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The inteligent signature management system

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Of the Art of taking the shortest route ‌

Signatures take long journeys. The administration of signatory powers requires intensive background work, the same applies to each and every business transaction - where documents often travel half the globe. These Procedures cost a lot of money. The signature management system Signature Solution will enable you to save these costs. Each individual signature need only be provided once – to be managed electronically henceforth. A promotion only takes a click, and business partners the world over can countersign just as quickly. This is the shortest route: the one on which the least money is lost.

Hpw mutch solution do you need?...

The many talents of Signature Solution: 1. Instead of having diverse, regionally managed data, you now possess a central standardised database. 2. You can automatise signatory powers in accordance with the relevant legal and linguistic aspects. 3. Each alteration immediately transfers into the entire system, which means that it is always up-todate. 4. Signature Solution automatically reports all alterations to the relevant directories - in Switzerland, for instance, to the Commercial Registry Office. 5. Each procedural step can be retraced and exhibits multiple encryptions. Misuse is impossible.

Best friends: Your company and Signature Solution. Your company will benefit immensely from Signature Solution: Firstly, you save yourself the administrative overhead, secondly, you apply the standardised signatures quickly and easily to all document types in all your business correspondence. You thus reduce the extensive work which was hitherto required for signatory procedures to a minimum: the signature itself.

Our system has a modular design. You therefore only need to purchase the components you require - and you can easily enhance the system at a later date. Most clients manage to fully amortise the solution after a single year. We will gladly send you a Signature Solution contract for signature!

With Signature Solution your signature is in good hands.

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