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Security Measures Utilized to Ensure Safety p. 5

Race For Presidency p. 12-13

Five Republican candidates continue to fight for the nomination to take in the 2012 presidential election. On Nov. 6, the country will vote for who they want to be president.

The Student Vote who do you think will win the overall 2012 presidential election?

49% Republican Nominee

51% President Obama

Source: 90 students surveyed Infographic by Jessica Marshall

“Antic Spring” is VHSL Choice p.19 The cast of six students faces a difficult task of acting in a play based in the 1930s. Director Daryl Phillips believes though that the cast is very strong, talented, and focused.


ROYALNEWS t s i t n r de t a

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e v i t a cre ted ica n d e d

Ziva n Hollow a

Prince George H.S. - 7801 Laurel Spring Rd Prince George, VA 23875 - - January 20, 2012


p. 17


unique g n i r a c en prod uc v i r d

ed t n e l ta or r i e n se

Vol. X Issue 4

Senior Zivan Holloway performs songs that he writes, records, and produces by himself. His religion influenced much of his past work along with his current album. Photo by Malikah Williams.

New Face In Nurse’s Office p.8 Go to to see the latest photo galleries



Choices Students Make Beforehand Affect Exam Grades

the RoyalNews


ur mission as the school newspaper for Prince George High School is to provide a form of media that represents all aspects of student life. The goal is to present factual accounts of newsworthy events in a timely manner. Our publication will be informative, entertaining and reflective of the student body’s opinions. It is the desire of the staff to reach every student and tell as many of their stories as possible. We invite your commentary: The Royal News Opinion page is a forum for public discussion and shall be open to all students. The Royal News will print as many letters as space will allow. The Royal News reserves the right not to print a letter. The Royal News publishes a wide variety of opinions. Send letters to: Letters to the Editor, The Royal News, PGHS, 7801 Laurel Spring Road, Prince George, Virginia 23875, or bring them to room A6, or e-mail them to We reserve the right to edit for clarity, brevity, accuracy, legality, spelling and grammar. Please include your name, address and phone number. Anonymous letters will not be considered for publication. 500 word maximum. Thank you for the support this year. Please continue to communicate on


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Fandom Questioned Due To Radicals



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The Royal News, PGHS

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Managing Editor

ith basketball season midway done, it is a prime time to evaluate the importance of fans and analyze their behaviors. Fans are an integral part of any sport. Fans are not only important for support of whichever team or person they are rooting for, but also for the success of the major business of sports. Without fans, the money needed to keep the sport running smoothly would not be substantial enough to keep it going. In conjunction with business success, the players need the fans as support as well as encouragement. However, sometimes fandom goes to the extreme and that is where the problem lies. Sometimes people are overzealous as fans. Posters, attire, and comments are all acceptable ways to express support. But when support goes from positive things to negative things about the opposing team or player, such

as derogatory statements, throwing objects, and physical altercations to name a few, that is when it becomes unacceptable. On March 31, 2011, a San Francisco Giants fan was beaten to the point that he suffered from brain damage. The reason for this brutal beating was extremely juvenile; two Los Angeles Dodgers fans were upset about the recent defeat of their team by the Giants in the season opener, causing them to take their frustrations out on the Giants fan. Cases like these do occur occasionally but overall fans have a positive impact on the sport or person they are supporting. Fans are needed and most of them are very positive. However, there are certain rules or etiquette they need to adhere to in order to have some boundaries. These rules are important in preventing senseless deaths or injuries over something that should just inspire unity and enjoyment.

ith exams right around the corner, it seems like everyone is stressing about trying to remember everything they have learned from day one in all their classes. So far in my experiences the semester exams usually bring my final grade down a couple points. faven butler Based on a survey that the staff conducted, 66% of students said they believe exams hurt their grade. This is partially due to the fact that our exams count as 20% of our final grade. This brings to surface the hard truth that no matter how great you have been doing in a class, if you fail the exam, your previous effort may be a waste. My past teachers usually spend a week reviewing the information I need to cover before their exam. Sixty eight percent of students do not think their teachers take enough time to review for exams. Although some complain about not having enough time to review in school, there are a significant amount of people who do not take enough of their own time to study for their exams. The choices we make will determine how bad or good we do on the exams. I believe it is the student’s job to take responsibility and study ahead of time or practice other test taking skills that will benefit them. Whether the exams are fair or not, we are the ones who ultimately determine what our grade will be. Although we do not have the power to change the conditions we face, we can change the way we face them.



Should the national anthem be played during sporting events?

The national anthem written during the War of 1812 has been played at sporting events as a form of inspiration. Fans, however, have begun to question the meaning behind it today. Both sides are represented here.


he distinguished tradition of playing the Star Spangled Banner at sporting events needs to happen whether people participate or not. Fans go to sporting events to show how proud and supportive they are of their team. The Star Spangled Banner is the national anthem of Emily gray the United States. It only makes sense that the all-familiar and patriotic tune be played at athletic games. As Americans, we should participate and show respect to our country. What reason is there to discontinue the custom? According to the website the habit of playing the national anthem before sporting events dates back to the times of World War II. Because of the war, officials were speculating the cancelation of the World Series. A last minute decision was made to continue on with the World Series because the soldiers would be excited to hear about the games, boosting their morale. Thus the Star Spangled Banner was played and has continued to be played at baseball games, as well as other various sports. Being a country that has been heavily involved in both sports and war, which is why the song is perfect for the occasions of competing athletes. The veneration of winning is what ties the two ideas together. Once students graduate, it is very unlikely that they will rise every morning, find an American flag and say the Pledge. The same concept can be applied for the Star Spangled Banner. When else does one commonly hear the national anthem? Local and major events, much like sports, play the tune to not only show pride in the country, but also to simply keep it alive. If events did not play the Star Spangled Banner, then it would become rarely heard. The national anthem of the United States should mean a lot to people who hear it. We should be proud to be Americans, because this is the land of the free. So when one hears the national anthem, one should have the utmost respect. Goofing off, mocking the lyrics, and not following the rules shows how immature and disrespectful one truly is. Playing the Star Spangled Banner during sporting events is a tradition that needs to be kept alive. The more people goof off, the sooner the custom is likely to be removed. The sooner the custom is removed, the sooner Americans start forgetting just how lucky they are to be an American.



Con Amanda Majewski

“The sooner the custom is removed, the sooner Americans start forgetting just how lucky they are to be an American.” “It is a lost and an out of date tradition that we do not take seriously. “

he Star Spangled Banner, started being played at sporting events in 1918 during the seventh inning stretch of game one of the World Series. The National Anthem was first played with baseball and now it is played before every sports game. The National Anthem should not be played anymore at sporting events. The anthem does not relate to sports and sporting events are not particularly political or patriotic. The fans of today do not take the anthem seriously. The playing of the national anthem before a game has become an opportunity for the fans to disrespect not only the anthem itself, but our country. Fans disrespect the anthem when they do not stand, take their hats off, when they talk, move around, and do not place their hands over their hearts. The fans especially disrespect the anthem when they change the lyrics to cheer for their favorite team. Sports fans do not come to events to hear the national anthem. They come to see their team play. The players as well do not always act appropriately. They are moving about, hyped up for the game and wish the song would be over so they could begin the competition. Having the national anthem played and disrespected is not worth it. The national anthem is not only long and boring, it is also hard to sing. Famous people that are asked to sing it have forgotten the lyrics, ruined the song, and then seem to laugh about it afterwards much like the singer Christina Aguilera after the Super Bowl XLV. The national anthem is out of date. It started being played during World War I in the world series. The band played the national anthem at one baseball game, got a positive reaction from the crowd, and from then on they kept playing it. That was a different time and people were proud to be an American. Where is the positive reaction from the crowd now? It is a lost and an out of date tradition that we do not take seriously. The national anthem should no longer be played at sporting events




News briefs Fri. Jan. 20 at 7:15 p.m., the boys basketball team will host Petersburg.

Campus Security


Students and faculty protect by safety features Korrina Smith & Chandler Shirer trn writers


n Dec. 8, 2011 there was a shooting on the Virginia Tech campus. Officer Deriek W. Crouse was fatally shot while still inside of his vehicle. The gunman later shot himself while on campus grounds. Since there was no correlation between the victim and the gunman, it heightens the realization that any person could commit any crime. All though a tragedy like the one at Tech has not occurred on this campus, safety is still a major priority. One way the students are protected within the school is through security officers such as Officer Rose Scott, Officer Larry Tyler, and Resource Officer Butch Pearson. “I feel very safe because Officer Pearson is awesome,” English teacher Karen Rhodes said. “He knows everything going on.” Scott helps with traffic, buses, and watching over the commons. “I like working with the students and the staff,” Officer Scott said. “School safety is my number one priority because I care about the safety of everyone in this building.” Scott has been a member of the school staff for 17 years. “None of the situations I have had to deal with have been very difficult,” Scott said.

Tyler, known as Mr. T, monitors the student parking lot as well as the commons at all times. “I feel safe because of Officer Pearson, Mr. T, and Mrs. Scott,” senior Mackenzie Topian said. Another way that the students’ safety is ensured is by the use of cameras located throughout the school. The cameras can be viewed through a live feed on Assistant Principal Joe McDaniels’ computer monitor. “I feel safe because I see cameras and administrators monitoring things,” sophomore Caitlin O’Hare said. A safety feature that the school has always had is how all visitors must report to the main office and sign in, showing a valid ID. Visitors must then be escorted to their destination. “I like when people sign in at the office and that they have to be escorted where they are going,” Topian said. Every teacher has a safety plan book that covers all of the different situations that could happen within the school. “Every teacher should read the plan book,” McDaniels said. Even after school, there are still safety precautions taken to keep the students, faculty, and any visitors safe. “I like how at the game we have metal detectors,” junior Malik Vaughan said. “I feel safe after school too.” Many students feel that the safety measures the school takes are enough to

Assistant Principal Joe McDaniels watches security cameras. The cameras were installed throughout the school to monitor behavior and ensure safety. Photo by Malikah Williams. keep the entire faculty and student body safe if anything detrimental were to happen. “I feel very safe in our school because I think Prince George County does a very good job ensuring that our schools have the proper amount of security,” sophomore Haley Ramsey said. “I do not think that anything should be done differently. I like how there are officers in our school at all times.” On the other hand, there are still students who do not feel safe in the school. “I do not think it is very safe because of how open the commons is,” sophomore Mandi Cummings said. “I feel like there should be more people in the commons.” Though feelings vary about the amount of safety on the campus, cases such as the one at Tech provide logic for uncertainty concerning it. However, McDaniels feels that the school is equipped to handle any situation. “We have two security officers and a resource officer along with administrators and teachers,” McDaniels said. “They are being vigilant and looking out for things that are unnatural around the building.”

The After Prom Committee is teaming up with Ruby Tuesday [Crossings location] every Fri. until the end of Jan. Ruby Tuesday will donate 20% of the bill to the after prom. Second semester classes start Jan. 30. Students will report to their first semester classes then will be directed to their second semester class. The 4-H Club is sponsoring a bus trip to see the Washington Wizards on Feb. 4th. The cost of the trip is $80. If you are interested go see A-16 and see Mrs. Farley. This is a first come first served basis.

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New proposal limits

Distractions Proposed ban eliminates form of distracted driving Leah Holliday trn writer


uddenly, without a warning, a school bus is speeding toward a pick-up truck driven by a nineteen-yearold boy. Seconds earlier, the nineteen year old, in the pick-up, had rear-ended a tractor trailer.     The bus driver does not notice what lies in his path until it is too late.  There is not enough time for the boy to react.  The bus collides with the pick-up truck.   These actions resulted in the bus crushing the pick-up and stopping at a slant on top of the tractortrailer.  A second bus rear-ends the first bus smashing five feet into it. The driver of the pick-up truck and a student sitting in the last seat of the first bus were killed on Aug. 5, 2010, in Gray Summit, Missouri.   These two deaths and the 38 injuries that resulted from this multi-vehicle accident could have been

avoided if the boy and bus driver had not been distracted while driving. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) believes that current laws are not enforced strictly enough to prevent unnecessary accidents from happening. Many drivers still drive while talking on the phone, texting, or engaging in multiple other distractions. “[The law, in the state of Virginia, is] you are not allowed to operate a cell phone inside a vehicle unless it is legally parked, if you are under the age of eighteen,” senior Helen Kendall said. A ban is being recommended by the NTSB to enforce this law.   It will ban the use of cell phones for any and all drivers whether it is hands free or hand held. “Texting requires one hand to be removed from the wheel, unlike taught in school where two hands should remain on the wheel at all times,” junior De’shaun Tyler said. Even though the NTSB cannot compose and enforce a law, it still holds the highest priority in the nation of recommending laws. This ban would

override any other texting laws currently in place. “When you text and drive you are endangering lives on the road. It should be banned because kids are less aware of the road and there is a better chance of an accident,” Tyler said. Texting is one of the most dangerous distractions that a person can do while driving. It will keep one distracted longer than any other action to take place in a car.  It is a main cause of many accidents. “About ten percent of crashes seen, on the road, are due to texting.  It can be charged as reckless driving,” Officer Butch Pearson said. Texting while driving counts as a reckless driving offense.   In the state of Virginia, the reckless driver must make a court appearance as well as face a possible year long sentence in jail, and a fine of up to $2,500, and or the offender’s driver’s license being suspended for six months.  If one were convicted of this crime, it would create or add an offense to a criminal record that will remain for at least eleven years. “If I got my license suspended it

Helen Kendall is distracted by her cell phone while driving. The NTSB suggested a ban on using a cell phone while driving. Photo by Emily Gray. would make me feel disappointed in myself and like I have no more freedom,” junior Krystin Treglown said. Anything can lead to distracted driving from talking on the phone, to changing the station on the radio, putting on make-up and of course texting. All these actions should be avoided.  A second of not looking at the road could lead to a life changing disaster. “The new ban is a really good idea,” Treglown said. “Limiting the amount of distracted driving can save your life or someone else’s if you just wait [until you get to your destination].” Sources: and VaRecklessDrivingFAQ.html



Health professional fills critical position Malikah Williams editor-in-chief


n Jan. 2, 2012, a seven-year-old girl at Hopkins Elementary in Chesterfield County died due to a severe allergic reaction to peanuts. This event reinforced the importance of having a school nurse available at all times. That was until the beginning of the new year when April Paulson RN, MS, FNP became the new nurse. “This is my ideal job for my life right now for me to spend time with my kids, and at the same time still be helpful in my community,” Paulson said. Paulson’s children go to school in the county and sometimes that can cause tension in the family. “My children are 14, 9, 6 and one is at North Elementary and the other one will be here next year. He is apprehensive about it but overall he is okay with it. I am very excited to be here with him and keep an eye on him,” Paulson said. Although she is new to this position, this is not her first job in this profession. “I worked at MCV for twelve years before working here,” Paulson said. “I really liked working at MCV.” Unlike former nurse, Karen Smith, Paulson is more than just a registered nurse. “A Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) is an advanced nursing degree that allows nurses to practice medicine within the nursing scope of practice,” Paulson said. There are differences in working with hospital patients compared to dealing with the everyday problems of students. “Dealing with very sick patients with much more complex issues in hospitals is much more intense than here,” Paulson said. Hospital work and school clinic work not only vary in the type of patients dealt with but also in many other aspects. Before starting officially, Paulson had to re-

New Nurse Feels Welcome ceive training. “My training involved getting to know the computer system, some online courses , orientation to the clinic and the building. I also sat in some classes and observed,” Paulson. While a lot of students do not visit the nurse frequently, there are a few students that require medical assistance multiple times a week. “I go to the nurse because I have skin problems and asthma,” senior Carsey Meredith said. “I go in there at least once a week.” For students who visit the clinic frequently, building a personal relationship with the nurse is very important and vice versa. However, since Paulson recently started this position it will take time to build these relationships. “They seem comfortable with me but I am still putting names with faces,” Paulson said.

This field of work was not just something Paulson randomly picked, but is something she has always wanted to do with her life. “My love of science and biology, as well as my desire to help people, inspired me to be a nurse,” Paulson said. “I just always knew that this is what I wanted to do.” While it may seem that the responsibilities of the nurse is limited to helping students with minor health issues, this is not so. “I love teaching people how to take care of themselves because health and wellness is important for everybody and so many people do not know things they can do and I liking helping people in that way,” Paulson said. “I hope to become a resource for staff and students and I would like to coordinate health and wellness programs for staff and students as needed.” After only working for a week, Paul-

Nurse Paulson applies cream to senior Carsey Meredith because of her skin condition. Meredith visits the nurse’s office at least once a week. Photo by Emily Gray. son has already formed her opinion on the school itself and her intentions. “So far it seems very well run and the kids seem really nice and friendly; it seems like a good group of kids,” Paulson said. “I do not have any intention of going anywhere soon, I should be here a while.” Paulson has many aspirations for her new career. “I hope for this to be a clinic where students feel comfortable talking to me, whether it concerns illness or wellness, nutrition, or how to lose weight,” Paulson said. “I hope to create an environment where kids are coming to see me for more than just a band-aid.”



Student, Teachers Reflect on Job Experience With the economy still in shambles, finding a job is considered a difficult task. First hand accounts offer insight on what it is like to be employed.

Kristen Schwalm trn writer

Math Teacher Catherine Cleveland

Junior Hailey Heyliger

What was your first job? “I worked at Macy’s.”

What was your first job? “I work at Texas Roadhouse.”

What was your first job? “I worked at Sebera’s.”

What did you like about it? “I liked the people I worked with, because they let me work the weekdays, so I could have the weekends off.”

What do you like/dislike about your job? “I like the people I work with. I dislike that I work with so many people.”

What did you like/dislike about it? “I liked the food. I disliked that I worked with all older women.”

How long have you been employed there? “I have been working there since they opened in the middle of Oct. “

How long were you employed there? “I worked there for about 6 months..”

What did you dislike? “I disliked that they closed at 7 pm, so I did not get a lot of time to work..” How long were you employed there? “I worked there for a year.” How did you find he job? “I just went there and was interviewed.” For what reason did you get the job? “I got the job to have a little of spending money.” If you lost your job right now, would you be willing to go back to your first job? Why or why not? “Sure, I would do it if I needed to feed my family.” What were some advantages/disadvantages? “An advantage was I had money. A disadvantage was I had to go to work instead of hanging out with my friends.” What is your advice to people who would want to get a job now? “Do your best and dress nice for the interview.”

How did you find the job? “All of my friends and I went and applied together.” Are there any special memories you have? If so, what are they? “Sometimes we have parties, and sometimes we all talk with British accents.” For what reason did you get the job? “Because I needed some extra money and to not have to rely on my parents.” What are some advantages of having a job? “An advantage is I get an employee discount.” What are some disadvantages? “A disadvantage is that sometimes I have to work late on school nights.” What is your salary? “I make $2.13 an hour plus tips.”

PE/Health Teacher David Emory

How did you find he job? “My mother worked there, so she helped get me the job.” Are there any special memories you have? If so what are they? “One time I messed up the ice-cream machine and there was ice-cream everywhere. I also had to wear a stupid apron..” If you lost your job right now, would you be willing to go back to your first job? Why or why not? “Absolutely not, I am more qualified now.” What were some advantages/disadvantages? “Some advantages were they closed pretty early so I got home with enough time to do my homework and I go to meet different people. A huge disadvantage was all my friends made fun of me because it was not a cool job.” What is your advice to people who would want to get a job now? “Get a job that you enjoy doing.”

10 | THE ROYAL NEWS | FRIDAY 1.20.12

Bland's Florist 7 W. Wythe St. Petersburg, VA 23803


2833 S. Crater Rd Petersburg, VA 23803 (888) 348-3143 Open Monday Thru Friday 8 AM - 7 PM Sat. 10 AM - 4 PM

(804) 524-0890

439 Jennick Drive Colonial Heights, VA 23834

11 | THE ROYAL NEWS | FRIDAY 1.20.12



Jan. 24-27, 2012

Are You Prepared?

Results of a survey given to 87 students

1. Do you study for your exams? Yes - 69% No - 30%

2. What would you consider to be your HARDEST exam? English - 9% Science - 17% Math - 43% History - 22% Other - 6%

30% of students do NOT study for exams

think your IA H students are goT N CY ing to do well on your

3. Do you think exams should be counted as 20% of your grade? Yes - 14% No - 54% Maybe - 32% 4. Do you think exams help or hurt your grade? Helpful - 32% Hurtful - 66% 5. Do you think teachers take enough time to review for exams? Yes - 31% No - 68% 6. Do you think exams should be optional? Yes - 31% No - 68%

Prioritize everyday and don’t cram. Also, make it apart of a healthy, everyday routine. -J.L. Owens

Do NOT fill in bubbles like this ^

Day One

Day Two

Tuesday 7:50-9:40 - EXAM 2 9:50_11:45-EXAM 4 EARLY RELEASE

Wednesday 7:50-9:40 - EXAM 1 9:50_11:45-EXAM 3 EARLY RELEASE

Y Q: E L Do S you HA


A & Q

exam? H A: Yes. They have been given IT W two weeks of preparation, a study guide, and old tests to look over. If they are willing to do the work, then they will be able to do it.

Q: What is one rule you would change about exams? A: The length prepares you for college. I think it is fine. We work hard enough in class to where the students can handle it. Maybe making them before Christmas would help so they will not forget the information. Q: What tips would you give for students in preparation for the exams? A: Do not just look things over. You actually have to memorize the information. Students have lost the art of studying. The answers are not just going to come to you. Q: What should students do on the day of their exams? A: Get a good night sleep before. Eat breakfast- not a lot of sugar but protein. Good luck!

Day Three Thursday 7:50-9:40 - EXAM 5 9:50_11:45-EXAM 6 EARLY RELEASE

Day Four Friday 7:50-9:50 - EXAM 7 EARLY RELEASE AT 10:00

12 | THE ROYAL NEWS | FRIDAY 1.20.12

2012 Republican Presidential Primary Guide Information gathered by:


Nathan Britt trn writer

he 2012 presidential election will be held on Nov. 6 and the winner will be inaugurated as President of the United States on Jan. 20, 2013. Incumbent President Barack Obama is the presumed Democratic nominee for president while there are still five candidates competing for the Republican nomination, which will be announced at the party’s national convention in August. The Republican nominee will be chosen based on the number of delegates each candidate wins in the different states’ primaries or caucuses held throughout the year until the national convention. These delegates will then in turn vote for that candidate at the party’s national convention and the candidate with the most votes will be the party’s nominee.

By The


Have you been keeping up with the presidential race? No (60%) Yes (40%)

Mitt Romney Age: 64 Former office: Massachusetts Governor Political Views: Wants to Wants to repeal reduce the “Obamacare” corporate tax health care rate to 25% system 1st place in the Iowa Caucus (24.6%) 1st place in the New Hampshire Primary (39.3%) National Support: 33%

Who do you think will win the overall presidential election? Barack Obama (51%) The Republican nominee (49%)

Information gathered from returned surveys of 100 distributed surveys

Who do you hope will win the 2012 presidential election?

Rick Santoru

Age: 53 Former office: Membe the US Senate Political Views: Pro-life and Strongly opposes em- the 2nd A bryonic stem- ment cell research 2nd place in the Iow Caucus (24.5%) 5th place in the New Ha shire Primary (9.4%) National Support: 14

10% of stude are registered vote

Junior Sterling Lewis

Sophomore Garrett Holt

Junior Parth Patel

“Ron Paul, because he supports liberty and American values.”

“Newt Gingrich, I like his conservative values.”

“Barack Obama, because he has accomplished many things.”


Ron Paul

Newt Gingrich

Rick Perry

Age: 76 Current office: Member of the US House of Representatives Political Views:

Age: 68 Former office: Speaker of the House of Representatives Political Views: Supports Opposes granting tapping into amnesty to illegal American immigrants fuel sources 4th place in the Iowa Caucus (13.3%) 4th place in the New Hampshire Primary (9.4%) National Support: 16%

Age: 61 Current office: Texas Governor


er of

y supports Amend-




ents d to

Supports reWants to end the pealing the 16th Federal Reserve amendment System 3rd place in the Iowa Caucus (21.4%) 2nd place in the New Hampshire Primary (22.9%) National Support: 12%

How important is this presidential election to you? Not Important (20%) Somewhat important (36%)

Who do you think will win the Republican nomination? Huntsman(14%) Santorum(5%) Paul (11%)

Important (26%) Very Important (18%)

Perry (14%)

Romney (61%)

Gingrich (5%)


O Political Views: rich ing Dropped G es Opposes gay rscitiWants to give o d En zens the option to marriage pay a flat 20% tax 5th place in the Iowa Caucus (10.3%) 6th place in the New Hampshire Primary (0.7%) National Support: 7%

Senior Girsan Negron “I really do not care, we still have a bad economy.”

Junior Joy Arakelian “Mitt Romney, because he seems to know what is best for the country.”

South CarolinaJan. 21 FloridaJan. 31

Photos taken from apimages. com

17% of students plan to vote in the VA Republican primary in March

Upcoming Primaries NevadaJan. 21

Information gathered from candidates’ websites,, and

Designed by:

Rachel Waymack doubletruck editor

VirginiaMar. 6

14 | THE ROYAL NEWS | FRIDAY 1.20.12


FRIDAY 1.20.12 | THE ROYAL NEWS | 15


Gamer's Corner

Long Awaited Game Displays New Features


hree years in the making and little over a decade of franchise combine to produce one of the most sought after military tactic games of the decade, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier (GRFS). Set to take place in the near future, players will have several advanced combat Patrick West tactics and weaponry at their disposal throughout the game. New to the series, is the “personal optic camouflage” in which the player, when prone or crouched can become nearly invisible creating new opportunities for alternate strategies. Another addition is the “personal recon drone” where the player can spot enemies in which their squad members eliminate with utmost precision. Perhaps the most interesting update to the franchise is the incorporation of advanced heat seeking ammunition, once the


: Dianne Overstreet Chris Romig Louise Thornton Marcia Skiffington Mitch and Willene Simmons Lennie and Nancy Elder Kris Tritschler Jeff and Denise Aleska Stream Team FCA Spanish Club Johnny and Michele Harris



William Havard Janie Williams Pat Raines

player locks on to a target he can then safely fire from behind cover while still hitting their mark. Ubisoft (head developer) has also incorporated the new age of gaming with Xbox Kinect which features advanced customization, game controls and voice command. With the swipe of their hands, players can even disassemble their weapons all the way down to the single, parts such as the firing pin, which adds an in-depth control over the game. Several characters from the previous installments such


: Donald Newbold Tracey Smallwood Bryan Griffin Cynthia Hasley Joe McDaniels Terry Walker Roy York Army Junior Chrystal Barnwell ROTC Rose Scott Thomas Carwile Mr. T Prince George Cathie Hamlin Baseball Janet Carr The Kevin Moore Blumenschine’s Kim Bailey Tim and Janet Renee Topian Schwalm Paola Jones The Dunn”s Kevin Moore Lindsey Comer Nick Tritschler Cameron Georgina & Schwalm Wilson Whited Haley Ramsey Interact Club Marc Dailey Ayana Washington

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as Scott Mitchell and new characters like Pepper, 30k, Bones, and Kozak can also be seen throughout the campaign. With all of the new updates to the franchise it is certain to add to the overall amusement of the game play. The campaign is set to take place at many spectacular locations around the world and will feature the open world game play seen in the previous titles. The major conflict of the game will be carried on from the previous Ghost Recon games. Players will be fighting against a nationalist force controlling Russia throughout a series of deadly missions. GRFS will doubtfully have the power to sweep the markets like the other shooter s such as, Battlefield or Call of Duty, but it will undoubtedly appeal to gamers with more of a tactical drive. So far Ghost Recon Future Soldier is set to release on all platforms, May of 2012, in all major retailers. Promotional Image from PLEASE NOTE THIS GAME IS RATED T FOR TEEN DUE TO BLOOD & GORE,MILD LANGUAGE SEXUAL THEMES AND VIOLENCE

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Showcases Gift Senior

Zivan Holloway self-produces albums, gets inspiration from religion Aaron Raines trn writer


s children, everyone has a dream; but when is it time to stop dreaming and start doing? Zivan Holloway once imagined being on a stage singing his latest masterpiece with his fans cheering him on in the crowd. At nineteen years old Holloway is working hard to make that dream a reality. Holloway is an extraordinary performer; even more amazing is the man behind the microphone. At an age when teenagers are still deciding what to be, Holloway had already written, recorded, and produced his first album. He entitled his work When Jesus Comes. Holloway was raised by his grandmother since age eight when his mother left his life. His grandmother raised him in a strong religious environment. Holloway used his faith to assist him in writing the album. In 2009, Holloway developed his stage name, NuJay. He formed the name from a combination of his nickname Nunu and his last name Holloway. He performed his first concert that same year in Burrowsville VA, at the Burrowsville community center. A year later in 2010 at age 18, Holloway produced another album entitled A Brand Nu Journey Begins. He had grown as a writer by this point creating hits entitled, God is Love, and No matter what I do. 2010 was a challenging year that changed his life, however through music Holloway was able to survive. “Life is a journey and you never know

what obstacles are going to get in your way so it’s best to always keep God in your life,” Holloway said. The following year in 2011, Holloway worked on a special project in honor of his 19th birthday. Not only did his new album entitled, Growing in Grace; 19x Stronger, show personal growth in him as a man, but it also showed growth in his music. Holloway hopes one day to take his music even further. He has already met singer, Luther Barns and has others he would like to meet. “Some people might think it’s a strange mix but I really want to work with Jennifer Hudson.” Holloway said. Although Holloway has only produced gospel albums he also writes R&B. “I really want to write a hit for Beyonce’ one day,” Holloway said. Holloway has a natural gift of vocal talent, but he says he feels like more of writer than anything else. Holloway feels that his future is in God’s h a n d s and he will follow whatever direction God sends him.

“My faith really unlocked the door to my dreams,” Holloway said. “Having God in my life allowed me to feel free and write motivational music.” Whatever path he takes Holloway is sure there will be music playing on the ride. “Everything I feel I want to express to the world in music,” Holloway said. Holloway will never give up on his dream; he plans to keep God in his life and in his music. Holloway is a living example of what dreams can do once you open your eyes, and make it your reality. “Keep moving, keep believing,” Holloway said. “Life is full of things to do so don’t just sit there.”

Photo by Malikah Williams.

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Students Prepare for

Furry Critters Hit Big Screen Once Again

Competition T

PG Players star in “Antic Spring” for VHSL competition Danielle Marshall trn writer


ach year VHSL, Virginia High School League, hosts a competition for local district high school theater departments to compete. Each high school must have prepared a one-act play to present to a panel of judges and this year the PG Players are once again in the competition. The PG Players competed last year with a play called, “Rabbit” and won the district competition and went on to compete in the Regional competition, winning. This year, however, director Daryl Phillips is changing things up a bit with a pantomime play about six very different teenagers going a picnic which is ruined by ants. The play also involves love, heartbreak and even a little violence. “My goal has always been to choose plays which allow our students to experience a wide range of types and styles, I do this by mainly choosing plays which are 180 degrees away from what we did the year prior,” Phillips said. Unlike the drama “Rabbit”, the play chosen this year is the 1930s comedy called “Antic Spring.” The cast of six students is also quite smaller than it was last year. Though

having a smaller cast and different genre, there is certainly not a lack of talent according to Phillips. “‘Rabbit’ was last year’s [play] with last year’s very fine talent. ‘Antic spring’ is this year’s [play] and with this year’s equally fine talent,” Phillips said. “The only thing we can control is our focused, consistent hard work from year to year.” Junior Megan Johnson, who plays Ginger, and senior Devan Andrews, who plays Albert, are two of the six people in the show. Both actors are trying very hard to get their characters just right so that the time difference between the 1930s and now really shows during the performance. Phillips knowing this to be a difficult task for the actors, provided some guidance. “Mr. Phillips made us watch an old comedy from the same time era as our show to get the right feel for how things should flow,” Johnson said. “The main character in the movie had a lot of the same qualities as my character Ginger, so I refer to her when I am trying to switch from acting in control of everything, to acting in love during the play.” The stress of becoming the character, keeping the time period check, and holding up the standards of VHSL burden the cast in the play. But Phillips knows to keep his cool. “I never try to add stress to actors’ processes without reason,” Phillips said. “I never ‘direct for the competition’. I direct the play.” Though performing in a play might be

Junior Megan Johnson and senior Matthew Branthoover act out a scene at a picnic. The PG Players have been practicing for competition with the play “Antic Spring.” Photo by Danielle Marshall. stressful, Andrews knows that is not an excuse for a bad performance. “Well as with all the VHSL competitions I participate in, I intend to do my utter best and to work extremely hard on perfecting Albert,” said Andrews. Working hard at perfecting everything you can is a must. Practice is very important. The key is to always understand the characters and how they would react in certain situations. “We will work on in-depth understanding of the characters and their objectives and explore the performance style for this particular play,” Phillips said. The VHSL competition is to take place Jan. 28th at Meadowbrook High School. Also, there will be an in-school performance following the week after the competition. With there only being a couple days left to perfect the play, Phillips is completely confident in what they are going to competition with. “This is a very strong, talented and focused cast,” Phillips said. “I feel very good about our chances.”

iny, adorable creatures running around and causing mischief is the basis for Alvin and the Chipmunks, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. That is why people just cannot seem to get enough of them, judging by the creation of not one, but three movies centered on them. Walking into this movie, having seen none of the previous films and being forced to see it because Tasia Faulcon everything else was either sold out or started past the 12 a.m. curfew for people under the age of 18, I was a little skeptical. I was not sure if a movie about talking and singing, furry little animals was the type of movie that would appeal to me. I assumed it would be unrealistic and maybe a movie solely made for young children. Though Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked was very unrealistic, it was also enjoyable and kind of made you feel like a kid being “chipwrecked” with them. The movie turned out to be very cute and you could not help but to laugh every time the chipmunks got themselves into crazy shenanigans. Throughout the movie, Alvin caused plenty of mischief like when they were on the cruise ship and he led the children to the ‘Adult Only’ area with water guns. The whole conflict of the movie was due to Alvin deciding to climb to the top of a kite while the rest of the chipmunks held on to the string. The chipmunks were not heavy enough to hold the string down and they all drifted away. If you enjoy cute movies that contain crazy unrealistic things, like I do, then you will also enjoy it. Since it will be out of theaters soon this is definitely a movie to buy on DVD to snuggle up and enjoy with your family.

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Freshmen Bring Energy to Lady Royals Wayne Epps, Jr. sports editor


his season, the varsity Lady Royals basketball team has exploded on to the scene with the help of some young talent. The team has leaned on the play of freshmen players to help them to achieve a 16-1 start and remain undefeated in the Central District as of Jan. 17; the best start in head coach Billy Gray’s tenure. There are four freshmen on the roster this season for the Lady Royals. Three of those freshmen: guard Ariel Stephenson, guard Joanna Taylor, and center Kaitlyn Stovall, have seen consistent time in the starting lineup. This season marks the first that Gray has ever started three freshmen. “I have watched all three of them since they were in fifth or sixth grade, and I knew that (so) I moved them from middle school to JV last year,” Gray said. “And, I knew this year they were all three coming to varsity. I have watched them play and they have been involved in AAU, and so, it was not by mistake or accident or anything.” Defense has been the key for success this season for the Lady Royals. They have held opponents to just 31.7 points per game. The team runs three different defensive traps, utilizing their speed to hold opponents to limited points and creating opportunities to score on the offensive side. “I definitely like defense,” Taylor said. “I like getting in people’s faces and getting them annoyed.” The freshmen trio of Stephenson, Taylor, and Stovall has played together for approximately three years. In addition to playing for the Royals, they have participated in AAU basketball together during the summer. The experience that they have gained playing together has allowed them to feed off of each other on the court. “We almost know what each other are going to do without even looking at each other,” Stephenson said. “So it’s almost automatic.” Other than the youth on this year’s

Freshman Joanna Taylor drives to the basket during a game against Matoaca on Tues., Jan. 10. The Royals defeated the Warriors 84-39. Photo by Tiana Kelly. team, the team this season is different from previous teams because of their quickness and athletic ability. Those factors have helped the Lady Royals to execute their defense effectively. “We have better athletes and we have more athletes,” senior forward Danielle Hannuksela said. “And, everybody is pretty much well-rounded. People know where they play, and they know their strengths and their weaknesses.” Despite the fact that three freshmen

have come in and gotten significant playing time right away, their older teammates have embraced them as part of the team. The older players recognize their value to the team. “They lead the team,” Hannuksela said. “They carry the team on their shoulders, and they bring a lot of energy and intensity that we have not had in past years.” Despite seeing the potential in his players, Gray is surprised by how fast it has all come together. Even some of the play-

ers did not think that things would turn out the way that they have. “We probably have accomplished a little bit more, a little bit sooner than I really thought we would,” Gray said. “I knew that they were capable of playing like this, but I thought it would take a little bit longer.” The Lady Royals are students of the game of basketball, and that is one thing that has helped them to be so successful so far this season. That quality also makes the coaches’ jobs more enjoyable. “They are all coachable,” Gray said. “They all want to listen. They all want to learn. They all want to do better. And, that is fun for a coach and my coaching staff.” Down the stretch, as the Lady Royals complete the last half of their season, Gray believes that Meadowbrook is the next best team in the Central District compared to his team. The Lady Royals defeated Meadowbrook 71-70 in overtime on Wed., Jan. 4. They will play them again on Fri., Jan. 27 for the last time before the district tournament tips-off on Tues., Feb. 14. The team believes that they have a chance to advance into the state playoffs this season. “I think we will get into the regions, and if we do really well in the regions, we could get a little further,” Gray said. “But, you have to have a lot of things come together—hard work and they have to play really well. You have to have a little bit of luck.” This season can serve as just a beginning of things to come for the Lady Royals. The freshmen will have three more years after this season to improve even more. Gray expects big things for the future. “The outlook for this team looks more promising than any team I have ever had,” he said. “We will get older and we will get better. And, we are going to make some noise over the next three years, no question about that.”

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SportsOpinion Girls Receive Low Attendance


t is a well known fact that female athletics are not as celebrated, watched, promoted, or attended as male athletics. In fact it does not even come close. It is even more noticeable in the lower levels of sports such, as at the high school level. Most would agree that the boys basketball team has the biggest and most passionate fan base of any of the sports the Royals participate in. But why? The girls basketball team is having a far more successful season than the boys. So why do the fans not flock to girls games as they do for a boys games? Maybe it is because girls games are not promoted as well as boys games. Or perhaps it is because we are not exposed to female athletics like we are to male athletics. For example, major sports networks like NBC sports CBS sports and ESPN rarely give coverage to girls athletics. And because of this, we are not as likely to see it. The reason I believe there is a difference in the following is because girls athletics lack the flashy, quick, and exciting play that we can get at a boys game.

Even at the professional level, there is a huge difference in promotion, attendance, and following. Just look at the attendance averages per game for five of the major NBA cities from the 2006-2007 season according to www.insidehoops. com: New YorkKevin Harris 17,000, Los Angeles (Lakers)-18,000, Chicago-22,000, Detroit-22,000, and San Antonio-18,000. Now look at the same five cities’ attendance averages for their respective WNBA teams for the 2006-2007 season: New York-8,000, Los Angeles-8,000, Chicago-3,000, Detroit-9,000, San Antonio-7,000. But, who am I to judge who goes or does not go to a specific game. People are going to go where they feel they can get the most for their money and if that happens to be a boys game instead of a girls game so be it.

Congratulations to all DECA District Competition winners! Good luck at States in March!

s adie L ob J d Goo Congratulations to Girls Basketball for beating Douglas Freeman and winning the Juan Stevenson Memorial Tournament!

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Boys Varsity Basketball hosts Petersburg Fri., Jan. 20 at 7:15 PM.

Girls Varsity Basketball travels to play Meadowbrook on Fri., Jan. 27 at 7:15 PM.

Boys Varsity Basketball hosts Meadowbrook on Fri., Jan. 27 at 7:15 PM.

Fans Flock To Support Team

Fans cheer during a boys basketball game against Hopewell on Fri., Jan. 13. The Royals defeated the Blue Devils 67-55. Photo by Jessica Marshall.


Korrina Smith trn writer

ans cheering for their teams, stomachs painted green and gold, posters with the players’ faces on them, and a lot of screaming describes the fans at a home basketball game for the Royals. The fans might be considered to be disruptive and rude during the game, or just extremely school spirited. At home games, the Royals student section, “Relentless”, can get very enthused and involved in the game. One thing these fans are required to do is to follow the rules laid out for them. The biggest rule is to stay off the court. When fans fail to follow this rule, there is the possibility of punishment for themselves and the team. According to Officer Butch Pearson, if students do not follow the rules at basketball games, they could be asked to leave, not be allowed to come back, banned from all after school activities, suspended, or the student could even be charged with disorderly conduct. “Coming to the games is a privilege, not a right,” Pearson said. Some students in the school have already faced consequences for failure to follow the rules at basketball games.

Recently, senior Zachary Hubert was called into the office the day after a basketball game to notify him that he had been suspended from two home games. Hubert was told three times to get off of the court, but did not acknowledge the police officer. “I was just trying to leave the building as quick as possible, not rush the court,” Hubert said. “I feel like I didn’t do a thing wrong.” If the fans of the home team get out of hand, they could not only face punishment themselves, but also they could also cause their team to receive a technical foul. A technical foul is an infraction of rules that can be placed on single players or the entire team. After traveling to away games at other schools in the area, head coach Dave Hettinger believes the Royals fans have good school spirit. “It really shows we have pride,” Hettinger said. “We want them to cheer for us when we do something good and not disrespect the other team.” Some people may feel that, by the fans being so loud and so involved with the game, they are being rude and obnoxious. They might believe that the fans are distracting to the players. “There’s nothing wrong with it because we’re supporting the team – not being negative,” senior basketball fan Bryce Hayes said.

However, the opposite to this belief of disruption is that the spirit of the crowd keeps the players going. “It gets the players ready,” sophomore basketball fan Kyle Powroznick said. When some of the players were asked about their feelings concerning the student section, they felt that it produced a positive atmosphere for them during the game. “They’re like the sixth man,” senior basketball player Braxton Evans said. “They help us out.” Basketball fans may think that this is how a game is supposed to go; the crowd cheers and the players play well. “It makes me want to play harder so we can win,” senior basketball player Adontis Shelton said. Even though the game is all about fun, Principal Tracey Smallwood believes the crowd should remember why they are there in the first place. “I think it’s wonderful for students to support the athletic program, however, they need to remember that they are there to represent our school and what we stand for,”Smallwood said. “They need to bring honor to the various programs and not send a negative message throughout the district about our student body.” So, at the next home basketball game, some fans may be thinking about whether their behavior and etiquette could be portrayed as negative or as simply fun and school spirited.


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