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Summer Job: Yes or No? by: Kathleen Faris

Money! The object that makes the world run, but how are the youth of the world supposed to get money when their lives revolve around academics and social activities? Well there is a simple answer, get a summer job.

Is it worth the time? You never know how much time your job will take up. It could be several hours per week or none at all. Sarah Taylor says, “It’s okay, it takes up my time.” Summer jobs are great. Not only do you get money to participate in the vast economic world, but it looks great on a résumé; it also teaches you the value of your time and responsibility.

How much money will I get? It all depends on the job you get. The current minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Howeve,r you may receive more than that. Sarah Taylor says she will be making $100 per week. It also depends on how many hours you work.

How do I find a job? There are several ways to find a job. You can go directly to local businesses and ask if they are hiring, and if not give them your résumé for future opportunities or you can go online and search summer job openings in an area near you. Simply Hired is one of the many online sites you can visit to find a summer job.

Summer jobs are a great thing to have. You won’t be disappointed if you get one. Here are some other online resources to find a summer job:   

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Summer Job: Yes or No?  
Summer Job: Yes or No?  

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