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Sen ior Editio n 15. Answers: 1.Jordan Gunn 2.Hamp Hickman 3.Kaitlyn Turney 4.Deanna Mallard 5.Andrew and Adam Ford 6.Melvin Shaw 7.Anna Childress 8.Jake Gulledge 9.Marci Coleman 10.Shellie and Sarah Epperson 11.Ben James 12. Jessica Light 13. Jared Humpolick 14.Megan Hummer 15.Courtney Wells

12. 9.


11. 7.

5. 6.

8. 3.




Who are they now?

And you may not find any you’ll want to go down. In that case, of course, you’ll head straight out of town.

It’s opener there in the wide open air. Out there things can happen and frequently do to people as brainy and footsy as you.

And when things start to happen, don’t worry. Don’t stew. Just go right along. You’ll start happening too.




Sen ior Edition






Sen ior Edition

hot chocolate “onDrinking the roof of the school

talent show.” “The-James Cole

in the snow and bomb threat day.” -Hannah Chapman

people about “Confusing being a twin.” -Keith McGuire

-Amber Donaldson

n ever



The after-school “ credit recovery club.”

“Ryan Mines purposely


baseball.” -Jesse McNeil


tripping in lunch and throwing his tray to the ceiling.” -Hannah Caylor

Dyer County “onBeating their senior night in

Sophomore year, five of my friends and I in “ three different cars decided to have a scavenger hunt around town. The last thing we had to do was get a picture in front of the school. Well, I came into the school doing 60 mph and slammed into the curb and my car stalls. Finally I get it to move when about five seconds later Kaitlyn Turney also comes in doing 60 mph, but she hops the curb and almost takes out the one way sign!” -Allison Palmer

Sen ior Edition


Teaching freshmen about “fungus and watching them spore or “reproduce” on each other.” -Jessica Rupp



S en

ior Editio n

Sen ior Edition



S en

ior Editio n

Sen ior Editio n


I ’ll miss . . . “ My f I h av r ie n d s b e e gro c aus e w t hem n , and up w i t h like m t he y a -K ay y f am i l y re .” la M ar be rry

“Tro j a n dram a p l ays .” -De v a n Jac obi

-Brianna Clark

“The silly rules that aren’t even enforced. AKA: dress code, lanyards, weapons in school, yada, yada, yada.” -David Grueser

to y t i ill l t i s b a d “Th e i n ate a n A’s .” s t a igh t a r c pro k e s t r H a r bi n m a a n n ah -S av

-up s s e r d i ng m o c e m “H o d ays .” ons m m a G ny -B r i t t a


“The Lady Trojan basketball team.” -Kendra Taylor

Sen ior Edition

“P.E.” -L at ina Do bbins

S en i or s 20 09

Sen ior Edition



S en

ior Editio n

“Calculus has its limits” “Who cares?” Oh Calculus, Oh Calculus How tough are your branches? Oh Calculus, Oh Calculus What chance do I have to pass? If derivatives I can hardly take, Then integrals make my head ache. Oh Calculus, Oh Calculus How tough are your branches? Oh Calculus, Oh Calculus Your rules I won’t learn. Oh Calculus, Oh Calculus My applications are a disaster. There is optimization, area between curves, or disk and washer methods to do. Oh Calculus, Oh Calculus Your rules I won’t learn. Oh Calculus, Oh Calculus My limit I am reaching, Oh Calculus, Oh Calculus Have mercy on me please. What are my grades approaching? Hopefully A, B, or C They’re just an epsilon from D Oh Calculus, Oh Calculus My limit I am reaching. -written by Mrs. Gam

S en

ior Editio n



Sen ior Edition

S en

ior Editio n


Top Colleges THE











s 6% r o i n e S 0 10 re polled 5% we


U.S. 4% Military

Top Majors Biology


26% Other 6% Physical Therapy

10% 9% Education






4% Psychology

(Dental Hygiene and Pre-Dental)

4% Music


Business 16


S en



ior Editio n


In 10 years... “I plan to be flying the new kind of Bugatti Veyron from New York to LA to make it in time to my meeting with the president of Apple to make my sales pitch.” -James Northcutt

“I plan to be living on a space station married to Chris Pine while I become a universally acclaimed geneticist specializing in mutations to try and speed up evolution.” -Kaitlyn Turney

“I plan to be a success and have lots of money and free“I dom.” plan to be -Genaro on the Martinez moon.” -Allyson Agee

“I plan to be living in a big city, getting coffee at the nearest Starbucks, riding in my private car with a chauffeur to a large company where I am the CEO.” -Hannah Chapman

“I plan to be married with one child and have a degree in medical assis“I plan to serve tance.” in the Medical -Kiera King Service Corps as a physical therapist.” “I -Mary Curren hope Im Viar married with kids or pregnant and making lots of money.” -Claire Tidwell “I plan to be walking down the street in Japan on my way to a genetics lab where I work, in my Burberry trenchcoat.” -Patrick Heckethorn

“I plan to be living in a hut in Kenya teaching children about nutritional food and helping them grow it while I learn how to speak a really cool language from them.” -Amber Donaldson

“Ill be 28.” -Erin Naifeh

Sen ior Editio n

“I plan to be well established, starting a family, and working as a nurse anesthetist.” -Raven Warren


Be honest. Work h ard. Get organ i zed. Work out a time sch edu le. College classes work f rom a syllabu s. Teach ers do not rem ind you of deadlin es. Major in someth in g you en joy because you ’ll be doin g it th e rest of you r life. ‘Love you all. -Wanda Robertson

The next four years will probably determine 1 Who you mar ry 2 Where you live 3 How well you live 4 How you earn your living 5 The type of people who a re involved in your life. Make Good Choices. -Cooper Petterson

Do the right thing-even when you don’t want to and keep your priorities straight--some things really are more important than Shakespeare. Thanks for the best year of my career, 2009!  u! -Suzanne Edwards

Never st rive to b e like others. Find the courage to be truly you. Be willing to look silly; put yourself out there . Always st rive to dis cover who you ar e. And whe n you do. . .show that person to the wor ld! And to my dr ama seniors-I will miss you! -Chris Solmon

Final thoughts and advice 18

Sen ior Edition

Find a job you like, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Buena Suerte ! -Lance Roy

L earn

from the past. P lan for the future, But always L ive in the present. -Debbie Gatlin

Yo u have brightened the da shes of many during your tenure at Dyersburg. Now it’s the world’s turn to benefit from your compassion, your kindnes s, a nd your intellectual insights. It’s time to get on your way. Congrats! -Penny Switzer

Mercy unto you, and peace, and love, be multiplied. Jude 1:2 -Sandra Lanier

from beloved teachers. . . Sen ior Editio n


Allyson Agee, Melashia Aguilar, Kimberly Akins, George Alley, Kyle Anderson, Marilauren Anderson, Megan Anderson, Rebecca Austin, Erica Baker, Colton Bane, Zach Bargery, Kyle Belcher, Carmen Bell, Jamie Benthal, Kasey Blalock, Jermanee Bostic, Sam Bradshaw, Blake Brewer, Allen Burns, Sara Beth Byars, Jade Caldwell, Madison Cartwright, Hannah Caylor, Brittany Chandler, Dyllon Chapman, Hannah Chapman, Anna Childress, Brianna Clark, Katie Clark Jason Click, Matt Coker, James Cole, Marci Coleman, Zachary Collins, Crystal Connell, Arie Cork, Austin Crisp, Johnathan Criswell, Will Cross, Jasmine

s n o i t a l u t a r g n o C 9 0 0 2 f o s s a l C

Dance, Felicia Daniels, Evan Digirolamo, Latina Dobbins, Amber Donaldson, Colton Dudley, Tyler Dukes, Joseph Durbin, Jeffrey Dycus, Stuart Edmonds, Iesha Eison, Aaron Elam, Bobby Ellis, Sarah Epperson, Shellie Epperson, Blake Evans, Emily Evans, Mica Evans, Kirsten Farrer, Bryan Farrow, Olivia Ferguson, Susannah Finley, Courtney Flagg, Adam Ford, Andrew Ford Blake Funderburk,Nick Galewski, Brittany Gammons, Ryan Gammons, James Gatlin, Courtney Gibbons, Raymond Goff, Adam Golden, Candace Goldsmith, Leah Graham, Mollie Greenlee, David Grueser, Jakob Gulledge, Jordan Gunn, Becca Gutherie, James Guttery, Megan Hall, Taylor Hall, Jamie Ham, Katie Hampton, Savannah Harbin, Tkeysha Harbor, Zach Hartleroad, Jessilyn Hayes, Sharetha Haynes, Patrick Heckethorn, John Henderson, Hamp Hickman, Amanda Hill, Bryan Hill, Joycelyn Hill, Troy Hogue, Kimberly Holcomb, Fredniqua Hopkins, Bryson Horner, AJ Huish, Megan Hummer, Jared Humpolick, Cherrelle Hunt, Shelby Hutcherson, Devan Jacobi, Ben James, Ivory Jenkins, Madison Johnson, Shirika Johnson, Evan Jones, Karen Jones, Kimberly Jones, Marko Jones, Natosha Jones, Terra Jones, Kristen Kerr, Kiera King, Robert Lanier, Michael Laavelle, Andrew Lay, William Lay, Bianca Lee, Justin Lee, Albert Lemons, Brittany Leonard, Jessica Light, Samiqua Liphford, Charles Livingston, Aaron Lobley, Will Lomas, Jal Lovins, Khiry Lurks, Deanna Mallard, Kayla Marberry, Keli Marbry, Marcus Marotti, Celina Martin, Jessica Martin, Genaro Martinez, Latoya Mayes,Chasity Maze, Eric McClain, Nicolette McCrite, Keith McGuire, Kyle McGuire, Jesse McNeil, Daisy McPherson, Brittany Miller, Daniel Moser, Erin Naifeh, Jeremy Nance, Wes Newbil, Kevin Newman, JD Newsom, Hunter Newsome, James Northcutt, Jared Orman, Holly Owens, Allison Palmer, Jasemine Parr, Anish Patel, Jordan Pence, Timothy Pettie, Devan

Pierce, Lindsey Pleasant, Desiree, Powell, Alli Purvis, Jessica Putman, John Quillian, Kara Rashall, Tracy Ratliff, Kyle

Rogers, Jessica Rupp, JT Sanders, Megan Scott, Tallon Scott, David Seaton, Jackson Sewell, Brooke Sewell, McKenzie Shankle, Melvin Shaw, Jesse Simmons, Michael Singleton, Jessica Sisk, Jacob Smith, Jordan Smith, Chris Sorrell, Nan Spence, Kayla Spoon, Robert Stacy, John Stansbury, Ashley Storey, Carley Strawn, Clayton Swanner, Amber Taylor, Kendra Taylor, Antoinette Thomas, Cameron Thomas, Kemisha Thompson, Nick Thompson, Blake Thornton, Claire Tidwell, Rachelle Tipton, Jessica Tolley, Michelle Townson, Harris Troy, Kati Tucker, Courtney Turner, Keona Turner, Kaitlyn Turney, Amanda Tyler, Whittney Van Sant, Sara Jane Via, Mary Curren Viar, Mitchell Wagner, Patrick Walden, Jamiana Walton, Raven Warren, Josh Watkins, Courtney Wells, Justin Whitfield, Joey Wilder, Cory Williams, Dontravius Williams, Grant Williams, Chelsea Wilson, Ryan Wood, Shelby Wright, Charles Yarbery, Tywanna Yarbro, Mandy Yates, Thomas Yates, Kyle Youmans

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Senior 08-09  

Senior 08-09

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