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Hot Spots for Summer Vacation By Sarah Davis As summer approaches, everyone has the same question: “What are you doing this summer?” The answers always vary as people say “I’m going to the beach” or “I’m going to the mountains.” If you need some ideas on where to go, here’s a few. When asked, students said they would be spending their summer doing a variety of things, from camp to traveling to relaxing at home. A couple of answers were Disney World and Georgia. Disney World is the place to go if you want to embrace your ‘inner child’ or just want to go have a good time. Disney has four main parks, each with a different theme. There are also resorts that are themed like the parks. Georgia is a state filled with a variety of things to do. The state hosts all kinds of things for tourists from the beach and mountains to watersports and sporting events.

For those wanting to stay closer to home, South Carolina has tons of tourist attractions. Two of the most popular vacation spots are Charleston and Hilton Head Island. Charleston is a city filled with many historical attractions, including plantations and various tours. If you don’t want a historical vacation, you can shop at the stores on Market Street, other modern stores, and enjoy divine cuisine. Hilton Head Island is one of the highest ranked vacation hot spots in South Carolina. The island is popular because it has a good golf reputation. Although, there are a variety of things to do besides golf including shopping, water sports and guided tours.

Let’s go to another scale- the country. Two of the most popular cities in the US for vacation are New York City and Orlando. New York is one of the largest known cities in the country. You can visit museums and Central Park, or you could go to Times Square or go see the Empire State Building. Orlando is most famous for Disney World and Universal Studios. It’s a popular vacation destination because it hosts various outdoor activities as well as other theme parks.

Now that you’ve seen all these ideas, one question remains… What are you doing for your summer vacation?

Hot Spots for Summer Vacation  

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