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See Christmas in new way this year

Christmas makes life better for even longer each year


hristmas is a time of the year that everyone loves, and recently, it has been getting even more time out of the year. When previously many shoppers were forced to do all that buying in a single short month, now they have all the way from Halloween, as the Christmas season grows and grows and keeps growing. If only they started marketing towards Christmas gifts in August, we would never have to worry about doing last-minute shopping again. But even more than the extra shopping time we have, the American public also gets to spend more

of their money, which can be so hard to get rid of, especially in those holiday-free stretches during the spring and summer. Plus, when everyone spends more, it boosts the economy, making the world a better place. Since the U.S. is so entertainmentoriented, all the great movies that come out during the holidays (including Fred Claus, a wonderfully original comedy about Santa’s underachieving older brother, released in November) give us the relief we need from all the trashy summer flicks. And Christmas music, as everyone will agree, is the best kind of music there is. What could be better than hearing hundreds of talented artists sing the same twenty songs from November to January? We get to hear music we know and love from new people, a much safer way than venturing blindly into the huge world of the professional


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recording industry. There are many more ways Christmas makes life better. We receive thousands of greeting cards from people whom we’ve seen once or twice (or, in some rare cases, three times) which make excellent kindling for those cold winter nights. We get to spend hours and even days in a blissful decoration spree, making everything look so beautiful and shiny. Clothes that can only be worn in the holidays, like red and green sweaters, can now be worn from Halloween onward, instead of just from Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, who needs Thanksgiving anyway? It is such a boring holiday, and besides, we don’t get to spend nearly as much money as during Christmas or Halloween. But by far the best thing about Christmas is the large number of presents everyone gets. The multitude of lowpriced toys break easily, so as not to spoil the children, and then we get to spend even more money to buy new ones. And relatives also give us lots of interesting clothes that splendidly decorate the bottom drawer or the back of the closet. If only Christmas could be extended into the rest of the year, not only would we have more shopping time than we could ever need, the global economy would experience a huge boom. We would hear much higher-quality music as well as seeing much better movies all year round. If the weather could be persuaded to join in as well, we’d never have droughts or sunburns ever again. We would get more presents! Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so if it lasted all year long, the whole year would just be wonderful.

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t is that time of year again. young couple named Mary and From November onwards, Joseph. Many were in awe of it is inevitable that Christ- the birth of Jesus, realizing that mas is almost here. Flashing he was no ordinary baby. Sheplights, holiday sales, the faint herds, wise men and angels all chiming of bells, the aroma of shared in the excitement of pine and spice and vibrant dec- knowing about this great event. orations create an aura of the Prophets had told of the birth of holiday season. For many, the Jesus for hundreds of years behigh point of the year is the celebration of Christmas on December 25th. But why? Is it the presents, Santa Claus, the loving cards sent by mail, or the excitement of family and friends? For some people, Christmas is a time of great sorrow. They do Photo by Madison Johnson not have the extra money to spend on gifts Christ is born: Christians celebrate for their loved ones. the birth of Jesus Christ during the Many think of their Christmas season. family and friends whom they fore he arrived. will not be able to see for variJesus would grow up to beous reasons. Elegant dinners come an important part of hisare only a wish. Yet, Christmas tory. He was sent here to save should be a time of great joy. people from their sins. His The outer forms we see every story (history) is one of truth, year like gift giving and peace love and hope. It brought salvaand goodwill are material re- tion to all of us. Without Jesus, flections of the spiritual reality. we would all die in our sins. Old and young alike tend to get Jesus came to pay the price for so caught up in shopping and all that we have done wrong. gifts that they do not take the The Bible says that we are all time to stop and think of what sinful, but Jesus brought forChristmas is about. giveness, strength, and healing Some cultures view Christmas to us. as a pagan holiday and a time We can be truly happy at of mere festivities, but Christ- Christmas because we know mas in this country and society what the genuine meaning of is the celebration of the birth of Christmas is. Have an actual Jesus Christ. Although the true “Merry Christmas” this year by date of Jesus’s birth is uncer- viewing Christmas in a new tain, it is a custom in many way and inviting Jesus into countries for Christmas to be your heart. The joy and peace celebrated on December 25th. you receive will last all year We celebrate Christmas by re- long! membering the nativity story. Jesus is the reason for the seaThe Bible tells us that Jesus was son! Rejoice! sent to Earth as a gift from God. kristen kerr He was born in a manger to a


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