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neold 路 bruno nobru

neold reunion of excerpts new and old revisited

bruno nobru 2011


neold 路 bruno nobru

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neold a reunion of old and new excerpts bruno nobru independent publication pouso alegre, minas gerais, brazil 2011


neold 路 bruno nobru

I don't write poems but fragments of landscapes any stretch is a risk a chance to art and life


neold 路 bruno nobru

all that is visible has to expand beyond yourself

to penetrate in the invisible


neold 路 bruno nobru

this time who runs and hits part of me goes and part in me in echoes and shards ... I come back another


neold 路 bruno nobru

no longer know if it's Monday or Wednesday day or night things happen happening .. reading can be so inventive as writing I think that I'm a monkey or a wolf, I watch the city when I walk


neold 路 bruno nobru

life is happening all the time a hour in a place and other in another wherever .. in a constant negation and affirmation of myself between doubts and hits I path and I try to respect the silence and look at stars flow like the sea


neold 路 bruno nobru

with few words the syllabes are licking with many they spread


neold 路 bruno nobru

I think about a way and choose another when I travel, I feel bird some moments I want to drop everything the flexibility and creativity enter in doubt and follow somewhat distant from the ground living with different personalities with the invisible inside and outside drawing abstract sensations seeking power dreaming without borders between aquariums and seas

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neold 路 bruno nobru

walking turned letter fell scribble only remains the sound the dust empty nothing existential

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neold 路 bruno nobru

between fossils and concrete the objectivity laughs it makes me abstract and becomes something environment a curved of us I felt the crazy breeze attached to my plasma and the hand write pie

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neold 路 bruno nobru



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neold 路 bruno nobru

things are going to make doing on connections between people and objects connections between me and myself all modes of subjectivity are lawful each person is a planet with spaces, territories, expansion flying over a pluriverses landscape going from one to another experience the experiences are mixed with the life and we are intertwined with peers with the seas and the world however this appears to be unclean roots, branches and crossings, what happens between birth and death each one with its time to live and to pause

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neold 路 bruno nobru

between me and you have much more than me and you what transforms us what makes us another-me and another-you strange beings

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neold 路 bruno nobru

as little SO

things still UNFINISHED

cover STIFF

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neold 路 bruno nobru

those phrases ready those looks those laughs those ways of being and acting in every moment those ready which I don't belong who takes care of myself in some situations to be or not to be isn't the issue there is much more in life than buying it's easy to like who likes what we likes who believes like we believes I want to see make shit in the woods fall of man lost the game overcome the risk

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neold 路 bruno nobru


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neold 路 bruno nobru

we are an enigma to ourselves between processes to make and unmake internal and external nodes as a puzzle-body who disrupts and rearranges in becoming responsibility of the dog is the cat free person respects your freedom and other every artist has a somewhat unusual among the many creatures that dwell in me I am the phlegm from bruno (my own parasite)

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neold 路 bruno nobru

if I describe myself in words I'll be classified in things that I'm not becouse I'm not born words neither became words I am and I'm being something there is no way to describe but by itself no way to qualifies because if qualify I leave to be fluid and become static | 20 |

neold 路 bruno nobru

I don't want to read books I prefer to smell them I also smell colors to see the wave that rolls of all animals the human-alienated is the most beast I get tired about this who leaves to be used to the machinery of commerce and the state

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neold 路 bruno nobru

an antisocial, mutant between grunts and runts I prefer the few who walk from disgust to point smallpox, misery senses in the air .. while cells process mitosis and meiosis my body regurgitates [naga rama]

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neold 路 bruno nobru

left me the pain to give me what I deserve in given ardor to see the face who gnaws the rest of my head

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neold 路 bruno nobru

we think we know how we are we think who know and how to act in every situation and we forget that life is change and that we change then we realize thats knowledge isn't so good because each situation is a situation and each moment leads to another moment

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neold 路 bruno nobru

when my writing has not commitment with me then it will be free

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neold 路 bruno nobru

we are all flour from the same nothing

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neold 路 bruno nobru

passion fruit garage ambulance, cabbage something ...

I'll be waiting you in the air not need say anything

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neold 路 bruno nobru

the word was choking me now I prefer silence I'm tired of theories I will observe earthworms

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neold 路 bruno nobru

the write is an expansion of the individual what is his own there are no limits to expand and internalize the time is not spent is to lived

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neold 路 bruno nobru

it's not mine, nor his but of all the mutant mix-ed who we are

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neold ¡ bruno nobru

bruno nobru between processes to be and become creating and re-creating possibilities of art and life

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neold 路 bruno nobru

little or nothing serve to read this book if the reading doesn't cause a change itself . | 32 |

neold, bruno nobru  

a reunion of old and new excerpts, tangles and revisited between life ... independent publication, pouso alegre, minas gerais, brazil, 2011