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Po r t f o l i o Troels Bak Wahlgreen Landscape Architect MDL - Cand. Hort. Arch. tlf. 2876 9921 /

CV Troels Bak Wahlgreen Landscape Architect MDL 25.03.1986


I am newly graduated landscape architect with experience from internship at Arkitema Architects, Torshavn municipality and a master thesis about the transformation of old industrial sites. My focus lies in the creation of dynamics and systems which over time creates interesting places and spaces. Finding structures that can define the framework for human interaction and co-creation in well functioning aesthetic solutions. I have a broad foundation of skills but i am primarily strong in the conceptual phase where ideas are gathered and refined. I am independent and self-driven at working with assignments and projects, while being a happy social colleague who also works well in groups.

Qualifications +Place reading and landscape analysis Abilities in analysing places/landscapes/urban area their character, areas and potentials. +Planning and strategic development Strategic understanding and skills in working with the leap between the overall vision for a large project and the human local scale. Both in the normal architecture project and municipality strategies. +Transformation of Post-industrial landscapes and other cultural sites Knows how to balance the development of cultural sites between the history, atmosphere and ground together with the transformation towards new functions, dreams and plans. +Sketching and Illustrating Skills in idea-development, planning and forming of landscapes or urban environments, and in creating models and in telling the story about the landscape projects. +Climate adaptation I have worked with climate adaptation or urban ecosystems in projects for Arkitema Architects and at the university. I have a knowledge base about the different methods and theories of urban ecosystems. +Adobe Design programmes, Autocad og Sketchup Proficient in using the creative work-tools Adobe creative suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator), autocad and sketch-up in all phases of the work. +Timebased design Experience and interest in working with time as a dynamic part of the project proposal in accordance with the growth of plants but also when it comes to involving the users and their relation to the site. +Landscape- and urban- Theoretical foundation +GIS and programming +Park- and Forest- planning +Detailed Design experience +Photography

Education 2016

Landscape Architect MDL (Cand. Hort. Arch) Defended 09.06.2016 Supervisor: Svava Riesto, Co-supervisor: Stig l Andersson, Censor: Stine Poulsen. Master Thesis: Cultivation plan for, the post-industrial landscape, the train maintenance yard around Otto Busses vej at Vesterbro. The project uses time as a material by starting a cultivation which gradually pushes the site towards the vision for the future and learns from its interventions.


Landscape Architecture education at Copenhagen University Bachelor (Bsc.) in 2013, Master programme started in 2014.


Ceramics, Teknisk Skole Fleksible Moduler at the Projekt-workshop Artistic explorations with ceramics and other projects.


Krabbesholm Højskole Folk High school focusing upon Architecture, design and art.

Experience 2015-2016

Student-job at Arkitema Architects Sydhavnsmetro - model-work Education- and culture-center Falkenberg - sketch design of courtyards Nærheden - some graphical work


Internship at Arkitema Architects Nærheden - Sketch design of a station-area and model-work for that Hellerup School’s New playground - Idea-development for its functions, design and potentials. Værløse Flyvestation - Graphical work, sketching and climate adaptation for a new residential area. Lergravsparken skole - Detailed design and simple climate adaptation Boligliv i Balance - Photography portrait and analysis of Værebro Parken and Vollsmose.


Internship at Torshavn Municipality Insight into municipal work, a foreign society and a different nature. Creation of a inspirational proposal for the centre of Torshavn; a united series of squares that links the power, the city and the place.


Student-job in the Camera-firm Phase One, digital lens correction Creation of work-procedure and intern manual for performing digital lens-correction Test-work, negative-scanning, lens-correction and much more.


Co-founder of KOOP KBH a co-working space at PB43 An exploration and an experiment in making a interdisciplinary co-working space. Planning and new construction of the working space + arrangements of workshops.


Piccolo at Dorthe Mandrup Arkitekter Piccolo work. Answer the phone and do the practical work.


Barista Cafe i Bath, England Service-job under pressure and development of English skills.

Superfluous information Language: +Dansk native +Engelsk fluent +Tysk conversation +Fransk basic

Personal interests: I am fond of the outdoors and is often kayaking or climbing when there is time for it. I like to go out to discover and explore places I do not know both in the dense city and in the wild nature. I am also fond of exploring music I don’t know to find foreign rhythms and harmonies.

Visualisering af Otto Busses Plads.

Un fo l d ing t he Trai n Isl and Master Thesis 2016

The goal of this thesis has been an exploration in how to transform an area as a cultivation, where time is one of the main materials. The thesis has been devised as a design project to give a handson experience with the dialogue between site, proposal and time. The project explores the context of the train island, both the current and the future situation, as well as the atmosphere and place defining characters which already exists on site. These analysis defines a vision for the future and a proposal for a growth-plan which sets the stage the character of the Train Island and creates a transformation towards a unique new urban park. A Train park where the local residents become a part of the evolution of the park and the special atmosphere between train-tracks, areas of wilderness, activity spaces, locomotive serivices, culture, gardens, workshops, history and everyday-life. Specialet:

Toghaven Plantagehaven

Otto Busses Plads Frugthaven






1. The Embracing Forest

2. The Connecting Thread

3. The Pioneer Gardens

The Embracing Forest is a long term strategy which works toward keeping and enhancing the train island’s hidden and otherworldly character in the middle of the city.

The Connecting thread seeks to give the public access to the site and to connect the surrounding urban areas to each other. The thread is both set up instantly as a path giving access and as a way to mark for future connections across the infrastruc- tural landscapes.

The Pioneer Gardens activates the site. Placed at current or future junctions of the thread and in rela- tion to important areas of the site. Introducing and involving the local community with the site they stir the imagination and act as a knowledge-generat- ing-tool for cultivating the site.

Bynaturs Center

Helping Copenhagen with the new goals and acting as a pilot project. A park for growth.

Connecting Vesterbro

Helping to weave Vesterbro and Kgs. Enghave together both physicaly and socially.

Stations for nearby institutions Acting as a site for learning stations, conference areas and concert venues.

Togparken A Different World

An enclave of its own. A place that is both inside and outside the city.

Participatory Park

A park meant to invite the locals into participate in its change and activities.


“Urban Nature connecting Vesterbro�

Activity park

A park for different activities of sport, venues and cultural institutions like library, culture house and so on.

Adaptable park

An adaptable park that can be cultivated and change over time.

Cultural Heritage

A place showing the sites history as well as a part of Vesterbro’s disappearing industrial history.

Garden zones

Pergola and trees

Surfaces and building

Pi o ne er ga rden

Ko l onihave n

The Connecting Thread going to Otto Busses plads Grovsmedjen

Existing gravel square for parking

Quercus Robur Betula Utilis

Steel Grate path

Metal plates

Tall telemast

Concrete Railsets

Gravel heaps

existing light mast

Asfalt stacks

Betula Utilis

E x is


Tilia Cordata


E x is

alt p




alt p




Quercus Robur


Brick Plaza


Metal beams

Concrete Stacks Wood stacks

Betula Pendula Cornus Alba Poppulus Nigra Italica Quercus Robur

Broken stones


The Connecting Thread going to Kolonihaven

Pi o ne er ga rden

Mate rialeh a v e n

Pinus Sylvestris

Starting point

After 5 years

After 12 years

After 20 years

Time-section Materialehaven

Visualization of Factory Plaza, an open industrial space for temporary events and exhibitions. (Lavet af Signe Hvergel)

E xp e r im e n t al Isl and s

Project from the course Landscape-planning in collaboration with Olivia Day, Signe Hvergel and Kristine Understrup

A combination of a park, a laboritorium and flagship for Groningen the university city. The park is a space for new business start-ups, university areas, experiment sites, ateliers for artists and test sites that all comes together in a new kind of park for a knowledge city. Each corner is assigned to a different distict and its office-, workshop- and laboraty-type (Environmental Centre, Idea City and Production Square). The districts are linked to their respective relations outside the park (Wetland, Groningen Centre and the highway as well as the airport). The districts each has their own experimental zone of temporary character where different projects can be tried and changed. In the centre of it all lies the Factory Plaza which holds the only leftover of the former factory and therefore becomes the primary public face of the park that contains koncerthall, arthall, conference centre and much more. The districts are connected by a path-system and a series of squares that is based upon the old factory network, and placed in a park with a forest like vegetation. Experimental Islands takes an old industrial site and creates a new one in relation to the times and Groningens position as a knowledge-based-city.

Groningen city centre

Idea city

Production square Wetland

Factory Plaza Environmental Centre Highway and airport



Production Square Warehouses for large Scale work


Idea City Start up Businesses

City Idea City

Factory Plaza Stadspark


The Experimental Islands are linked to the city towards the north and to the Stadspark to the south.

Environmental centre


Factory Plaza

Production Square

The site consist of four neighbourhoods; a culture and event center, and three surrounding districts.

Environmental Centre Science and research labs

Factory Plaza

ent and exhibition space

Factory Plaza


The Path-system is a complex network of connections created from the old industrial network.



Green and blue structure

The four districts are separated by vegetation belts and canal systems.

Tor sh a v n Cent rum Bachelor thesis created during an internship at Tórshavn’s kommune

The city-centre of Tórshavn contains: a 1000 years worth of the Faroe Islands’ history, the Town Hall, the Parliament (Tinghuset), the National square, the meeting place of the city and much more. Even though it is such a significant space it is in state of confusion with weak spatial solutions. Concerns about car-traffic, public life and a lack of will leaves the area without a vision. Tórshavn centrum is a proposal for a connected collection of squares to define a strong centre in Tórshavn. The squares are connected each with their own function which enhances their current status. The strengthened urban spaces and the dialogue between them creates a new interesting city centre of Tórshavn. The project also contained a long analysis of how Tórshavn functioned as a town, as well as proposals for places of change to create an overall stronger city.

Bachelor-projekt 2013




a c



The Park: The park lies as a hinge between Vรกgsbotn and Vagliรฐ. The terrain difference of seven meters is used to create a large staircase which both leads the users up or down and invites them to stay and observe. The staircase is closely linked to a green area from where one can look out over the harbour and Vรกgsbotn. The staircase can also be used as seatings at festivals or theatre plays where the scene is placed on Vรกgsbotn square.

Section Aa

Staircase: Dark concrete Vertical walls: Basalt

Va gl iรฐ/Nationalpladsen:

Vagliรฐ functions as the National Square of the Faroe Islands and the power centre of Tรณrshavn. The square is formal and open. Seatings for the square is kept at the edge and as integrated parts of the square surface so the square can be empty from people without seeming empty. This is the place for National rituals, speeches, political gatherings, sport competitions finals and much more.

Section Bb


Vรกgsbotn is the urban square. This is currently where people goes to stay when it is warm enough. This characteristic is kept and strengthened. The square is enlarged to embrace the building facades, the street is made into a one-way street and there is opened up for the possibility for a market.

Section Cc

A wild growing urbanism From the course Urbanism Studio in collaboration with Hanna Ancher Poulsen, Leonor Silvano og Ryan Wang

The question of this project was how to take an existing single family housing area frozen in its labyrinthine structure and create a new growing urbanism which over time could provide for another more legible and sustainable suburbia. The site was Vestamager suburbia which lies as an enclave without character at Amager. Its only defining structure is the main road Kongelundsvejen. Vestamager is placed in-between an airport, horse-farms, Ørestaden, the sea, forest and allotment gardens. But most impressive of all is its neighbour the great wilderness of Kalvebod Fælled. In combining the nature from Kalvebod Fælled and the residential area a new structure/network is created by using the existing public roads which usually only functions as ways of transport. The new network is set to grow over time and connect the important sites in the suburban area such as public buildings, shopping areas, open green areas and rain water flooding sites. Over time housing lots can be bought by the municipality and rebuild anew to create a different sustainable urbanism. The new streets will function as a new bridging green space, new public spaces, way-finding, climate adaptation and as the foundation for a new sustainable urbanism which growing over the next 50 years.

Vestamager a suburban enclave inside Amager -Vestamager lies as a leftover space between the airport, motorway, Ă˜restad and Naturepark Amager.

Section-visualisation by Leonor Silvano

An Undefined Suburb neighbouring wilderness -It lies as a suburban landscape defined by one north to south car road, bordering up to Naturepark Amager a wilderness of great value.

Strategy for a new Vestamager -Taking inspiration in the neighbouring wilderness Vestamager suburbia is redefined by streets of nature growing into the urban fabric providing public spaces and connecting to important areas.




allotment gardens sports facilities

local shopping center

allotment gardens





m Ryu


Public Buildings

MASTERPLAN CUTOUT entrance farmland




Ugandaskoven Nature Park Amager




church sports facilities entrance elderly home

allotment gardens Aldi

Green enclosed areas






ge øra

allotment gardens



Rain water flooding areas

phase 1

phase 2

phase 3

The Pioneer streets Ryumgürdvej, Ugandavej and Nøragersmindevej, are developed into the suburb. These streets moving from Naturpak Amager and into Vestamager links different important areas inside of Vestamager, and lets the controlled wilderness into the suburb.

The intervention grows from the pioneer streets out through smaller streets towards the most important public buildings, green areas and most problematic areas of Rainwater Flooding. A new pattern begins to appear inside Vestamager.

The intervention grows to connect the rest of the areas of importance, and begins to connect into one whole structure inside of Vestamager. The structure defines a new state for Vestamager from where they can move out towards a new state.

Portfolio 2016 // English  
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