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The Bluestreak

Volume 37, Issue 3, October 2019

Connie Redic shares the story of her battle with cancer (pages 10-11)

The Official Publication of the Andover High School Student Body


Issue 3 Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Table of contents

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Greater andover days (4-5) homecoming (6-7)

#trojannot (8-9) redic strong (10-11) AHS population distribution (12-13) Photo of the month (14-15) Everybody has a story / Editorial (16-17) Growing social media influencers (18-19) behind the scenes of the bluestreak (20-21) space travel (22-23) Current events (24-25) trump impeachment hearing (26-27) halloween (28-29) halloween (30-31) games (32)

From the Editor

Hello, Trojans! Due to Trojan Nite’s cancellation, our annual special issue covering the event will be postponed until next month. However, our October issue is full of all the other fun events and activities that take place here at Andover High School. Included in this issue is coverage of homecoming and Halloween, as well as an inside look at Mrs. Redic’s inspiring battle with cancer while remaining strong and present for the students. On pages 28-31, you can find feature pages on Halloween and all the festivities that surround the holiday. Be sure to take a look at Everybody Has A Story on page 16 for an

inside look at the life of one special freshman at Andover. We are so excited to present you with our newest issue of The Bluestreak. Feel free to share with us any praise or criticism by talking to any member of staff or visiting room 112, Mr. Conover’s room. Thank you for your support, and happy Halloween!

Cameron Hoppas

Trojan Spotlight


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Issue 3 Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Greater Andover Days As September came to a close, Andover prepared to celebrate with Greater Andover Days festival. The first Greater Andover Days (GAD) festival took place in 1967 and now has over 5,000 attendees each year. For its 52nd anniversary, the festival’s theme was “Deal Us In,” a cardfocused theme. Festivities for the four-day celebration include a hot dog eating contest, fishing clinic, parade, car show, carnival, live entertainment and a fireworks show at Central Park. As GAD drew nearer, the musicians of Andover High School prepared to take center stage. Including the annual festivities that the four-day celebration brings, the marching band, jazz band and choirs all got their time to shine throughout the week. The jazz band and choirs performed at Andover Central High School to kick-off the opening night, and the marching band played for a few hundred feet Saturday morning in the parade. The Madrigals and Old School Edition choirs were the first Andover High group to perform at GAD. Show Choir, also known as Old School Edition, performed “Rewrite the Stars” and “It Don’t Mean a Thing,” while Madrigals sang “Joy” and “Unclouded Day.” Both groups also performed at their October 9th concert at Andover High School alongside the Chorale and the Women’s Ensemble. Jazz band closed the night off a couple hours later.

This year, the jazz band has been split into two different ensembles: Jazz 1 and Jazz 2. The first ensemble is the traditional jazz band with trumpets, trombones, saxophones, bassists, a pianist and a drummer while the second ensemble is more open to non-traditional instruments and for students who want a more laid-back practicing schedule. Jazz 1 performed “Yuriko,” “Blues for Thad,” “Hayburner,” and featured soloists Camden Baxter, Will Vetter, Chase Borchers, Tyler Kauffman and Daul Lee. Jazz 2 did not play at GAD, but you can see them play alongside the rest of the bands next semester at their concerts. The marching band was scheduled to play in the parade with the cheerleaders, but due to weather had to turn back after playing one cadence. The original plan was to play “Sleepy Hollow” from their Dreams show as they marched from Andover Middle School to Andover Central High School. The band also performed at Emporia’s marching festival. The festival took place October 2nd and brought in 22 bands, with Andover placing 2nd overall with a score of 85.5 out of 90–the best the band has ever done at the event. They are now getting ready for the Southern Plains Marching Festival, hosted by Andover. The event takes place on October 30th at District Stadium, where they hope to score first on their home turf.

“I was glad to go back to GAD after not going for many years. My friends and I had fun.” -Maggie Creitz

design by caleighHAETTEN & reneeLESSARD story by carterSCHAFFER photos by caleighHAETTEN



Issue 3 Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Spooky Spirit week

September 30 - October 4

Haunted Hawaiian Pop Culture Wicked Western

Boo and white Jeepers Creepers Jersey


October at Andover High School has gotten off to a spooky start. Spirit week kicked off at the end of September with five fun dress up days with a haunted twist. Themes included Haunted Hawaiian, Pumpkin Pop Culture, Wicked Western, Jeepers Creepers Jersey, and Boo and White Day to wrap the week up. Students from various grades participated, checking in at lunch to add to their class’s COTY points. The dance began at 8 p.m. on Saturday, October 5th in the commons. Online ticket purchasing this year allowed

design by melissaMERCER story by emilyBRENNER photos by ryleighSHAY, emily JORDAN and kellynHAMBY


for quicker and more efficient entrance into the dance. Student Council worked early that morning to fill the commons with cobwebs, coffins and a plethora of Halloween decorations. This year’s homecoming king candidates were Keane Hauck, Harper Jonas, John Lasater and Will Vetter. This year’s queen candidates were Emma Bishop, Emily Brenner, Lindsay Dahl and Claire Pomeroy. Harper Jonas and Lindsay Dahl won king and queen, and were crowned on Friday night before the football game.


Issue 3 Tuesday, October 15, 2019

#trojannot: trojan nite postponed This year Trojan Nite didn’t go quite according to plan. Due to rain, right before it was going to start, the fun-loving event was delayed. The athletes were crammed into the locker rooms and the students were sent into Cottonwood Elementary gymnasium. After an hour of waiting, it was announced that Trojan Nite would be postponed indefinitely. Despite the inconvenience, the athletes still had a great time playing games inside the locker rooms, with juniors and freshmen in one, and seniors and sophomores in the other. Dylan Basinger, a sophomore participant, said it wasn’t hard to pass the time in the locker rooms. “We did lots of chants and songs, and it was a great bonding experience between the two classes,” he said. Trojan Nite has been postponed to November 14, which is the day of the school matinee. That means that

there will not be any actual school that day. However, students are still required to attend. After the matinee, Trojan Nite will take place from 1:00-2:50. The one major change is that there is no budget for all of the usual decorations: floats, paint, and boards won’t be available, but all of the remaining events will still take place according to plan. Junior participant Tyler Offutt stated, “I think it’s kind of cool, but since they got rid of the floats and paint it’s more like field day and not Trojan Nite.” Not everyone is content with the current state of Trojan Nite, but there is not much to be done to correct these few issues. Despite the challenge of postponing and replanning for the scheduled event, organizers have worked hard to ensure the event will live up to its storied tradition and legacy.

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Issue 3 Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Lymph Nodes: bean collections of immune cells that contain lymphocytes, which fight infection

White Blood Cell: immune system cells that protect the body against diseases and foreign invaders

non-hodgkin’s lymphoma

Medicine results in ‘brain fog’ that creates small memory loss of names, vital tasks and more.

Chemotherapy results in a metallic taste of the mouth.

Simple mobile ability is decreased, making it difficult to walk and run and even easier to tire.

design by ellenaRIVERO story by kayleHOCKETT


Mrs. Redic’s battle with cancer results in victory CONNIE REDIC

Assistant Principal/ Activities Director

Keeping up with Mrs. Redic and her journey through Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Life as an Andover High School administrator is a demanding and stressful job. In addition to this already taxing occupation, Andover’s Assistant Principal Connie Redic was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is a cancer that affects the lymph nodes. Mrs. Redic was diagnosed in July of 2019, the day before she was due to return to work after summer break. She was given six rounds of chemotherapy, once every three weeks. The chemotherapy and medication have proven to have their own set of challenges. This makes it difficult for Mrs. Redic to be mobile with the pain in her bones and legs. “The worst part of the medication was losing my hair. The second hardest thing was losing my taste buds.” Many students know that Mrs. Redic is a “foodie” as she calls it. She loves to eat sour candy because it overpowers the metallic taste the medicine leaves in her mouth. She can only taste very strong sour things or fresh, pure foods. Another major side effect that the medicine has brought on her is the “brain fog.” This is a symptom that makes her lose her train of thought. Words that she usually uses, things to put in an email, and the names of people she has known for years are things that sometimes she has had to work hard to recall. Mrs. Redic stated in an interview that, “I was not afraid of dying when I learned that I have cancer. Yes, I can feel this lump in my throat, and my hair is gone, but I never thought of this as a death sentence,” she said. “My faith has not wavered through this process.” When asked how the diagnosis has affected the way co-workers and students have changed, she said everyone has been so gracious and kind. “I have yet to walk into my office in the morning to an empty desk,” Mrs. Redic said. She loves all of the support that she has received from the school and the t-shirts that were made. Students stopping her in the halls and asking how she is doing, as well as the

faculty’s constant support, have meant a lot to her. Mrs. Redic said the hardest part about having cancer is the hair loss. “Growing up with two sisters, you always want to have the best hair or clothes or makeup or whatever else you can compete in,” she said. “In the African American culture, women take pride in what type of hair they have. As a young girl, I always received compliments on my hair and that has not changed in my adulthood. I knew I would lose my hair with the vigorous treatment I am going under. I just wanted to make it to picture day with some of my hair. A few days after picture day, I woke up to two large clumps of hair on my pillow. So, I called my hair stylist and had my husband meet me there. While my stylist shaved my head, my husband handed me tissues while I mourned the loss of my hair.” Not only does cancer seriously affect Mrs. Redic’s life, it affects her entire family. “My kids have matured so much in these last few months. They know how much I used to do around the house, and they have really stepped up to help. They have started to do their own laundry and are helping out with chores around the house,” Mrs. Redic explained. After every week goes by, she makes sure to check in with her family. This provides an open line of communication between her and her kids so that they can be open with her and how they are feeling. After three treatments, Mrs. Redic got the news that she is now cancer free. While this is a positive revelation, Mrs. Redic says she was never worried that she would not make it out of this. She will still undergo her last three chemotherapy treatments, so she will still be going through the same symptoms until all the medicine is out of her system. When asked how this would change her outlook on life, Mrs. Redic simply stated, “Connie after cancer will never be the same as Connie before cancer.”


Issue 3 Tuesday, October 15, 2019

AHS Population Distribution Andover students divided by zip codes





design by sarahBARAKEH & dariaKRAHN

We took a look at zip codes of mailing address of students who attend Andover High School. It’s pretty much a given that in any school district the majority of students live in the town in which the school is located. Andover is unique in that a majority of the students actually live in mailing addresses different than Andover. The zip code 67002 is familiar to those who live in Andover. In terms of its land footprint, it’s the largest zip code feeding into Andover’s student population. But a majority of Andover High School’s students live in other nearby zip codes, such as Wichita 67230 and 67228. A few live in outlier zip codes, such as Rose Hill’s 67133.

Zip codes

67002 67230 67228 67206 67010 67226 67144 67017 67042 67207 67133 67037 67039 67203 67208 67220 67204 67213 67214

# of students

422 281 154 59 8 8 7 6 6 6 3 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1


Photo of the Month

Crossing the finish line 16 seconds ahead of his nearest competitor, Andover senior Ryan Kinnane completes his run at the Newton Invitational Cross Country meet at Centennial Park in Newton Oct. 5th. Kinnane’s time was 16:20. Sophomore Hudson Benjamin also came in first place in his race. The varsity boys took 1st overall, while the varsity girls took 5th. JV girls took 3rd while JV boys placed 5th. Photo by Cary Conover


Issue 3 ;’”:, 2019

EVERybody story HAS A

Isaiah O’Shea

Even though I’m only a teenager, my life has been pretty eventful. Sometimes I forget how much of a life I’ve really lived. I was born when my parents were eighteen. My mom had already had a kid, but she gave him up for adoption because she was only fifteen when she had him. She thought she was going to have to put me up for adoption too, but decided against it. I grew up in a not-so-safe neighborhood in Wichita in which the normality of drugs, gangs and prostitutes was a common reality. The best thing I can remember is when I started skateboarding. My dad built me a half-pipe when I was four or five years old, and I spent as much time skating as I could. While my parents were together, their relationship was abusive. If my mom mentioned a guy coworker or wore something that my dad didn’t like, he would throw things, and often put his hands on her. He wouldn’t let her do anything without him having control over it. Because I was little, I didn’t know that it wasn’t supposed to be that way. When he put his hands on me, I thought that he was just playing around. That was all that I knew. When I was eight, my mom was able get out of the relationship with my dad. We lived with her most of the time, but we would spend our weekends with him. My dad spent all of his time at the trap house. I got used to seeing men rolling blunts and holding guns on the porch, and even naked women walking through the living room when I was trying to watch TV. It only lasted about a year before my mom moved back in with him. My mom thought that things had cooled down enough in that year, and decided to move back in with my dad. From there forward, my parents were on and off. Drugs were everywhere. When I was nine, I started smoking weed with my dad. I didn’t think anything of it because I was so used to seeing everyone around me do it. He wanted me to try other drugs as well, but they scared me too much. He took me with him to trap houses to deal drugs, prepared to gun down anybody he thought was necessary. My dad taught me that fighting people was the only solution when you didn’t agree with someone, so I started fighting people at school. I was constantly suspended and my dad was proud of it. He made me think that I was doing the right thing. After school, I’d come home to the crib and be there until four in the morning. My mom was working extensive hours

trying to put us into a better situation, so we were following my dad around most of the time. The last time that my mom moved out, my dad started dating a prostitute. I remember we would all get in the car and drop her off at someone’s house, and when she would get back into the car she would look a little different and have a few hundred dollars in her hand. He was abusive to her too, despite the fact that she was doing unthinkable things to make money for him and his kids. We lived off of that, as well as the money that my dad made when he sold drugs. Sometimes it wasn’t enough, so we lived on the streets. Eventually, my dad had me selling the drugs for him. That was all I knew. When I got into fifth grade my mom had finally saved enough money to get a house in the Andover district. She started dating a new guy that rode a motorcycle. He was really soft, but that relationship didn’t last very long. Later, she started dating a guy that had a pretty similar childhood to me. Even though we lived pretty similar lives, we did not get along at all. If I ever did something and it wasn’t quite up to par, he would get super angry at me. After a while, he started hitting me. When I first transferred to my elementary school in Andover, the kids seemed a lot different than me. It seemed like everyone was wearing the newest and most expensive shoes, and got to do a lot of fun activities on the weekends with their families. Meanwhile, I’d be spending my weekends at the crib. I didn’t feel like I fit in. When I got to seventh grade, though, I met some people who have experienced similar lives to me. We clicked instantly and it was really easy to become close to them. It turned out that a lot of parents had worked really hard to be able to keep their kids in this district, and my mom was one of them. When my mom figured out what was really going on when we visited my dad on the weekends, we stopped seeing him. I’ve definitely lived a different life than most people would expect of somebody my age, but I don’t want to fit in with everyone else. I’m proud to have been able to get through what I did, and I like being myself. I’m also so proud of my mom for being able to work so hard to provide a better life for us. She’s still working two jobs and has even gone back to school to get a college degree. It took a lot for us to be able to get to the place that we are now, and I wouldn’t change my story for the world.

EHAS by lexyPRICKETT editorial by cameronHOPPAS


youth in politics The critical need for youth involvement beyond daily life As political awareness becomes more of a societal norm throughout the general population, so does political intuition in the younger generation. With education comes awareness, and with awareness comes a desire for change. There will always be room for reform in any government or political institution, and young people with fresh ideas are the key to positive change. In doing so, it is necessary for these young people to further educate themselves. In order to spread positive change, facts must be present to support the cause. While youth can be a care-free time of learning from our mistakes, our generation will one day lead and take on positions of extreme significance, on both a small and large scale. With uneducated, politically and socially unaware individuals in positions of power, government at the local, state and federal levels would quickly become corrupt or largely ignored by civilians. The consequences of actions such as these are unimaginable, and the post-depression-like era of reconstruction that would follow would hold no value. As teenagers, it is necessary to become politically involved and aware in order to be more prepared to vote for future leaders and even hold positions of political power. Most teenagers will register to vote at the age of 18, and will hold a small portion of democratic power. As an adult, they are now able to persuade the younger generation to vote in their direction. To have any form of power, they must be informed on specific issues. While one vote may seem insignificant, one vote influences countless others, which becomes a cycle of influence. This cycle continues until many people’s opinions have been swayed, and even the popular vote has taken a turn. Besides a vote, young people will soon be able to hold the very positions being voted on. In order to have public support, youth leaders should be informed, as awareness brings respect. If they are respected, they will have a higher chance of maintaining or raising standards in their area of influence or expertise. Those with high influence are always opinionated. They are only respected because these opinions are backed by facts and logic. At some point in their lives, all of our current leaders went through a time of uncertainty in their political views. They questioned what their stance was on specific issues. All went

through periods of questioning, but all great leaders must at some point become educated and informed on issues they were once uninformed of politically. This affects their standings and popularity across a city, state or nation. Teenagers must get an early start in order to avoid inactivity and political incompetence as an adult. They must learn to be aware of major events and issues occurring where they live, and even on a larger scale. Often, history repeats itself. Therefore, it is useful to have background knowledge and experience for later in life. These things are what allow for success personally and change societally. Some will argue that adolescence is a time for ignorance and freedom from the harsh realities of life. They will say children should live in peace for as long as possible. While, to a degree, this is to be taken into consideration, teenagers often complain of being treated like children. They want respect and to be seen as an adult. Likewise, adults want teenagers to act more like adults, or “act their age.” The only way to obtain this is for teenagers to take steps to fulfilling this. Most adults have registered to vote. Most adults stay updated on current events. Most adults make a conscious decision to be involved in their political party or environment. Teens must do the same. They must be aware in order to obtain this respect they long for. With politics comes maturity, and with maturity, respect is ultimately demanded. Teenagers and young adults must step into the world of political unrest in order to change it and make a difference. There are many areas of life this will affect. It will improve relationships with other educated people. Societal awareness may also improve. Society as a whole must grow morally in order to see a change, and this must start with the younger generations. Standing up for what one believes in takes information and knowledge. Schooling has become mandatory until a certain age, and many do not take advantage of it. While public schools cannot have opinions in politics, they can inform students on events as long as they share all sides of the story. These events are what shape one’s opinions. Teenagers must be informed–even if they choose not to take sides–for the eventual benefit of society.


Issue 3 Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Instagram initially launched in October of 2010, nine years ago. At that point Instagram was merely for posting photos that were edited in-app with a choice of classic filters. At the time, only photos could be posted, and they had to be in 1:1 square photo ratio. Today, Instagram supports vertical photos up to 4x5, horizontal photos, videos, live streaming, and even IG-TV, which allows users to post extended videos, much like on Youtube. Now, popular influencers can get sponsorships and branded product placement, which allows them to make a profit from use of the app. Snapchat was launched in July 2011 and was originally created to support communication between individuals. Photos that were shared had a maximum time limit of 10 seconds and students would send funny faces and the receiever would try to screenshot before the 10 second limit ended. Now, people can post pictures that can be shared for an unlimited amount of times, post public ‘stories’ lasting 24 hours, and even read daily news updates from public platforms.

Twitter is the ideal outlet to get to hear people’s directs thoughts as they live tweet TV shows, life events, and share comical reactionary memes about political discourse, celebrity life happenings and general pop culture. While news can be shared via Twitter, the one major risk is misrepresentation and presumptive posting before all facts can be verified.

TikTok is the newest rebranding of, an app formally used to post lip-syncing of popular songs. Now, it is used as an app to post dance covers, make satirical memes, and repost covers and popular dance challenges. Through TikTok, popular stars gain cross followings, and often garner sponsorships and get paid to post conent on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

The VSCO community was originally curated in order to provide a platform to post artsy, creative photos without a visible follower base. As VSCO grids became more popular, people started linking their VSCO accounts in their Instagram bios, which took away some of the carefree artistry and free posting mentality. Today, many people edit their photos outside of VSCO, just to upload to the app and share on their grids.

design by lexyPRICKETT story by malachiWATSON

Instagram demetriusharmon






TheInfluencesofSocialMedia Andover, KS

EIGHT BENEFITS OF SOCIAL MEDIA: 1. Getting connected with people from all over the world. 2. Fundraising for emergencies or planned crowdfunding.

3. Displaying creativity, creating a personal platform.

4.Seeing how different people experience life.

5. Informal polling, getting opinions from private citizens.

6. Networking for young business professionals. 7.Spreading news via official network accounts and by regular citizens.

8.Targeted marketting for local and franchise businesses.

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Issue 3 Tuesday, October 15, 2019


THE BLUESTREAK A staff meeting is held, where all staff members discuss potential Story ideas for the next issue

Everyone writes down their top 3 choices for pages to design or stories to write to help decide who is assigned what

The Editor-in-Chief and advisor work together


to create a of who is assigned what

Writers begin to start their stories, while simultaneously communicating with designers, who are also getting started on pages

Writers collect and gather information for their stories through interviews and research

Designers and writers assigned the same pages meet and collaborate to make a plan for their page

design by cameronHOPPAS


An inside look at the people and process behind the making of Andover High School’s monthly publication Rough draft designs and stories are due a little over a week before distribution

After all the staff collectively looks over the rough draft pages, designers make necessary changes and edits

A master document is made with all pages, including the cover and table of contents, and all completed pages are placed on this master

Final designs are due about a week after rough draft designs, complete with stories and graphics


The master is printed and edited by many staff members, and all changes are made and printed in one last final copy


Distribution day

and designers, photographers, and writers all help to pass out stories at lunch for students to read

Photographers take pictures at most school events and work with designers to get pictures specifically for their pages.


Issue 3 Tuesday, October 15, 2019

space travel Making traveling to and living on Mars a reality in the near future

After people landed on the Moon their horizons expanded to Mars, making it a dream for astronauts to be apart of another history altering moment. At that point in time we didn’t know when that would happen. Now people are suspected to land on Mars in 2040, according to NASA. Some people say that they can’t be sure of this since so much technology that would be needed hasn’t been invented yet. The good news is that technology is rapidly progressing and it’s possible that NASA could be correct. Whenever technology is created to stop harmful radiation from killing humans and to sustain plant life is when manned missions to Mars will happen. It could be 2030 or 2060. But even when these technologies are developed it would still take an additional 10 to 30 years to complete them. Who would be the lucky first person to land on Mars and make history? There is a candidate selection going on right now for the Mars One Mission. Some of the requirements to be chosen are the applicant must be resilient, adaptable, above the age of 18, and be in top physical condition. The

selection process consists of four rounds. In the last round the forty remaining candidates go through an isolation test, narrowing it down to thirty. They then go through the Mars Settler Suitability Interview. Twenty-four people are then picked and put into groups of six and become full-time employees of Mars One. A new crew who goes through this same process will be sent to Mars every 26 months, increasing the size of the settlement. Now why do people want to live on Mars anyway? And why should we care? Well, there are many reasons why, and why we should care. There could be chemical compounds to cure diseases that don’t exist on Earth. If the Earth comes to destruction through global warming or other disasters, we would be able to move to Mars. When we send robots to Mars they don’t have the creative minds that we do to conduct experiments and use reasoning. So it’s important that people go and make Mars a part of their daily lives so that Mars could make an impact in our daily lives here on Earth.

According to NASA, it would take approximately nine months to get to Mars. Because the journey itself is so long, to make a trip to Mars worth it the astronauts would have to stay on Mars for several months.

NASA has found that Mars is an average of 225 million kilometers away from Earth and approximately 228 million kilometers away from the sun.

design by gabbyWINTER & savannaCOLE story by korinMAYER

mars mission quick facts

• The trip to Mars would take 6 months whereas the trip to the moon takes only 3 days. • Real time communication between Mars and Earth does not work, it takes between 4 and 24 minutes for communication to go from one planet to the other. • Astronauts going to Mars would have to treat themselves in case of a medical emergency.



Issue 3 Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Beyond the Borders ION o mongst the tw CONCENTRAT ished trade a ange. bl a ch st e to n nd a ga y A IN China be H th Centur nd 7 C a 1 s e IN th lim g S us rin P M CAM China du between g Muslim introduced to ith the growin e relationship

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SIGNS OF TRAFFICKING -Appearing malnourished -Showing signs of physical injuries and abuse -Avoiding eye contact, social interaction, and authority figures/law enforcement -Seeming to adhere to scripted or rehearsed responses in social interaction -Appearing destitute/ lacking personal possessions -Living at place of employment

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If you are a resident of Wichita, you have most likely witnessed the rising anxiety towards sex trafficking. Recently, places such as Dillons (West Street) and Town East Square have reportedly faced an increas e in suspicious activity with allegedly ominous white vans and shady individuals lurking behind. Is it all a hoax or has the issue worsened recently? Sex trafficking is a form of human trafficking and it is the recruitment, harboring, transportation, or obtainment of an individual for the purpose of a commercial sex act, which is induced by force or coercion, or in which the person forced to perform such an act is younger than 18. Victims can be children, teenagers, men and women . According to KAKE News, Wichita ranks at the fifth top city in which sex trafficking gets its start. This is mostly because of the highway routes that cut through the state, making it easier for kidnappers to make their escape. Recently, Kansas required drivers receiving their commercial license to take a course with Truckers Against Trafficking in which they learn how to recognize the signs and face the situation. Although Kansas is a hot spot for this issue, some of the recent reports are not as accurate as one might think. On September 8th, a woman went to Facebook to recount an unusual event she had experienced. She said a stranger approached her asking if she could watch her baby. She recalls leaving the situation and later reporting it to a nearby officer, who explained to her that occurrences as such were “a part of human trafficking.” While the majority of the story is true, there was no classification from any police officer. In fact, Jennifer White with ICT SOS (a Wichita-based organization established to fight sextrafficking) explains that trafficking does not evolve in the public eye. Typically, a trafficker will attempt to build a relationship before groomi ng an individual into a threatening situation. The common belief that one could be smuggled into a van is highly unlikely, but you should always keep an eye out—never approach or talk to someone you do not know and if you do witness anything slightly off-putting, tell someone.

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Issue 3 Tuesday, October 15, 2019

What does it Possible Impeachment:

mean and how can it can happen?

A whistle-blower complaint and the release of a telephone transcript between President Donald Trump and President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has analysts to believe that Trump pressured President Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden’s family ahead of the 2020 election, by withholding military aid to their country. Trump announced that he did nothing wrong during the phone call, and authorized the “complete, fully declassified and unredacted transcript” of his conversation with the Ukrainian leader. The phone call left some questioning the legality of Trump’s actions. The section in question is where Zelensky asks Trump for military weaponry to help fend off Russian invaders in Ukraine’s east. Further on in the conversation, President Trump replied with his own request: “I would like you to do us a favor, though.” Trump proceeds to ask President Zelensky, if he could share any information he (or his government officials) knows about Joe Biden possibly covering his son in a prior investigation. There are

two key accusations against Trump. Under US law, it is illegal for someone to seek foreign entities for political or personal gain, and some argue that Trump’s effort to gain information on Joe Biden falls into that category. It is also illegal for a sitting president to use the power of his office to influence their future campaign. As, Joe Biden is running against Trump in the 2020 election, many believe that Trump used his power to get incriminating information on his opponent. However, nothing has been proven. A sizable amount of people believe that Trump has done nothing wrong, and was only denying Ukraine military aid in response to on going corruption in the Ukrainian government. Recent evidence has shown that Trump ordered the withhold of military aid over a week before the call in question. They also argue that he was not using his power to force someone to share information, but asking for information from an ally.

The Event in Question: After a controversial phone call between Donald Trump and the Ukranian President, impeachment has been a topic of discussion throughout the United States.

The Allegations:

The Exculpations:

-Trump used his presidential power to withhold military aid and funding from Ukraine in order to obtain scandalous information on Joe Biden and his family from President Zelensky of Ukraine to help himself in the 2020 election.

-President Trump was not withholding military aid and funding in order to obtain information on Joe Biden and his family from Ukraine; he was withholding it due to corruption within the Ukrainian government.

-Under United States Law, it is illegal for a President to use his power to influence their re-election. Critics argue that after obtaining this information on Joe Biden, he would have used it against him to discourage his voters.

-Trump asked for scandalous information on the Biden family as a favor from President Zelensky. -One phone call is not strong enough evidence to be considered the impeachable acts.

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what is Impeachment? Impeachment is the process that occurs when a legislative body levels charges against a government official. Believe it or not, impeachment does not mean removal of office, it is only a statement of charges. Theoretically, a government official will be removed

from office for treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. Occasionally, charges and evidence are not as straightforward, making the impeachment process much longer and more difficult.

Impeachment Process $

Bring charges against President for alleged crimes (treason, bribery or other high crimes or misdemeanors).

We are Here

24 Democrats 17 Republicans

Sent to House House of Representatives floor to debate 235 Democrats and vote on 198 Republicans Articles of 1 Idependent Impeachemt.


218 votes on one or more document(s)

No-- All further proceedings closed.

House carries out investigation and drafts articles of impeachment.

Yes-- Charges of Impeachment brought against the president. The President is removed from power (and banned from holding office again). The Vice President will take over. The President Remains in power.


50% -21 votes

Chief Justice John G. Roberts is the Judge. 100 Senate members are the Jury. Private Session to debate Verdict.


Senate 2/3 vote (67 votes)

Not Majority:

Less then 50% Vote All further proceedings closed.


Sent to senate for trial.


Sent to the House Judiciary committee to be voted on.

53 Republicans 45 Democrats 2 Idependents

Vote in open session to reach a verdict.

Impeachment History Following the Civil War, impeachment proceedings against President Andrew Johnson came when Johnson broke the Tenure of Office Act by removing Edwin Stanton, the Secretary of War, from the cabinet. The Tenure of Office Act, passed over Johnson’s veto in 1867, stated that a president could not dismiss appointed officials without the consent of the Congress. In November 1995, Bill Clinton began an affair with Monica Lewinsky, a 21-year-old unpaid intern. Over the course of a year and a half, the president and Lewinsky had nearly a dozen sexual encounters in the White

House. When asked, Bill Clinton denied the allegations by saying “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky. Later that August, during a Testimony, he acknowledged to prosecutors from the office of the independent counsel that he had had an extramarital affair with Ms. Lewinsky, meaning that before he not only lied to congress, but his wife as well. The following December, The House of Representatives approved two articles of impeachment against President Bill Clinton.


Issue 3 Tuesday, October 15, 2019

six spooky season activities PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT


Get a group of friends together and drive around Wichita on the look out for spooky objects such as jack-o-lanterns, black cats, halloween decorations, etc! Turn it into a competition between groups and add on to the game to suit it to the group!

A classic Halloween activity to do alone or with friends is going to the pumpkin patch! Wichita has various farms to pick pumpkins, play games, and have cute fall photoshoots at! One outdoor decorating activity that is fun for all is pumpkin carving! Go online and print off a template or buy a carving pack and release your inner spooky creativity!



Release your inner child and have a costume party with friends! Buy or even create your own costumes based on pop culture or your own imagination! Turn the party into a competition with prizes for the best costumes, then end the night with a spooky movie marathon of your choice!

A Halloween classic is Field of Screams! Located at 4055 N. Tyler Road, this freightning attraction will surely leave you and your friends stricken with fear. Be sure to check the calendar to see when tickets are cheap!


If you and your friends are looking for something to challenge your brain and trigger your instincts, visit one of the many escape rooms in Wichita. The thrilling and realistic scenarios will leave you wanting more.


If you’re wanting to do something spooky but don’t want to leave the house, a movie marathon is the perfect option! You can pick from old classics such as Hocus-Pocus or a newer film like “IT Chapter: 2.” Grab some snacks and cozy up for a night in!

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spooky season costumes *prices may vary

DEVIOUS DEVIL Pitchfork $6.99 Horn Headband $9.50 Intimidating Jacket $39.90


Clout Goggles $12.00 Padlock Chain $9.50 Striped longsleeve $16.00 Edgy t-shirt $23.99

VSCO GIRL Hydroflask $39.95 Scrunchies $9.99 (for 60) Oversized prep t-shirt $29.50

DIY SKELETON Black T-Shirt $6.99 White Marker $2.99

29 LQ&ust=1570550922946994



Issue 3 Tuesday, October 15, 2019

movies an





hocus pocus


it chapter two

the conjuring




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nd treats

HALLOWEEN treats pumpkin cookies

witches brooms Ingredients: mini pretzel sticks mini Reese’s peanut butter cups 1. Start by unwrapping the Reese’s Cups (if needed) 2. Poke mini pretzel sticks into the bottom of the Reese’s. 3. Place standing up and enjoy!

Ingredients: 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1 egg 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 cup softened butter 1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 cup canned pumpkin 2 cups flour

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 2. In a large bowl beat butter on high for 30 seconds. 3. Add sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg and mix 3. Add egg, vanilla and pumpkin 4. Place dough onto a cookie sheet each being 2 inches apart. 5. Bake for 10-12 minutes 6. Let cool and enjoy!

ghost oreos Ingredients: Oreo’s white chocolate candy melts Cake pop sticks 1. In a medium bowl, melt white chocolate candies as instructed. 2. Put cake pop sticks into the middle of the Oreo’s. 3. Dip the the Oreo into the melted chocolate. 4. Place into fridge until chocolate has hardend 5. Decorate and enjoy!

creepy crossword

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2. 3.

6. 1.









1. Haunted films

1. A place to get scared; a ______ house

3. Fall festivities where you can pick your favorite

3. Witches potion bowl

2. Where zombies come from gourd

4. Synonym for spooky

5. Another name for carved pumpkin

2. What do you need to say to get candy? 4. Bones, bones, bones

5. A well-known vampire

6. A ghost’s favorite word

Across: 1. Horror movies, 2. Graveyard, 3. Pumpkin patch, 4. Scary, 5. Jack-o-lantern. Down: 1. Haunted, 2. Trick or treat, 3. Cauldron, 4. Skeleton, 5. Dracula, 6. Boo.

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Trojan Bluestreak, Vol 37, Issue 3  

Distribution date: October 15, 2019

Trojan Bluestreak, Vol 37, Issue 3  

Distribution date: October 15, 2019