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Hazelwood Celebrates Student Achieves Success 25th Anniversary p.5 Through YouTube p. 10-11 The Hazelwood vs. Kuhlmeier Supreme Court decision ruled that administrators can have editorial control over newspapers to censor articles.

Senior Kirsten Leighty began making YouTube videos in 2011. Her videos became so popular that seventeen offered her a contract to be a beauty smartie for their website.

Sophomore Receives Military Award p. 8

Sophomore Nicole Daly was offered an award for military Child of the Year. Daly had to meet various criteria to receive the honor

Prince George H.S. - 7801 Laurel Spring Rd. Prince George, VA 23875 - - January 25, 2013

Volume XI Issue 4


Dress Code

Enforced p.6

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Shown here is a photo of a student wearing jeans with holes above the knee. At the midpoint of the year, 185 violations have been cited. Photo by Ridhi Patel.



the RoyalNews

ur mission as the school newspaper for Prince George High School is to provide a form of media that represents all aspects of student life. The goal is to present factual accounts of newsworthy events in a timely manner. Our publication will be informative, entertaining and reflective of the student body’s opinions. It is the desire of the staff to reach every student and tell as many of their stories as possible. We invite your commentary: The Royal News Opinion page is a forum for public discussion and shall be open to all students. The Royal News will print as many letters as space will allow. The Royal News reserves the right not to print a letter. The Royal News publishes a wide variety of opinions. Send letters to: Letters to the Editor, The Royal News, PGHS, 7801 Laurel Spring Road, Prince George, Virginia 23875, or bring them to room A4, or e-mail them to We reserve the right to edit for clarity, brevity, accuracy, legality, spelling and grammar. Please include your name, address and phone number. Anonymous letters will not be considered for publication. 500 word maximum. Thank you for the support this year. Please continue to communicate on trnwired. org.

Section Editors Front page: Quetasia Faulcon-Op/Ed: Nathan Britt-News: Casey Overton-Features: Faven ButlerDouble Truck: Danielle Marshall-A&E : Deborah Gardner-Sports: Kristen Schwalm-Ampersand: Tiana Kelly-Photo Editor/Distribution and Events: Ridhi Patel-Business & Ad Editor: Chloe Alexander-Online Editor-in-Chief: Korrina Smith Online Sports Editor: Courtney Taylor-Social Media Manager: Christina Buckles Professional affiliations & awards Columbia Scholastic Press Associations Gold Medalist 2008-2011 Columbia Scholastic Press Associations Silver Crown Winner 2011 Virginia High School Association Trophy Class 2006-2011 Col. Charles Savedge Award for Sustained Excellence 2010 SIPA All Southern 2008-2011

Writers Debra Thomas-Genevieve Perez-Kolade OlanrewajuBlier Smith-Sarah Daniel-JoJo Taylor-Lindsay Pugh-Devan Fishburne-Angelica Martinez-Mallory Cox-Roxy Sherrick-John Shumar-Samantha Barton

Editor-in-Chief Amanda Majewski

Business Manager Chloe Alexander

Managing Editor Quetasia Faulcon


Chris Waugaman

The Royal News, PGHS &

7801 Laurel Spring Road Prince George, Virginia 23875 804-733-2720 The Royal News is printed at The Progress-Index in Petersburg, Virginia

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Is gun control effective in curbing violence?

Due to the recent shooting in Newtown, CT, gun violence has been the source of much high profile debate. The National Rifle Association and the President have opposing viewpoints. What do you think?


ith the dust from the Newtown shooting finally settling, a monstrous uproar has risen from its ashes over gun control laws and how this horrible tragedy could possibly have been prevented. The passing of gun control laws takes place with the consideration of so many different variables and circumstances. Meanwhile, the bottom line is that criminals who do not have access to the weapons they use to commit crimes, are much less likely to commit them. Some try to make the argument that citizens who already neglect the law will continue to neglect it and obtain their desired weapons illegally. While this may be true, these laws concern the safety of innocent, law-abiding citizens. Why not do everything within our power to keep guns away from those who will misuse them? The first step in doing this would be to make laws regulating the weapons that are being released to the public. With each gun that goes out to an individual, the risk of that weapon falling into the wrong hands increases. Out of the over 315,100,000 Americans, over 200,000,000 have access to guns in their homes. This is a staggering number of people that can most likely be cut down to lessen the many risks involved by adjusting gun-control laws. For example, There is no need for any hunter to have dozens of guns lying around. Having more than a couple guns for one’s own self defense is simply unnecessary. In addition, circumstances where the weapon may have power surpassing that which is needed for its intended use are only adding to the many risks of weapon ownership. Individuals wishing to purchase weapons for self-defense have no need for artillery that would be used to take down an elephant. Even if the purchaser of a gun has no plans of doing harm, certain restrictions should be made simply for the sake of safety. When human lives are concerned there is no such thing as taking too many precautions. The reasoning behind restricting gun control is not to take away from American freedom. All lawabiding citizens who have respectable intentions for the use of their weapons will still be able to get the guns they need.


PRO CON Casey Overton

John Shumar

he tragic events of Sandy Hook Elementary School will forever be in the thoughts of Americans, especially those parents who have children in school. When a loving mother puts her toddler onto a bus, she should be assured that her precious child will be safe in an environment meant to foster learning and self-confidence. The murder of 26 innocents, 20 of them being first graders, has once again sparked the debate of who should legally own what type of firearm, if any at all. Some factions have demanded that firearms be removed from the common citizen’s possession. This seems logical at the surface; if there are less guns around, there should be less crimes committed with guns. However, this is an emotional response that, when examined, is simply not the solution. Taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens ensures that criminals who do not follow the law and who will not turn in their guns will have free rein when committing a crime. Gun regulation will not end crime, or even decrease it. After the infamous Dunblane massacre, a tragedy similar to Sandy Hook that occurred in a Scottish primary school in 1996, it was declared illegal for British citizens to own a gun. Since the ban, handgun crimes in the United Kingdom have more than doubled. If criminals want to commit a crime with a gun, they will have no problems illegally securing one. At this point, our goal should be to ensure that those innocents who are threatened by criminals in the future are protected and given a higher chance of survival. When a citizen has a gun, it is proven to substantially deter crime. Of the 16,272 murders committed in 2008, 67% were committed by a gun. However, a study conducted by the Journal of Quantitative Criminology found that every year there are 989,883 instances in which crime is prevented by a citizen who is carrying a gun. If we truly wanted to end the horrifying murder of innocent people by bad guys, we should give more guns to the good guys, not take away their only source of protection.

A Web of Good Intentions: The American Progress Trap


he United States is in a progress trap. A progress trap is when problems are inadvertently introduced through the implementation of seemingly positive ideas, policies, or developments. A simple example would be the technological development of hunting to the point where hunting is destroyed as a way of susNathan Britt tenance because of extinction. America is in a progress trap because of socioeconomic over regulation and rapid fire technological developments.

Recently the mainstream media has focused on the financial difficulties of Capitol Hill regarding the fiscal cliff negotiations, the debt ceiling, and sequestration. These issues were created by financial mismanagement of Congress and the executive branch for decades prior, Republicans and Democrats alike. The fiscal overexertion that our government is pushing cannot be sustained for much longer, even if they’re supporting programs to help the disadvantaged. We’re headed for a drastic economic sinkhole unless our government turns the car around and starts driving up out of the valley of debt we’re stuck in. We’re stuck where we are

because of the lack of compromise regarding the taxation-spending relationship our government maintains. While America is already in a fiscal progress trap, we are well on our way to getting stuck in others as well. Technology is advancing so rapidly that we are bound to overstep at some point. The internet has already become the safe haven for criminals and malefactors of all sorts. Widespread internet piracy is also a major issue that detracts from our economy and has ever since the Napster decision. These issue have sprouted out of supposed progress. Most people are accustomed to hearing

words like progress and innovation in a positive light. But the major problems that our country is experiencing on the national level have their origins in policies that were introduced under the guise of progress or innovation. Citizens should be wary of words like progress or innovation because of their ability to be manipulated by crafty people. In fact, crafty people are in charge so we must be doubly suspicious. American citizens need to understand that good intentions are not enough; we need results. We have suspended ourselves into the quicksand of an intangible progress and it will take courage and resilience to drag ourselves out of it.


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Judiciary Wins Academic Challenge Team Moves On To Regionals >> Model >> The Model Judiciary team won against Benedictine The Academic Challenge team came in second place on on January 15. Regionals, which is Court of Appeals, will be held in March against Benedictine again.

January 16 in competition. Matoaca came in first. The team will be going to regionals the first week of February.

Club Starts Second Semester VHSL Theatre Festival Held At Home >> New >> Frisbee Club was approved to be an official club on The VHSL district theatre festival will be held on SaturJanuary 16. The club deals with frisbee related activities to get in shape. Hansln Ely is the sponsor and Brody Rotzoll is the president of the new club. Students can join during the second semester.

day, January 26 in the auditorium. It will begin at 9 AM and end at 2:30 PM. PG Players will be performing “Ladies of the Tower” at 10:45 AM. It costs $5 to get in.

Special Dates >>Hazelwood’s

25th Anniversary Looking Forward >> 2013 There is plenty to look forward to in the new year.

>> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>

Black History Month (Feb.) Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) Spring sports (Feb.-May) Spring break (Apr. 1-5) Prom (Apr. 20) SOL’s (May) AP exams (May) Underclass final exams (June 11-14) Graduation (June 8)

Twenty-five years ago, the United States Supreme Court ruled that high school journalists can be censored by school administrators. The case Hazelwood vs. Kuhlmeier dealt with two articles of the school newspaper the Spectrum. One article was written about teen pregnancy and the other was about divorce. Administrators believed the articles to be unfair and indecent for a newspaper staff to cover, so the students filed a lawsuit against the school. The U.S. Court of Appeals judged in favor of the students’ rights, but the Supreme Court did not. The Supreme court deemed that administrators can have editorial control over a newspaper’s content.

>>Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was celebrated Monday, January 21, 2013. In 1983 President Reagan signed the bill creating this federal holiday. It was first observed in 1986 and in 1992 President George H.W. Bush proclaimed the holiday would be observed on the third Monday of January each year.



Dress Code Questions Cause




Number of students who have had to fill out dress code violation forms as of Jan. 11, 2013.

5, 6, 7

Pages in the Student Conduct and Safety Handbook that addresses the student dress code.

Students are unhappy about recent dress code consequences Kristen Schwalm & Korrina Smith trn editors


n high school, students are required to conform to a dress code. Recently, students have questioned the school’s dress code. One of the main concerns of students is the rule regarding leggings and yoga pants. The dress code is stated in the Student Conduct and Safety Handbook on pages five, six, and seven. It states that leggings may be worn with a top/skirt/shorts at a length no shorter than mid-thigh. “Anything that constitutes leggings, yoga slacks, and anything that is tight and revealing you cannot wear, including the PINK yoga slacks you get from Victoria’s Secret,” Assistant Principal Janie Williams said. A major reason the administration believes leggings and yoga pants are becoming an issue with the dress code is the fact that Christmas and the holiday season recently passed. “I think a lot of it has to do with the girls getting a lot of leggings for Christmas and

they’re forgetting that to wear leggings they have to have a top that comes at least midthigh,” Assistant Principal Chris Romig said. “Leggings have always been allowed by dress code, but they have to have a top that comes to at least mid-thigh or longer to be able to wear them.” As of Jan. 11, 2013, 185 incidents have occurred that have required students to go to attendance and fill out a dress code violation form. The procedure for a dress code violation involves going to the attendance office, filling out a form, and having a parent called. Mainly, the first time is a warning. The second time, the student receives detention after school. The third time, the student is considered defiant, and disciplinary actions are taken. The Student Conduct and Safety Handbook states what can and cannot be worn by students. The book was revised July 2012. The concern of many students is that the handbook was revised without the student body being informed, and that their dress choices do not affect the classroom. “The school board has specific guidelines and it is the job of the employees of the county to enforce the rules, not just the dress

Senior De’Alva Glaspie sits in the attendance office after being reprimanded for her dress choices. Glaspie had to fill out a dress code violation form to be filed in the office. Photo by Ridhi Patel. code,” Romig said. “As far as its impact in the classroom, if we allow this student to dress however she wants to, then we have to allow the next student and the next student and the next student. So what seems like very petty things to one or two people can very quickly escalate to a lot of things, just like the many rumors that are going around about the new dress code. There is no new dress code. It is the same one that has been in effect for many years by the school board.” Students have different perspectives on the dress code. Some agree with it and others disagree. “I don’t agree with banning yoga pants because they are a very popular item of clothing and they are very comfortable,” junior Caitlin O’Hare said. “If they flare at the bottom, I don’t see why we can’t wear them.” On the other hand, some students agree with the dress code and believe it is in place for a reason. “The dress code doesn’t really concern me, because I have no need to break it,” sophomore Vanessa Sadler said. “I feel like the rules are pretty reasonable, and I see where administration is coming from.” The dress code is in place and all stu-


Number of words in the student dress code.


No chain or piece of jewelry can exceed this length or it is considered a weapon.


Categories of apparel that are considered to not be appropriate for school. dents are required to abide by it. If a student chooses to be defiant and not follow the rules, there will be consequences. “Out of the 1400 students at school, a vast majority of them know what school is for and why they are here,” Romig said. “This is not a fashion show, this is not us against them, this is about you guys coming to school where it’s safe, where you can get a good education, and move on about your life. There are always going to be things we don’t like.”


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Competing with the best! Students from the Prince George United States Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps won first place overall at the Woodrow Wilson Drill Competition.

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Command Sgt. Major Daniel Reid, who leads the JROTC, commended the JROTC students from Prince George High School and N.B. Clements Junior High School at the School Board meeting Tuesday, Jan. 14.

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Military Student Offered Award

Junior Nicole Daly nominated for Military Child of the Year Award Courtney Taylor trn editor


n Oct. 3, 2012, the nomination period of the 2013 Military Child of the Year award opened. After hearing about it from Darbara Simmons, guidance counselor Tara Bauman-Seely nominated Junior Nicole Daly, a student that just moved here over the summer from Washington D.C. “I feel like a lot of times people praise soldiers rightfully so, but the families sacrifice just as much,” Daly said. “I’ve seen my mom sacrifice her career, us sacrifice having a normal childhood, and not even growing up around our other family members. But for all that, there is something really special and unique about the military life, one that only military children can understand.” Daly has experienced her fair share of time away from her father. “I nominated Nicole hoping it would help her feel appreciated and recognized for her efforts,” Bauman-Seely said. The Military Child of the Year award is based on the student’s overall achievements and resiliency. In order to be eligible, the child must have moved at least five times, experienced a parent deployment for 18 months or more, and have an average of 75 community service hours a year. Students must also have above average grades, excel in sports, and hold leadership positions in their school and community groups. Daly is now one of the top twenty finalists. On Feb. 15, the top five candidates will be selected to receive a laptop. Out of those candidates, the military child of the year will be chosen and announced on Mar. 5. The winner will travel to Pentagon City in Apr. and be awarded a $5,000.00 cash prize. This award is sponsored by Operation

Junior Nicole Daly stands with her father, Col. Edward Daly at the Ordinance Commodant Assumption of Command Ceremony in June 2012. Daly, who was nominated for the Military Child of the Year Award, will be notified if she has won this honor in March. Photo Contributed by Nicole Daly. Homefront, a non-profit organization aimed at meeting the needs of military families. The award is presented to one active duty military child within each branch. On the first day Daly met with her guidance counselor, Bauman-Seely saw something different in her. “She was very driven from the start,” Bauman-Seely said. “Not only was she motivated academically, but also as a person.” When Daly was scheduling her classes, full of honors credits, a scheduling problem

arose. Rather than opting to take an elective, she added on another high level class. Along with assisting Daly with her schedule , Bauman-Seely began explaining to Daly the resources the school offers to military students. Immediately, Daly asked Bauman-Seely of ways she could help others. “I think S2S [Student to Student] is a great organization, and I would like to soon be involved in it,” Daly said. Daly has well exceeded most of the criteria to receive this award. Her activities

include working on the weekends to help soldiers learn about their education benefits and opportunities, serving as a Military Child Education representative for Ft. Lee, assisting with Family Readiness Group activities, and volunteering in the Ft. Lee thrift store. “I try to focus my volunteer work around education,” Daly said. “I like doing things that I know will give back to the military.” Daly quickly becomes involved in these types of volunteer opportunities each time she moves. Daly has moved a total of nine times to places including Washington, Korea, Italy, and Kansas. “Moving allows a way to be really diverse and learn to appreciate different people with different qualities,” Daly said. Although Daly enjoys getting to visit so many places, there are many drawbacks that come along with being a military child and moving constantly. When the Daly family moved to Italy, they were two hours away from the base, leaving them amongst a completely Italian culture. Daly attended an international school where she could continue speaking English. She often felt completely isolated while attending the school. Nevertheless, Daly managed to look on the bright side. “When you feel really isolated, it helps you grow as a family and become closer to one another,” Daly said. Bauman-Seely said this kind of attitude is what makes a military student like Daly stand out. Moving from place to place requires a unique sense of flexibility. “I am always amazed by the resiliency of military students,” Bauman-Seely said. Being able to handle the hardships of moving is what makes a student perfect to receive this award. Daly is able to manage each move by getting involved in the community right away. “The key is to get involved,” Daly said. “You just have to put yourself out there and talk to people. It prepares you for life.” Daly involves herself in clubs and activities that pertain to interacting with other students. She is currently a member of the cross-country and track team, Model United Nations, and the chemistry club. “You have to set high goals for yourself to keep your mind off the negatives,” Daly said. “No matter where you move, you have to strive to attain those goals.”

10 | THE ROYAL NEWS | FRIDAY 1.25.13

Student Takes Over

Senior Kristen Leighty receives money from YouTube and Seventeen Magazine by creating various types of videos and posting them onlin


Lindsay Pugh trn writer

f one googles “beauty communities”, 80,800,000 results appear. Click on any one of these results, and websites on beauty advice, reviews for products, blog posts, and videos will load on the sidebars. YouTube videos and fashion blog sites inspired senior Kirsten Leighty to begin making her own beauty videos. Leighty has created 245 how to-beauty videos on YouTube, under the name kmoneykmoneykmoney. Her channel has 14,555 subscribers, with over one million video views. As she continues to post videos, her popularity continues to grow. One user published a video entitled, “Kirsten Leighty is so awesome!” She also has another channel, kirstenleighty, which contributes another 3,156 subscribers and 101,358 more views. Her larger channel is intended to be for her tutorials, and her smaller one is a more personal channel with blogs on her life and thoughts. “14,000 seems like a big number, but since you don’t see those people every day, it seems unreal,” Leighty said. Her notoriety reached Seventeen, the teen fashion magazine. They contacted her to become one of their Beauty Smarties featured on Leighty received an email with a contract attached that she and her parents or legal guardians had to sign.

“I didn’t believe it; I thought it was a total joke,” Leighty said. “I told my mom and she didn’t believe it either. I was so excited.” She replied within a week. Since responding back to Seventeen, Leighty has had two of her videos posted on As of yet, she has not been featured in the actual magazine. “They thought my videos were inspirational,” Leighty said. “My videos have lots of tips. I try to give advice. A lot of people have self-esteem issues and I try to help that.” Leighty has been blogging for almost two years. Her Seventeen contract stipulates that she will be a Beauty Smartie until 2014. Her contract also requires that Leighty act in a way that presents both her and Seventeen in a positive light to the public. As she continued to make more videos, her viewers began to ask her more personal questions about herself. “It started with beauty tutorials, but people get interested in you and your personal life,” Leighty said. “I get questions about where I live, my family, my boyfriend, and what clothes and music I like,” Leighty said. She posts hair and makeup tutorials, “Outfits of the Week”, product reviews, and monthly book reviews. She has nine “Ask Kirsten” videos, and over a hundred hair and make-up tutorials. Several of these are makeup looks inspired by Disney princesses like Merida of Brave, Tiana of The Princess and the Frog, and Belle of Beauty and the Beast. She also has a “Kirsten Talks” series, where she expands on her opinions on various topics. Leighty’s most popular video, “My Tattoos and Piercings”,


has 154,765 views. She gets paid for her job blogging for Seventeen, but blogging is not her only source of revenue. She also works a more typical teenage job at the Fort Lee Bowling Center. Leighty plans to keep blogging through college. She is thinking about using blogging as a basis for her career. She will attend UNCW in North Carolina, where she lived prior to moving to Prince George, to major in education. She has not decided whether she wants to teach younger kids, “the kind that love you for life”, or at the high school level. “My favorite part [of blogging] is the interaction with the people,” Leighty said. “Their positiveness is what keeps me going.” With that many views, there is plenty of interaction to go around.

88% of


Over video views on kmoneykmoneykm

Joined YouTube on

January 22, 2011

62% of students view 36% of students come visit YouTube music videos once a day

FRIDAY 1.25.13 | THE ROYAL NEWS | 11

rYou Tube

“Hey I love you!:)” @hairandmore1506


(YouTube comment)


n money


14,967+ subscribers for both of Kirsten’s channels

“I love ask Kirstens.” @Tess Dutcher (YouTube comment)

Graphic created by: Danielle Marshall

students view

edy videos

68% of students

86% of students watch

find information from social media

music videos on YouTube

Survey of 100 students in their 5th period class

12 | THE ROYAL NEWS | FRIDAY 1.25.13

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si Vi


eb rW


ve U




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Hobbit brings Flashback


ne of the most looked-forward to movies of 2012 was The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. A movie based on the prequel to the Lord of the Rings book series. The movie begins with the old hobbit Bilbo Baggins writing to his nephew Frodo about his travels, and then the rest of the movie is basically one big flashback. Young Bilbo, played by Martin Freeman, lives a typical life in the Shire. Then Gandalf the Wizard comes into town with an offer to go on an adventure. Bilbo turns the wizard away and resumes his routine of doing nothing of importance. Later, a rowdy group of dwarves show up unannounced at his door, eat all of his food, sing rude songs about him, and use his precious doilies as napkins. Gandalf arrives and explains that the dwarves are trying to regain their long-lost city of Erebor, which was taken many years before by the dragon Smaug. The company is led by the dwarf Thorin, the heir to the city. Bilbo is meant to be the last member of the group, but he rejects the proposal, preferring his quiet, peaceful life in the Shire. After the dwarves all leave, Bilbo has a sudden epiphany and decides his life is perhaps too peaceful, and runs after the group, declaring throughout the Shire, “I’m going on an adventure!” The rest of the movie cannot be described in words. It is an actionpacked, edge-of-your seat, humorous journey throughout Middle Earth, taking not only Bilbo Baggins on a great adventure, but the viewer as well. Although the film is a whopping three hours long, it won’t like it, because the movie holds your attention for every minute of it. The comedy, the battles, and the plot would satisfy most any viewer. However, if you’re looking for another love-triangle, turn back now. The only love in this movie is the love that trolls have for hobbit-meat. Unfortunately, it will be awhile before the next Hobbit movie. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will be in theaters December 2013.

Mallory Cox



For One Act Festival PG Players Will Present “The Ladies of the Tower” in State VHSL Competition


Debra Thomas trn writer

n the world of competitions, the first thing that comes to mind is generally an athletic event where participants showcase their physical strengths in hopes of winning the competition. However, one type that is not thought about as much is the theatrical competitions. The theatre department is hosting this year’s VHSL theatre competition. This year the PG Players are presenting the one act play “The Ladies of the Tower.” This play is about the lives of several English women, who now live their lives as ghosts. All of the ghosts are stuck in the Tower of London by morbid circumstances. They all have a connection with the tower. All of these women have tragic stories and histories They all hold grudges to those who have wronged them. However, in the end of the play some of the ghosts are able to make peace with their past and cross over to the other side. “I think that it is going to bring a new level of difficulty. The other two competition shows that I have done, we have gone away to other schools, and we do not want the judges to feel we have an advantage over the other schools because we are performing on our stage,” senior Cody Hanshew said. Senior Katie Moody is also competing. Moody’s first competition play is a bit of a

struggle. Moody’s character is a lady of the tower but is unknown because she was incarcerated at age 12. The unknown character was kidnapped for the possibility of gaining wealth or land that could challenge the crown. “The only reason it is difficult is because I have nothing to go by except her lines. I do not know her life, her story, only what she remembers before her death,” Moody said. In addition to Moody, senior Samantha Jennings and sophomore Matalin Collins are also first time competitors for Virginia High School League. “The competition is stressful, fun and exhilarating. Although you are a bundle of nerves, you are excited to show these people what you have created and put together,” Jennings said. Collins not only has the pressure of the competition to worry about, but Collins is the youngest competitor out of the group. “It is kind of intimidating, but exciting. I also feel like it is an honor that I am the only sophomore in this production, but at the same time I feel like a baby in a new world,” Collins said. The whole competition experience is entirely different than a normal main stage production. The rehearsal schedule is more strict. The number of rehearsals goes from nearly six to eight weeks worth of practices with 15 practices total. “It is directed completely differently because it is a shorter show. It is a lot more intimate,” senior Megan Johnson said.

PG Player Megan Johnson practices her blocking position for the play Ladies of the Tower. The play will be performed on Jan. 26. Photo by Debra Thomas. Johnson plays Elizabeth Woodville, also known as Queen Mother Elizabeth, who is the wife of King Edward IV. After her husband died, her brother-in-law took the throne and threw Elizabeth’s sons in the tower of London. She too was imprisoned, and met her doom by decapitation. The competition date is January 26th at 8:00 am, and competitions usually run to 6:00 PM. “Usually we meet at the high school and get on the bus,” Johnson said. “Then we go to the school where the competition takes place. When we get there we put our set in our area, and then we go to a room and do our hair and makeup, and just get ready for the performance.” Johnson is no stranger to the world of theatrical competition. This is her third year competing. “The VHSL competitions is a really good opportunity. It is cool being a senior and seeing how we used to be and watching the younger kids experience their first competition,” Johnson said. The competition date is getting closer, but the PG players are ready and known to have a good time. “I try not to think of it as a competition, and I like to have fun with it,” Hanshew said.

16 | THE ROYAL NEWS | FRIDAY 1.25.13

The Daughters of Penelope Agave Chapter #224 ee


t un l Vo

Ea r Se n C rv om ic e H mu ou nit rs y !

For more information, call 804.712.8616 or email Or visit us on Facebook at

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Gamer's Corner Worldwide Release of Pokemon X and Y



his article was originally going to be about BioShock Infinite. Considering that I know about as much about the BioShock series as

I do quantum physics, however, I’ve decided to switch focus to something that has more recently been announced that I know more about. Alex Crowder However, Infinite is due to come out on February 26, and has robotic Founding Fathers in it, so I guess you can check that out if you’re interested. On January 8, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y – in a first for the series – were released worldwide through Nintendo Direct. The type of announcement wasn’t the only first for the series, however. Generation Six (which is the collective name for X and Y) is the first generation to feature completely 3D graphics. If you thought that the graphics in Black and White were impressive and new, Generation Six has completely revamped the system. Though there are still overhead views, a majority of the time will apparently be spent running around Harvest Moon-style, with the camera directly behind your character. The over world hasn’t been the only thing to be overhauled. Pokemon battles have an entirely new look to them. Instead of the sprites that have been used since the series’ inception, all of the Pokemon have been replaced with 3D models. The

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“Smiles for a lifetime!” http://www.pokemon. com/pokemonxy/en-us battlefield also seems to shift and change as the battle goes on, a definite improvement on the static battles of old. So far the only announced new Pokemon are the three starters – Froakie (the water type), Fennekin (the fire type), and Chespin (the grass type) – and the two legendaries - Xerneas (the massive stag Pokemon) and Yveltal (the dragon-phoenix Pokemon). Little else is known about the new region, though it appears to be based on France, with an Eiffel Tower lookalike in the background of part of the trailer. With all of the new changes coming to the series, Pokemon X and Y may be just the game that forces me to go out and

buy a 3DS. While I’m reserving judgment on the Harvest Moon styled characters and animation, this is the first Generation in a while that I’ve actually liked most of the starters (sorry, Froakie) and both legendaries. Assuming that normal Pokemon game naming rules are in effect, Pokemon Y will most likely contain Yveltal and Pokemon X will probably contain Xerneas. However, this has been reversed before (with Zekrom and Reshiram in their opposite color game) and is all based on speculation. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have been given a worldwide release window of October 2013, and is exclusive to the 3DS.

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Wrestling Weight Classes Changed Virginia High School League Weight Control Program Alters Weight Classes Devan Fishburne trn writer


n high school wrestling dropping weight has been a wildly controversial topic. Its dangers have been constantly addressed in the media, but the Virginia High School League is looking to take the drama out if the sport with the new weight class regulations. In prior years the coaches were able to decide what weight class would be best for each competitor, but now schools are required to used the test specified in the VHSL Weight Control Program, which was recently updated for 2013. “There is the body fat percentage test, the hydration test, and then a formula that tells you the absolute least they could weigh and how much they could lose in a week,” coach David Emory said. Using the Lowman-Brozak equation to calculate the lowest allowable weight class based on body fat percentages, these test are meant to prevent students from attempting to drop amounts of weight that may not be suitable for their size, age, height, and gender. “You don’t have to drop as much weight and you don’t have bigger people trying to drop weight and they end up hurting themselves,” sophomore Spencer Gifford said Practices remain the same as always, starting with stretches, then running, certain mat drills, wrestling maneuvers, and weight training. The only change is that everyone’s weight must be recorded to calculate their minimum allowed weights for each day. “Its a little more of a pain for us coaches because we have to put all the weights into the computer,” Emory said. These new regulations may be frustrating,

but junior Josiah Villagomez realizes they are there for the betterment of each participant. “I wish I could do more, but the rules are there for safety,” Villagomez said. The notion of dropping weight can be tough to handle for some without the addition of the updated Virginia High School League regulations. “It depends on what your weight is. It’s easier for the heavier weight guys and harder for the lighter weight guys,” Emory said. The past rules allowed for a wrestler’s weight class to potentially change dramatically which caused some to choose dangerous alternatives to make weight. “I ate very little for a week to cut weight,” Villagomez said. The new regulations still bring a bit of stress, but they encourage the coaches to continue teaching safe ways to drop and maintain weight. “Well, as a team, we’re advised to eat six small, proportionate meals a day,” junior Garrett Holt said. The team also practices safe ways to drop weight outside of practice. Holt refrains from eating snacks, anything with sugar or saturated fats, and pork. Holt also does a variety of exercises to stay in shape. “I run, I do a little yoga, and I wrestle in practice,” Holt said. The responsibilities of training, dropping weight, and eating a strict diet are stressed among the Royals wrestlers, but they do come with their positive and negative aspects. “Eating healthier makes your body healthier and stronger, but when not losing weight properly you can become dehydrated and you get weaker,” Emory said. The updated VHSL regulations will strive to steer wrestlers and coaches to healthier choices for weight loss and to keep all of the competitors safe and healthy, but some question its effectiveness. “It depends on the person, some people need to gain weight while others need to lose so depending on the persons body weight it could be a challenge,” Villagomez said. The Virginia High School League Weight Control Program may be frustrating for the coaches and stressful for wrestlers, but everyone can agree that the changes were made for the safety of student wrestlers across the state.

What is your position? “Forward.” What is your most memorable moment in basketball? “Team time before home games because we bond and talk about what we need to do to improve ourselves.” Who has influenced you throughout your basketball career? “Coach Gray because he encourages me to do better and improve my strength.” Who is your favorite basketball player? Why? “Rajon Rondo because he has passion for the game.” What do you do to be the best you can be during a game? “I practice hard because there is always room for improvement.” Do you do anything unique before a game? “I listen to music. I mostly listen to rap because it is hype music and it gets me pumped for the game.”

Junior Garrett Holt stands on a scale to weigh himself. Holt recorded his weight for the day and determined what weight class would be appropriate . Photo by Kristen Schwalm.

What is the best shot you have ever made? “A two-point shot. I had a fast break and had an amazing pull up.”

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