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THE BLUESTREAK Volume 37, Issue 6, January 24, 2020


The Official Publication of the Andover High School Student Body


Issue 6 Friday, January 24, 2020




Happy New Year Trojans, and welcome back to our last semester in Australia and the conflict with Iran. the old school, and for seniors, our last semester of high school! We are We hope you enjoy this issue and all the fun theme changes that beyond excited for this issue, as we have taken a different approach. come with it, and we will see you next month with a normal issue. In the Our 1920s themed issue is full of old-school graphics and meantime, good luck in the next semester! photographs, and pages 18 through 24 focus largely on the new year, the new decade, and comparing the 2020s with the 1920s. Everybody Has a Story features Mr. Bohanon and an inside look at his life on pages 12-13, and Copy Editor Emily Brenner has a wonderful editorial on page 15. Be sure to check out pages 16-17 for updates on the fires raging throughout

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Issue 6 Friday, January 24, 2020


Multiple teachers have given their input about the new school’s physical design and compared it to old AHS. Mr. Ross is excited for the new school because it is “much larger and the equipment is brand new.” He is looking forward to the greenhouse that will have its own heating and watering system. Other teachers such as Mr. Weidert and Mr. Lee are eager for the new school because of the many windows and open space..

Andover’s boys varsity basketball played their rival team, Andover Central, at a home game on January 14th and won in a landslide. The boys then played Derby, ranked third in 6A basketball, later that week and won the biggest game of their season so far. This keeps Andover’s undefeated record intact, with a thrilling season underway.

design & stories by reneeLESSARD and caleighHAETTEN photos by libbyCHAFFIN, meganGILMERE & natalieTRIGO


Andover High School band took a trip to Orlanda, Florida over winter break. The band was given the opportunity to visit Universal Studios and performed during halftime of the Camping World Bowl football game. While they weren’t performing they watched the football game where Notre Dame beat Iowa State 33-9. Natalie Trigo says the biggest accomplishment of the trip was fitting twenty people into the hotel hot tub, and everyone seemed to have a fun time.

Mr. Cross, the head bowling coach, says that by the end of the season his team is expected to be competing for state. The girls bowling team is starting off their season strong,, already averaging higher than they were last year. Alexis Wentz recently set the new school bowling record with a score of 267.


Issue 6 Friday, January 24, 2020

Student Musicians At AHS A musician can be anyone who composes, conducts or performs music. So relatively speaking anyone who deals with music can be considered a musician, regardless of whether they actually deal with instruments. Singers are one form of a musician, along with every member necessary in the production of a song. Music producers, directors, songwriters and instructors all fall within various classifications of a musician. There are many more aspects to music than just the face and although each and every part is vital, these uncustomary musicians are working behind the scenes going unnoticed to bring the piece to life. Consumption of music is in high demand, but the actual production of it is sparse. The music industry isn’t usually profitable, unless you happen to join the small percentage in fame, or acquire a distinguished degree. Following a passion in music is a gamble, but people do it all the time because of its great impact. Their passion for the subject drives people to take those chances and achieve their utmost potential. For many, a passion for music starts early. If they’re lucky, some can fully act on their passion through programs offered through school such

as choir or band. According to school systems music electives are considered fine arts, which is entirely true. But music encompasses more than art. Music is history, poetry, a mode of expression and communication that is vital to societal culture. Musicians are more than aware of the impact music has on the soul and this is the great motivator for these artists to go further and push the boundaries. Many students don’t stop at just what their school has to offer. They also participate in outside musical institutions to further their experience and education within the pursuit. There is real talent within Andover that goes unseen because a lot of it is expressed outside of school. Music, for many, is a form of expression and there are many individuals whose art is extremely impressive. Highlighted on this page are some of Andover’s finest musicians, along with some who may not have had the chance to perform within school because their area of expertise isn’t offered. Every musician brings their own set of individual experiences, tricks, and talents and it’s only fair to do them justice by experiencing and appreciating their work.

design by dariaKRAHN story by sarahBARAKEH


- Do you intend on continuing your music after highschool ? If so, what are your plans ? -Yeah, I intend to continue my music. How exactly that will play out, I have no idea. I’m riding carefree on the winds of life, baby!! - What do you do as a musician ? -Most of my musical experiences nowadays are school-related like the musical and choir, but I used to play piano and hammered dulcimer for varoius touring bands. As for why it’s a passion, I love the way that music can amplify whatever emotion I am feeling. -What do you have to say about your music ? -My musical ability really is nothing special. Mechanically and vocally I don’t stand out, especially compared to many extremely talented kids in our school, but that’s okay. I enjoy music for what it is. As long as you love it, the doors are wide open.

Keane Hauck - Do you intend on continuing your music after highschool ? If so, what are your plans ? -I do plan on continuing. I hope to sing in choirs in college and potentially study voice. - What do you do as a musician ? -I mostly sing clasically and I’ve also done some opera. I also sing musical theatre. -What do you have to say about your music ? -No matter the context of the piece I am singing, I always strive to personally connect with it and emotionally invest in it, so the audience feels like they are invested too. I want my performance to feel like a conversation between me and my audience.

16 Hope

featuring Jake & Daryn

Jake Winter & Daryn Weyrauch

Stephanie Born - Do you intend on continuing your music after high school ? If so, what are your plans ? J: Yes, we are hoping to perform at some local places and see where it takes us D: Yes, I do. Hopefully our band can kick off, but if not I’ll do some jazz shows or join the Wichita Symphony. - What do you do as a musician ? J: I play guitar and I am passionate about music because I can be really stressed out or in a bad mood but once I start playing guitar, it all goes away. D: Music helps me realx and when you’re playing you can help move people. -What do you have to say about your music ? J: I play a mixture of styled, and so does our band. We have some hard rock songs, but also some indie and grunge ones as well. D: Well I can play a mixture of styles but the style of our band is not determined. We have soft rock but also heavy rock.


Issue 6 Friday, January 24, 2020

FLU PANDEMIC RESURFACES The seasonal sickness and ways to avoid it In 1918 the first flu pandemic occurred. It reached pandemic levels because the disease was carried by rats and other rodents that lived within the cities and in close proximity to the residents. In the span of a year, the virus affected over five hundred million people. Which was one third of the population in the world. The life expectancy dropped from forty six years old to thirty two years old. This disease reappeared in 2019 and has become almost as bad as the outbreak in 1918. There have already been seven child deaths associated with this flu. Many people have been asking the question, will the pandemic be as deadly as the one in 1918? The answer is no because diseases–especially airborne diseases–are always changing. In short, the current influenza virus does not have the same RNA as the one in 1918, therefore it could not be as deadly.

The regular flu and the influenza outbreak are two very different diseases, in that they do not share the same RNA or parasites. There have been many different opinions about whether people should even get the regular flu shot if the viruses are different. Yes, the viruses are very different. However, the regular flu shot will indeed tame the influenza virus if you contract it. Most people think that if you get a flu shot it will make you sick or even give you the flu. But that simply is not the case. If you do get a fever, rash or hot flashes from the vaccine, it is most likely your immune system reacting to the vaccine, not your body contracting the flu.








design by alexLABRUM story by biankaMALINOVIC

BODY ACHES AND PAIN Usual, often severe

z z z

FATIGUE AND WEAKNESS Can last up to 2 or 3 weeks

CHEST DISCOMFORT/COUGH Common, can become severe



Usual, lasts 3 to 4 days




Issue 6 Friday, January 24, 2020


Fun Facts - The Chiefs are now the only team in NFL history to ever be down by 24 points and still pull through to a victory. - The last time the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl was 50 years ago, in 1970 against the Vikings. - Both the Vikings and the Titans, the lowest seeds, won their wildcard games.


On January 12, the Kansas City Chiefs played the Houston Texans at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. The Texas jumped ahead to a 21-0 lead by the end of the first quarter, and many of the Chiefs fans began to worry. By the end of the second quarter, Kansas City had scored 28 unanswered points to give them some much-needed momentum. The result of the game belonged to the Chiefs, who pulled not only a comeback, but a chance to stay alive another week. On January 19, the Chiefs played the Titans in Kansas City. Both teams began the first two quarters strong, but the Chiefs stayed just a little bit stronger, winning the game 35-24. Since the Chiefs won, they will play in Super Bowl 44 against the 49ers on February 2.


The Tennessee Titans played the Baltimore Ravens on January 11 at the Raven’s own M&T Bank Stadium, where the Titans unexpectedly beat the Ravens. Throughout the season the Ravens were ranked number one seed in the AFC division, and were doing exceptionally well as they were 14-2. The Titans had previously beat the Patriots, who for the last few years have generally been the best performing team in the NFL. The Titans won with 28 points, beating the Ravens with 12 points. On January 19, the Ravens played the Chiefs, but lost the game 35-24. They began the game ahead, leading by three in the first quarter, but couldn’t keep up with the Chiefs offense and lost the game.

design by zachHARRIS story by nickTRIPLETT


Ranked as the number one seed in the NFC division, the San Francisco 49ers beat the Minnesota Vikings on January 11. The 49ers stayed ahead of the game, ending it at 27-10 and moving them on to the next divisional round. In their game against the Packers on January 19, the 49ers played extremely well, leading at halftime 27-0. The 49ers ended the game 37-20, moving them on to the Super Bowl against the Chiefs. The two teams will play at Hard Rock stadium in Miami, Florida on February 2. The 49ers haven’t won a Super Bowl game since 1995, so the fans of the team are holding out hope they can change that.

STUDENT SUPER BOWL PREDICTIONS Charles Lasater - Ravens Jacob Basinger - Chiefs Sam Ellis - Titans Logan McDaniel - Ravens

as of January 13

Peyton Allman - Packers Ryan Oregon - Chiefs Naz Worpel - Ravens Anders Whitfill - Titans


The Green Bay Packers, the number two seed in the NFC, played and beat the Seattle Seahawks, the number five seed, on January 12. It was a pretty close game, with the Packers leading for most of the game. The Seahawks really struggled this season due to an outbreak of the flu within their team, putting some of their players out for the game. But for the Packers, this only helped them push through to the next round. In their game against the 49ers on January 19, the Packers were defeated 37-20. They were down by 27 points in the first half, but still scored 20 points in the second, 10 more than the 49ers did. However, it wasn’t quite enough to bring the Californian team down, and were eliminated.


PHOTO OF THE MONTH Coach Martin Shetlar talks to players in a timeout during the boys basketball team’s 46-43 victory over Derby January 17. Derby was ranked number three in 6A and led the whole game until the last few minutes, when Andover, led by standout junior Jack Johnson, was able to get ahead. It was a high-stress game for both teams, leaving the Andover student section chanting “Undefeated” at the end, as their record became 8-0. Photo by Lydia Sharpe


Issue 6 Friday, January 24, 2020


As a new counselor to AHS, I’d like to thank the journalism department for allowing me to share a story of mine with the entire student body. In thinking about what to share I felt it important to help students understand my passion and to inspire you all to find your “why.” To explain a little bit on why what I do is so important to me. To set the scene I’d like to flash back to my sophomore year of college. I know that you all are obviously not in college, but that option is not far away. So, I’m sitting in my dorm room debating with my friends about whether I should go home after my school’s football game, or stay for the party that a friend of mine was throwing. After many laughs and thoughts of a good time, I decided to appease my mom and come home. To be completely honest, I did not always enjoy coming home because I knew that every time I got there, something was going to be required of me, especially when I just wanted to chill. at home. While I was at home, most of my responsibility was helping care for my nephew. My sister got pregnant her senior year of high school.. That alone was a huge shock to my family and altered a lot of relationships. My sister had already told our mom that she was pregnant. A week later, she sat the entire family down and shared the news with all of us. There was a feeling in the room that was extremely shameful. I knew that this was going to be a hard battle for our family. My dad had his first kid when he was seventeen years old. He began to tell us how difficult it was for him to be a dad at such a young age. He told us about how it contributed so much to the way that we had grown up. This was definitely going to be a challenge for us. Time became a hot commodity for each and every one of us because now we had a baby to care for. Since I was in college, I didn’t have that much time on my hands to even think about

what was going on at home, let alone help take some of the responsibility off of everyone else in my family. My parents were in their mid-fifties and had already raised three adults, they weren’t exactly looking to raise another child., and my sister was a kid, now trying to raise a kid. Resentment grew within every relationship in my family. Even my parents’ marriage was destroyed. So, as I’m back for the weekend I’m attempting to help with caring for my nephew with the best of my non-baby knowing knowledge. We’re sitting around the living room and my nephew just starts shaking,. We had never seen anything like that before and it was really different to experience. As he keeps shaking, we start panicking. We wondered “What is happening? Why is this happening?” We call the ambulance, everybody’s freaking out, I’m running down the street with no shoes on attempting to flag them down, straight panic! Through several tests, interviews, police involvement, and DCF (Department of Children and Families), it was determined that my nephew suffered from shaken baby syndrome. My parents had to take custody of him. At three months old my nephew had to have brain surgery. It was a very dark time following everything that had happened. It was at that moment that I found my purpose. Sophomore year of college is a very trying year. There is a lot of ambiguity in regards to your future, major, post-college life, relationships, etc. These questions no longer existed for me. The one question I asked myself was, if my nephew was old enough to talk, would he have shared with me what happened to him? Since answering that question, my sole purpose has been to help kids. I encourage you all to find passion, and let that help drive you. While everybody has a story, my bigger question is what can you use from your story to inspire?

Interested in sharing your story to impact the lives of others for the next issue of The Bluestreak? Email Lexy Prickett at prickeal@students.usd385.org

EHAS by lexyPRICKETT editorial by emilyBRENNER


THE IMPORTANCE OF SPENDING TIME ALONE Finding time to rest amidst the chaos of high school The beginning of the new year at the end of holiday break always brings upon a chance for reflection of the previous year. The new year’s resolutions we create often exhibit the changes we seek to make in the coming year. What left us feeling unsatisfied, disappointed or restless in December leads us to promise to better ourselves the next year. As I reflected on my 2019, and my high school experience in general, one priority I’ve listed on the top of my mental list of resolutions is setting aside more time for intentional rest. Here’s why this goal should be on your new year’s resolutions list this year too. Let me start by stating that I think there are two types of “rest” and both are important. There is the kind of rest where you stop thinking about your worries and problems and relax your mind, like watching movies, scrolling through your phone or taking a nap. Then there is a type of rest in which you do some activity that you find restful–an activity that brings you peace while at the same time fills you up. While I will be referring to the latter type of rest, I do think both are important for our health and both are needed. In high school, we tend to fill up our schedules as much as possible, leaving no time for true rest. Whether it be a sport that you enjoy, an activity that will look good on college applications or a junior year course load of homework, a high schooler’s schedule never seems to settle down. And any opportunity that happens to grace our week is spent on a last-minute get together with friends, or taking a much needed nap or on technology of some sorts. My high school experience has paralleled this description. Finding it hard to say no and pass up any opportunities I’ve been given, when I do have time to lay low, I find it impossible to just stay still, feeling I must be productive and check things off my todo list. The last thing I want to do after a busy day or when I have a few free hours is to sit down and think, preferring to drown out my thoughts or continually hitting the “Next Episode” button. But as invincible as we feel, we do all have limits. And the only way to recharge is to actually set aside time for yourself, doing something that makes you feel like your best self.

This is why I’m attempting to actively say “no” to activities, plans or commitments this year that, for the sake of my happiness, will unnecessarily drain me and that will take out more energy than I have in me. I am making it a goal to intentionally carve out alone time and take the time to actively just sit and think. As mundane as it is, I believe it is crucial to the development of who you are as a person. As high schoolers, we are all trying to figure ourselves out. We don’t know who we are and many of us are struggling between the foundation of beliefs we grew up with and who we are becoming. It is important to take time out of our week to figure ourselves out–not just drowning out our ideas and numbing our brains with whatever distractions we choose to fill up our time. It is important to take a step back from the chaos and reflect on yourself, and mentally set goals for who you want to become. I often think this second type of rest is misconstrued, however. It doesn’t have to be sitting staring at a wall, or meditating. It may look different depending on each person. For some, it may be doing some activity alone, like taking a walk, going on a run, or doing yoga. For some, it may be listening to music. For others, it could be journaling. Some activity where you cannot be distracted by your phone, worries, or others around you, where you can solely think with no distractions, doing something that brings you joy. For me, this is playing the ukulele, riding my bike and making art. For some of my friends, it’s having meaningful conversations with people they enjoy spending time with. At the end of the day, it is hard to become a better version of yourself if you don’t ever get a chance to plan for a way to get there. Setting aside time for yourself in the new year, seeking solitude to do something you enjoy and finding a space where you can freely think are all beneficial to your overall wellness. Getting more rest can improve your grades, your mental health and confidence, your productivity and ultimately strengthen your relationships with others. I encourage you to find time in your week to spend time working on you.



Issue 6 Friday, January 24, 2020


On January 3, 2020, President Donald Trump launched an airstrike on Qasem Soleimani of Iran. Soleimani had been targeted due to his involvement in actions targeting American military personnel in past years. Soleimani was seen as the second most powerful man in Iran, just behind the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The Iranian government and Ali Khamenei declared that “severe revenge awaits the criminals” behind the attack. Soleimani was seen as a national hero, and because of his death, a three-day mourning period was set in place throughout the whole country. In Tehran, Iran, over a million citizens took to the streets to honor Soleimani, causing overcrowding and over 200 injuries. Protests against America have since increased in Iran. Often times, the words “Death to America!”can be heard across the border in Iraq. Iraqi lawmakers voted 170-0 in favor of “expelling” American troops from their country. Prime minister Adil Abdul Mahdi drafted the resolution and then submitted the bill to Parliament, putting it to action. Many government officials from all around the world are concerned with Iran’s lack of cooperation in the 2015 nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Previously, Iran has been in acceptance with the deal’s decisions. In 2015 Iran came into an agreement with the United States, Germany, Russia, the UK and China that they will not develop nuclear weapons in return for sanctions to be relieved upon them. However, after the killing of Soleimani, Iran has announced it would back out of the nuclear deal, saying that they will “have no limits of production.” This decision has left many around the world worried with what exactly they plan to do. As of now, we do not see any development of nuclear weapons, but that may change over time.


Australia has been set ablaze by outof-control bushfires this winter. To date these fires have destroyed over 2,000 homes and taken the lives of 26 people, reports say. Much of Australia’s forest and environment have either been affected or completely destroyed by these fires. Air pollution is so dense from smoke it can be seen from satellites. Experts say that a person breathing this toxic air is equivalent to smoking 37 cigarettes in one day. Animals’ habitats and homes have been rapidly destroyed, along with an estimated one billion animals killed. Experts say that some species native to Australia will go extinct because of these fires, while other species will lose so many that their numbers will never be able to recover. Speculation all over the world is spreading about why this crisis is happening and how we did not see it

coming before now. Many believe that these fires are a byproduct of “warming” in Australia. Climate change, mixed with intense drought, has allowed these fires to run rampant. Many people have been incarcerated for deliberately setting bushfires that have run rampant through South-Eastern Australia. Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, is under scrutiny for being known as the “coal-loving” leader who has not responded well to these disasters. Morrison claimed that using coal was a better, more cost-efficient energy source that would not hurt the people. He may need to reconsider these promises due to evidence that the climate change giving these fires so much fuel is caused by burning fossil fuels, such as coal. Australia has one of the biggest exports in coal mining in the world. Many reports say the Prime Minister has lacked empathy

towards the situation and will “never live this down.” Experts say that if the extent of possible fires had been brought up in a climate control meeting, they would be mocked and sent away. As a result, many in top positions of power say they could not see this kind of destruction coming. A brief rain fell over the southeastern Australia, offering a brief moment of relief. Although, fires are looking to regain their strength in the following days in windy, hot conditions. As a result of all the destruction in Australia, New Zealand is beginning to feel the climate effects of the fires. With “angry” orange skies and glaciers in South Island dotted with orange-brown soot, New Zealand will wait and see what the future holds for themselves and for Australia.


design by ellenaRIVERO stories by max HIPPISLEY and kayleHOCKET


ISSUES HEAT UP IN IRAN AND AUSTRALIA Missiles fired on joint Iraqi-American bases. Ukrainian passenger plane shot down under mysterious circumstances. On January 7th, as retaliation for the killing of Soleimani, Iran military forces fired missiles at military bases that are used by both American and Iraqi forces. This attack caused distress in the air traffic and financial markets, but resulted in zero deaths. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei announced soon after the attack that Iran will not additionally retaliate if the United States doesn’t. Later in the day, Trump said “Iran appears to be refraining from additional strikes against U.S. targets,” calling it a “good thing” for both nations and the world. The following morning, President Trump announced to the nation via Twitter that “All is well!” and that he wants peace with Iran. Coincidentally, a Boeing 737 crashed after takeoff, killing at least 176 people on board. The plane was en route to Ukraine, taking off from Tehran, the largest city in Iran. The debris from the crash was spread out over kilometers, suggesting the plane exploded in mid-air.. The Iranian government has claimed responsibility for the accidental shooting down of the passenger plane.. Now millions of the Iranian citizens that were protesting against America are now protesting against their own government. Citizens of Australia are marching across nine cities to protest their Prime Minister’s lack of involvement in this time of crisis. Because of the climate change issue creating conditions for extreme and intense weather such as the enraged fires that have burned through over 12 million acres of Australia, as a result the entire world has taken action. Prime Minister Scott Morrison started the National Bushfire Recovery Agency with 1.4 billion dollars in funds.

ICONIC INSTAGRAM PICTURE BECOMES A SYMBOL IN THE BATTLING OF RAGING AUSTRALIAN FIRES. INSTAGRAM INFLUENCES AND DAY-TO-DAY USERS ALIKE SHARE THIS IMAGE ACROSS THE PLATFORM IN AN EFFORT TO RAISE MONEY AND AWARENESS ON THE MATTER. Due to the global nature of these conflicts, Bluestreak photographers have been unable to capture related pictures. All photos have been edited by the Bluestreak staff and pulled from CNN, the New York Times, and NBC News,


Students of a high school in North Carolina are raising money by making t-shirts with their mascot hugging Koala bears. All proceeds are going to the World Wildlife Fund in Australia. Australian ultra-runner Samantha Gash started 5k run with a 50 dollar entry fee. This run will take place in Denver, Colorado and all funds are going to relief efforts in Australia.


Several arrests revolving around the downing of the Boeing 737 were made.. The plane was accidentally shot down. following takeoff from a nearby airport. The unit who took responsibiliy for the launch, the Revolutionary Guards, have seized several persons for posting videos of the incident. Collective evidence from the ongoing investigation is said to be publicly released without additional details.


Issue 6 Friday, January 24, 2020


*each model shown represents their culture in traditional new year clothing.


Japan celebrates Shogatsu from Jan. 1st-Jan. 3rd. Businesses close down so that families can gather together and celebrate a stressfree day. It is a tradition to visit (Buddhist) temples and shrines where they ring bells 108 times to get rid of the 108 sins among Japanese citizens. Foods such as ozoni, otoso and osechi ryori are eaten to celebrate the new year. Activities such as tokoage, karuta and hanetsuki are very popular.


Many Jewish Americans celebrate Rosh Hashanah, which lasts for two days. It is a time for family gatherings, hearty meals and sweet foods. Rosh Hashanah is a time of judgement and remembrance where many Jewish people seek forgiveness from friends and family prior to this event. Jews participate in common practices such as prayer, throwing water and symbolically throwing one’s sins away. This year Rosh Hashanah is September 18th to September 20th.


During Reveillon, four million people gather around the Copacabana Beach to honor the goddess of the sea, Lemanajá. Most people dress in all white (to represent peace) and bring gifts of flowers, perfume and rice to offer to Lemanajá. As the sun goes down, candles are lit so that the crowd forms a flowing mass of flickering flames. Eating foods such as fish, pork and raisins ensure a prosperous year. Reveillon takes place on January 1st.


Aluth Avurudda, coinciding with the Tamil New Year, is celebrated by most people in Sri Lanka. The New Year marks the end of the harvest season and the sun’s position directly over the country. Sri Lankans celebrate this day by opening their doors to welcome visitors such as family, friends or even strangers. The holiday is observed from April 12th to April 13th this year.



In Denmark, the new year is celebrated with fireworks and rockets after midnight, filling the night sky with bright colors. It is a tradition to smash plates in front of people’s doors--the more broken plates you have, the more popular you are. Traditional new year’s foods are boiled cod, stewed kale and cured saddles of pork. Danish New Year is observed on January 1st.


Nooruz is mostly known as the Iranian New Year, though it is celebrated in other Asian countries as well. It is celebrated on the spring equinox, following a day of spring cleaning and decorating. Traditionally, a table is decorated with symbolic items that welcome the new year. These symbols consist of flowers, fruit, coins, fish, herbs, eggs, a mirror and a holy book of choice. Charms such as evil eyes are also common during this time of year.

design & story by saraJALALI & kikiCHEN


Lunar New Year is celebrated by China and other Asian countries that follow the lunar calendar. It takes place on January 25, 2020 and ends on the first full moon, which is 15 days later. The Chinese Zodiac of 2020 is the White Rat, which means that those born in 1972, 1984, 1996 and 2008 will receive immense luck this year. Traditionally, people wear red and gold, symbolizing prosperity, wealth and luck. It is also common for children to receive red envelopes that contain money from elders.



Balinese New Year, Nyepi, follows the lunar-based Saka calendar. This year, their holiday will be observed from March 25th to March 26th. Most cultures celebrate their new year with splendor, but Nyepi is known as “the silence day.” All activity on the island is stopped and a relaxing day commences, consisting of self-reflection, praying and increasing solidarity between people.


Issue 6 Friday, January 24, 2020

NINETEEN TWENTIES The 1920s was deemed the “Age of Jazz,” as the culture surrounding the so called “scandalous” lifestyle blossomed during the decade. Similar to jazz, today rap music is becoming just as popular, and is deemed just as scandalous by many. In 1920, the songs Black Bottom Stomp by Jelly Roll Morton and Seven and Black Beauty by Duke Ellington were some of the most popular songs. Both genres originated from African culture, and have since expanded to be iconically American. In the 20s, New Orleans was the home of jazz music, as even today they have a jazz festival.

The so-called Roaring Twenties evoke images of swanky parties in luxurious speakeasies full of life and flapper girls. However, that life only existed in seclusion surrounded by widespread social and economic inequality. The availability of luxury, emphasized by urbanization and new forms of mass media, continually reminded lower classes what they were missing. The decade tended to focus on the small percentage of wealthy people and the life they were able to live, while ignoring the immense poverty.

Prohibition started in 1919, coming about because legislation in America found that there was much corruption, social problems and a decline in health due to alcohol. Alcohol was not illegal to consume, it was just illegal to manufacture, sell, or transport it. Many states were completely lackadaisical when it came to enforcing this law. Many drug stores even sold alcohol and promoted it as a medicine, rather than as an intoxicating liquor. Unfortunately, thousands of people died from consuming liquor from enterprising bootleggers.

The twenties have been described as an age of women or the first wave of feminism. Like never before, women began to step out of the box they had been so cleanly confined in by dressing or acting in “unacceptable” ways and through the new ability to vote. Cars allowed women to be more independent and many young women began moving to cities on their own. The flappers of the 1920s were known for their passionate and frisky freedom as they began to push economic, political, and sexual boundaries for women.

During the early 1920s, agents were sent to capture and arrest suspected radicals, anarchists, and communists. The majority of the arrests were once immigrants. The Palmer raids disregarded constitutional rights and likely jailed many persons innocent of crime and intent. There were two anti-immigrant laws in the decade. The first was called the Emergency Quota Act of 1921, which restricted immigration to allow ethnic groups entry for 3% of the population of that group living in America in 1910. The second, Immigration Act of 1924, further reduced immigration by moving the quota to 2% of each ethnic group and the year to 1890.

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TWENTY TWENTIES Even rap is very popular in New Orleans today, but many are often found claiming that New York City is the “home of rap music.” These two forms of music have paralleled each other in countless ways, and have had a lasting impact on American culture. Today, the songs Nuthin’ but a G Thang by Snoop Dogg and Juicy by The Notorious B.I.G. are some of the most played songs in all of rap. Recently, Old Town Road, By Lil Nas X has an unprecedented 17 weeks on top of the charts as the number one song in the nation. No other song has held that position for that long, demonstrating rap’s popularity today.

The top one percent currently possesses nearly 40% of the nation’s total wealth. The ultra-rich have not controlled such a large share of wealth since the jazz age of the twenties. Over the past two decades the wealthy have seen their capital increase exponentially, while the majority of America has seen a shrinkage. Additionally, new media formats– the internet and its many uses–further highlight the inequities in incomes and treatment by employers. In the 2020s the trend of extreme income gaps and mass poverty will continue indefinitely till addressed. .

Tobacco laws have been raised from 18 to 21 in 2019. This law was passed mainly because of the rise in underage usage of tobacco products. Increased heart rate and blood pressure, lung disease, chronic bronchitis and insulin resistance leading to type 2 diabetes. These are just some of the problems caused by tobacco and nicotine products. Many people who weren’t even 21 yet already had life-changing experiences due to vaping and cigarettes. The American Lung Association has been advocating for a long time to change the smoking age to 21 to help save lives.

The second decade of the 21st century began with a record-breaking number of women in the legislature set to address the stagnant Equal Rights Amendment. Activists involved in the Me Too movement continue to share the stories of oppressed women around the world. The past decade has had a heavy emphasis on women empowering women, and the next decade will most likely see that trend continuing. Women are fighting now more than ever to be guaranteed the rights that men have been granted forever.

Today, many lawmakers and presidential administration officials advocate for more restrictive immigration policies. Under the administration of President Trump, ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents were specifically tasked with confronting and deporting illegal immigrants. The list of regulations relating to immigration and refugees is an immense one including “Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements,” “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States” and “Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals.” In the same sense of the 1920s, immigrants have been once again linked to terror and radicalism.



Issue 6 Friday, January 24, 2020

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS Ellena Rivero I completed my goal of drinking two twenty-one ounce bottles of water each day. Before completing the challenge, I would fill up my water bottle in the morning, drink a few sips throughout the day, come home with a mostly full bottle, and then wake up in the middle of the night completely parched. It’s safe to say that my daily water intake was less than sufficient for my body. It was definitely a touch strange to go from drinking nothing to 48 ounces, but I’m really happy with how it went. I noticed I felt much more motivated as I had just completed a personal goal. My skin brightened and smoothed out, and I was undeniably perkier overall. It was a nice way to not only take care of, but wake up my body. I will definitely be continuing to make a noticeable effort to consume water.

Alex Labrum For my 10-day trial I decided to make it my goal to meet someone new everyday. I would already consider myself to be an outgoing person, but this challenge still helped me to be extra outgoing. On days that we had school I would go out in the commons and try to talk to people I had never met, and on weekends I would go to Sonic or somewhere like that and meet people from other schools. I also met some of my friends’ friends. Work was also a great place for me to meet and talk to new people since I work at a restaurant and I’m already supposed to be making conversation. I enjoyed this challenge because I love getting to know new people and I would recommend doing this because it’s a great way to make yourself more outgoing.

Daria Krahn My ten day trial was to try and reduce my waste as much as possible. I already try to do this as often as I can by buying produce that is not packaged in plastic, and using reusable containers when I take food to go. The first couple days of my trial I did what I usually do, which is not use plastic bags, but then I realized I wanted to try and challenge myself. I wanted to try and forgo plastic altogether, which was difficult at first. If I got coffee from somewhere, I brought my own cup, so that I wouldn’t have to use disposable ones, and I also brought a reusable bag whenever I went grocery shopping. Even though I forgot a sustainable option sometimes, reducing my waste makes me feel like I’m doing my part to help our environment.

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From January 11-21, Bluestreak staff members Lexy Prickett, Daria Krahn, Ellena Rivero, Lindsay Dahl, Alex Labrum and Cameron Hoppas spent 10 days attempting to complete a challenge they made for themselves. Upon completing the challenge, they wrote about their experiences and what they learned.

Cameron Hoppas For my 10 day trial, I worked out every day -- or almost every day . . . Because I have a very busy schedule, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make time, but I was able to do something small at the very least most days.. I went to the YMCA after school, went to swim conditioning, and ran or did something else small on mornings I was busy after school. Overall, this was a good experience for me because it gave me a reason to get in shape for spring swim season. Making an effort to move every day definitely showed in how happy and enjoyable I was to be around, and was a fun challenge for me.

Lexy Prickett Throughout 2019 I thought a lot about how important it is to learn about things you want to learn about, and spend time doing things that you want to do. For my challenge to start the year, I decided I would spend 30 minutes per day reading a book. I chose to read “I Declare War” by Levi Lusko. I wanted to learn more about how I can keep a positive mindset, which I believe is the first step to success in any aspect of life. Throughout the 10 day trial, I didn’t completely follow through; I only spent about fifteen minutes reading each day. It’s definitely difficult for me to allot time for myself to focus on what I’m learning for myself, but I do plan to keep reading and hopefully up my time each day..

Lindsay Dahl For my 10-day trial I decided I wanted to learn how to play the bass guitar. My brother Ryan plays his bass every day (which can be very annoying), but I thought I should give it a chance. Ryan taught me the basics of how to hold my hands and some basic chords. The following days I YouTubed videos for help and grew my knowledge on my own. I learned a few simple songs which was really eye-opening given the fact that I have not played an instrument since fifth grade band. The bass guitar is not for me, but it was really fun to learn some simple songs and share something that my brother loves so much.

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The Trojan Bluestreak, Volume 37, Issue 6  

A 20s-themed issue. Distribution date January 24, 2020.

The Trojan Bluestreak, Volume 37, Issue 6  

A 20s-themed issue. Distribution date January 24, 2020.