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Volume 37, Issue 7, February 2020

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Issue 7 Thursday, February 13, 2019

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sadies sweetheart dance (6-7) boys basketball (8-9) sports update (10-11) artists at ahs (12-13) leap year (14-15) Photo of the month (16-17) Everybody has a story / editorial (18-19) current events (20-21) grammys / oscars (22-23) film review (24-25) black history month / women in science day (26-27) heart association month (28-29) valentine’s day (30-31) “who’s more likely” (32)

From the Editor

Happy Valentine’s Day, Trojans! I hope you all had an amazing night at the Sadies Sweetheart dance hosted by Andover Student Council on February 7. You can find our coverage of the night and the preceding events on pages 6-7, as well as an inside look into the record season the boys Varsity basketball team is having on pages 8-9. On page 18, Everybody Has a Story features senior Carolyn Tran, who shares her riveting story with the student body. The back cover holds an interactive game, Who’s More Likely To: Andover High School Edition. We are very proud of the work we do each month, and we

are so excited to share this issue with you. As you consider your enrollment for the 2020-21 school year, the Bluestreak staff would like you to consider applying to be on staff. We would love to have you around next year!

Cameron Hoppas

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Issue 7 Thursday, February 13, 20200

Snippets LEAPYEAR A leap year is a calendar year containing an additional day which has been added to keep the year in sync with the seasonal years. This means that every four years one additional day is added. For example, this year there will be 366 days instead of 365. The day that is added every four years on a leap year is called the leap day. This day occurs on February 29th, a day that doesn’t exist during the common years. Leap year occurs because Earth’s orbit around the sun is 365.25 days long. The .25 days is what makes a leap year to occur once every four years. If we didn’t add a leap day on February 29 every four years, we would lose about six hours from our calendar every year. After about 100 years, our calendar would be off by around 24 days. If there were no leap years ever, the current date would be June 26, 2021.

365.256 Days For One Full Rotation


Phil, the groundhog, predicts early spring! Groundhog Day is February 2nd

Every year, thousands of people travel to Punxsutawney, PA on Groundhog Day to watch Phil, the groundhog, make his annual prediction on the upcoming winter forecast. Legend has it that if Phil sees his shadow, winter will last for six more weeks. But if he doesn’t see his shadow, America can expect an early spring. On the morning of February 2nd, 2020, Phil the Groundhog emerged from his den. He did not see his shadow, meaning early spring will supposedly come in 2020. Since his first prediction in 1887 until now, Phil has only failed to spot his shadow on 20 occasions. Phil’s prediction this year seems on track so far, especially since many cities across the United States have experienced their warmest Januarys on record. Although America would love to have faith in Phil, his more recent predictions have not been spot on. In 2019, he didn’t see his shadow, indicating early spring. The year was then followed with “below average temperatures in both February and March,” according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NoAA). Overall, Phil has been right only 39% of the time, yet America continues to have fun with the legend of Groundhog Day to see if Phil’s predictions come true.

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SPIRIT WEEK Tuesday: Dress Like a Teacher

Monday: Wear Red

Thursday: Twin Day

Wednesday: Pajama Day

BAND CONCERT Andover High’s Band meets up every day for forty five minutes to rehearse their skills. Every student in concert band receives an academic credit for being a member. The concert band meets all year and performs four concerts per year, and Andover’s graduation ceremony in June. Andover’s band performed well at their last concert on January 30th. Carter Schaffer, a senior in Andover’s symphonic band, had this to say: “we had some hard songs and it wasn’t our strongest performance, although I think we will be ready for the KMEA performance at Century II.”

Friday: Blue and White


Issue 7 Thursday, February 13, 2020

Winter Homecoming Court

Cameron Hoppas

Alia Michaelis

Haley Pierce

Emma Torgerson

Austin Henry

Jimmy Nguyen

Jacob Wolfe

Dimitri Seneviratne

This year Andover switched things up for winter homecoming with a Sadie Hawkins dance instead of the usual Glowstick Getdown. The dance was on February 8 at 8pm. The king candidates were Austin Henry, Jimmy Nguyen, Jacob Wolfe and Dimitri Seneviratne. The queen candidates were Cameron Hoppas, Alia Michaelis, Haley Pierce and Emma Torgerson. Nguyen and Michaelis and were crowned as king and queen between the girls and boys basketball games the night before the dance on Friday, February 7.

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sadies sweetheart



Issue 7 Thursday, February 13, 2020

Andover Boys Basketball remains undefeated The boys varsity basketball team continues to work hard to maintain its unbeaten record. One key highlight of the season was beating the defending 5A state champs, Andover Central, on January 14 and then three days later bringing home a 46-43 victory over Derby. Currently at 15-0, the team is experiencing its best season in a decade. With all the success this season, Andover sits at second place in class 5A, with Bishop Carroll being number one. Coming off an 11-10 season last year, Andover’s ranking before the season was 10th. They have surpassed all the doubts before the season started and have shocked everyone. Charles Chaney, sports editor of the Butler County Times-Gazette wrote about the team’s preseason prospects saying, “The team started the season with some unanswered questions. They were preseason No. 10 but after going just above .500 it was unsure how high this team could climb.” They have definitely answered all the questions that everyone had. With just a handful games left in the season, the boys look to remain undefeated and make a run for the state championship March 11-14 in Emporia.

Andover traveled to Salina to play in the Salina Invitational Tournament. In a threeday span, the Trojans played a game each day and didn’t lose a single one. The first game was a win over Salina Central 67-46, then a win over Abilene 63-50. After that win they advanced to the SIT championship game and took the win over Salina South, 63-43. With this win, it is the first SIT title since 2013 for Andover. With Jack Johnson leading the way for the Trojans, they kept their momentum alive. Johnson was named MVP for the whole tournament and SIT tournament all team with Harper Jonas and Isaiah Maikori joining him too. The Trojans look to keep this winning streak going for a very long time.

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Issue 7 Thursday, February 13, 2020

Winter Sports Wrestling Although wrestlers compete one to one as individuals, the necessity of the team element is just as important. This year’s wrestling team looks to continue the high quality it has established under head coach Brett Fiene. Speaking with senior Brenden Alfers, we found that it is a very close-knit group of guys who see each other as more than teammates. They are brothers, family. “This season has been great for me, but I have had a few injuries as well as a lot of aches and pains in the joints,” Alfers said. These are very common for wrestlers, and the players learn to expect them.  With regionals just around the corner, the school hosted the 6th Annual Andover Invitational Tournament. The home team took 2nd place and Derby took 1st, giving the team a good look at the competition to come.  “Regionals are going to be an uphill climb, but I know that we will do well,” Alfers said. This team will have the chance to prove itself in the upcoming competitions and looks to field its share of wrestlers competing at state at Hartman Arena February 28-29. 

Girls Varsity Basketball The Andover varsity girls basketball team started the season with some difficulties, getting off to a 1-7 start. The slump included tough losses in December–close games decided by only one and two points from Goddard and Maize South, respectively. The team is currently at 5-10, with four consecutive wins coming earlier this month. One of the wins included a 35-point routing of Ark City. “I think that it’s pretty amazing that we’ve been able to have a comeback like this. It almost feels unreal,” said senior Emma Cunningham. “We as a team have been working really hard for this and it is finally paying off. We are striving to keep it going.”

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Boys Swimming The boy’s swim team is full of new recruits this year. The team has been doing very well over the course of the season. The team has been consistently taking second and third place in meets this season. Freshman Colton Bair said his first year on the team has been very positive. “This is my first year swimming with the team and I feel that I have made a lot of progress,” he said. Head coach Kelsie Biebighauser said there has been a lot of improvement to the entire team. The team at Andover shares space in the pool with Andover Central. Though these two teams are cross-town rivals, they practice together. “We are separate but a family,” Biebighauser said. Five of the team’s best swimmers have already qualified for state while there are a few others who still have a chance to qualify. The last meet they had at Maize High they took third place and scored highly in the relay and in individual swimming. “This is a brand new experience for most of these swimmers and I am thrilled to get to see them through to state,” Biebighauser said. The state competition will be held February 20-22 at the Capitol Federal Natatorium in Topeka.

Bowling This year’s bowling season has been progressing steadily through January and the team looks to end this month strong. Though they had a few personnel setbacks at the beginning of the season, they seem to be rallying together as one. Senior Alexis Wentz said team chemistry is one thing that has allowed the team to get through these challenges: “Since this is our senior year I am very excited and everyone else seems to be as well. Everyone wants to bowl and it is great being around such an energizing group,” she said. “We are always hyping each other up before each round or always trying to pick each other up on a particularly difficult spare to pick up.”  The team will be competing against several schools this coming Saturday, and hopes to pull in top placements. With just a few meets left before the AVCTL Division 2 League Tournament February 19, the team is looking to compete at the highest levels.


Issue 7 Thursday, February 13, 2020

Andover Artists Art can be found anywhere and can be considered anything. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which means beauty is anything you decide. So therefore art is anything a person believes it to be. Art can be derived from any material whether it be physical or intangible. It isn’t limited to the traditional perception of art, which is anything from paintings to sculptures, but instead art extends to any innovative form of expression. Art can be music, photography, food, poetry, dance, or whatever you perceive it to be. It takes skill to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary and that’s exactly what artists do every day in their work. Artists have the talent of expressing their creativity in various different impressive forms and there’s no lack of this creativity in Andover High School. Even though art can speak for itself, it deserves a platform in order to reach an audience, and that’s exactly the purpose with this student artists page. Much talent and hardwork by artists go unseen, but we want to encourage art conveyance and possibly even inspire others to create art of their own. Everyone possesses their own individuality and distinction is the most valuable aspect to artwork. We encourage everyone to do what they do best, which is be themselves and illustrate the skills and ideas they have through the form of art. Some perfect examples of Andover’s finest artists are the three students we decided to feature, which are, Adam Snook, Gabby Winter, and Alicia Hartley. All three of these individuals have their own unique style of art and also their own personal reasoning behind the art they make. Additionally, they all have a shared passion for art that serves as their drive to keep on creating. Adam Snook started growing an interest in filmmaking in the summer of 2018. He had the opportunity for a vacation in Thailand that summer, and all he did was film tiny bits and things that got his attention. Later on, he pieced them together into a film narrating his trip to Thailand. After that, he began to realize that there is so much more you can do in the world of cinematography and that is when he decided to major in it. What he enjoys the most is the freedom

art provides for the artist and that is why he is pursuing cinematography and production as a career. He wants to become a director/writer for the screen. The films that he creates come from a wide range of topics, and that’s what he likes about filming: you can edit or shoot whatever and make it into your own story. With his films, he intends to spread his creativity and vision to the public. Gabby Winter first became really interested in art sophomore year of high school when she took newspaper. She learned about graphic design and loved it ever since. Her interest in art in general has grown since sophomore year and caused her to experiment with other types of art, such as collage. Gabby loves making art because it calms her down and makes her feel less stressed. She also likes feeling accomplished when she finishes a big project and loves to see the final product. Despite her passion, Gabby says she doesn’t think art will ever be her career, but she does want to sell some of her designs on stickers, tote bags, etc. The purpose that Gabby’s art serves her is a way to express herself. She doesn’t really intend to achieve anything big, she just loves making art and likes to see what she can create. Ali Hartley says that she’s been an artist since she could hold a crayon. Her parents always knew that she had a talent, but constant practice is what helped her get better. What she loves most about art is putting onto paper the weird and strange things that revolve in her head. Since she is writing a book right now, she loves to draw the characters and scenes so readers can get an idea of what is going on. Ali would love to find a way to make art for a living, but she’s not one for strict deadlines on her art. However, it would be different if it meant putting flapjacks on the table. Ali’s art serves as a way to relieve her stress and anxieties. She can often be seen drawing in her classes when she’s done with work because it helps her relax, especially when mixed with her favorite music.

design by dariaKRAHN story by sarahBARAKEH

Adam Snook 1. What type(s) of art do you mostly make? - I make films and short movies 2. Do you have any social media accounts for your art? -@adamsnookfilms 3. Explain the piece you submitted. -The image I presented is a picture of me when I first started out as a videographer. I like this picture because it explains one thing very clear: from taking pictures to filming a movie, what the camera sees is what the audience sees. However, the person behind the camera is responsible for the emotion that the audience encounters.

Gabby Winter 1. What type(s) of art do you mostly make? -For the most part I draw on Illustrator and make collages 2. Do you have any social media accounts for your art? -No 3. Explain the piece you submitted. -This is a collage I made one morning. I had just been given a lot of magazines and I just started cutting everything I liked out of them. After going through all the magazines, I just tried to choose clippings with similar colors and organize them. Then I found the picture of Alanis Morissette, a musician I really like, and the colors in the photo matched the colors in my collage so I glued it on. The clipping next to it is the name of one of her songs “Isn’t It Ironic?”

Ali Hartley 1. What type(s) of art do you mostly make? -I mostly draw. Not much of my artwork is a large serious piece because I don’t have much time anymore with my studies. 2. Do you have any social media accounts for your art? -@ali_hartley_ahsband 3. Explain the piece you submitted. -The piece I chose was created using a mixture of black and white charcoal. Upon a closer look, I took the time to make each individual hair on the horses’ faces. There is no inspiration behind it besides that Clydesdales are my favorite breed of horse. It is meant to look as if they are in deep snow and the steam coming from their nostrils help give this atmosphere.



Issue 7 Thursday, February 13, 2020

FebrUary 29th

leap DAY its purpose:

By adding an extra day every four years it keeps our calendar in alignment with the earth’s revolutions around the sun. If we didn’t have a leap day we would lose almost 6 hours every year, and in 100 years the calendar would be off by 24 days.

there haVE been


leap days leap years in other countries: since the first leap In China, instead of a leap day they have a leap month that happens every three years. In the Ethiopian calendar an extra day is added to the last month of the year every four years.

year in1582

thanks to the leap year

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In 2020...

Valentines Day is on a Friday Cinco De Mayo is on Taco Tuesday 4th of July is on a Saturday Halloween is on a Saturday Christmas is on a Friday

famous birthdays it is acceptable for a women to propose to a man on a leap day

Ja Rule (American Rapper) Tony Robbins (American Author) Pedro Sรกnchez (Prime Minister of Spain) Lena Gercke (German Model) Gerard Darmon (Actor)


in greece it is considered bad luck to get married on a leap year

Photo of the Month

Senior John Lasater lives out his dream of crowdsurfing at the Sweetheart Homecoming dance on February 8. The format of the dance was a change of pace, both in that it was a formal, and that it happened on a Saturday night instead of immediately following the homecoming basketball game. Photo by Emily Brenner


Issue 7 Thursday, February 13, 2020


Carolyn Tran

In certain segments of Asian culture, it is common for families to want their first born to be male. Often times, parents in traditional Asian culture put their first born up for adoption if it’s a girl. My parents were disappointed when that happened to them, but they decided to keep the baby. I was born soon after that, which disappointed my parents even more. My dad really wanted to put me up for adoption because I was a girl too. My mom eventually convinced him to keep me. Despite the fact that my dad wanted to have sons, we were a pretty happy family. I remember getting to hop into bed between my parents and cuddle with them. Four years after I was born, my parents finally had a son. He’s the only kid that my dad liked. I don’t really know what happened after that, but things went sour at home. My dad became abusive to my mom, and then my siblings and I. I remember watching him throw a computer monitor at my sister’s face. Since I was so young, I didn’t really understand that what was happening wasn’t supposed to be happening. Eventually, my mom called the police on him. Watching him get taken away in handcuffs was really confusing. I had just started kindergarten at the time, so I wasn’t quite sure why these people were taking my dad away. I hugged a picture frame of him and cried because I missed him so much. I didn’t understand how much harm he had caused for my family and why it was good that he wasn’t around anymore. My mom didn’t press charges so that everything that happened wouldn’t go onto his record. Soon after that, my parents got divorced. It turned out that both of them had been cheating on each

other anyway. For obvious reasons, my mom got custody of us. I haven’t seen my dad much since then. From there on, my mom was having a hard time with everything that was going on. She got into a relationship, but they didn’t move in together. She started to gamble and it quickly became an addiction. Throughout the rest of kindergarten and first grade, we hopped from couch to couch in the homes of people that I’d never met before. I assume that they were people my mom was friends or acquaintances with. I never saw them again after that either. When we left each home, I wasn’t sure if I would have a place to sleep the next night. My brother, who was still in diapers, my older sister, my mom and I were traveling around pretty often, so we didn’t carry much with us. We lived off of fast food and ketchup sandwiches. I also ate a lot of peanut butter, so naturally, I hate peanut butter now. I moved to Andover in second grade when we moved into my mom’s boyfriend’s house. Despite our financial situation getting better, I was put into more situations that weren’t ideal and weren’t anything that I would wish upon anyone. My life has been tough. I’ve experienced so many things that no one should have to go through–especially as a child. I’m excited to get to start a new chapter of my life; pave the rest of the way on my own. I definitely think I would be a completely different person if it wasn’t for the kind of life that I’ve lived so far. Maybe I’d be less hardworking, take simple things for granted, or even look at others a little differently. Everyone lives lives full of things that you would never expect.

EHAS by lexyPRICKETT editorial by cameronHOPPAS


Making Kindness a habit The importance of being intentional through words and actions Around 1150 AD, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux wrote “L’enfer est plein de bonnes volontés ou désirs,” meaning “Hell is full of good wishes or desires.” This is now more commonly phrased as, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” or “Hell is full of good meanings, but heaven is full of good works.” The saying is often interpreted to mean that wrong or evil actions often hold good intentions behind them despite their unintended consequences. It also could be understood as meaning that people fail to act due to a number of factors and that good intention is useless unless the action is carried out. Either way, the general idea of the quote is that intentions are useless unless acted upon in a way that positively impacts society. Recently, I have been trying to be more intentional about my words and actions. In doing so, I have challenged myself to say what I truly mean in a way that will not cause any form of harm or misinterpretation. For example, instead of saying “you look pretty today,” I’ve said “you look pretty.” Although no one will actually take offense to the addition of the word “today,” I have found that it feels more genuine to leave it out. I am not trying to tell them “the circumstances of the day have made you appear more attractive,” which is what the “today” implies, but rather compliment them on their general state of being. Instead of being based on a set of goals to fill a “kindness quota,” kindness should be state of mind. However, the human race has become so complacent with

existing amongst one another that we fail to recognize the impact of our words. By being more intentional about the words we use, we can very quickly develop a state of mind that allows kind words to flow more naturally. It should be a habit to hold the door open for a few extra seconds so the freezing freshman doesn’t have to walk all the way around the school in the cold. It shouldn’t be unusual to be the first one to speak up when somebody asks for a phone charger during class. Everybody wants to do good, it’s just a matter of actually doing so. It’s not about who you wish you could be, it’s about actively taking the steps to become that person you wish to be. My dad always used to ask my little sister before soccer games, “What are the things you can control?” The answer was always the same: effort and attitude. The same rule applies to interactions with other people. You cannot control others’ actions, but you can control how you deal with them and how your reaction impacts others. You are never without the ability to try, you are never without the ability to look for the good in any situation and, most of all, you are never without the ability to help other people do so. Being intentional in your actions is about more than what you say; telling someone you hope they have a good day doesn’t have half the impact that doing something to ensure they actually do does. Intention is about acting on kind thoughts and making it a habit to share goodness with the world.

Issue 7 Thursday, February 13, 2019

Recently, the infamous Coronavirus has made a comeback, and is now rapidly spreading out of control as the world fights to contain it. The first case of the virus was located in Wuhan, China, but has since spread to nations all around the globe. Just recently, the World Health Organization declared it an international emergency, stating that “that the outbreak now meets the criteria for a public health emergency of international concern.” While this is not necessarily a cause for panic, it is a reason to be aware and keep up with your local news sources. The reason the WHO declared this statement was largely political, and they are using it as a tool to push other nations to help fund research to cure the disease. As of February 11, over 45,000 cases have been confirmed, and over 1,100 have died from the virus. 13 of those cases are located in the United States, but luckily far from Kansas for the time being. There was one person suspected of having the Coronavirus in Lawrence, Kansas, as they were showing symptoms and had recently been in the Wuhan area, but they have since been dismissed.







For the first time in 50 years, the Kansas City Chiefs have won the Super Bowl. The game was incredibly close for most of it, but in the end the 49ers failed to defeat the Chiefs’ offense. For the majority of the match, the 49ers were able to stay ahead, up by ten in the third quarter. But yet again, the Chiefs turned up the heat and came back in the fourth quarter, scoring 21 unanswered points. Junior Nic Parker, a Chiefs fan, commented on the game, “I have been waiting for this for 50 years.” In an interview after the game, coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes spoke on how their win hadn’t even set in yet, and how it had been Mahomes’ dream ever since he was in middle school to be in professional sports, much less winning the Super Bowl. As far as Reid goes, he commented to the press saying, “I’d coach another 20 years if I could have that group.” The Kansas City Chiefs have only come closer together as a team from their victory, celebrating in Kansas City on Wednesday with a pararde, and are optimistic for the years to come and what they hold.


Cur Eve


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rent nts




On Sunday, January 26th, the famous basketball star Kobe Bryant was tragically killed in a helicopter crash. Among the victims of the tragedy were Kobe’s daughter, Gianna Bryant, and seven other passengers. Bryant was not only just one of the best basketball players in NBA history, as he won the NBA MVP title in 2008, he was also a close friend of LeBron James, another internationally recognized basketball player. On Sunday, James was spotted exiting a building with his head down and tears in his eyes after hearing the news of his long-time friend. He later posted on Instagram, “Man I love you big bro. My heart goes to Vanessa and the kids. I promise you I’ll continue your legacy man! You mean so much to us all here at #LakerNation.” Just the night before, James had passed Kobe Bryant’s total points in the NBA. Now, Kobe has 33,643, and James has 33,655. In fact, Kobe’s last tweet was him congratulating James on passing his record. Kobe was known as the “Black Mamba”, a name he gave himself. The title has evolved to be a legendary symbol of nearly unparalleled basketball ability, and it will forever hold a place in Bryant’s fans’ hearts.



After years of negotiations, and over three years after they voted in a referendum, the United Kingdom has left the European Union. On January 31, it was officially declared that the UK was leaving, and further negotiations will be taking place over a transition period, or until December 31, 2020. While economically, these entities may now be seperate, there are still many items that need to be worked out, such as law enforcement and border security. Boris Johnson, the new Prime Minister of the UK, ran on a platform based around the phrase, ‘Get Brexit Done’. The whole reason this movement originally gained support was to separate the UK from the fluctuating economy of Europe. The hope is that the UK will now be able to have stronger economic ties to other nations independently, and that it will steady out. Despite these profound benefits, there are also negative sides that held up the movement for so many years, such as the fact that in the short term the economy may suffer. However, the major reason for the opposition is the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, which before was incredibly relaxed. Now the worry is that it will severely affect the civilian lives who live near the border, as for many it is like there VOTE isn’t a border at REMAIN all.




Issue 7 Thursday, February 13, 2020

The GRAMMYS The Biggest Night In Music

The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards occurred Sunday, January 26th at The Staples Center in Los Angeles, the home court of late basketball legend Kobe Bryant. The event took place just hours after Kobe’s untimely death was announced. With heavy hearts and somber moods, the Grammys were already off to an unorganized start. Despite the incredibly talented nominees such as Tyler, the Creator, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Dreamville featuring J. Cole, Cage The Elephant, Steve Lacy and more, the show suffered a huge decline in active viewers, the lowest amount of viewers since 2008. Best Rap album winner Tyler, the Creator had some choice words for the ceremony after accepting his award; “When I hear that, I’m just like why can’t we be in pop? Half of me feels like the rap nomination was just a backhanded compliment. [...] It sucks that whenever we — and I mean guys that look like me — do anything that’s genre-bending or that’s anything they always put it in a rap or urban category. I don’t like that ‘urban’ word — it’s just a politically correct way to say the n-word to me.” These statements sparked a newfound controversy mainly fronted on social media, many calling this “Tyler’s wake up call for the Grammys.” Further advancing tensions within the ceremony, Billie Eilish received widespread backlash for her immense winnings, Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best New Artist. This clean sweep lead to #scammys trending on twitter, prompting fans of Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande, and other nominees to speak out against the award snubbing.

Billie Eilish - 5 Grammys


Lizzo - 3 Grammys

(album of the year)

Tyler, the Creator - 1 Grammy

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BEST PICTURE NOMINEES RANKED IN NO DEFINITIVE ORDER 1917 - Directed by Sam Mendes, a director with an extensive history with action thrillers. The movie tells the story of two British World War I soldiers on a mission to deliver orders into enemy territory and save the lives of 1,600 fellow soldiers. The film won Best Cinematography, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Visual Effects. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - Directed by world-renowned creative Quentin Tarantino, the plot is a hysterical downward spiral of a washed-up actor and his stunt double trying to find footing in the new era of Hollywood. The film won two Oscars throughout the night: Best Supporting Actor (Brad Pitt) and Best Production Design. Joker - Directed by Todd Phillips, the film follows a mentally troubled comedian and his violent evolution into the title character. Joker had the most nominations out of any film this year at eleven. The film earned Joaquin Phoenix the award for Best Actor. It also won overall Best Film Score. Parasite - Directed by Bong Joon-Ho “Parasite” earned its title as the first South Korean film to win an Oscar. The plot follows an impoverished family and their pursuit to entangle themselves within their wealthy neighbors until an unfortunate accident changes the tide. The film won the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Foreign Language Film, and Best Director. Ford Vs. Ferrari - Directed by James Mangold, this movie follows the historic story of the Ford versus Ferrari brand feud of the 60’s. With only four Oscar nominations and an awkward fitting along with the other nominees, it was able to win Best Film Editing and Best Sound Editing due to its riveting production process.


the oscars Jojo Rabbit - This film was nominated for a whopping six Oscars, such as Best Supporting Actress (Scarlett Johansson), Best Production Design, and Best Costume Design and more. The movie, which is about a child who has Hitler as an imaginary friend, quickly burst onto the summer comedy movie scene. However, it only closed the night with the award for Best Adapted Screenplay Marriage Story - Directed by Noah Baumbach, this film follows the breaking up of a marriage and the coming together of a young, strong suburban family. Marriage Story was nominated for ten Oscars. To the audiences surprise the film only won an award for Best Supporting Actress, Laura Dern. Little Women - Directed by ever-artistic Greta Gerwig, most commonly known for directing Lady Bird. Little Women follows the story of a woman looking back on her dramatic past and her determination to live life on her own terms. Despite this film’s success, it only secured the Oscar for Best Costume Design. Even though the award was much deserved, it still left some fans disappointed. The Irishman - Directed by movie legend Martin Scorsese, the film follows the story of Jimmy Hoffa, a notorious mobster hitman. The film is highly regarded as not being Scorsese’s best work by far. The film ended the night defeated with no Oscar winnings.


Issue 7 Thursday, February 13, 2020

UPCOMING movies of 2020

I am most excited for A Quiet Place 2 because I love horror movies and I really liked the first movie.

-Lexi Gagnon, 9

I am excited to see Antebellum mostly because I love mysteries and horror movies.

-Rose Loyle, 9

I am excited for The Call of the Wild because I really liked the book.

-Isabel Marrero, 10

I personally want to see Mulan because the first animated movie was very good and it was one of my childhood favorites.

-Brandt Walker, 9

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The Abbott family must fight for survival in silence as they realize the creatures that hunt by sound aren’t the only things that are on the path.


A fearless woman disguises herself as a man to battle northern invaders in China. She does this to save her father from having to serve in the Imperial Army.



A woman is trapped in an abusive relationship with a genius scientist. She manages to escape his grasp and retreat into hiding. The scientist disapears off the face of the Earth. Now she is left with his wealth and his secrets.

A dog gets his life turned upside down when he is suddenly uprooted from his California home and transplanted to the exotic wilds of the Alaskan Yukon in the 1890s. He goes on the adventure of a lifetime.


At birth the Black Widow is given to the KGB, which trains her to become its best operative. When the U.S.S.R. dissolves, the government tries to kill her as the action moves to modern-day New York.


A successful author finds herself in a horrifying reality and must figure out the mystery behind it beforetime runs out.

*These were the top six movies based off of a Blueatreak staff poll



Issue 7 Thursday, February 13, 2020

otherwiseknownasafrican american history month.

celebrated in february of every year.

september 1915:

1/2 a century after the 13th amendment,

Harvard historian carter g. Woodson & minister jesse e. moorland


founded the association for the study of negro life and history

group sponsored a national negro history week in to promote the celebration the 1926 in the second week of february, coinciding with the and study of black americans. birthdays of abraham lincoln and frederick douglass. by the late 1960’s, the week had evolved into largely due to the

civil rights movement

Black history month in 1976, president ford called upon the public to

on college campuses.

“seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black americans in every area of endeavor throughout history,” officially recognizing black history month.

“african americans and the vote.”

the theme for black history month 2020 is the women’s rights this year is the centennial of the nineteenth asmovement grew out of the amendment (1920), which granted women’s suffrage, abolitionist movement. it is also the sesquicentennial of which gave black men the fifteenth amendment (1870), the right to vote.


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february 11, 2020. inspire and engage women and girls in science. less than 30 percent 30 percent of female students select overthepast15years,the united nations has made an effort to

even, so, women and girls are often excluded from participating in vital areas of science. of researchers worldwide are women, and only stem

fields in higher education.

Only 5 percent of women choose mathematics and statistics, and only 8 percent choose manufactuing and construction.

research shows that this is largely due to

biases and gender stereotypes

that push women away this is reflected onscreen through from science fields. movies and shows worldwide, with the

2015 gender bias without borders study

showing that only 12 percent of onscreen characters with stem jobs were women.

in an effort to change this,

adopted a resolution

the united nations general assembly


which declares february 11 as

international day of women and girls in science as an effort to achieve full and equal access to participation in science as well as

for women and girls

promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.


Issue 6 Thursday, February 13, 2020


american heart association The American Heart Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1924 and is located in Dallas, TX. The organization funds cardiovascular medical research, educates consumers on healthy living and appropriate cardiac care. The American Heart Association Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine funds research breakthroughs in order to prevent cardiac affected health issues by predicting, preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases. The AHA also funds and trains the next generation of medical researchers who will need skills and experience to solve the challenges America faces. The American Heart Association has multiple programs and movements to support different groups of people who suffer heart diseases. These programs include the American Stroke Association, which educates people about stroke prevention and treatment, and the Go Red for Women movement to end heart disease and stroke in women. The AHA has grown in size and influence into an organization of more than 33 million volunteers and supporters and has saved 1.6 million lives since 1977. American Heart Association’s impact goal of 2020 is to improve health behaviors, raise awareness for prevention of heart diseases, and reduce risk factors through medical studies for new treatments.

for more information, visit the AHA website at www.heart.org

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QUESTIONS: 1. Describe what the American Heart Association (AHA) does in your own words and what it means to you. 2. How and why did you decide to join the association? 3. Has being a part of the association influenced your lifestyle or your perspective towards heart disabilities? 4. What are your thoughts on being able to spread awareness surrounding cariovascular disabilities/diseases? 5. Is there something you wish your peers knew about the AHA or medical conditions in general?

natasha seneviratne 1. The AHA brings awareness to cardiovascular issues, research, and healthy lifestyles. Heart disease has taken a family member of mine and I want people to be aware of how common heart disease is. 3. FOR SURE! I’ve been exposed to hundreds of healthy lifestyle tips from food to exercise thanks to the AHA website. I’ve also realized how avoidable heart disease is. 5. Medical conditions are more common than you think and it can happen to anyone. Knowing your numbers can give you an idea of how well you are taking care of yourself. AHA Ambassador, grade 11

josie anderson 2. I have a family history of heart disease so I wanted to further educate myself and provide support in any way I can. 4. I love that I have the oppurtunity to educate others on cardiovascular disabilities/diseases because it is so important for people to understand how to stay healthy and take care of themselves. 5. I would love for everyone to understand how terrible vaping is for your body. So many people still believe that vaping isn’t bad, but it develops addictions and will permanently affect brain growth and function. AHA Ambassador, grade 11


Issue 7 Thursday, February 13, 2020



what are they?

Words of Affirmation:

acts of service:

Each person has a love language that speaks more deeply to them than others. If you’re in a relationship, it's suggested to learn what your significant other's love language is to show and understand each other's love in the best ways

Using words to build up or 'affirm' another person. These people like to be directly told the other's emotions and why they feel that way. They place a great amount of value in their words and the words of others.

Doing something for your significant other that you know they would like. It shows them that you may pay attention to what they appreciate. Little actions mean a vast amount to people who love or feel loved within this manner.

receiving gifts:

quality time:

physical touch:

When you and your significant other have given each other your undivided attention. It's all about caring enough to make time through a busy schedule. Lovers will enjoy each other's presence above all.

To people whose main love language is physical touch, there is a certain reassurance or comfort in actions. It's more than hugging or kissing. People find security in small touches like a squeeze on the shoulder or a pinky promise.

Using the spread of gifts to show the other person you’ve been thinking about them. Your significant other will appreciate your gift for more than what it is, they will see it as a message that they are in your thoughts.

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d e t e r m i n e how you A. I like to receive notes of affirmation from you E. I like it when you hug me.

B. I like to be together when we do things. A. I like the kind words you say to me.

B. I like to spend one-on-one time with you. D. I feel loved when you give me practical help.

E. I feel whole when we hug. D. What you do affects me more than what you say.

C. I like it when you give me gifts. B. I like taking long walks with you.

A. I value your praise and try to avoid your criticism. C. Several inexpensive gifts mean more to me than one large expensive gift.

D. I feel loved when you do things to help me. E. I feel loved when you hug or touch me. E. I feel loved when you hold me in your arms. C. I feel loved when I receive a gift from you.

E. I feel closer to you when you touch me. B. I feel close when we are talking or doing something together.

B. I like to go places with you. E. I like to hold hands with you.

A. I like you to compliment my achievements. D. I know you love me when you do things for me that you don’t enjoy doing.

A. I feel loved when you acknowledge me. C. Visible symbols of love (gifts) are very important to me.

C. I really enjoy receiving gifts from you. D. I feel loved when you help me with my home projects.

E. I like to sit close to you. A. I like it when you tell me that I am attractive.

A. I like when you compliment my appearance. B. I feel loved when you take the time to understand my feelings.

B. I like to spend time with you. C. I like to receive little gifts from you. D. I know you love me when you help me. A. Your words of acceptance are important to me.

B. I really enjoy the feeling I get when you give me your undivided attention. D. I really enjoy the feeling I get when you do some act of service for me.

Add Total Number of Answers Here:

A. ____ Words of Affirmation B. ____ Quality Time C. ____Receiving Gifts D. ____ Acts of Service E. ____Physical Touch

“Who’s More Likely?” game Rules

1. Choose an object to be your game piece. 2. Pick a phrase from the list. 3. Choose the person who’s more likey to do that. 4. If the phrase is a bad thing, that person moves backwards one and if the phrase is a good thing move up three.

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high school edition


WHo’s more likely to...


–Graduate early –Get arrested –Fail a class –Crash their car –Go tik tok famous –Get held back –Not get all HS credits –Fail an AP exam –Fail PE –Get into an Ivy League school –Get in a relationship on Valentines Day –Procrastinate a huge project till the last day –Marry rich –Get a full scholarship –4.0 all 4 years of highschool –Become fluent in an another language –Break their Chromebook –Drop out –Not get into their dream college –Win homecoming king/queen –Not go to college –Meet someone famous –Star in a school musical –Fall asleep in class –Get a 5 on the APUSH exam –Get lost in the new school

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Bluestreak, Volume 37, Issue 7  

Distribution date 2-13-20

Bluestreak, Volume 37, Issue 7  

Distribution date 2-13-20