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Troikaa Translation Services

Troikaa - Introduction ≈ One-stop solution for handling your entire language related service requirements. We have always provided our client the best communication tools- whether it be translation, interpretation, localization, proofreading or editing.

≈ Troikaa team comprises of young & dynamic professionals. Our Vision is to provide efficient linguistic solution exceeding the phase of simple word substitution. Keeping in mind the client’s linguistic needs, we have been continuously providing highest standard of services since MAY 2006 and have an impressive list of regular corporate clients.

Our Motto ≈ To improve your business approach and profitability in the age of global business and communication Complete adaptation to another language and culture encompassing dedicated, state of the art technologies at competitive cost.

≈ We are committed to establish and maintain highest standards of quality for the Translation industry. We continuously strive to incorporate the latest ideas in our services to stay steps ahead of others.

Our Strengths Professional and specialized service Total confidentiality assured Reasonable charges because of our low overheads Prompt response times Flexible and mutually acceptable working arrangements

Team @ Troikaa ≈ Working with over 250 highly qualified translators worldwide, we are in the perfect position to fulfill all of your translation requirements whether it is a one off project or an ongoing requirement. in domains like Medical, Telecom, Art, Business, IT, Engineering, Financial, Law, etc ≈ As one of the leading translation agencies we receive, on average, 50 new translator applications each month, less than 20% of these make it on our books. Every translator will: ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈

Have translated at least 50,000 words Have at least three references for previous projects Be appropriately qualified in their technical areas Translate only into their native language.

≈ Have working industry experience for the material they translate

Services We offer the following types of services of highest quality with accuracy, fast turnaround and at competitive price: Translation

Linguistic check






Language placements

Quality Assurance ≈ Whether you have a single page flyer, a 90-minute video or a 3,000page set of manuals each job receives individual Professional Linguistic Solution from a company owned, managed and staffed by language professionals. We make sure that the work we deliver is polished, all translations are double-checked by the professionals who do them, and rechecked by a qualified editor. We create a glossary database of the terminologies at the beginning of the project and using it until the job is done to make sure consistency in terminology used in any translation project. ≈ At Troikaa Quality Assurance Process assumes covering of the following steps, however, this concept remains flexible and open to the customers' proposals: ≈ Correct identification of the project requirements and specifications

Quality Assurance ≈ Scheduling the project stages and appointing a team, consisting of translator(s) and a project manager, who work very closely with all our translators throughout the translation process to ensure our standards of excellence are maintained and to maintain permanent communication with the customer. The team structure can be adjusted depending on the project specifications. ≈ Internal quality check and the client may appoint a person to check the terminology. ≈ Editing & final review. ≈ Follow up procedure to ensure client satisfaction.

Tariff, Budgetary Estimates, Costs ≈ We do not give budgetary estimates over the phone. Please send us an e-mail or a formal letter, giving ALL the details, for a prompt, realistic and complete response. ≈ Our rates are extremely competitive because of our low overheads. We can work out payment terms and tariffs to suit your requirements: job to job basis, retainer, consultation, telephonic assistance, on-site work etc.

To Obtain a Budgetary Estimates and Proposal ≈ Please include the following details: ≈ Nature of Work ≈ Source Language/Target Language ≈ Subject area/ Domain ≈ Deadlines ≈ Format/ medium for the source material ≈ Desired format/ medium for the target material ≈ Expected volume of work, or duration of contract ≈ Expected frequency of such jobs

Our Commitment

Troikaa commits to keep all your information confidential. You can trust Troikaa to have the utmost respect for your work. We are committed to offer quality and service excellence. Unlike many firms run by more financially-minded entrepreneurs, owners of Troikaa, who have been professional translators for years, pay individual attention to each and every job.

Contact Us Troikaa Translation Services. C- 43 New Seelampur, Near Central Bank Delhi : 110053 Contact : 011-22562303 Mobile : 011-9868012730,9278417331

Thank You

TroikaaTranslation Services  

Troikaa team comprises of young & dynamic professionals. Our Vision is to provide efficient linguistic solution exceeding the phase of simpl...

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