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Good acoustics Naturally

GYMNASIUM IN TÓRSHAVN A spacious and colourful gymnasium, designed by BBP Arkitekter A/S, was built in connection with Tórshavn stadium. The ceiling in Troldtekt grey natural emphasises the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the gymnasium – not least in combination with the line of painted Troldtekt panels gracing the walls.

THE NATURAL SOUND CEILING Troldtekt acoustic panels for ceilings and wall cladding absorb sound and ensure short reverberation times, which gives fewer unpleasant sounds and better sound comfort. Troldtekt acoustic solutions are therefore the natural choice if you want architecture and acoustics to go hand in hand. Coarse or fine? Black or white? Troldtekt is available in three different structures, depending on the width of the wood wool shavings: Ultrafine (1.0 mm), fine (1.5 mm) and coarse (3.0 mm). The many colour options enable clients, architects and other consultants to compose a solution which aesthetically matches the architecture. Discreet or distinct look? Troldtekt panels are available in a variety of edge designs which have a bearing on the overall look, ranging from the discreet 5 mm bevel to the more pronounced style. Troldtekt can be installed directly onto wood

or metal surfaces using screws, concealed fittings or concealed or visible rail systems for suspended, removable ceilings. Use our product generator at trold­ and you are just a few clicks away from designing the acoustic solution that meets your specific needs. Other download options include accompanying AutoCAD drawings and a description of the chosen solution.

Troldtekt with concealed mineral wool absorbs up to 80-90% of the sound energy. By comparison, concrete typically absorbs 1-2%. Troldtekt’s high sound-absorption properties ensure subdued acoustics free of reverberation and echo.

Good reasons for choosing Troldtekt: –  Good acoustics

Natural wood, ultrafine structure

–  Efficient fireproofing –  Healthy indoor climate –  High durability –  Simple installation – Solutions

Natural wood, fine structure

Natural wood, coarse structure

FROM CRADLE TO CRADLE – CONSIDERING THE ENVIRONMENT Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels are made of 100% natural materials: Wood from the Danish forests and cement from Aalborg Portland. The environment is at the heart of the product life cycle of the panels – from the raw materials extraction to use and disposal.

All stages of Troldtekt’s product life cycle focus on the environment:

A systematic responsibility Troldtekt A/S’s vision is to drive the development of intelligent acoustic solutions. We want to be a responsible company promoting a sustainable indoor climate, and we work systematically to reduce and minimise the environmental impact of our production and products.

2. The consumption of resources during the manufacturing process and its emissions to the environment, the soil and the air

1. Properties of the materials and chemicals used

3. Transport processes which Troldtekt A/S is able to influence during the product life cycle 4. Environmental impacts in connection with product use 5. Environmental impacts in connection with product disposal


1. RAW MATERIALS Danish raw materials – PEFCcertified wood from Danish forests and cement produced by Aalborg Portland.

2. PRODUCTION The production plant in Troldhede is an environmentally friendly state-ofthe-art facility.


3. TRANSPORT Raw materials from nearby areas minimise the transport. 5. DISPOSAL Troldtekt can be composted and recycled as soil improvers.

4. PRODUCT USE Troldtekt is certified according to the best indoor climate categories by Danish Indoor Climate Labelling.



Within the following focus areas, Troldtekt panels contribute points for the certifications for sustainable building:

The three leading, voluntary certification schemes within sustainable building are the American LEED, the British BREEAM and the German DGNB. However, multinational companies with foreign subsidiaries often stick to just one scheme and thus all three building certifications are relevant in Europe.

Life cycle costs Acoustic indoor climate Atmospheric indoor climate and toxicity Psychological indoor climate (art) Materials, including: –  Life cycle assessment – Regionality –  Renewability and reuse –  Recycled content – Procurement of materials –  Fire safety – Construction site waste management Source: Rambøll Denmark A/S

Documenting Troldtekt’s contribution Engineering and consultancy company Ramboll has analysed and documented Troldtekt’s contribution to the three sustainable building schemes. The certification schemes are for buildings only and whereas building materials cannot achieve certification, they certainly can help contribute with points to the three schemes.

New European Environmental Product Declaration The Danish Technological Institute has documented the sustainable aspects of produ­ cing Troldtekt acoustic panels in the form of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Using standardised declarations will make it easier for clients and consultants to compare the environmental impact of different products. The EPD for Troldtekt is primarily based on actual figures from our production

flow and includes information about environmental impact, resource consumption, reuse and recovery of the panels from ‘cradle to gate’ – i.e. from raw materials right up until delivery. The EPD for Troldtekt has been prepared in accordance with the new European standard CEN EPD EN 15804.


LEED Sustainable sites: 26% Water efficiency: 10% Energy and atmosphere: 35% Materials and resources: 14% Indoor environmental quality: 15%

Source: Byggeriets Evaluerings Center

BREEAM Management: 12% Health and well-being: 15% Energy: 19% Transport: 8% Water: 6% Materials: 12% Waste: 8% Land use and ecology: 10% Pollution: 10%

DGNB Denmark Environmental quality: Economic quality: Sociocultural and functional quality: Technical quality: Process quality:

22.5% 22.5% 22.5% 22.5% 10%



Vestas Technology R&D Centre in Lem near the West Jutland coast is the first platinum-certified building in Denmark under the LEED building certification scheme. The architects aarhus arkitekterne a/s have designed the building in which the specialist products Troldtekt lighting are used.

In designing KKG, the Danish firm of architects CEBRA a/s succeeded in bringing together an upper secondary school and a technical college in a single vibrant educational institution. In the large communal area, the Troldtekt ceilings ensure that the acoustics are suitable for entertainment, socialising and study.



The certification of a specific product is based on the following five categories:

Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural grey and natural wood have been certified at silver level in accordance with the international Cradle to Cradle sustainability concept. This was largely due to the fact that the product does not contain hazardous substances and can therefore be returned to nature as compost. Troldtekt adheres to the Cradle to Cradle principles in our decision-making regarding production and suppliers.

Production must make a positive contribution The Cradle to Cradle sustainability concept is based on three principles: That everything is a resource for something else, that production must be based on renewable energy, and that diversity is valuable. A fundamental philosophy behind the Cradle to Cradle concept is that production must benefit the planet’s ‘well-being’. Growth in society must be based on quality and a sense of responsibility so that individual products can be used again and again or be safely composted.

About Cradle to Cradle There are four levels of Cradle to Cradle certification: basic, silver, gold and platinum.

Biological cycle Troldtekt contains no harmful substan­ ces and can therefore be returned to the natural cycle as compost.

1. Material health (based on human and environmental health) 2. Material reutilisation 3. Energy consumption and energy sources 4. Water consumption and discharge 5. Social responsibility

PRIVATE HO M E IN BRA M M ING Guests no longer cover their ears when visiting the Højlund family’s minimalist home. Troldtekt Plus panels mounted on the existing plasterboard ceiling absorb the abrasive noises that used to bounce between the many hard surfaces.


MULTIFUNCTIONAL CEILING TO SUIT ANY APPLICATION We have made it possible to adapt Troldtekt to meet any requirement. Partnering with architects, designers and industry experts, we have developed a range of special products for Troldtekt acoustic panels that adds extra functionality and quality to the acoustic solution.

Troldtekt® Plus Ideal for retrofitting

Troldtekt® lighting Good lighting – pure and simple

Troldtekt® speakers Integrated acoustics

Troldtekt® decoration A different kind of decoration

With the double-layer Troldtekt Plus panel, the acoustic ceiling and mineral wool are fitted in one and the same work flow! This saves time at the construction site, while protecting the installer from contact with loose mineral wool. Troldtekt Plus consists of a Troldtekt acoustic panel with a layer of non-woven mineral wool on the back.

Troldtekt lighting is an aesthetic and simple solution, custom-designed for integration in Troldtekt ceilings. The acoustic panels are supplied with pre-cut lamp holes so the lighting armatures can be installed on site without having to spend time cutting apertures to size.

Troldtekt speakers are thin speaker units integrated in the Troldtekt acoustic panels for ceilings or wall cladding. The speakers distribute the sound from the surround sound or stereo system evenly throughout the room. Troldtekt speakers are also available as framed wall panels, which combine with Troldtekt decoration.

Troldtekt decoration solutions feature works of art by selected artists or individual, digital motifs printed directly on the panels, e.g. for large surfaces or small decoration panels.


At Troldtekt A/S, we believe that acoustic comfort and a healthy indoor climate are key elements of high-quality buildings. Since 1935, we have manufactured Troldtekt acoustic panels from the natural materials wood and cement. We design, develop and manufacture the panels in Denmark – from local materials and under state-of-the-art and eco-friendly conditions. The sustainable choice Our range of natural Troldtekt acoustic panels has achieved Cradle to Cradle certification in the “Silver” category. This certifies that Troldtekt contains no hazardous substances and therefore can be returned to nature as compost. At Troldtekt, we share the holistic approach of the Cradle to Cradle concept and are therefore implementing it in our long term business strategy. When choosing Troldtekt products for sustainable buildings, specifiers can be assured that Troldtekt can provide assessors and auditors documentation for the international sustainable building certifications LEED, BREEAM and DGNB. Intelligent architectural solutions The vision of Troldtekt is to be a trendsetter within intelligent acoustic solutions with focus on a sustainable indoor climate. Therefore, we continuously develop new special products for modern architecture in close cooperation with architects and building consultants. Every other year, we also present the Troldtekt Award to the international architectural or design student who best applies Troldtekt in a different and innovative way. An audible difference Today, Troldtekt acoustic panels are among the leading and preferred solutions for ensuring high quality sound environments. Our panels clad ceilings and walls in offices, commercial and industrial buildings and in public facilities such as schools, kindergartens, cultural centres, sports centres, swimming pools as well as private residences. Troldtekt makes a real audible difference, not least in minimalist architecture where good acoustics are often challenged by the extensive use of hard surfaces.

Page 1 Vestas Technology R&D Centre Photo: aarhus arkitekterne a/s Page 2 Gymnasium in Thorshavn, Faroe Islands Photo: Per á Hædd Page 5 Vestas Technology R&D Centre Photo: aarhus arkitekterne a/s Kristiansand Katedralskole Gimle Photo: Tommy A. Kosior Page 7 Private residence in Bramming Photo: The Højlund family

Troldtekt - Good acoustics naturally  

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels are made of 100% natural materials: Wood from the Danish forests and cement from Aalborg Portland....

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