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Climbing Gas Prices: Is $5 a Gallon Near? p.7


Junior Cody Wimer spends approximately $50 weekly on gas. The rising gas prices are causing students to be more aware of the economy. Photo by Alison Brown.

Change to graduation gowns p. 5

Seniors look back on band career p. 19 New classes increase educational opportunities p. 8

Military students reflect on constant changes p. 9

Honors theater showcases talent p. 20

Four new class will be available beginning in the 2011-2012 school year. The school board had to approve each class and a number of students have signed up for them already. The classes allow students to venture into different options for future plans.

Being a member in a military family comes with a potential frequency of moving from place to place. Former PG students Brady Jones, Nathan Beatty, and Jose Rodriguez talk about the changes that come with moving.

On June 8 at 7 p.m. the students in honors theater will display their talent through one-act plays and choreographed dance pieces. The performance allows honors theater to present all the hard work and effort put into each piece.


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the RoyalNews


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Free speech denied over bracelets Editorial

ur mission as the school newspaper for Prince George High School is to provide a form of media that represents all aspects of student life. The goal is to present factual accounts of newsworthy events in a timely manner. Our publication will be informative, entertaining and reflective of the student body’s opinions. It is the desire of the staff to reach every student and tell as many of their stories as possible. We invite your commentary: The Royal News Opinion page is a forum for public discussion and shall be open to all students. The Royal News will print as many letters as space will allow. The Royal News reserves the right not to print a letter. The Royal News publishes a wide variety of opinions. Send letters to: Letters to the Editor, The Royal News, PGHS, 7801 Laurel Spring Road, Prince George, Virginia 23875, or bring them to room A6, or e-mail them to We reserve the right to edit for clarity, brevity, accuracy, legality, spelling and grammar. Please include your name, address and phone number. Anonymous letters will not be considered for publication. 500 word maximum. Thank you for the support this year. Please continue to communicate on Section Editors Mariah Blystone: News/Online EditorKim Carneal: Op/Ed- Malikah Williams: Features- Ciara Ward: Ampersand-Jessica Marshall: A&E- Wayne Epps: Sports-Colby Eliades: Double Truck- Alison Brown: Photo/ Front Page Editor- Gabby Whittington: Ads Manager- Jake McQuiggan: CirculationSarah Moats: Editorial Cartoonist- Olivia Tritschler: Online Editor- Rachel Waymack: News- Rachel Youmans: Copy Editor Writers Kourtney Galvin-Rachael Karns-Gall Mandy Lockhart-Maggie Smith-Michael Winn-Jessica Demas-Kimberly EdmondsBest-Emily Gray-Kevin Harris-Unique Larry-Carson Stout-Michelle Williams-Rachel Williams-Tasia Faulcon-Amanda MajewskiRidhi Patel-Cassie Smith-Elizabeth Nerdig

Opinions&Editorials Junior left behind until next year


reedom of speech is an essential part of American culture. This right guarantees that people are allowed to say what they want and express their opinions freely and without punishment. Recently in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, two middle school students were suspended from their school and banned from going to dances for a month due to them wearing the popular rubber band bracelets that state “I (heart) boobies!” These bracelets are made to raise breast cancer awareness and profits are donated to breast cancer organizations. The officials from the school argued that the bracelets could distract students, and certain staff members felt that it demeaned the seriousness of the illness. However, the parents of the students gave them permission to wear the bracelets and felt that the punishment was too severe. According to a local news station in Massachusetts (WWLP), this case

gained recognition on a national level following a federal judge’s decision that it was unconstitutional for school officials to claim the bracelets were lewd or vulgar. The basic right of free speech was endangered when the students were suspended for wearing their bracelets. The bracelets are worn for a good cause, and free speech should not be limited, in any way. By allowing the school system to take away the right to wear these bracelets that could then lead to other guaranteed rights to be taken away. While schools can set their own regulations, they do not have the power to overrule federal law. Claims include that the bracelets were distracting and disrespectful. In a school environment, teachers are capable of dealing with distractions. The bracelets are worn to raise awareness, and help raise money for breast cancer research, none of which are disrespectful in the least.

ummer advances with the incitement of multiple adventures. It does have a melancholy undertone for the returning students who will not be able to chat with their senior friends at lunch or walk down the halls together. But graduation is not the end, and friendships can continue to grow outside of high school. Last year my older brother graduated. He has now enjoyed Olivia tritschler his first year at William and Mary, and while I’m happy he loves college I’m still getting used to not seeing him in the basement playing computer games or complaining about who has to wash the dishes. This year I have some really close friends who will be taking that step into their future, and leaving me behind. During all their excitement of moving on, I am a little saddened by the fact that I won’t be able to just call them up to ask them if they want to hang out on a Saturday afternoon. No matter where seniors go to continue their education, there will be fewer chances to hang out with friends from high school. But with the advancements in technology, including Facebook and cell phones, friendships can fight to survive the miles that separate classmates. I am lucky that one of my best friends will be attending VCU, which is only a 45-minute drive from my house. This gives me easy access to visiting her on weekends. For others, like my brother and some of his high school friends, they only get to meet up on long breaks when they all return home. Next year it will be my turn to leave Prince George, but for now I get to watch all the seniors walk across the stage and imagine what emotions they are feeling for when it’s my last year of high school.



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Pro/Con: Is the use of an e-reader in high school effective?

E-readers allow access to numerous books, textbooks, newspapers and magazines. But are students ready to use e-readers for the appropriate purpose. The proposition being debated: Are e-readers an acceptable alternative for a textbook?


he integration of Kindles into the school environment would indeed “spark” the interest of students. The Kindle is an excellent alternative to the classic old fashioned book. I am always looking for the newest and coolest thing to show off, so why shouldn‘t it also be educational? Although the latest edition of the Kindle may cost around $379 the original only costs around $139. Compared to only one high school text book that would normally cost around $70 that can be ripped or torn, the Kindle has over 900,000 books to choose from along with newspapers in the Kindle store alone sounds like an exceptional deal. In addition to the books already offered on Amazon, the site also gives you other links to obtain other free books, such as The high school book also causes physical strain while the Kindle is lightweight and ideal for travel, which means no more over-sized bundles of books. The Kindle also helps to reduce eye strain as well, like that caused by a laptop or computer, due to the fact that it uses 16 different shades of grey and has an adjustable text size. Not only does it help teens, the Kindle also saves trees; nearly 4 billion trees are cut down to make paper every year. Another positive about the Kindle is that it is always “open” and it’s a power saver, while it is open to a specific page it does not draw energy from your battery thanks to its etch a sketch like technology. Like the world around us, everything is constantly being updated and Kindles would help to speed up the process. However, if you have an old fashioned book you have to wait with your outdated information for the next edition to arrive. Everything we do now is somehow connected with technology. Having a Kindle is like possessing an entire library in the palm of your hands. So let’s “Kindle” the flames of learning.


hen a student walks into a classroom at PGHS on the first day, they expect to receive multiple textbooks given to them for classes. This situation may change in the future. Amazon’s Kindle has become one of the most widespread pieces of technology used for literature and textbooks. Its storage of as much as 3,500 books has made it popular, yet there is opposition to its use in schools. The main problem concerning this product is that it is not necessarily ready for student use, and costs can be high. The most recent edition of the Kindle, the Kindle 3, is shown to have some issues regarding its use among students, unique larry michelle williams ranging from the physical use of the product to expenses. A Kindle 3 on Amazon can cost anywhere between $130 and $380, which would obviously cause problems for a high cost concern school budget. This product is meant to be handled very carefully and can “A Kindle 3 on Amazon break easily. Although it is simple to carry around, transporting can sell anywhere it in your backpack may not be the easiest thing to do. One day between $130 and when you are using it, a small slip may cause you to lose your $380, which would Kindle for good. obviously cause Another fault of the Kindle is the fact that although it displays chapters, it does not show page numbers for the books problems for a high stored on it; this may be an issue as far as teaching. Often a school budget.” teacher will use page numbers as a basis for lectures, and this would be a significant obstacle for student use. Not only is the product faulted technically, but it goes against efficient access most schools’ policies with electronics, and could be compared to “If you have an oldanother item such as an iPad. It essentially breaks school rules. To get to the main point, there is nothing like actually fashioned book you reading a good novel printed in a classic hardback or paperback have to wait with your book. Even if books may be a hassle physically, there is nothing outdated information like relaxing and reading a real book.



for the next edition to arrive.”

Conspirators create false accusations against President Barack Obama


e’ve always been taught that it’s important to question everything. “There’s no such

thing as a stupid question.” Some things, though, don’t need to be questioned like questioning what has already Rachel youmans been answered is unnecessary. The great majority of conspiracy

theories fall into this group. People are desperate to think a huge secret is hidden from them. For instance, if Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin left mirrors during the first moon landing that are used to map the orbit of the moon to this day, do you really need to ask if the moon landing was faked? The most pervasive theory today is the “birther” theory. According to a recent New York Times poll, 25 percent of America believes that President Barack Obama was not born in America and is not eligible to be president. When Donald Trump launched an

investigation a few weeks ago the rumor machine started again. The first thought this gives me is “Why does this matter?” Does a person’s birthplace have any impact on his ability to lead? The second thought is “Why would you question this?” Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth from Hawaii was released years ago. Now Obama’s more thorough longform birth certificate has been released, and you’d think the accusers would admit they were wrong, and feel silly for worrying about it for so long. But birthers will not be kept down

by petty things like facts. They create new theories, or plow on with old ones against all reason. The certificate must be fake, they tell themselves, or maybe his father passed on British citizenship. If you create conspiracy theories, I encourage you to stop and look at yourself. Has this question already been answered? Look it up. “I don’t like the explanation” is not a reason to doubt it. Does your explanation make sense at all? Anything is possible, but that does not equal reasonable. And always remember this: The burden of proof lies on the one who makes a claim.



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Class of 2011! Congratulations to all Senior Yearbookies! Love, Ms. Heath and Mr. Warren

Michelle Powers

Rachel Hudson

Aidan O’Hare

Kaitlyn Johnson

Jessica White

Angela Gerard

Victor Bullock



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Graduation gowns alter traditional colors Event sponsor explains modifications, student reaction to different procedures



The graduation ceremony will be held Saturday, June 11 at 10 AM at the PGHS football field.

Gabby Whittington trn editor


he class of 2011 will debut all green gowns this year during their graduation ceremony. “The white gowns have always posed a problem. Even if a girl has a completely white dress, if there is any type of design in the material it would show through because they are that thin,” said librarian and graduation sponsor Vickie Cosgrove. “Then after several years the chairs that we use have become old and rusted. The girls walk across the stage with a great big orange rust spot on their butt.” In previous years Cosgrove also encountered other problems stemming from the white dresses girls had to wear under their gowns. “Over the years you would have multiple girls saying they cannot find a white dress,” Cosgrove said Graduation gowns have not always been green and white prior to this year. “About the time I took over they had gone to green and white, but prior to that they were all green gowns. The thought process was probably girls in white would look nice and boys in green and incorporate the school colors,” Cosgrove said. The change in the color of the gowns will not be the only modification at this year’s graduation. “It’s going to be a different look but there are quite a few changes this year. The stage will be at the end of the field. If you were on the visitor’s side all you saw was the back of the stage and the back of the heads,” Cosgrove said. “It [the stage] will be lined up at the 30 yard line.” With change comes controversy; some students feel that the change in gown color goes against the tradition of the graduation

All library books need to be returned and fines paid by May 31, after which date no more books can be checked out. Shown here is an example of the new green graduation gowns for both males and females. The change in colors came in response to complaints and difficulties during previous graduation ceremonies. Photo by Gabby Whittington. ceremony. “I just don’t like the fact that everyone is wearing green. I think it is ugly and prefer the green and white,” senior Tierra Walker said. “I think that the old way just looks better,” Students such as junior Kristy Harrison believe that the uniform color will take away from some of the uniqueness of the graduation ceremony. “I think they should go back to green and white because I think it looks better and it adds variety instead of conformity,” Harrison said. Other students do not see the change in gown colors as a big issue or as controversial. “I do not care what color the gowns are as long as I’m walking across the stage,” senior Nicole Jeffress said. The decision to change the gown colors was also influenced by an increasing move towards gender equality.

“Over the years equality has become a big thing, and not treating guys and girls the same is a big deal. And this is just another way that you know that everybody is the same” Cosgrove said.

Scan code above to see a story on rising college costs on www.

Seniors interested in donating pictures for the senior video need to pick up a submission form and turn in their pictures before May 25. For juniors interested in applying for UVA in the fall, the Associate Dean of Admission at UVA will hold an informative session on May 16 at Mary Munford School in Richmond.


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Rising gas prices strain students, school officials

page 7 - royalnews - 5.13.2011

Ways to

cut fuel costs

Avoid driving at high speeds; most cars achieve maximum fuel economy at 55 mph.

Increased costs cause drivers to consider alternative travel plans Malikah Williams trn editor


ummer plans often involve travel. However, with the increased gas prices, students and teachers alike have had to alter their plans in regards to traveling. The increased prices are due to things such as an increased demand for oil in China and India, high gasoline taxes, civil unrest in Venezuela, war in the Middle East, political instability in Nigeria, and too few refineries in the U.S., according to gas.html. “Before the gas prices went up, I had to pay $30 a week for gas,” junior Cody Wimer said. “Now it takes $50 for a week.” While some people pay for their gas themselves by working, others rely on their parents to cover their gas expense. “My parents pay for my gas but with the higher gas prices, I cannot really go to all the places I want to go,” senior Diana Owens said. Due to the new prices, students have

had to seek alternatives to combat the increased economic burden. “I have had to work a lot more to get more money for gas and I try to ride with my friends as much as possible,” Wimer said. The transportation department, a vital part of the school system, is also directly affected by the change in gas prices. “The role of the transportation department is to exercise the greatest care in delivering students to school and back home every day,” Director of Transportation Ronald Rhodes said. Last year, the transportation department spent $442,563 on fuel, was budgeted $557,580, and the School Board proposed $654,200 to be set aside for fuel next year. This is a direct reflection of the expected increase in cost of fuel. “Roughly, we [the transportation department] spent $52,000 in January, and in March we had to spend $64,000 on gas,” Rhodes said. Other than the increased amount of money spent on gas, the department has not had to make any significant changes. However, if the gas prices continue their upward trend, there will have to be changes made. “We have not really been affected at all but if the prices continue to rise, we may start charging for field trips, monitor bus routes, and cutback on other things,” Rhodes said. “We could possibly make the walking distance to bus stops longer as well.” Different modes of transportation can be used to fight the rising gas expense such as walking, using public transportation when available, carpooling, or just

Junior Cody Wimer pays $50 a week to fill up his gas tank. Rising gas prices have forced student drivers to reconsider their travel plans in an effort to save money. Photo by Alison Brown. staying at home more, but many teens do not use these options. “I would not use an alternative to driving because I need my independence,” Owens said. Even teachers have felt the effects of the gas prices, especially those whom have a longer commute to work. “I live 50 minutes away from school and I used to pay $40 every four days,” English teacher Pamela Alley said. “Now I pay $70 every four days.” By using more money for gas, there is less money to do the things that one would normally do. “I have less money for entertainment, less money for going out, and less money to spend on gifts,” Alley said. “I just cannot spend as much as I like on these things.” With the rise of gas prices, there has been increased interest in tapping into the oil reserves in the US. These reserves are set aside as use for a last resort form of fuel in the event of a crisis. However, there are many differing opinions on the use of these reserves. “The government is not doing enough but we should not use the reserves, “ junior Nancy Sanchez said. “ We need to find other energy sources and stop depending on oil in general.”

Keep your tires properly inflated at the air pressure recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. Limit your use of air conditioning as this puts more of a strain on the engine and causes it to burn 20% more fuel. Avoid idling for more than 1 minute; this wastes more fuel than cutting off and restarting the car. Accelerating and braking slowly and steadily can increase fuel economy by as much as 20%. Information gathered from



page 8 - royalnews - 5.13.2011

New courses offered to expand knowledge

Teachers explain need for four new classes, what they offer


Emily Gray trn writer

our new classes will be available to students for the 2011-2012 school year. Advanced Programming, Digital Input Technologies, Introduction to Fashion Design and Marketing, and Pre-Engineering/Automated Manufacturing have been added as class options for students to pick form. Dr. Kevin Moore will teach Advanced Programming next year. The class is a Java programming class where students will learn to write in code and to create their own computer program.

Although the class is considered to be “the next level” after the Programming I class taught by Ayana Washington, there is no prerequisite for students to take this class. “The class is great for students interested in careers of computer science and science engineering,” Moore said. “It is for students interested in how to make the computer do what it does; it is very logical and analytical.” “I would have taken the Programming course because it would supplement my current programming knowledge and an official credit in a computer science course would further my chances of getting into Stanford University,” junior Alex Martinez said. Digital Input Technologies is a new class that will be offered to students next school year. Janet Carr will teach the class and students will be using the iPod touch for various assignments. “We want to be able to give students more resources in technology,” Carr said. The difference between Digital Input Technologies and Advanced Program-

ming is that Digital Input Technologies does not teach the language of code. The class is more along the lines of creating and inputting. “I chose to take this class because I’m really interested in creating my own apps,” Xavier Jones said. Kimberly Beales will teach introduction to Fashion Design and Marketing next year. Students interested in creating their own design and learning more about the fields of textile design and merchandising should consider this class. The difference between this class and Fashion Marketing is that this class provides a more hands-on preparation in fashion design. “Students taking the class will be making their own designs,” Beales said. “Students will actually be sewing their own creations.” Pre-Engineering/Automated Manufacturing is also a new class offered to students next school year. An advisor from Roll’s Royce will be teaching students who are interested in discovering more about the fields of engineering and manufacturing.

Junior Mindelle Smith learns how to operate the iPod touch from teacher Janet Carr. She demonstrated how the students will be taught next year. Photo by Malikah Williams. Students will learn about the processes and systems that are used to determine the quality of a manufactured product. Each area covered in the class is a topic of a unit called CELL, or computerenhanced learning location. The course itself will be two years and ranges in curriculum from electricity and electronics to automation and material handling. These classes need to be reviewed before bring put in the class registration guide. “All classes had to be approved by the school board and a petition had to be signed by a certain amount of students interested in taking the class,” Beales said. Whether one has an interest of the subject or one wants to pursue a career in the subject, the school now offers a wide range of classes for everyone to consider.



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Moving before senior year causes student growth Seniors reflect upon experience of moving junior year Rachael Karns-Gall trn writer


tudents can experience fear and uncertainty when they find out they are moving and others embrace it as an opportunity to grow, while still remembering their past. Either way, packing boxes just before the last year in high school proved an emotional experience for three students. A current senior at Mesa Ridge, Brady Jones found moving a bit more difficult than others. Leaving everything that he had known up until last year would put a temporary strain on his family. “When I moved from Prince George I felt like the world had fallen apart,” Jones said. Being involved in athletics and other extra-curricular activities is another source of apprehension for those who move away. “I was so involved in sports and all my friends were there [Prince George],” Jones said. “I was scared to meet new people and try out for all new teams. Students react to moving at the end of their junior year in different manners. Nathan Beatty, a current senior at Carson High School in Colorado, found it much easier to accept the fact that he and his family was moving, because he has moved his entire life. “Looking back, the experience was not too terrible, although my last days at school were rather sad for me, knowing that I would no longer be with all the great people I met at PGHS,” Beatty said. Teachers have witnessed this same occurrence repeatedly throughout their many years of work, and know the effects that such a move can have on a person. “I have actually spoken to a girl about [moving her senior year] and she said that she had accepted it, and that this was just her life,” Student to Student

advisor Crystal Lipscombe said. While there are many negative effects of leaving right as senior year approaches, it can teach those students who move many lessons and can prepare for them for real life. “I find that those students are actually more willing to go to college out of state, and they actually have a sense of stability because they are graduating,” Lipscombe said. “It is like the light at the end of the tunnel.” Jose Rodriguez, another senior who moved two years ago, took it as more of a learning experience, even after attending Prince George schools his whole life. “When I moved, I was upset because I was leaving everything that I had known,” Rodriguez said. In order to cope with the change in environment and people, students tend to make an effort to join different activities to

get involved in their new community. “When I moved, I did the same activities that I did in Prince George, and that helped ease the transition for me,” Rodriguez said. “I also went out and tried new things that I would have never done before because it was a learning experience for me.” Moving affects these seniors in different ways. By taking it in stride, it allows for personal growth and development, ultimately improving these seniors’ lives. They can now offer words of advice based off of their personal experiences with moving. “I have grown a lot as an individual because of the move, I feel more prepared for college and have gained a lot of confidence in myself,” Jones said. The success of failure of the transition to something is dependent upon the attitude the student has.

Seniors Brady Jones and Jose Rodriguez participate in sports at their new schools. Jones and Rodriguez were both former Prince George students.. Contributed photos. “It is a scary thing to have to make new friends but honestly, just take on a good attitude and do you,” Jones said. “Be yourself and just be willing to adjust and friends will take care of themselves.”

Scan code above to see a story on student expectations on www.


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Come to White Automotive for your state inspections!

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Come visit us for: Lessons Birthday Party Ponies Summer Camps: Hunter - Jumper - Dressage


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will & Testament I, Haseena Abdur-Rahman, leave Cynthia Fulton my ninja skills, Aaron my friendship and Chelsea Adams my break-dance abilities.

I, Jessalyn Chester, leave to Brondesh, Bryana V., and Tilaun Scott my strength, love, and friendship. I'd like to leave my appreciation to Nya C.

I, Benjamin Bailey, will leave my football dreams to football brothers. I leave my swag to Garry Coleman. I leave my calmness to Evan Squire. I leave my Polo to Norman Williams, and Ricky Gaines. I leave my work ethic to Darius Dawsey so he can make it D1. I leave PG the memories of me.

I, Katie Christopher, leave to Whitney my jersey, Maddy and Mandy my strength. And to all three of them my jokes and friendship.

I, Benjamin Barrett, leave Mara Barrett my prayers that God will bless her as He blessed me this year.

I, Daniel Claiborne, leave to Kevin my skills and strength.

I, Logan Blystone, leave my best friend Stephanie Ramirez all the memories we had, all the Tropical Smoothie dates, and all our heart to heart talks. I leave Ryan Drewery all our sentimental conversations and the new found friendship we made this year. :) I, Wesley Bolyard, leave Mattie my insomnia for APUSH, Cara my turtle shell, Madi my ability to stop and not get laughed at, and Sam, my soul-brother, great times, a soul-pact for more than we can handle, and infinite conflagrations. Much love guys. I, Derek Bright, leave to all the upcoming pole vaulters my technique, to Chuckles my respect, and to all the guitarists in PG the word that I'll fix their gear for a lot less than anywhere else. I, Jack Brock, leave my common sense to James Fleshman, my homework to James Pantske, my thoughts on politics to Ms. Thornton. I, Gabriel Brooks, leave Evan Squire my music genius, Tiara Mason my wisdom, Mariah Blystone my love, Jmani Townsend some lotion, and Laken my "coolness". I, Alison Brown, leave Malikah the pot to stir, Jessica the many stressful hours spent on the front page, TRN staff pizza after school, Waug an endless amount of coffee, and to the rest of the underclassmen, best wishes! I, Alima Bryan, leave Triya my happy attitude. Triya keep it loo baby girl. Keep your head up and get through your last year. Love you lil sis.

I, Summer Christopher, leave Delilah my apartment key, Nicole my art supplies and Miranda everything else.

I, Emily Clanton, give the underclassmen my patience and strength dealing with the upcoming year, also the heartbreaks and the headaches. I, Chase Coalson, leave to my girlfriend Haley Matheny all my love. Upcoming seniors my senioritis. Prince George Baseball the hard work and sweat from the everyday practices. I, Jordan Cook, wish the best of luck to my friends and family graduating in the years to follow. I, Erin Copeland, to all the freaks I leave the need to question authority. Keep being different and not leave this school full of barbie clones and jerks. I, Berkley Corbett, leave Jessica my happiness, my academic skills to my sister Taylor, and all my friends good luck. I love y’all!


page 11 - royalnews - 5.13.2011 Elizabeth Nerdig, Elizabeth Obungumi, Lucas Bailey, Eduardo Murillo II, Jill Fairchild, etc) my willful spirit for next year. I leave to my teachers the oragami made during their class periods. I, Fiatoa Fiatoa, leave my poofy hair to Conner Stevenson. My strength and Samoan pride to the football team and my island love to Jasmine Ragland. And to the choir, my sexy voice. I, Dominique Finger, leave Kasha my French Horn. I leave my band career to my boyfriend, Evan. I, Megan Flanders, leave to Carsey M. my flying skills, Alexus A. my laughter and Marissa C. my kisses, Ms. Hale my chocolate, Mrs. Davis my love. I give Prince George High School my memories. I, Erin Ford, leave Alexus my cheer spirit and all of the french fry grease in the world, Marissa my hugs and kisses, Ms. Hale all the chocolate in the world, Mrs. Rhodes my appreciation. I, Aylissa Gambill, leave Michelle my “hand” to hold, but you’re still the man. To Brittany I leave the name “Fasian”. To Kaitlyn I leave conscience and the ability to make the right decisions. And to everyone else I warn you, do not procrastinate. I, Angela Gerard, leave to Dallas my rhymes, Amanda my loudness, Angela my name, and Valerie my burps.

I, Lauren Core, leave to Mara my applause, Matt my laughter, Gerald, Brian, and Mister my love, Ollie my formal dresses, Dalton my knowledge, Khalil my heart, and Tessa my friendship.

I, Taylor Gibbs, leave to Carrie the senior class. Macdaddy the Spirit Committee and the stress pep rallies bring. The class of 2011, I leave you my gratitude for the opportunity of serving you all. And Nellie, all my hatred and frustration. :)

I, Patrick Crutcher, leave to all good luck, blessed wishes, and good character, as well as the headache, heartbreaks, and long days.

I, Chelsea Gifford, leave Sara Rothgeb my love, to the color guard and marching band have an awesome year!

I, Janai Cunningham, leave to Print III TRNies the puppy, treat it well. To Ciara, my “too much”edness. To Mrs. Bauman all of my lastminuteness. To Mrs. Bradshaw, an organizer.

I, Orlanzo Gillis, leave Patrick my wisdom, Dalton my tolerance, and Evan my free time and ability to do homework ahead of time.

I, Samantha Dalton, leave my intelligence to Taylor Harris.

I, Sierra Greene, leave to Alexius my love and friendship. Ms. Hale my respect. And the rest everything else.

I, Victor Bullock, leave to John and Bailey another fun year of track, Melissa some chill pills, Schneck the secrets of the school, and my teachers, the lies you'll never know about!

I, Clemmie Davidson, leave to everybody the best of luck. Malik AKA Leek Leek my ability to stay out of trouble. Alex Turpin, my comb. To all the pretty ladies I leave my dimples.

I, Megan Greenwell, leave to Tessa my ability to relax, Alison my love, and to Warnock (and the band) all my craziness and good times. To Mr. York I leave my ability to be late on the first day.

I, Justin Burroughs, leave the class of 2012 my parking spot, Mr. Warren my electric razor, and the LMC the $12 that I've owed them since last year.

I, Donovan Davis, leave to Camron Shegog my strive for greatness. Marquan Smith my knowledge. Melvin Maldlin my cleats. Darius Dawsey my freedom. Keith Jefferson my cars. Demitri Jenkins my shoes. John Ford my 3.7 GPA.

I, Pamela Hall, leave to Cody Hansew, Jhada Powers, and Brittany McKinley my frying pan and my jar of peanuts and rubber bands.

I, Cassidie Burrow, leave my worn out shoulders, the pain in my back, all the drama, and every unreasonable teacher to the poor kids who are still going to be here. I made it, so can you! Don't lose hope. I, Alex Cain, leave to my brother Austin Cain, my stunning good looks and wisdom, because he's gonna need it. :) I, Jessie Campbell, leave the Darby (or at least his room) to Junior kid, to Delilah my love, and to Sam everything else. I, Kayla Campbell, leave Jill my love (what little I have) Eduardo my glares (I know you'll miss those) Chris my doubt (you're not a train, or a snake, or a plane). I, Thomas Carter, leave Cameron Shegog my height, and Anthony Carter my brains. I, Trey Carter, leave to Forrest Tucker all of my swag as well as all of the females I didn't get a chance with in the high school. I, Michael Caster, give these teachers to all of the underclassmen. I, Tiffany Chambers, leave Jessica D. my randomness. Holle my books. Taylor my friendship and Simone my strength. I, April Charles, leave my patience to my sister, Amanda, my determination to Brittany H. and Jessica L. My love of bows to Asia B. My stress relievers to Amber I. And a stallion duck to Rachel L. I leave anatomy jokes to Carr-layy, duck tape to Jeanette L, and I take Joey and Sara with me so that I will always feel complete.

I, Jami Davis, leave Mrs. Labossiere my gratitude, to APUSH I leave my soul, to my Kimmay and all of my editors I leave the puppy, to my LikLik I leave endless hours of proofing on Wednesdays (Good luck and make me proud!), and to my PH I leave all of my love and commitment, but no worries, I'm taking you with me. :) I, Carly Deaver, leave all my love and strength to Jessica Hubbard, Fontaine Bland, Lexi Taylor, Carrie Young, Mariah Blystone, Emily Kidd and Sara Holdsworth and the rest of the Prince George Dance Team! LOVE YOU GIRLS! Good luck!! I, Jordan Dickey, leave my funny charm to all of the students of PGHS. And my apologies to all the teachers that have had to deal with all of my shenanigans. I, Katie Doyle, leave to Carley my friendship, to Jordan and Layla our memories, and to Sara Rothgeb my love and all road trips. :) I, Colby Eliades, leave Malikah, Kimmay, Waymack, Marshall and all other editors the puppy. Please do great things next year. To Waugaman I leave the stress of layout week and the hopes for an amazing year. To Sabine, I leave many thanks for all your guidance the past 3 years. To APUSH and Ms. Hasley, I leave my soul- take good care of it. I, Xavier Espino, leave to Zach my strength, Mr. Owens my idea for Thursdays, and anyone else who cares, my legacy. I, Dustin Evans, am going to keep all my experiences and possessions. I, Bien Fajardo, leave to the Academic Challenge Team (Devan Andrews,

I, Xavier Hall, leave to Jhaleel my Hustling mentality, and to Malik my bounce. I, Joi Hamm, leave to Latasha my voice, Jasmine my beauty, Cristel my low cut shirts, and Lady my intelligence. I, Drew Hansen, leave Joey Rickman my musical skills, Mister another lung, and to my best friend Mrs. Lipscombe my Imagination Island. I, Blaine Harper, leave whatever items I’ve lost while at PGHS for all underclassmen to find. I, Sarah Harrup, leave knowledge to Becca and Shelby. My humor to the girls at lunch. And Carrie the best of luck. I, Jordan Hewett, leave to Lindsay Varga all our memories. Morgan Parrish our car rides, and Christina all our memories on that golf cart. I also leave Mackenzie Topian the best friendship anyone can ask for. I, Demetrius Holloway, leave to my favorite cousin Amber Bradley my love and strength. Wish you the best!!! I, John Honaker, leave Nathen Hughes my wrestling awesomeness, Douge Bucannen my strength and Natalie Zoldork my love. I, Thess Hubert, leave to Kayla Hubert all my faith in Prince George High School. I, Rachel Hudson, leave Emily Marshall our Bruno Mars songs. Jake McQuiggan my everlasting friendship, Tyler Mace, my wrestling skills. Raya Girard, our seven o’clock bike rides. And everyone else my hugs and optimism for the future.


page 12 - royalnews - 5.13.2011

r o i s n n e S inatio t s e D nity u m com ews , y t si N ver Royal ar! i n e ye ru e o ary, th great g e l t a ol ili ar c the m ishing es e y n r r fou rce, o s on fi y Eliad a fo to lb or ing work ll seni by Co o g a d he er eth lege, t tulates esigne h W col D gra n o c

Dion Chapman

Work Force

Derek Bright Summer Christopher Jordan Dickey Dustin Evans Eloisa Gutierrez Sierra Greene Blaine Harper David Hettinger Matthew Hunter Connor Langley

Sarah Moats Sarah Scott Gregory Smith Danielle Stephenson Tyler Varga Jeanette Vargas Sarah Vick Brett Wilcox

U.S. Military

Jack Brock Patrick Crutcher Kester Domingo Xavier Espino Zack Fuller Joshua Mayes

Marcel Mayfield Sarah Redman Michael Smith Josh Stefaniak Kevin Walsh Lewis Zingaro

Dylan Ashley Benjamin Barrett Rebekah Bridgers Gabriel Brooks Katie Christopher Carly Deaver Seth Edwards Tevin Epps Dominique Finger Megan Flanders Kori Fuzy Aylissa Gambill Orlanzo Gillis Megan Greenwell John Honaker Alyssa Isham Kaitlyn Johnson Caiti Lee Ashby Loving Mark Mayfield

M Mic

K Bra Bri Ch T D

Sam Br J L Ka


Shannon Pavasko

Donovan Davis Michelle Powers

The University of North Texas Kendrick Sousa

Concordia University Patricia Skelley

Abilene Christian University Thomas Carter

Angela Gerard Jordan Hewett Abigail Lyman Emily Marshall Brandon Parson

Janai Cunningham

School of Automotive Machinists

Nayshan Kane

Scott Bank Jessie Campb Erin Ford Evan Haas Hope Song Johnatan Wil

Phillip Amos

El Paso Community College Jessalyn Chester

Lakeland Community College

University of Texas San Antonio Kiera Ortiz

Fiatoa Fiatoa

Kourtney Galvin

Shaun Robertson


page 13 - royalnews - 5.13.2011

Mandy Lockhart chaella Loughary Bubba Jarrell Krista McBride andy McCamish ittany McCamish helsea McCollum Taylor McLean Dorian Newberg JaJa Parham Daniel Parke Serena Perry mantha Pillsbury rittany Pritchett Julian Rodgers Latisha Rousan amesha Russell Josh Sarver ristalea Sheaffer Joey Shelton

ks bell d se g lkey

Career Based Education

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Maria Siltz Austin Smith Chuck Smith Maggie Smith Michelle Soon Krista Story Corinthian Sumter Megan Tate Rachel Taylor Mariah Thacker Brittany Titus Shay Vandevander Donovan Vattelana Gabrielle Whittington Amber Williamson Michael Winn Amber Wood Travis Worthington

Aleah Carter Daniel Claiborne Emily Clanton Chelsea Gifford Devaun Green Pamela Hall Thailea Hall Deandre’ Harris Jessie Hart Demetrius Holloway Andrea McCabe Kelsey Mosley

Leslie Barreto Crystal Perkinson

Elizabeth Patterson Maxamillian Patterson Bria Payne Demetria Porter Andrea Ricci Sam Stokes Chelsea Traylor Kevin Turrentine Anita Tyler Alexandria West-Bey Sara Williams Wyatt Wilson

Lauren Core Albert Williams

Quanisha Burns Berkley Corbett Kayla Campbell April Charles Katie Doyle Cher Guthrie Chelsea Graham Aaron Haskins Brandon Lucas Ashlynn Mank John Martin Donnie Mitchell Richard Neeson Robert Snock Taylar Tripp

Garrett Albright Jami Davis Colby Eliades

Nic Sulc Taylor Worley Connor Kish

Mary Baldwin College

Haseena Abdur-Rahman Shelby Reynolds

Rappahannock Community College Tiffany Chambers

Lynchburg College

Nick Beaudet Christian Golden Tyree Brown Emily Lipp Clemmie Davidson Bien Fajardo Dabney S. Lancaster Xavier Hall Community College Nicole Jeffress Kelsey Hulcher Nina Jeffress Reggie Love Logan Blystone Wytheville Community College Jesse Thomas Victor Bullock Judah Morgan Cameron Thrift Chase Coalson Roanoke College Rachel Hudson Brandon Walton Rachael Karns Aidan O’Hare Deonesha Williams Donna Young Heather Woods Dana Peagler Alex Cain

Demetria Myrick

Ariel Blystone Kristina Boodram Brandon Clarkson Chelsea Hughes Erin Copeland Hampton University Becca Earnhardt Trey Carter Taylor Gibbs Joi Hamm Ashley Richeson Heather Rickman Adam Roberson Rachel Crawford Norfolk State University Lindsey Story Shelby Cummins Alima Bryan Joshua Togger Miyoshi Speller Alex Tayborn Patrick Toter James Scott, Jr. Zanya Umpierre

Samantha Dalton Michael King

Johnson C. Smith University Patrick Ward

Autrey Jackson

North Carolina A&T State University

James McKnight

Diana Owens

Todd Moore Matt Skinner

Justin Burroughs


page 14 - royalnews - 5.13.2011 I, Chelsea Hughes, leave to Dani the presidency of Mu Alpha Theta. To Brittany Yocum my anatomy notes, but not my study habits. To Kelsey Rowland my motherly advice. To the volleyball program my love and support. And to Elizabeth Hopkins my love, support and good judgement. I, Kelsey Hulcher, leave to Kelsie my not being on time, my amazing parking spot, all the good and bad memories, and the amazing advice of Mrs. Webb! I, Alyssa Isham, leave to Jessica Mitchell all the random hallway "low fives." Sarah Scott out random inside jokes at lunch, Rachel Hudson out government grade and our laughs from the football games. And to all the lower classmen my procrastination and right to senioritis. I, Autrey Jackson, leave to Joo my alley shots. Chris my jokes. Eli my wisdom. Madison my BFFL love. Any junior brave enough, a desk in Darbster's AP Calculus clas that is great for taking naps. And Waugzor my gratitude for not giving up. 2011! I, Nina Jeffress, leave my awesomeness to the band and my underclassmen friends. I, Kaitlyn Johnson, leave the yearbookies my love, the field hockey team my "great" captain skills AHA. The softball team my voice and positivity along with Coach Wags, and more importantly I leave my brothers my parking spot, not my room, and the JOHNSON name. I, Nayshan Kane, leave Marvin my good wishes for him to go pro, and to my 11th and 12th grade teachers the best of luck. Thank you so much for your support. :) I, Rachael Karns, leave the PG Players spirit to Mara Barret, the stage to all underclassmen, share it. Also, I leave Gerald Jackson and Samantha Jennings VTA. I leave Maria Coyner and Matt Brathoover and Brian Palomo the Honors threatre sense of humor. Everyone else has my love. I, Caiti Lee, leave to Emily Kidd my good luck for anatomy and lots of good snacks. Tori Walter my cell phone in case hers gets taken again. And Travis Taylor the amazing cheesecake dip. I, Emily Lipp, leave Neal Richmond my Ford t-shirt and my love. Plus everything I owned during my high school career. Yee haw! I, Mandy Lockhart, leave Logan Browning my humor. Cassie Smith my attitude, and Brennan Joiner my ego. I, Michaella Loughary, leave Kathie, Joey, Taijha, and Emily my friendship. Jessica my strength to get through the rest of high school. And Brandon my heart and love. I, Reggie Love, leave Jasmine my love, my boy Keith my speed, and Da Da my athletic ability. I, Ashby Loving, leave my great managing skills for the girls varsity soccer team to whoever is managing, and my love to my varsity soccer girls next year! I, Brandon Lucas, leave my little brother the strength to make it through to graduation. I also leave him some of the coolest teachers I know. I, Abigail Lyman, leave my love and support to Carrie Ellis. I leave my dedication to Angel Horsely. I leave my spunk and awesomeness to all of my friends, and you guys can survive one more year! Love y’all! I, Ashlynn Mank, First off want to say I Love “Baby”. <3 I want to leave Aziza Tilley my stupid humor and Love, to Alisha Hunt I leave my singing and to Kiera Sweetenburg my love for Delvonte. * I, Emily Marshall, leave to Rachel and Jake our late night laughter and random jokes. To Bailey, Alex, John, and Andrew I leave my love for running and the drive to continue getting faster, and the jokes on Owens! I’ll miss you guys. I, John Martin, leave to Matt Dooley my phone number so I can pick him up when he wants to skip. And to Matt Schneck I leave my height so he can be a monster on the court.

will & Testament I, Joshua Mayes, leave Miss Megginson my vegetables from my salad at lunch and Mrs. Thornton my cats. I, Marcell Mayfield, leave to Alicia Williams my liveliness that I give to the class. I, Krista McBride, leave Brandon my lunch table, Gerald ‘Michael’ Jackson my humor, William my philosophy and leather jackets. Devan, take care of YAC. Alden, enjoy the slaps and laughs. Eric Neal, I leave my love and skittles! Taylor and Jessica, thanks for listening. Everybody else, be yourself! I, Andrea McCabe, give all underclassmen the best wish to the future. I, Brandy McCamish, leave my french horn to Tiffany. The band my love and passion for music. Kasia and Tiffany my strength to make it through marching band, and Warnock my hope for a great year in band next year.

I, Crystal Perkinson, leave to Harley Perkinson my love and guidance, Chloe and Korrina good luck, and all the other underclassmen best wishes. I, Serena Perry, leave Frau Bradfford the strength to continue with Interact Club and the patience to deal with the upcoming classes, the German IV class my ability to fall through the door, and to Mrs. Washington the courage to deal with programming class next year. I, Samantha Pillsbury, give my love of theatre to Mrs. Houlihan… you might need it. haha. Anna Smith and Shannon Vandevander my strength and will power, Cody Henshaw prom and my friendship love! I, Demitria Porter, leave to all underclassmen my respect, courage, etc. You have to push and believe in yourself during your senior year. I wish you the best. I, Francisco Portillo, leave Darius Dawsey my strength.

I, Brittany McCamish, leave the class of 2012 all my best wishes and luck.

I, Michelle Powers, leave to Laken my friendship and blondeness, MacKenzie Topian my pom-poms and leadership ability, McKenzie Early my footsteps, and Cara Lucy my plane ticket to Alabama.

I, Sarah Moats, leave Devan my sanity, Jill my awesomeness, and everyone else my common sense.

I, Andrea Ricci, leave Mr. Ford all my tardies because even though I was late all the time, you kept me on top.

I, Josh Morris, leave to Kevin P. my Kia, Anthony Z. my courage, and to both my understanding and strength.

I, Ashley Richeson, leave Lexie and Ryan the same love, devotion, strength, and commitment as Chris and I have. Ariel, Alex and Rachel all the laughs in art, and Aidan and Chelsea all our great memories together as best friends. I will never forget you.

I, Kelsey Mosley, leave Angela King my lifelong friendship, my knowledge to my nursing buddies, Kelly, Jeanette, Sam, and Sierra. To my favorite teacher Mrs. Webb, I leave my patience and some chocolate, and to Alex my love! I, Damien Murff, leave the class of 2012 my parking space, and Mrs. Lipscombe my bad knee. I, Dorian Newberg, leave to Curtis work ethic, Stone my books and hw (LOL). Also, I leave you both my strength to get through high school and have all the fun in the world. Good luck buddy’s! I, Aidan O’Hare, leave to Mackenzie my 5th block tallies. To Mister, the memory of my “old lifestyle”. To Madi, my love of bloons. To Jennefer my group hugs and Whitney my #14 jersey. I, Kiera Ortiz, leave my lunch to Mindelle Smith. My homework will be left to Ashley Lecorn. My stubborn and unwillingness will be left to Chelsea Hall. :) I, Diana Owens, leave Kayla Hubert my endurance, Brian Palomo the humor of running each season, Zhane U. the will power to overcome difference, Gerald Jackson my love and friendship in A-Squad, and to other athletes the fight to put PGHS on top. I, JaJa Parham, leave to Nayshawn my wrestling speed, Kierra my hugs, Devona my skills, Cedric Wythe my advice and knowledge, Elizabeth Nerdig my luck and smarts. And Taylor Milean my randomness. I, Elizabeth Patterson, leave to Heather Campbell my seat at the lunch table, to Liz my laughter and happiness (P.S. it’s your job to make everyone laugh now :)) I Love you guys!

I, Heather Rickman, leave my brother Chris my love and best wishes. I, Adam Roberson, leave my running shoes to Bailey, John and Alex. My random knowledge and notes to Elizabeth. A bright future to my little sister Amanda, and my blue heart to Brittany Kongi. I, Shaun Robertson, leave to Stephanie and LET 3’s the Battallion (keep up the hard work you guys). To Junior kid my calc skills (or lack thereof). To Amoya, those naps in 6th block. And to Kenny Stith a razor (get rid of that ridiculous moustache). I, Julian Rodgers, leave to Maria, Matt, Deavon, Emily and Brittany the good memories of lunch, to Joy my sarcasm (yea…that will happen), to Mara my “gray” personality, and to Amara, Danny, Kathie, and Joey the love of Paco. I, Kamesha Russell, leave to Alisha my attitude, Lauren my goofyness. Brooke and Denisha my love. Derrick my friendship. Mrs. Webb my heart and soul. I, James Scott, leave James Griffin my spot in the lunch line. Whenever you are waiting in the lunch line, remember you have 2 spots, yours and mine that I never gave you during the year. I, Kristalea Sheaffer, leave to Tristyn my captain band from field hockey. I, Patricia Skelley, leave to Brittany K. my love. Mrs. Andersen, cursive writing lessons. Joo, a watch so that he may always be on time. And Shannon all my luck and guard wisdom aided with many smiles.

I, Maxamillion Patterson, leave to the class of 2012 all the best wishes and wisdom for a successful year. And I leave my love and heart with Ashley Coleman.

I, Chuck Smith, leave Matt Morris my greatest freestyles, Aaron Booker my instrument, Mister Stevenson my partying instinct, Kayla Hubert my sketchbook and desires, Rachel Williams my love and greatest raps, and Ricky Gains my poetic inspiration.

I, Shannon Pavasko, leave my younger sister Katelynn hope for a great year at high school and a chance for better friends,. Happy Beginnings on starting 10th grade.

I, Gregory Smith, leave my past to Jonathan Lorentsen, my present to my family and closest friends, and my would be future to my love, Devona Duncan.

I, Bria Payne, leave my encouragement to my little brother starting high school, my sister Jasmine the best senior year ever! And my close friends becoming seniors, my love and friendship.

I, Maggie Smith, leave Kimmi my love. Jessica my hopes for a blog, Liz my shoes in hopes of making me faster. Unique my normalness and Mr. Hettinger my glass. Raise your glass Mr. Hettinger.

I, Dana Peagler, leave Drumline my skills, patience, and strength. Marching band my faith and smiles. To J’mani Townshend and Jessica Mitchell my love, hugs, and down to earth-ness. And to the school my awesome dance moves!

I, Michael Smith, leave ownership of JROTC to Kenny Stith, to Jarret the crash, to Terrel all the good times on the bus.

will & Testament


page 15 - royalnews - 5.13.2011

I, Robert Snock, leave to Ethan my Minecraft, Eduardo my little boxes, And Jeb my laziness.

I, Brittany Titus, leave to Brooke Emily Dancy all my love and hope she goes far in all that she does.

I, Hope Song, leave my dictator gavel to Malikah, my screams to Mackenzie, my hate for the “best teacher ever” to Madi, Mr Asian-ness to Joo, David & Chris, and all the memories and things I learned in T2 to Nellie!

I, Joshua Togger, leave to Amanda my donkey kicks, Jodi and Libbie all the entertaining gossip, Bragg my annoying car radio, and those sophomores our lunch table. To any brave, intelligent Junior I leave a spot in AP Calc, and to Jacob, two more years, sorry cuz.

I, Miyoshi Speller, leave Darius Dawsey my love and respect.

I, Patrick Toter, leave Ben my humor, Sabrina my laugh, Brandon my stoicism, and finally, to all my teachers I leave an empty desk.

I, Joshua Stefaniak, leave behind my everlasting love and affection to Mercedes Weber. I, Krista Story, leave David all my love. Sarah all my strength and courage. Khalil, Christian, and Sam my friendship. I, Lindsey Story, leave to Ollie my friendship, Brian my skill at sardines, Gerald my wand, Tessa awesome code names, Khalil my tib hat, and Fontaine my handwriting for her novels. I, Nic Sulc, leave wise words of wisdom: “The direction you’re going is where you’re headed.” I, Corinthian Sumter, leave all my friends my love and memories. I wish you all the best and to succeed in life. I, Megan Tate, leave to Mara my love for the stage, Marrissa and Alexus my spirit and pom poms, and to Doug, I leave all of grandma’s banana bread, my love and royal pride. I, Lawrence Taylor, leave Dequan Chapman my Football skills. Keith Jefferson my trash talk and the light skin crown. And Marquan Stith my strength. I, Rachel Taylor, leave Rachel Coleman strength to make it through another year and my support when it seems like no one else is there. I, Jesse Thomas, leave to Andrew Beck my awesomeness and to Brennan Joiner my most prized “possessions”. I, Cameron Thrift, leave to Darius Dawsey my hilarious sense of humor. Mrs. Jones my kind attributes. Chris Spates my bunnies. And Mr. Owens a punch to the stomach and Beef Kielbasa to the temple! Zounds!!!

I, Chelsea Traylor, leave my strength and humor with TJ Ferrino, to get him through his last year in High School. I, Nikki Trip, leave Timothy my Algebra 2 skills, Dax Ellison my pride, and Deonna Washington my love and support. I, Kevin Turrentine, leave to Swagman Joe my rapping ability. Melanie my scent of love, Adontis my basketball skills, Maurice my swag, Chantele my Gucci bag, and Ciara my female best friend. I, Anita Tyler, leave to Kiera Sweetenberg my dedication. To Brooke Cambell my bravery. Kyrisha Carter my loving heart. To the staff of PGHS my thanks. I, Zanya Umpierre, leave Zhane my will power to get through her senior year. Darius my brain. Marquan my jokes. And Jhaleel my skills in basketball. Lol. Also Courtney my beat making skills. And the Lady Royals Basketball Team, my heart. And Gerald my Dancing skills. I, Shay Vandevander, leave to Alysia and my sister my patience, the colorguard my skills and joy for guard, Brittany my affection, the AP students my procrastination, and Mrs. Andersen my Heart of Darkness. :) I, Jeanette Vargas, leave to Edgar my best teachers I had during my senior year, And I leave my friendship and love to all my friends especially the “Smith” my best buddies. To all my nursing buddies from Rowanty, I love y’all. I, Donovan Vattelana, leave Texas to Terrance Williams. Eduardo my French. Chris gets my boat. I give Micheal Caster my best pair of slacks. I give Mrs. Thornton my car, so she may understand why I am late. Mr. Pelter gets my football team, the Eagles.

Congratulations to the new SGA and Class officers for the 2011-2012 school year. We will miss all of our senior officers and senators!

I, Sarah Vick, leave my many bottles of orange and pink hair dye to anyone who dares to rock it. :) <3 I, Kevin Walsh, leave Doug my gym, James Pantske my leadership, I leave Cadet Kent my respect from command inspection. And the whole Battalion my company and my knowledge for years to come. I leave Ct CL. Chandler all my assumptions. I, Gabrielle Whittington, leave to Jessica Whittington my strength to get through senior year, Ciara Ward our good times in TRN, Mr. Havard, Mrs. Britt, Ms. Hale, Mrs. Eliades, and Mrs. Beales, my love, respect, and appreciation, and to the rest of the school: peace, love and the fact that the c/o 2011 is outta here! I, Deonesha Williams, leave my “legacy” to Amaya Ray, AKA short stuff. Her and Courtney Johnson better hold up the volleyball team next year because I will be watching! :) I, Wyatt Wilson, leave to Rachel Elizabeth Coleman my friendship and love to a very good friend. To Meaghan Jean Peters my respect and trust. Megan Johnson my loyalty and being a good person. I, Michael Winn, leave my love of boats and water to the whole school, my legible handwriting to Mrs. Andersen, my utmost appreciation for all the college and scholarship help to Mr. Havard, my presidency of the Stream Team to whoever claims it, and finally I leave architectural plans for a brand new more modern PGHS! I, Amber Wood, leave to my underclassmen the strength to finish school and make it through this one last year. I, Heather Woods, leave John photography class, Amara Anatomy, Rachel my crocheting needle and yarn. To everybody ambition. And to the lunchtime sophomores the senior table! I, Donna Young, leave my love and devotion to all the Juniors in the Full Effect Crew, Gerald my fun and crazy actions. Brandi my bad, but sometimes good attitude. Becca my loving hugs. And all the Volleyball girls my love for the game. I, Lewis Zingaro, leave all the headache and work to you little kids.

We deliver and are open till 3 a.m. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Prince George students and alumni get 10% discount

Please call today and give the gift of time. (804) 504-8100

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page 16 - royalnews - 5.13.2011

Unique Kakes Unlimited Hattie M. Lambert Wilton Method Instructor Cakes for all occasions!!!




page 17 - royalnews - 5.13.2011

Are you seeking guidance for your newfound ? Well, here’s some advice from your mentors.


Good luck class of 2011!

“Learn from other people’s mistakes to give you more time to make your own.” - Monica Curtis

“Never give up, never give in, and always go after your dreams.” - Cynthia Hasley

“Whether or not you have a good day or a bad day the choice is yours.” - Janie Williams

“Someone once said that minds are like parachutes, they only work when they are open. You should always be open-minded about the opportunities that present themselves.” - William Havard “Stay focused on your goals. It’s easy to get distracted if you go into college.” - Christy Eliades



page 18 - royalnews - 5.13.2011 Tara Rhodes Peyton-Burgess Owner, Artistic Director B.S. Dance and Recreation; Certification, Elementary Education Member, Dance Educators of America, Inc.

We are now on FACEBOOK 6317 Courthouse Road under Owner’s name! Prince George, VA 23875 Offering a Full Dance Curriculum! Ages 2 and up! Degree Certified Faculty!

You’ve GOTTA See....Gotta Dance! For more information, call 861-DNCE!

Senior Bash Thursday June 9th - 8:00pm-12:00am PGHS Commons Only 5 dollars a ticket (On sale May 23 -June 3 during lunch blocks) The Night will include: Food, Free Pictures, Crafts, Games, Senior Video, Senior Superlatives, DJ Hettinger, Chance to put a pie in the face of an adminstrator/teacher Approximately 2000 dollars in prizes given away

Clark’s Auto Care Center, Inc. 3290 Prince George Drive Prince George VA, 23875 804.641.2357-night 804.458.7340-day

10% Discount on all labor for PGHS students

804-541-0620 800-339-5936

Tedi Toyllens Celebri-tees


Avon Independent Sales rep

Call Ban at 458-9668 for the best t-shirts around!


order 24/7 at my website:

206 E. Broadway Ave Hopewell, VA 23860



page 19 - royalnews - 5.13.2011

Band members create lasting friendships Seniors bid farewell to countless memories, loyal support

W Elizabeth Nerdig trn writer

hen the c on c e r t b a n d p l ay s P o m p and Circ u m stance, this June, they will be saying goodbye to over twenty of their fellow band members. This is one of the largest groups of seniors leaving a void behind. “I’m going to miss it a lot,” senior Maria Siltz said. “I’ve learned so much.” Siltz, a saxophone player, has been in band since the sixth grade. “I remember feeling like a nerd when I first joined because everyone looks at people like they’re geeky when they’re in band. That’s not true,” Siltz said. Senior Adam Roberson enjoys band as an outlet. “Band gives me time to relax and enjoy something I truly love doing, making music,” Roberson said. “It is great to have it as a fifth block during my senior year because of my heavy course load.” With approximately 60 practices, band students, such as Daniel Earnhardt and Nina

Jeffress, have developed close friendships. “During band camp, Daniel fell out of his chair and knocked his music stand over. His music went flying everywhere,” Jeffress said. “It was so random.” Along with various friendships, seniors in the band also have created and will cherish numerous memories. “My first year of marching band, I tripped over my own two feet and almost ran into another instrumentalist,” Jeffress said. The colorguard has also created a lot of memories for the band students. “I remember watching a girl’s weave fall out as she was twirling a flag,” McCamish said. Colorguard captain Shay Vandevander is proud of the colorguard and their accomplishments. “We got a lot of complements,” Vandevander said. “Some people said it was the best they’ve ever seen.” Though not all of the seniors have the same extent of band experience, they still show the same dedication and passion for music. “I have put in a lot of time with marching band, after-school practices, concerts, and competitions,” Siltz said. “It’s something I enjoy; it’s the feeling you get.” “I’ve been playing for 3 years. I play tube, trombone, and saxophone,” Jeffress said. “I play as long as Mr. Warnock wants me to.” Jeffress, like many other band students, enjoys playing because she feels music is one of her best talents. “It is something I’m actually good at,” Jeffress said. Many of the seniors have also been instructed by Warnock for several years, and have developed a close bond with him.

“I think I’ll miss him [Mr. Warnock] the most,” McCamish said. “He is not just a teacher, he is a friend, too. He just relates to us.” Warnock will miss his students as well. “It is always a challenge every year to watch strong students leave,” Warnock said. “It is sad, but it is a good thing because they are moving on with life.” Warnock has inspired some seniors to want to continue with music even after they graduate. “I’m going to Virginia State to become a music director,” Jeffress said. “Mr. Warnock and my love for music [has influenced me to choose that]. I just want to share my knowledge of it to others.” Although Warnock has inspired and supported the students all year, the Band Boosters organization has supported the band through fund-raising for the things the band needs, like equipment, music, uniforms, and competition costs. “We assist Mr. Warnock on special purchases that the school will not provide, like new mallets,” Band Boosters president Kim Martin said. The Boosters plan to include all band activities on the school web site next year to help the band get more recognition. “Unlike Chesterfield, with multiple high schools, we are one high school for one community,” Martin said. “I don’t think they get recognized enough.” Despite the low recognition though, the band still keeps playing with passion. “[Looking back, I will miss] all the people I have met, and how they have come from different places and come together to play something beautiful,” Vandevander said.

Seniors from 5th period band gather together for a group shot. Fifth period members are involved in a variety of performing groups. Photo by Emily Gray.

Entertainment expectations for summer


y this time in the school year, one thing is on many students’ minds. Summer. And who could blame them? There’s no school, and limitless time to hang out with friends. But one activity that will never grow old is going to the movies. The summer of 2011 movie releases show potential to be the best. Jessica Marshall On June 24th, Transformers 3 hits the big screen. Though I never watched the second movie, which I heard was a major letdown; I did like the first one. I’m sure that if you are a transformers fan, that this will be a movie that you do not want to miss and will hopefully be better than the second one. But sadly, for Megan Fox fans, she will not be in this one. For Harry Potter fans, part 2 of the Deathly Hallows comes out on July 15th. I can honestly say that I was never interested in this series, but I know many people are. Though the fans had to wait eight months for the second part, on preview at states that the long wait will “probably not be as painful as the withdrawal star Daniel Radcliffe is suffering from.” This will definitely be one of the more popular movie of the summer. On August 3rd, an older cartoon is brought back, with the help of Katy Perry and Neil Patrick Harris. The Smurfs has raised questions on whether it will be a hit or miss. “Putting an ‘80s cartoon about small blue creatures on the big screen seems a big demographic miss,” an article from www. stated. With all the new cartoons and animated movies, I believe that this movie was somewhat pointless and will be overlooked. The last movie to come out before we start school again is The Final Destination 5, which premiers on August 26th. When I watched The Final Destination, I though it was the final one. It surprised me to see that another one was coming out. Though it’s geared towards a specific group of viewers, ones who do not mind gore and death, I do not think that it will have a problem becoming a hit. 



page 20 - royalnews - 5.13.2011

Three students write, direct self-produced plays White Rose, Family Portrait, Burning present select talent Tasia Faulcon and Rae Williams trn writers


s she steps on to the stage, all the hard work finally pays off. The warm-up for preparation, the late night reading of the script and memorizing lines all go into the performance. The Honors Theater students are rehearsing scenes of their plays in anticipation of the real performance. The Honors Theater Showcase is an event where a select few students who participate in honors theater display their talent with original one-act plays and a choreographed dance piece in front of a live audience. It will be hosted on June 8, 2011, at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $3, and will be sold during lunch blocks around the last week of May. “The honors theater class is constantly working on performance pieces,” said theater teacher, Daryl Phillips. “And it’s an opportunity for the entire class to be involved in a public performance at the end of each semester.” Phillips is the teacher of the honors theater class and he advises his students while they write plays and helps coordinate the directing of the plays and the acting of his students. He also helps with production such as costumes and ticket sales while the students do most of the work. Three plays being performed in the showcase: “White Rose” by senior Krista McBride, “Family Portrait” by Wesley Bolyard, and “Burning” by Lauren Core. The dance piece is being choreographed by junior Gerald Jackson. Also, the production “Rabbit” from the VHSL competition will be restaged. “ ‘White Rose’ is sort of a satire of the ‘Snow White’ story,” Phillips said. Senior Krista McBride is the writer of “White Rose.” The story is about an author trying to rewrite the children’s story “Snow White” while the characters in the story in-

terrupt continuously to tell the author what he can and cannot do. McBride has been working on this play for about three or four years and now thinks that its “perfect.” “It’s a great opportunity to be able to say that my plays being put on because not many people get to say that they’re play is being put on stage,” McBride said. “It is not just about me, but also about the cast and having the opportunity to perform.” “I really don’t like the concept of the play, its really childish for our grade level,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Nikolaisen, who plays the role of mother’s ghost. “I think its more appealing to a younger audience but people who are seeing it are mainly high schoolers and parents.” “I love it! It’s awesome,” senior Krista McBride said who has a much different opinion of her show.

“Family Portrait” is directed by Wesley Bolyard and senior Samantha Pillsbury and is about the disillusion and progression of a family. “Its based off of several different P!nk songs. I think we’re going to do really, really well, it’s awesome. If you can catch everything, because some of the lines are from lyrics, its mind-blowing,” senior Wesley Bolyard said. “I’m in love with P!nk.” Some of the P!nk songs featured in the play include “Runaway”, “Mean”, and “Conversations With my Thirteen Year Old Self.” “I’m expecting this play to affect people with divorced families,” Bolyard said. “But others will be able to relate as well.” “Burning” is a futuristic play based on the idea of overthrowing a leader. The play includes seven characters, each one representing a different attitude or quality, such

Junior Maria Coyner gets into the character of Ariel for the one act play Family Portrait. Last year, Coyner preformed in Twitch, another play produced by Wesley Bolyard. Photo by Alison Brown. as compassion, tradition, and hope. “It took about six months to write, and went through at least twelve drafts,” senior Lauren Core said. “The cast understands it. I try to get everyone involved [in directing]. I don’t want it to be my play, I want it to be our play.” Phillips is very proud of his hard working theater group. “They are a very talented group of students,” Phillips said. “They have a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork. It is a pleasure working with them. It is almost a sense of a theater company instead of a class.



Gamer’s Corner

page 21 - royalnews - 5.13.2011

Sequel to popular game surpasses expectations


Favorite reality shows

or my final article of my senior year, I figured I’d send myself out with a bang and review a game that is the sequel to one of the most popular games ever released, Portal. What sets the Portal franchise apart is how it’s like you’re playing a first person shooter like Call of Duty, but you Garrett Albright have to solve puzzles of increasing difficulty as the game progresses. Interested? Good, allow me to explain. Before we get into a story line of Portal 2, I think it’s best to explain the game mechanics. You have what is called a “Portal Gun” from which you shoot “Portals” into walls that will take you through to other

“Portals” you have created. Basically, you shoot a portal at a red wall, you shoot a portal at a blue wall, you walk through the blue portal, and you come out of the red wall’s portal. I promise, I cannot explain it any better than that, but it’s simple once you get the hang of it. These portals allow you to move around the space in a level in order to solve the puzzle so you can move on. And that’s basically all Portal 2’s about, gameplaywise: puzzle solving. Moving boxes to redirect laser beams, spraying down a super gel that allows you to run or bounce really fast, use light bridges to overcome huge gaps; the works. Some of these puzzles even require you to be shooting and opening up new portals while on the run at high speeds zooming through the level, where precision and timing is a must. All in all, none of the puzzles I’ve seen are impossibly difficult, and with wit and intelligence, can all be solved.

Senior Autrey Jackson Survivor “Its a game where they have to do different challenges using their mind and their strength like any competition like singing or dancing, its pure talent.” Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 PM on CBS.

The story line of Portal 2 just takes off where Portal 1 left, and keeps on going. You play as Chell again, who wakes up in the Aperture science department after events that took place in the first game. You’re led

Senior Aylissa Gambill Sophomore Trenton Skrines The Real World

“My favorite reality show is the Real World because there’s just a lot of drama and I like to watch other people’s drama.” The Real World comes on Wednesdays at 10:00 PM on MTV.

The Ultimate Fighter “My favorite reality show is the Ultimate Fighter. Its about going to the UFC. I like it because I want to be in the UFC.” It airs Wednesdays at 9 PM on Spike TV.

through the game by your witty and quite funny spherical robot, Wheatley, who soon leads you to re awakening Portal 1’s main enemy: GLaDOS, and once she’s awoken, she starts testing you all over again. Once the tests start, you’re off with your portal gun and will have tons of fun working your way through the puzzles. Basically, Portal 2 is a more complex, and up dated Portal 1 with new, more complicated puzzles, and another great story line. None of the puzzles will have you screaming at your television because if you fail to solve one, it’s bound to be your own fault of not seeing how to do it, not bad design. If I haven’t made myself obvious: yes, this game is fun, addicting, and the dialogue that takes place between Wheatley and GLaDOS will surely make you laugh from the sheer sarcastic wit. I’m implementing a star rating system because let’s face it, I can, and I give Portal 2 5 stars out of 5.

Junior Jessica Mitchell The Real Housewives of New Jersey “I like the Real Housewives of New Jersey. They pulled Danielle’s weave out and it was ‘unbeWEAVEible’.” It airs Mondays at 9 PM on Bravo.



page 22 - royalnews - 5.13.2011 There were a total of 112 votes in the selection process for both boys and girls. Students voted in their English and government classes. Female Runner -Up: Katie Christopher (Softball)

Emily Marshall A

five-year track runner, senior Emily Marshall understands that she has to push her limits to get better at something. She lives by the quote “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” Marshall has been leading the track team and will continue at Radford in the fall.

1. What sports do you play? “I run track, cross country and I previously swam in past years.” 2. How long have you played those sports? “Track I started my eight grade year. I started as a sprinter actually, and then ninth grade year I went to distance and I’ve been in distance ever since. And, tenth grade I started cross-country.” 3. Why did you start those sports? “I started track, because I had the track coach, [he] was my civics teacher, so he kind of got me into it because he said I was tall, you know, you would think I would be a good runner. And so, I was kind of obligated to do it. And then, just coming back out, I realized that I wasn’t a sprinter, so I went to distance and I actually fell in love with it.” 4. Which is your favorite sport? Why? “I guess cross-country, because you’re more close-knit. You don’t have a big track team where you have sprinters and distance; it’s all pretty much distance. So everyday you’re with people that run the same thing that you do.” 5. What is your favorite part about competing athletically? “I guess the feeling afterward that I get, especially when I do a really good race. If I run really well - just that feeling of accomplishment, and the feeling after a really hard workout. It just feels amazing... it’s like, ‘Wow, I actually got through that, I pushed through it and I’m still alive.’” 6. What has been your most memorable moment while participating in high school athletics? “I guess dropping about a minute in

Athlete of


my two-mile [time]. I remember that day very clearly, because, before I didn’t want to go anywhere with track after high school. But then, I dropped almost a minute in that event, and I knew right then and there, I was like, ‘I’m going to go somewhere with this’.” 7. What things have you accomplished in high school athletics? “I’ve had many accomplishments actually. Overcoming the fear of pushing past pain, because I didn’t think I could push past that wall that I would get to. So, after pushing past that, it opened up a lot of doors for me.” 8. Who or what motivates you the most? “I guess there’s a little part in my brain that reminds me why I’m there everyday, why I do what I do. And, I have to remind myself that I love running, and that I won’t get better unless I push myself.” 9. Do you plan to continue playing sports in college? “Yeah, definitely. I’m going to Radford University in the fall to run cross-country and track. I got a $6,000 scholarship to run there, so I’m really excited.” 10. What does it mean to you to be named Athlete of the Year? “It means a lot to me. Because, at first, I didn’t really want anything to do with it. But then I was like, ‘Wait a minute, I do three sports, why shouldn’t I be recognized?’ I get up in the morning, I workout, I run in the afternoons, I mean I’m doing it all day, so why shouldn’t I be recognized. I don’t get recognized for much, I’m not one of the popular kids, so this means a lot to me, because it’s just a really big recognition, so I’m really happy for it.”

vote for


of the year


page 23 - royalnews - 5.13.2011 By Wayne Epps, Jr. Male Runner-Up (3 tied): Dalton Jolly (Golf), Lawrence Taylor (Football), Patrick Ward (Soccer)

Nic Sulc T

he gym is where Nic Sulc competes in both volleyball and basketball. A lifelong basketball player, but only starting volleyball more recently, Sulc has had success in both sports. Sulc will continue playing basketball at Eastern Mennonite University. 1. What sports do you play? “Volleyball and basketball.” 2. How long have you played those sports? “I played volleyball for eleventh and twelfth grade, and basketball I’ve been playing my whole school [career]. Ever since I was a little kid, since third grade.” 3. Why did you start those sports? “I always liked basketball and that was just natural. And, volleyball I played because they said I would probably be pretty good just because of my height and stuff. And, it actually turned out to be really fun to play.” 4. Which is your favorite sport? “Basketball.” 5. What is your favorite part about competing athletically? “I like to win, so you got to work hard to be able to beat a competitor. And I just like going to the gym and working hard and competing against other people.” 6. What has been your most memorable moment while participating in high school athletics? “Probably the experiences and stuff that you learn. Like especially what I have learned from Coach Russell. Playing basketball is fun, but you learn stuff that can help you in life too. So, just probably learning stuff from Coach Russell, and how he’s guided me to be the person that I am.” 7. What things have you accomplished in high school athletics? “For volleyball, I was second team Central District. And for basketball, I was Central District honorable mention. I also got Progress-Index Athlete of the Month.”

8. Who or what motivates you the most? “Probably my parents, because they’re always there for me, and they want to see me go further. Like my dad, he’ll go in the gym and he’ll be rebounding my shots and shooting them back to me.” 9. Do you plan to continue playing sports in college? “Yeah, I committed to Eastern Mennonite for basketball.” 10. What does it mean to you to be named Athlete of the Year? “I think it’s a high honor, because it shows hard work and stuff, and you just got to work hard to achieve your goals.” 11. Quote that you live by? “’The direction you’re going is where you’re headed.’ And then also, I like what Walter Lewis said, ‘Pain is weakness leaving the body.’ When you think you’re tired, you got to put in the extra effort and just get through it and keep pushing.”

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Varsity Track Central District Championships will be held at Thomas Dale on Wednesday, May 18th.

Girls soccer will hold their last home game Tuesday, May 17th, against Hopewell at 7:00 PM.

Softball, baseball, and boys soccer will all play away at Hopewell for the last game of the season on May 17th.

Pitcher demonstrates repertoire

Story and photos by Kevin Harris

Two-Seam Fastball

This fastball tails away from a right-handed hitter. The middle and index fingers are on the top seams and the thumb is on the bottom.


It has a 12-6 movement and is about 15 mph slower than a fastball. The index and middle fingers are on the top of the horseshoeshaped seam with the thumb on the bottom.



It has the same look as the fastball. It has a late break into the right-handed batter and breaks away from the lefty. The middle and index fingers are on top with the index right beside the middle finger. The thumb is on the bottom right seam.

itching is a big part of baseball and pitchers have their own unique arsenal of pitches. Some pitchers even have a signature pitch that they throw, such as Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield’s knuckleball, or New York Yankee closer Mariano Rivera’s cutter. Those players’ legacies have been built on throwing those special pitches. Just as they have a special pitch, Royals pitcher Jaydee Johnson has a special pitch in his slider. “It is the most effective pitch this year, it also has the look of a fastball, then drops,” Johnson said.

May 2011  

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