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Top 5 awkward stories: Northwestern edition By: Lexie Payne Awkward situations happen everywhere. They’re unavoidable and we all have them. These are the top five awkward stories of Northwestern High School. 5. This story comes from a sophomore girl whose name will remain anonymous. “I was using the upstairs A building bathroom and when I got in the stall I saw a roach. My pants were down as I ran out of the stall screaming. I went into a different stall and shortly after someone that was washing their hands asked me if I was ok. I did not realize they had been standing there the entire time. It was so embarrassing and extremely awkward. I still don’t know who the girl is, but she got a great view of my butt.” 4. This story comes from a junior girl who also wants to remain anonymous. “I was in class and this really hot guy sat across from me at the lab table. I was taking a picture of him to send to one of my friends as a joke because she thought he was really hot too. When I went to take the picture my flash went off and he asked me what I was doing. I then awkwardly said I was taking a picture for his contact in my phone. He said, you don’t have my number so I said maybe you should give It to me.. Then he walked away. I guess he wasn’t feeling it.” 3. This story comes from a sophomore girl who also wants to remain anonymous. “It was my freshman year in the beginning of first semester. I didn’t know my way around the school very well. One day, I accidentally walked into the boy’s bathroom. When I walked in I saw an administrator. I quickly ran out of the bathroom. Later that day he called me to his office and asked me why I went in there and I said it was an accident. This was probably the most awkward thing ever!” 2. This story comes from another sophomore girl who also wants to remain anonymous. “I was walking at Winthrop Lake with my best friend when we saw my horrible ex-boyfriend’s car parked and we were talking about how trashy his new girlfriend was. We walked by the car and we’re talking about how we should key it and stuff as a joke. Then we realized that he and his new girlfriend were sitting in the car. It was super awkward and I still don’t know if he heard all the stuff we said about him.” 1. This is the number one most awkward embarrassing story at Northwestern High School. It comes from a sophomore girl who wishes to remain anonymous. (With good reason) “There was a fight and everyone started running towards it so I did too. But I had on flip flops and tripped in front of everyone. My pants ripped down the back and I skinned my hands up. My knee was bleeding and my pride was damaged. Everyone talked about it for a while and when asked about it I just awkwardly blew it off. This was the most embarrassing and awkward moment of my life.”

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Top 5 awkward stories: Northwestern edition  

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