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trojaneer Center Grove High School

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Senior Issue $1.00

Craig Lotz

Co-Editor-in-Chief 3 years on staff Anderson University

2011 Smile

Beause your four years are done You’ve survived all high school’s hardest times And celebrated all the games you’ve won


And keep thinking until you’ve passed Because everyday brings a lesson That disappears so fast


Because they can’t tie you down You were meant to soar in the sky Not be stuck here on the ground


And take every bit in Because you’ll soon be growing gray hair Wondering where those years went


Beacuse it’s more contagious than anything And a lifetime full of laughter Is one worth remembering


About the things that matter most But mend it with a lasting embrace, To always keep them close


Because we take more than a diploma from here So never forget these memories You’ve made the past four years

by Ben Whitehead

I entered my freshman year under the impression that I was pretty hot stuff. Sporting a 5’6, 107 lb frame, my justinbeiberesque hair only added to my ballooning ego. I was fairly confident I knew just about everything I needed to know and was ready to prove it in the classroom. My starting position on the jv soccer team established me as a stud athlete. O, and I had a hot, muscular older brother that I thought could beat up anyone in the school (and he smelled good too). But then a few things happened. I realized my hair was more chili bowl than GQ. Acne came with a storm and punctured a significant hole in my inflated head. I realized there was a heck of a lot of people who knew more than me and that no one in this school likes soccer. And then my brother graduated, taking that angle away. Perhaps one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in my four years of high school is humility. Philippians 2 defines this tricky word well. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility, consider others better than yourself.” But what does considering others better than you look like? Here are a few thoughts of things I’ve been trying to put into practice. -Don’t insist on having to be right. Always be willing to admit when you are wrong and acknowledge others when they are right. -Don’t demand the last word or laugh. So many times I felt compelled to drag others down in an argument or discussion. That leaves no one a winner, and you a jerk. -Don’t assume your decisions, fashion, or any component of your life to be better than the person next to you. People are always going to mold their life in a different way than you. But don’t define people by their choices or consequences, love them for who they are regardless of how they feel towards you. For lack of a better transition I say enjoy! If you wish away your high school years they’ll be gone before you know it. Thanks to all who’ve been there with me along the way and thank you Warner for putting up with me for three years. I’m off to a world full of endless opportunity and no bathroom passes.

Ben Whitehead

Co-Editor-in-Chief 4 years on staff Anderson University A Farewell to Faces A senior farewell goes one of two ways. Either the farewell is comedic and meant to jar laughter, or it is written about the things that matter most to the writer. It’s like if every senior had the opportunity to stand in front of the entire student body and say something about their experience at Center Grove. What you would find is that almost every student would talk about their friends and how they influenced them, or about their family and how they’ve supported them. Either way, students would talk about the things that mean the most to them, the things in their life that have derived tears, laughter, and gut-wrenching truths. It’s weird, though, because so many moments in high school are light-hearted. Rarely are we able to see to the core of many of our peers. So, why then, do students turn to their heartstrings to play their final song? Because they were created for something more than AP calculus, or American Literature. Think about it. The most colorful memories come from when we are a part of something larger than ourselves: sports teams, choir, band, Stugo, whatever it is. Now, think about all those times that were incredible, and pretend you’re apart of something infinitely larger than those clubs or teams. The joy is infinitely greater as well. This is the part of the farewell where I have the choice to go one of two places. Either I continue to talk about people talking about what matters, or I personally talk about what matters. For myself, it is the latter, and there is but one thing that matters in my life and yours. It is that Jesus Christ died, taking on the weight of the world’s sin (which includes mine and yours) then was raised to life, conquering death, and providing humanity with hope. No matter what you choose to do in high school, or outside of it for that matter, it cannot provide the love and fullness that I have been given through Christ. So, it’s your choice. It always has been. Grace is knocking. Will you let Him in?

Staff Farewells For the past eight years, senior Trojaneer staff members have left their legacy on Center Grove through Senior Farewells. These final 300 or so words give seniors a chance to express their opinions through advice, reflection or humor. So often these staff members have been limited by journalistic integrity (and their editors) from printing their personal opinions in their articles. Now is their final chance to sound off on what matters to them most. Read, absorb, and enjoy the last ramblings of the 2011 senior Trojaneer class. Hannah Furrow Photography Editor 2 years on staff Purdue University

Well shoot, graduation is here. All these years I’ve been working for this moment in time when I could say that I’m done. And although I am thoroughly excited to be leaving high school, the ending of this era in my life is bittersweet. There is quite a bit about high school that I will not miss, to be honest. For example, I will not miss being violated by ten different people while trying to get through the excessively crowded staircase that evidently everyone must get through as violently as possible. I won’t miss the awkward first-day-back lunch where you are forced to cling to that person in your class who you know just well enough to sit with if you can’t find anyone else, but not well enough that they are your first choice. And I definitely won’t miss the daily struggle we call the school parking lot. But the simple fact that I am growing up, saying good byes, and leaving this stage of life makes me a little sad to be parting from it. I have worked so hard to get where I am, and it has been no easy task. I have learned life lessons, felt shaky on ground that was once stable, and have faced circumstances that I swore I couldn’t get through. I thank God that I was given the friends and family that I have, and that they supported me through whatever I did but kept me grounded when I did something wrong. More importantly, I thank God for having patience with me as I have grown to understand my faith and his love, and for his forgiveness when I have messed up. I have grown up so much in these short four years and have come to realize why I believe what I believe and learned to trust my judgment and myself. And although I haven’t always gone with my best judgment, I have learned from every mistake I have made. I think that is what high school is for, learning not only academics but learning about yourself. So I guess what I’m getting at here is to cherish your time here in high school. Pay attention to the lessons that your mistakes are teaching you, stick to your instincts, and enjoy the time you have left to just be a kid. It may be cliché, but you never quite know what you’ve got until its gone.


the trojaneer

Friday, May 27, 2011

Becky Miller

Features Editor 2 year on staff Purdue University Pretty much every counselor I’ve ever met has told me, “Becky, enjoy these carefree high school years. They go by so fast.” Well, I must disagree. These were four of the longest and most stressful years of my life. However, they were also the most eyeopening and fun years ever. Who can forget the first time they frantically call their parents from the high school parking lot with a flat tire and bent rim at 7:33 a.m.? Throughout my two years on staff, I met some incredible people (and some mediocre but funny ones too). I learned how to meet the occasionally ridiculous deadlines that my page editors set for stories that no one had any desire to write, and I graciously refrained from inflicting that same agony onto my writers this year as Features Editor. Speaking of features, I learned what a feature was about 3 weeks into this year. I never really had any idea of the sheer talent possessed by our student body until I was forced to look into it, and it’s a good thing I did or I would have never known the really cool things that the people I usually ignore can do. Who knew freshmen can function as human beings? I sure didn’t. In any event, even though high school in an upper-middle-class suburban area turned out to be pretty safe and fun (despite a couple lockdowns, bomb threats, and a swastika here and there), I’m kind of looking forward to the wholesome good times that Purdue has to offer. If I had a dollar for every nostalgic baby boomer who tried to tell me, “Becky, if I could, I’d go back to high school and [insert cliché memory here].” Center Grove was definitely a good time, but no, I wouldn’t do it all over again. I think I got it right the first time.

Shawna Miller

Business Manager 2 year on staff Indiana University As I sit at this very lovely Mac computer and try to write this farewell… Well let’s just be honest, I am certainly not a writer. In fact, I am pretty sure that I suffer from a permanent case of writer’s block. Therefore, you can see as to why I am the Trojaneer’s business manager. Now bare with me here. As this last year of high school quickly comes to an end, I find that I cannot wait to start the next chapter of my life. Although, when I look back on these past four years, I wonder how I could have gotten to where I am today without all of the help and support from my wonderful group of friends. I am so thankful to all of them. We have had so many great memories together, ranging from student council activities to Friday night football/basketball games to late-night calculus cram sessions. I cannot believe we have finally made it! And I owe it all to Jesus Christ. Through Him, we have been able to grow together and accomplished so much! I will follow Him wherever He leads, and currently, He is leading me to Indiana University. I may not know what plans He has in store for me there, but I trust that they will be magnificent! Now, if you have made it this far through reading my farewell, then I applaud you. I for one admit that I wouldn’t have the patience to sit around and read this when summer is just within reach. So, if I could offer you one tip for the future, then let it be this: join the Trojaneer newspaper staff. Being on staff will change your life. It will give you all the friends in the world with never-ending love…or Warner may just yell you at everyday. I guess it all just depends on how well she likes you. Nevertheless, newspaper has been one of my favorite classes and it will surely be missed next year. But no, really. High school will only be as great as you make it. So live it up, for life holds special magic for those who dare to dream.

Scott Sutton Chris Collins

Entertainment Writer 2 years on staff Miami (OH) University After serving for 2 years on the Trojaneer staff, it is time for my senior farewell. I really don’t know what to say. All I can say about being on the Trojaneer staff is that it has been a blast. Definitely have some great memories from the jiggley puff lab. There’s a lot of cool people on staff. To anyone thinking about joining newspaper, do it. You’ll have a lot of fun. And you may occasionally write or take a picture. I remember the infamous Patrick McGill giving me an application and I thought to myself “heck, why not?” Melissa Warner is definitely a laid-back teacher who might act like she’s in charge, (she kinda is) but we all know she won’t really get you in any trouble. Unless you mess up really bad. Like really really bad. Mild to moderate misbehavior typically get the classic “Not OK!” from Warner. As seniors we are saying good-bye to high school as well as newspaper. High school has been fun. I can’t think of words of my own here, so it’s been the time of my life, thanks for the memories, it’s hard to say it, time to say it, good-bye and can I graduate? I’m really glad everyone makes a big deal out of graduating high school. “Yay we all successfully completed the easiest part of life!” Haha oh well, it is cool to be graduating. We get to listen to songs about leaving/graduating including “Good Riddance” by Green Day, “Thnks fr th Mmrs” by Fall Out Boy, “Photograph” by Nickelback and “Graduate” by Third Eye Blind. Those were the songs I ripped lyrics from in the previous paragraph just in case you didn’t know. Have fun without me here at Center Grove. I’ll leave you with some advice about not only college, but life as well, from one of my favorite athletes, Nick Diaz: “Don’t be scared, homie.”

Mariah Hester

Sports Editor 2 years on staff University of Indianapolis Senior farewell? The only farewell you’ll see from me is my backside as I bolt away from this horrid place called Center Grove High School. The one thing I look back on is the friend’s I leave behind. Honestly, lacrosse was the only thing that gave me the motivation to get up every morning. Which probably explains why I didn’t go to school the day after our last game. I’m not the kind of person to dwell on the past, so I won’t be like those people that pull out their yearbook once a week and talk about the “good ol’ days”. Nope, you’ll see me focusing on the present and looking to the future. Which means I’ll be partying it up in college… after my homework is done. That’s the makings of a wildly successful person; and that’s me. So for all you people who cry at graduation I say, you’re a hypocrite, fake, and just plain crazy. Do you realize you are crying about leaving a place you’ve complained about for four years now? So as you’re walking across that stage, smile, because you have made it, and now qualify for manager at McDonalds.

Sports Columnist 2 years on staff Indiana University Well, I made it. A mediocre achievement in the retrospect of my entire life but a milestone in life that is very important. As I sit at this computer, a senior with only two weeks of high school left, I feel like it would be a crime to myself and every one of you, my dear readers, if I did not leave you with some cliché senior advice. Do not waste your time. High school is relatively short if you stop and think about it and it will go by in a flash. That does not leave you enough time to waste your time with anything that does not make you happy cause ultimately your happiness is the most important thing you need to look out for. Take high school seriously. I realize a lot of you out there think high school is a joke, as did I for my first two years. However, this sets you up for the rest of your life so try to take advantage of as much knowledge as you can these four years before college comes because high school is a cake walk compared to college, or so I hear. As I stated above, cherish every moment. It seems like the monotonous routine of high school will never end, but it will and you do not want to look back on it in regret. Take every opportunity that presents itself to you and make the most of it. I hope those tips point you in the right direction for the next few years, or at least give you some guidance. Just remember high school is something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right, I hope you have the time of your life. Fare thee well CG take care.

Jessie Edelman Photographer 1 year on staff Indiana University

Some words of advice: It is always better to ask for forgiveness than permission. If you have a pear shaped body you should not wear pear colored clothes…or act juicy. When the going gets tough, the tough get naked. These are the things that got me through the last four years and I hope they are helpful to you. I’ve never really enjoyed high school, so the last four years have dragged. The only things that have made my time more enjoyable are my best friends Hannah Furrow and Erin Stevens (aka “Tiny.”) The only thing I can tell you is to try your hardest to have a good attitude-about everything. Time moves faster when you’re happy. Surround yourself with people that make you smile because soon enough you’ll be sitting in my seat trying to remember the times when you were laughing and having a good time. In high school, most people think that everything is a big deal; it’s not. Getting a low grade, farting out loud during a quiz, or blowing a snot bubble in front of a cute boy all seem like the end of the world…trust me, I’ve been there, it’s funny. The best thing you can teach yourself is to be ok with things just the way they are, because it’s in the moment that you free yourself from trying to have control that you find peace. I think Center Grove has done a good job of preparing me for the next few years at IU. Actually, I don ‘t really want to go to college either. My short-term goals? Star on the hit reality show “Big Brother,” win the hit reality show “Big Brother,” and become fluent in Spanish. At least two of these three things will happen-watch for me on CBS!


Staff Farewells

the trojaneer Friday, May 27, 2011

Ronni Meier

News and Sports Writer 1 year on staff Taylor University Gosh, it is crazy to me how fast the years have gone. It was just yesterday that my mom held my hand and walked me to the bus stop, wishing the best on my very first day of elementary school. Interestingly enough, as my STAR teacher, she gets to hold my hand and present my diploma, sending me off to a whole new world of collegiate schooling. This is my first year of being a writer for the Trojaneer, and to catch up to the people who have been on staff for longer, I ended up writing on two teams: Sports and News. I can definitely say it has been an experience. Whether is was Ben and Craig’s “productive” agenda or the ride with Ms. Warner to report for the boys volleyball tournament as she trash-talked Kim Iverson, I have grown as a writer, a reporter, and developed a little sense of humor. Next year, I am heading to the middle of nowhere, Upland, Indiana, to Taylor University. I will be majoring in Professional Writing, and will probably end up doing some journalism along the way. Overall, it is my dream to write realistic fiction literature or devotional prose. Since my dear friend Jessie Edelman is giving you all some profound advice, I’ll try and win back some of your innocence with some words of wisdom of my own. Thinking is to philosophy what prayer is to a religion. If you don’t have time to live now, when do you? Don’t let life slip through your fingers and cherish every moment. Love yourself- You’re stuck with yourself FOREVER! Surround yourself with people who encourage you lift you up, instead of tear you down. Realize that life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Thanks CG for the memories, the laughter, and experiences.

Hannah Morgan Features Writer 1 year on staff Indiana University

Dear whoever, Boycott Netflix. Human interaction is good for you, even if it’s with hairy-chested Arty at Blockbuster. You might just save his job. Support local. If you have a choice, get your fruit from farmers’ markets and your drinks from Strangebrew. Be kind to your neighbors. Do NOT wear new Vans to the dollar theater. The floor is so sticky; you might walk away without your shoes. Participate in Spirit Days. No one is “too cool” to support school unity. Find a rural high school with no more than 200 students and spend a Friday night at one of it’s basketball games. Make new friends and support an institution that needs it. Throw the fish back after you catch it. Try every Mexican restaurant around, decide on your favorite, and then get back to me. I’m still trying to replace Little Mexico. Go treasure-hunting. Be patient while driving. Replacing a car door is not cheap and the shop might leave you with a faulty window. Get your ASDs before senior year. You’ll regret wearing those booty shorts when you have to take finals. Lastly, forget anything your parents ever said about anything (or any other successful adult for that matter). My advice, along with that of your squirrely, knobby-kneed friends should carry you through high school. After that, you’re on your own. ‘Til then, Hannah Morgan

Alex Jabre

Entertainment Writer 2 years on staff Xavier University “The news today will be the movies for tomorrow.” – Arthur Lee I’m graduating from high school. How totally amazing. Even though it’s weird to wrap my head around the idea that I won’t be back at Center Grove next year, I know that I’m ready for the next phase in my life: the c-word. (“College” at Xavier University). And while I probably had no chance to become Valedictorian (thanks to my math grades) if I was giving the speech during graduation night to my fellow classmates, this is what I’d say: High school is kind of like running a marathon. You spend years and years preparing for it and when it’s finally time to go it’s incredibly exciting. But by the race’s end, your legs start wobbling, you can hardly breathe, and you pray that you can muster enough strength to drag yourself across the finish line. And you vow never to do it again. But being at Center Grove has meant a lot of things to me. It was competing for Speech Team and getting ranked #2 and #7 in the same round. It was singing “Les Champs-Elysees” while goofing off in French class. It was watching a bunch of disaster movies in Mr. Weidman’s class, reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” for the very first time, getting published in the “Daily Journal,” job shadowing at WISH-TV, and having Mrs. Bowling tell me that I went “too far” when I said that George shouldn’t have killed Lennie in “Of Mice and Men.” These are the kinds of memories that I’ll carry along with me for the rest of my life. Now I’d like give thanks to anyone and everyone who has helped me survive the past four years: First to Ms. Camp: because one article can’t adequately express my endless appreciation for you and how you’re one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever had. I’d also like to mention my three other amazing math teachers – Mrs. Bedan, Mr. Baumgart, and Ms. Schitter: for saving my life (and my grades). To Ms. Warner: I am eternally grateful for you allowing me to explode my moviecrazed opinions in “The Trojaneer.” To Mrs. Pickell: Best. Science. Teacher. Ever. To Mr. Gantz: For your guidance and your counseling. To Mrs. Shockley, Ms. Hull, Mr. Lamb, and Mrs. Endress: for patiently putting up with my utter lack of knowledge in algebra, geometry, chemistry, and economics. And to you, reader, for taking five minutes out of your day and hearing what I had to say. Thanks for sticking with me. (I apologize if I left anyone else out, but you know who you are). The Beatles once wrote, “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” In that case, I’m hoping that next year gives me a whole lotta love.

Peace out, CG!

Ben Bacon

News Editor 3 years on staff Indiana University 2,102,400 minutes: how do you measure, measure four years? In tests taken, in homework given, in classes you’ve passed? In late nights, in gator rides, in 8ft basketball? As my tenure at Center Grove High School comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the essence of my experience that I will take away. Whether looking back on the knowledge I’ve gained, the whirlwind of memories, or the changes that have occurred, I will always consider this school with a twinkle in my eye. Through newspaper I’ve learned that acting like you’re doing something important can get you just about anywhere. I’ve learned that delegation is the key to successful leadership. From my teachers I’ve learned, that despite all societal indicators, actual learning is more important than the grade. At this time I’d like to give a shout out to my fellow Dragonslayers. These eight other guys have been my closest friends throughout my childhood, and have made these memories full of wonder, joy, and hysteria. Despite all of the classic times I will never forget, what I am most thankful for of the D-Slayers is the accountability. For we know that “As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.” The greatest piece of advice I could give anyone trying to find their way in high school is to surround yourself with a group of friends that you trust to keep you on a straight path. I know that high school has been a shelter, a bubble of friends, family and structure, from the “real” world. Still, I also know that this time can be rough. So much change packed into only four years. I know that this time is defined by your choices. I know that these choices affect the immediate as well as the ultimate ending. I know that when you live for yourself your life always lacks. I know that I have fallen on my face too many times, and I know that my best will never be enough to overcome what I have done. But I know, that there is a hope. I know that there is one who saves, and I know there is nothing more I want to do than to glorify my Savior Jesus Christ with all of my life.

Lindsey Winneroski News Writer 2 years on staff Liberty University

I walked into school on that first freshman day, For what lay ahead, this I couldn’t quite say. As I learned that the halls were not something to fear, I couldn’t yet fathom I’d be here four years. I mastered the route that would get me classes, I learned of the lunches and bright green STaR passes. I conquered the days labeled red and then white. I learned of works cited, oh the facts I did cite! I survived the calc classes and chemistry too. It’s one of those things that I just had to do. I stood in the crowds at each football game. I cheered for our team as I chanted our name. The Trojans are home to great sports and show choirs. We made up one class, one I do so admire. I went to the prom and saw classy attire. I met some great teachers who live to inspire. I joined the newspaper and enjoyed my time, I’m finishing strong as I leave this short rhyme. The Trojaneer staff I always will treasure, The memories we have one can’t really measure. Class of 2011, as the year draws its close, I’d love to leave you with some things you should know. Live each new day to the fullest and largest. Remember hard work will go longer and farthest. But of all the advice I could give you today, There’s one thing important I really must say. God’s plan for your life…He has written each day. Just seek out His guidance, He’s given a way. So I guess I’ll leave off on this one simple note. I wish CG the best with these words that I wrote.

Abbi Stiffey

News Writer 2 years on staff YWAM Montana Where to even start? Freshman year…? Nah! That year was just a hot mess. Sophomore year I was just awkward and Junior year, well it was a tough one! But Senior year, yep, it gets a two thumbs up! When I think back on everything that has happened for the past 4 years a lot of it seems to be a blur; Homecomings, Winter Dances, Football and Basketball games, Dance Team, Student Government, and boys. HA! No, but really, so much has happened, good and bad. I’m going to try to make this a little different. Starting off with the things I have been thankful for through these 4 years. I am thankful for my Savior. Without him, I would have never survived the challenges of Center Grove High school. The more I thought I could do it on my own, the more and more I found I couldn’t do one thing without Him. I am thankful for my teachers. I have had some amazing teachers while I have been here. Some I was not a fan of, but the majority became “hello buddies” in the hallway over the years. I am thankful for my dear friends. There was never a day that I didn’t have someone to pick me up, hug me, encourage me or speak some truth to me. Oh, and my wonderful parents of course. I am like every other teen and have an attitude and I thank them for putting up with me and loving me unconditionally. My family has been through a lot in the past few years, but I couldn’t be more thankful! I am thankful for the people I was surrounded with everyday for 4 years. Some days I could not even stand the thought of being around 2,300 kids, most of which didn’t have much of a vocabulary outside of family-friendly cuss words. But besides that it gave me a new perspective of what being a light for Christ really means. I can regret not doing what I should have done, or regret things I shouldn’t have done, but what good does that do. I can’t change anything now. I can only move forward and live and learn. Move one step at a time. Live for Christ. Learn to love. My advice: (Just if you want it!) Invest – get to know someone you wouldn’t ever think of talking to! It’s cool what happens. Take one day at a time – it will have enough troubles of its own! Be Yourself – I know everyone hears this all the time, but for once, DO IT!! You have one life, one you, and you have so much to offer! Be drama free – It makes high school so much easier! No joke! Fighting over a boy or if someone called you a “not-so-nice-word” will not matter 10 minuets later. Do crazy stuff – Legal things of course, but make a bucket list and accomplish it! Experience new things! Love – EVERYONE! No matter how different they are. They deserve it. Seek God – If there is one thing I wish for everyone, it’s that they would have the love of Christ in their hearts. I want you guys to have something to live for, to have someone on your side at all times. He is real. He is alive. And He never fails!


top twenty 4 Marissa Heinz

Ethan Raker College: Columbia University Major: Undecided Why did you choose this college? I choose CU because of the required core curriculum, the diverse student body, and the opportunities of a prestigious university in the middle of NYC. Favorite High School memory: Float building for homecoming into the hours of the morning Influential people in life: Grandpa and sister, Emma Quote that describes you: “I can’t be tamed.”

Lindsey Winneroski College: Liberty University Major: Communications-Public Relations Why did you choose this college? “My faith in Jesus Christ defines my life. I wanted a school that would challenge me not only academically but in my faith as well. Liberty is truly my perfect fit.”

College: Smith College Major: Spanish Why did you choose this college: Friendly atmosphere and focused on

academics. Favorite high school memory: Being on the cross country team Influential people: My twin sister and Parents

Quote that describes you: “A positive attitude can take you far”

Caitlin Handy College: Depauw University Major: Biology and Music

Why did you choose this college? IT is a small music and science school with a close community and lots of individual attention. Favorite high school memory: Favorite high school memory: Float building and spirit days Nationals for Sound System senior year Influential people: Influential People: My entire family and circle of friends who have all made my high Parents, brothers and sisters, Allyson Teague school experiences memorable ones. Quote that describes you: Quote that describes you: “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one,” –John “He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will Lenmon never be shaken.” Psalm 62:2

Becky Miller College: Purdue Major: Pre-Pharmacy Why did you choose this college? Because it’s the best school in Indiana Favorite High School Memory: Spell bowl with Adam Gaff Influential people: Lindsey Winneroski, Hannah Shanae Duke, Melissa Warner, Tiger Moms Quote that describes you: “I’m not bi-polar, I’m bi-winning. I win here and I win there.” – Charlie Sheen

Hillary Degenhardt

College: University of Evansville Major: Foreign Languages and Undecided Why did you choose this college? When I went to visit UE, I met many professors and student, and I literally loved them all. They were very welcoming. They also have several study abroad programs, which interest me. Favorite High School Memory: Traveling to Russia twice to work in the orphan-

ages Influential people: My sister Jess Quote that describes you: “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38-39

Connor Fak

Thomas Huebner College: Purdue Major: Engineering – Chemical E for now Why did you choose this college: Took Project Lead the Way classes and like them. Favorite High School Memory: Playing baseball at Center Grove. Influential People in life: My youth pastor, John Hagmann, and my parents, Ken and Debby. Quote that describes you: “Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Katie Brown

College: Purdue Major: Pre-Pharmacy Why did you choose this college? Because it’s a great school, its big, and they have a great research and science program. Favorite High School Memory: Planning the Riley soup Dinner my junior year with Alyssa Cain Influential people: My parents, Karen Fruits, and Jesus Quote that describes you: “Calculus is Sexy.”

Anna Winchester

College: Purdue College: Ball State Major: Pre-Professional health sciences Major: Theatrical Studies Why did you choose this college? Why did you choose this college? Purdue offers many different oppurtuniProgram respectability and general ties, such as studying abroad and clubs. atmosphere Favorite High School Memory: Favorite High School Memory: The relationships developed in Marching Being in the fall play my junior year Band. Influential people: Influential people: My parents Parents Quote that describes you: “Fear not that which lies beyond the horizon, but know only that Quote that describes you: “Grab hold of every opportunity that is presented to you.” it bears the name Adventure.”

Class of 2011


Andrew Gudeman

Katie Heinz

College: Miami of Ohio Major: Biology Why did you choose this college: Football

College: Princeton Major: Math/Biology Why did you choose this college? It has a great focus on undergraduate programs, good location, and spirit.

Favorite high school memory: Winning state in 2008 Influential People: Parents Quote that describes you: Hardwork x decidation = Andrew Gudeman

Craig Lotz College: Anderson Universty Major: Accounting/ Finance Why did you choose this college: Wanted smaller learning environment. Was impressed by business program. Place I knew I could grow in faith with like-minded people. Favorite High school memory: Gator rides, 8 foot basketball with friends, summer 2010 Influential People: Chris Hornbrook (Youth Pastor) Family Dragon Slayers Quote that describes you: “May the words of my mouth and meditations of my heart be pleasing to you, Oh Lord my rock, my redeemer” Psalms

Isaac Duke College: Anderson University Major: Business Why did you choose this college: It’s where both of my brothers went at first and I have friends going there Favorite high school memory: NASC 2010 conference Influential people: My brothers because they set a great example for me Quote that describes you: “Often times what you see cancels out what you perceive,” – Bill Johnson

Emily Bricker College: Lee University Major: Psychology Why did I choose this college: It is a private school and my sister, in law, went there and always talked about it. The first time I went there, I fell in love with it. Favorite high school memory: Performing for the last time at the National Competition with show choir Influential people: My youth pastor and my pastor. My youth pastor because he’s been my youth pastor since middle school and has guided me as I’ve grown up. My parents have always supported me in everything I’ve done. Quote that describes you: Proverbs 16:9 “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps”

Favorite High School Memory: Going to homecoming senior year. It was my first game and I had a really good time. Influential people: My parents, my sister, Lillian, Frankie, and Emma, teachers especially Mrs. Fruits and Mrs. Hensley Quote that describes you: “You’ve called a complex number. Please rotate the phone 90° and try your call again.”

Jacob Martin College: Purdue Major: Biomedical Engineering Why did you choose this college? It’s one of the top colleges in the country for engineering and has a great campus. Favorite High School Memory: Junior year prom, but also running in the cross country halftime meet twice. Influential people: Grandparents, and parents, but most importantly my friends. Quote that describes you: “Meow”

Alex Nevill College: IU Major: Finance/Accounting; Minor in Mathematics Why did you choose this college? I chose this college because of the business school and they covered practically all college cost in scholarships Favorite High School Memory: Playing sports, hanging with my friends on the weekends, and my friends helping each other grow close to Christ through accountability groups and small group. Influential people:

Parents Quote that describes you: If you can’t excel with talent, triumph with effort.

Mariah Killin College: IU or Vanderbilt Major: Undecided, Pre-Med Why did you choose this college? I am not exactly sure which college I will be attending in the fall. IU is a great school, but I was wait listed to Vanderbilt, my top choice, and am waiting for a response now. Favorite High School Memory: I cannot pinpoint a specific memory but instead keep seeing flashes of inside jokes with my amazingly quirky friends and teachers. I am fairly certain that any memory involving them is a good one, and I know that they will be what I miss most after high school. Influential people: My family, along with several teachers and friends that I hope to keep in touch with after this year. Quote that describes you: “We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but not personality.” – Albert Einstein

Justin Hoch

College: Loyola University Major: Forensic Science Why did you choose this college: Science program and the Chicago atmosphere Favorite high school memory:

Senior soccer year Influential people: Sister; looks up to her, involved in her faith Quote that describes you: Que sera sera What will be, will be

Naoto Kimura graduated Center Grove High School at semester.



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Friday, May 27, 2011


2011 HS GRADS - SUMMER WORK • • • • • • • •

$15.50 base-appt. Flexible full-time/part-time positions customer sales/service no experience necessary conditions apply all ages 17 & older $15.50 base-appt. 317-578-1465


(317) 534-0016



The Driving Academy Offers: -30 hours of Classroom Instruction (NO HOMEWORK!) -6 hours of one-on-one in car instruction -Opportunity for drive test waiver COST: $375





Palm Beach Atlantic University Victoria Rhoades



University of Wisconsin Evan Doolan Austin Mudd

south carolina University of South Carolina Lydia Ward

Minnesota Bethel College Clinton Carson

Missouri State Jordan Shireman


ARIZONA Arizona State Nigel Severson

BYU Kirk Sanders

utah Eastern University Alexandra Robison



Indiana University Nick Stoner Scott Sutton Shay Sutton Kyle Swain Tyler Sykes Allyson Teague Alyssa Andrews Ben Bacon Heather Baker James Basham Candice Anusewicz Joshua Cox Jordan Coy Jimmy Dagget Allie Day Trevan Haskell Spencer Hays Kaitlyn Gotwals Lauren Phipps Sam Price Andrew Prime Lindsey Reuter Hailey Riggs Abigail Robison Samuel Hine Mitch Hippenmeyer Sloane Hochgesang Derek Hopper Lillian Hopson Jacqueline Sermersheim Brian Jansen Zachary Johnson Alicia Koen Kelsie Lane Zachary Leitgeb Mackenzie Lenahan Alex Li Lauren Delk Keegan Leisz Mark Dunham Jessica Edelman Morgyn Thompson Austin Hillman Grethen Mann Abigail McCammack Jacob Messer Shawna Miller Kaylee Montgomery Hannah Morgan Lindsey Morgan Jessica Beck Tabitha Bolen Luke Spilman Joshua Spradlin Kaitlyn Starr Kelly Steeb Sarah Frische Blake Lemmons Alex Nevill Taylor University Ronni Meier Herron School of

Art Alex Kopie Rose-Hulman Kyle Kraus Ryan Meyer Indiana Wesleyan University Diane Jones IUPUC John Jaquess Vincinnes Rachel Adams Joseph Potter Adam Inman Indiana State University Audri Hayes Crystal Heath Cullen Buchanan Emily Qualls Jonathan Warrick Purdue University Tahid Ali Joe Godfrey Camron Hardin Alexis Green Hannah Furrow Nicholas Roeder Cynthia Rose Thomas Huebner Austin Settles Ava Liang Katie Brown Jenna Burnett Jacob Martin Rebecca Miller Justin Sluka Brandt Smith Daniel Endress Carly Morris DePauw Caitlin Handy Anderson Zachary Garcia Michael Genday Blake Russell Brittany Hinkle Hannah Knies Craig Lotz Isaac Duke Sean Brooks Dustin Umbarger Benjamin Evans University of Southern Indiana Kasi Swartz Jacqueline Andersen Jennifer Cole Elizabeth Prince Kelly Pritchett Lindsey Rutan Samantha Serletic Jacob LeSage Phalen Watson Trace Mills

Capital University Brad Robley Xavier Jessica Taylor Alex Jabre Aaron Manship Miami of Ohio Andrew Gudeman Ohio Dominican Teresa Denz

new sey


The New York Film Academy Arya Moghaddam Columbia University Ethan Raker

new york

Eastern Michigan University Dakoda Johnson Larkin Schwartz University of MI Hope Tamabala Hope College Emily Kindervater

Massachusetts Smith College Marissa Heinz


ohio illinois Loyola Chicago Justin Hoch Elmhurst Nicole Moan

Prince George’s Community College Curtis Greer

Princeton Katie Heinz

Kimberlyn Simpson Nathan Cook Zachary Maynard IPFW Jonathan Marlin Franklin College Jessica Abbott Mark Kwiatkowski Sebastian Sincek Christopher Flowers Huntington University Courtney Skirvin University of Indianapolis Terek Abdalla Raina Alvarado Zach Cram Chole Hedeen Mariah Hester Aaron Ross Nicole Rossis Alicia Rowley Austin Ruddell Katie Shaner Kelley James Stacey Klene Danielle Derringer Alyssa Van Komen John Beauchamp Charles Brauchla Joshua Flynn Sarah Francis Cory Fenning Ashley Polston IUPUI Devin Anthony Whitney Collins Brittany Dalton Cory Dawson Billy Hale Olivia Hess Paige Phillips Emily Quakenbush Seth Reinhard Daniel Elsner Kaitlyn Estes Shea Kinney-Rodriguez Michael Russell Erika Hill Justin Holbrook Jason Schladweiler Jordan Kochersperger Jacob Lauer Tiara Leitzman Robert Smith-Delks Robin Eid Stacey Eiler Darian Burchfield Mikaela Thomas Alexandra Treloar Darian Walton Reheannan Shaieb Kyle Timmons Tyler Manifold Kirsten May Mariano Meijome Caitlyn Morton Jessica Berryhill

Stephanie McDaniel Justin Meredith Ball State University Lauren Price Cory Houchin Samuel Huddleston Samantha Sheeks Leisha Jenkins Robert Keys Leah Kundel Jennifer DePaolo Adam Doles Tyler Battle Taylor Britt Kayla Thompson Jenna Spencer Riley Walker William McNamee Rachel Menale Dylan Bender Taylor Bibler Dawson Bowling Jessica Berg Alexandra Smith Alyssa Snow Mariel Stanish Erin Stevens Corey Ford Connor Fak Allison Fischer Daniella Gomes University of Evansville Janice Green Emily Houston Hillary Degenhardt University of St. Francis John Degenhardt Hanover Olivia Moore Butler Mary Pennington Andrew Smeathers IVY Tech Tyler Haltersman Kyle Gillum Jeffrey Redman Tiffany Hudson Jordan Sawyer Clint Siefers Josh Abney Margaret Everetts Cirstyn Fields Kyle Brisson Katie Britton Sean Thomas Aaron Vogl Chelsea Thomas Jeffrey Redman Annmarie Lowe Matthew Mason

Matthew Mattingly Rebecca May Skylar McLaughlin Danielle Becker Kierstyn Boling Chase Bradley Kayla Brand Austin Smith Erica Milam Dallan Linton Valparaiso University Ashley Bergquist St. Joseph Alexandrea Franklin Erica Hart Paul Mitchell Beauty School Noel Hicks Ashley Humble Aveda Fredics Cosmetology Rachel Helvie International Business College Melana Haggard

Front Range Community College Lindsey Freeman


Morehead State Benjamin McFall Jessica Tomlinson Eastern Kentucky University University of Kentucky Bryce Krebs Mackenzie Cornett Northern Kentucky UniAllie Sammons versity Stephanie Durlacher Melody Doss

kentucky Johnson University Samuel Hickman Andersyn Benedict Logan Patterson


Lee University Emily Bricker Clare Standley Belmont Kylee Mullins

North Carolina

University of Queens Charlotte Taylor Davis Liberty University Jacqueline Allen Ciara Shellabarger Emily Ross Lindsey Winneroski Emily Behnke


Senior Issue  

May 27, 2011