Case studies..........................................................................6-7    LSPF’s union house    Sommerstad, Malmö, Sweden

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Published by: Troldtekt A/S, 2013 Photos: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, Thomas Mølvig and David Bering Design: Text:,


Design and models The Wave lighting series is designed by the Danish architectural company CUBO Arkitekter A/S. The series is characterised by its wavy glass that offers exciting design and optimum light distribution without blinding. The lighting is integrated in the ceiling solution, because the fitting armatures are flush with the ceiling, providing an aesthetic ceiling impression without installed armatures.

Wave, spotlight

Wave, longitudinal, single reflector

  Ø 75 mm

  600 or 1200 mm

  clear glass

  clear or matt glass

Wave, round

Wave, longitudinal, double reflector

  Ø 302 mm or Ø 393 mm

  600 or 1200 mm

  clear or matt glass

  clear or matt glass   Also available as ‘office’ model without glass

Wave, transversal

Effect spotlight

  500 mm

  60 × 120 × 192 mm

  clear or matt glass

  halogen bulb, 25 W


Lighting and indoor climate The indoor climate is a combination of air, smell, sound, light, humidity, static electricity, design and colour.

Good lighting is important to a healthy indoor climate

the entire room and even out lighting differences.

and to a proper work situation. The daylight and

The volume of artificial light required depends highly

arti­ficial lighting must be adjusted to the work being

on the surroundings, as dark surroundings ‘swallow’

carried out. Good workplace lighting not only promotes

more light than light ones.

the well-being of the employees, it also increases

The colour of the ceiling also influences the lighting

productivity. Lack of light can lead to tensions, head­

requirements and the volume of light required by the

ache, tiredness and irritation to the eyes. However,

ceiling cladding depends on the ceiling’s light reflection.

different people are affected differently by light –

A test report prepared by DELTA Light & Optics shows

physically and mentally – and we all have different

the light reflection for different types of Troldtekt

work procedures and different needs.


Aesthetics, light volume and the human element are three important factors which influence the planning

Total reflectance P 8°/diffuse

of lighting in a workplace.

Troldtekt acoustic panels white 101


Troldtekt offers light dimensioning advice and

Troldtekt acoustic panels light natural


guidance to project planners and we also offer non-

Troldtekt acoustic panels grey natural


binding light metering. To achieve good lighting in a room, it is important to have appropriate general lighting that can illuminate


To ensure optimum lighting, regular maintenance and cleaning of the lamps in the room is important.

Simple installation At the building site, fitting of lighting armatures in the Troldtekt ceiling is simple and quick. The Troldtekt panels are delivered with cut-out lamp holes while the armatures are delivered with all required installation fittings, glass etc. Troldtekt can help you with ceiling plan measuring

Note: Different and detailed installation instructions

and lamp location.

are available for the longitudinal lamps, depending

Troldtekt lighting is very easy to install in Troldtekt

on whether the ceiling is installed on wooden battens

ceilings. Lamps and panels come with separate,

or on C60 or T35 profile systems. The unique aspect is

detailed installation instructions for Troldtekt lighting

that the armature forms part of the wooden batten or

and Troldtekt acoustic panels, respectively. All 230 V

profile system and the armature must therefore be in­

armature connections must be made by an authorised

stalled with the rest of the suspension system.

electrician. You can also download all our current installation instructions from our library at

Spotlight 12 V

Round 230 V

Transversal 230 V

Longitudinal, single reflector 230 V

Longitudinal, double reflector 230 V

Effect spotlight 12 V

All fitting armatures in the Troldtekt lighting series have a low fitting height – max. 54 mm!


One of the major construction challenges today is to make good acoustics, architecture and aesthetics come together in synergy. Troldtekt acoustic panels with integrated lighting ensure good acoustics and good lighting with ceiling and lamps appearing as a single entity. In our inspirational section at, you can find a number of exciting case studies and pictures – here are a few examples:

LPSF’s union house A rough exterior with a warm interior Welcome to a union house with two faces – one outwardly masculine and one inwardly feminine. In unison, this double character reflects a union house in sync with the times. The north-west district of Copenhagen is home to the

says Architect MAA Christian Cold of Entasis architec­

headquarters of the storage, mail and service workers’

tural firm and he continues:

union – LPSF. At first glance, this is a masculine grey

„Our starting point was that the union has two fac­

concrete monolith but the rough, cold facade hides a

es. The outward face signals strength, steadfastness

gem of warm secrets. The yard facade is covered with

and insisting determination through the impressive

horizontal larch wood slats, providing an air of trans­

concrete facade. The inward face signals closeness,

parency and elegance while the atmosphere behind the

solidarity and care, accentuated by the light filtering

facade is bright and inviting.

through the larch wood slats.”

Two faces

Golden frame

„When I was contacted about this project, only a very

Most ceilings and walls are clad with Troldtekt,

short time had been allocated for the draft sketches”,

and Christian Cold continues: „This building has no clinical walls or drab plaster ceilings. The oak wood floors and the large cementbonded wood wool faces create a warm, golden frame around the union. The lighting consists of more than 230 transversal armatures which are beautifully inte­ grated in the Troldtekt panels. The architectural firm CUBO designed the solution and the special wavy glass that shields the armatures to provide optimum light distribution without blinding.” Tailor-made house The users of the building are extremely happy about the design. Helge Geest is CFO of LPSF and says: „It was a very positive experience to move into a tailor-made house with room for our administrative functions, meeting activity and large events. The sound quality is second to none, which to a significant degree is due to ceilings and walls of certain rooms being clad with Troldtekt panels.”

Client: Oskar Jensen Gruppen A/S Architect: Entasis architectural firm Engineers: Niras A/S


Owner and client: Stadsfastigheter Malmö Syd Architects: JJW ARCHITECTS, Copenhagen

Sommerstad, Malmö, Sweden From hospital to exclusive rental homes The old 1970s hospital Sommerstad today consists of 144 bright, functional and simple youth flats with an air of exclusiveness and spatial excess. 144 exclusive student

Let in light

homes have been fitted

The long middle corridor was necessary to achieve

into a 4-storey building that

appropriate logistics in the planning solution. The

formerly housed a hospital.

architects consequently had to work deliberately to

The homes are owned and

visually break the long and straight hallway layout.

operated by the housing

It has been varied through extensive use of coloured

society Stadsfastigheter

flooring areas of different lengths and patterns.

Malmö Syd and the project was designed by the Danish

„The light armatures are longitudinal, and the light

architectural firm JJW ARCHITECTS. The 100 m long

sources are close to the walls, so the reflection makes

building has new life and now acts as the functional

the hallway appear wider. The hallway is now inviting

frame around the daily lives of the young students.

with daylight in both gables”, says Andreas Blomberg.

No more hospital atmosphere – the architecture seems timeless in its simplicity.

Solid ceilings The architects have used white-painted Troldtekt

Large house depth

panels in most rooms.

Owner and Architect SAR/MSA Andreas Blomberg was

„We wanted a solid, impact-resistant material

the managing architect for the student homes. As he

with good acoustic properties for this type of youth

says “We found it an exciting challenge to transform the

environment, where the halls are used for soccer and

very formal building into a pulsating environment for

weekend parties. I also wanted an aesthetically beau­

young people.”

tiful product with rustic characteristics. That’s why we

„It was basically a really interesting building, but

opted for Troldtekt. The lighting consists of integrated

the challenge of the task was to use its large depth in

Troldtekt armatures throughout, creating an elegant

a positive way. It was also important to fit in as many

spatial effect”, adds Andreas Blomberg.

flats as possible without compromising the comfort of the individual students.”


Service provides a clear overview of the

Technical advice

many Troldtekt acoustic solutions. Using our product

We are happy to provide technical advice for construction

generator, you can also download accompanying

professionals. We provide advice on Troldtekt acoustic

AutoCad drawings, a description of the product range

solutions and associated products, including the dimen­

and detailed installation instructions for the chosen

sioning of Troldtekt speakers and we also carry out light

solution. The website also contains lots of inspiration,

and sound calculations for project planners.

among other things a number of reference pictures, case studies and articles about trends.

About us Troldtekt A/S has produced Troldtekt acoustic ceiling

The result is a range of products which are tested

and wall panels since 1935 at Troldhede in central

to meet today’s ever increasing demands for good

Denmark. During this time, the product has undergone

acoustics in a wide variety of buildings.

continuous development and refinement.

International distributors Details of our international distributors are available on

our distributors for general information, brochures They either stock our Troldtekt

or data sheets. You are, of course, also welcome to

products or can obtain them for you. Please contact

contact Export sales at our Head Office in Denmark.

Troldtekt A/S Sletvej 2A 8310 Tranbjerg J Denmark Tel: + 45 8747 8100 Fax: + 45 8747 8111 Email:

Troldtekt lighting  

Troldtekt lighting is a series with fitting armatures specially designed for installation in Troldtekt acoustic ceilings.

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