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Slang? Ain’t nobody got time for that!! By: Alexis Deese & Arin Hulme

YOLO, Swag,  and  “oooooo  Kill  Em”  are  examples  of  recently   created  slang  words/phrases  that  have  grown  in  popularity.    

As you walk into class, you hear senior Madi Rongholt say, “That is dope as heck mane.” While walking down the hallway you hear a group of friends shouting, “ooooo kill em’.” Walking down the halls is not the only place where one might hear slang being spoken. Slang language is heard in the mall, at the grocery stores, in the parks, it is featured in the movies and the music, and everywhere else you can think of. According to Northwestern English teacher, Jessica Brakefield, “Slang language is dumbing down an entire future generation and students will suffer when they enter the work force.” Students should have an awareness of when to use slang, because in the classroom it can be seen as inappropriate. In our thoughts, it is okay to use slang language to be funny, cool, or if you are in an environment with your peers or family. You should not use slang language when in a professional environment. Slang language includes, but is not limited to, yolo, swag, ratchet, flex, ect. When in an appropriate environment, others believe this language is okay. As for, when in a professional setting you shouldn’t use this language because it is not classy, viewed as unprofessional, and it makes it seem as if you aren’t educated. There is a time and place for everything and in a professional environment it is neither the time nor the place for slang language. Whatever the situation is, out with friends or at work, you need to decide when it is appropriate to use slang.

Slang opinion  
Slang opinion  

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