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Volume XI Issue 3

The Royalettes dance team displays in Senior Burak Karabudak showsposters his holiday memoryspirit of Marvin Massenburg, Jr. at the football while wrapped up in Christmas lights . gameKarabudak on Sept. 29.isVarious clubs made in a Muslim, but he andsigns his famdedication to Marvin Massenburg, Jr. ily still participate in the Christmas tradition. Photo PhotobybyTasia TasiaFaulcon. Faulcon.

Various Religions Celebrate Christmas p. 11


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December is Web Cyber Month which encourages awareness of the internet, social media and search engines. Facebook and Google are the most used social media and search engine.

The Twelve Days of Christmas were originally symbolic of biblical events. Many people have come to know the twelve days of Christmas as a song, but in actuality the meaning of each day is much deeper.

Senior Matthew Schneck is preparing for a career as a trauma surgeon by shadowing a trauma team on weekends. Schneck typically shadows at the Medical Center of Virginia.

Web Cyber Month

Christmas Carol Symbolize Christian Faith p. 12-13

Senior Prepares for Future p. 15

Promotes Awareness

p. 5

2 | THE ROYAL NEWS | FRIDAY 12.14.12


Political Correctness Kills Holiday Spirit

the RoyalNews



ur mission as the school newspaper for Prince George High School is to provide a form of media that represents all aspects of student life. The goal is to present factual accounts of newsworthy events in a timely manner. Our publication will be informative, entertaining and reflective of the student body’s opinions. It is the desire of the staff to reach every student and tell as many of their stories as possible. We invite your commentary: The Royal News Opinion page is a forum for public discussion and shall be open to all students. The Royal News will print as many letters as space will allow. The Royal News reserves the right not to print a letter. The Royal News publishes a wide variety of opinions. Send letters to: Letters to the Editor, The Royal News, PGHS, 7801 Laurel Spring Road, Prince George, Virginia 23875, or bring them to room A4, or e-mail them to We reserve the right to edit for clarity, brevity, accuracy, legality, spelling and grammar. Please include your name, address and phone number. Anonymous letters will not be considered for publication. 500 word maximum. Thank you for the support this year. Please continue to communicate on

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Great Teachers Impact Future


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Chris Waugaman

Professional affiliations & awards Columbia Scholastic Press Associations Gold Medalist 2008-2011 Columbia Scholastic Press Associations Silver Crown Winner 2011 Virginia High School Association Trophy Class 2006-2011 Col. Charles Savedge Award for Sustained Excellence 2010 SIPA All Southern 2008-2011

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hat defines a great teacher? A great teacher makes class interesting, motivates the students to study, challenges the students to think and learn, as well as keeps the students involved in the class. Even if the students, at the time they are being taught, do not realize the teacher is great because the teacher is too strict or too monotone or gives too much homework, they will know it at the end of the year when they realize just how much they really learned. The most important quality of a great teacher is that he cares about the students. One of our teachers, Mark Dailey, will be leaving at the end of the semester. A family sickness has changed the course of his life events. He will be moving away from the Prince George area with his wife to take care of his mother in law. Daily qualifies as a “great” teacher.

A teacher that sophomores wish they could have had and a teacher juniors and seniors wish was not leaving. Dailey’s Psychology classes were always interesting and fun because he kept his students involved, he kept his students entertained, and he always challenged them. He treated his students with respect and made them feel like adults and that their opinions mattered. He was someone who was there for his students if they needed someone to talk to. He did not just teach his students about school, but also about life. A great teacher is valued by the students and the administration. A great teacher is hard to find and cannot be replaced easily. We should not take the “great” teachers for granted because once they are gone, the love for their subject dies a little and the care they had for the students will be forever missed.

olitical correctness is awful. People need to say what they mean and mean what they say. During the holidays, political correctness is at its worst. Christmas Trees are removed from public buildings because they are apparently too offensive to non-Christians. A cheerful “Merry Christmas” is often corrected by the perennial Scrooge to a less than festive “Happy Holidays”. Nothing Nathan Britt gets under my skin more than this walking-on-eggshells mentality. We are a very diverse nation. All holiday traditions should be respected. But we are also a nation that has its foundation in Judeo-Christian values. Christmas is no longer merely a Christian thing, it is now an American tradition. While believers celebrate Christmas to honor the birth of Jesus, other folks celebrate it secularly. I even know a few people from completely opposite religions to Christianity that celebrate Christmas. Prominent non-Christians such as Ben Stein have come out in support of the Christian tradition. So why then have we fallen into the mindset of minimizing Christmas and maximizing other holidays during the season? There is nothing wrong with Kwanza or Hanukkah but Christmas is what we celebrate in America. It shouldn’t offend people and it generally doesn’t. The people who protest Christmas displays and Nativity scenes are, generally speaking, left-wing nuts who are offended based on rigid ideology. The President has even been churning this out as of late. The White House redefined Christmas trees as “Holiday Trees” just last year. It’s ridiculous. Christmas is rooted in America and we need to stop avoiding “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” and start embracing what has become an American staple.

FRIDAY 12.14.12 | THE ROYAL NEWS | 3


Should everyone go to college?

Today’s society promotes that the key to success in life is a college degree. In past years, a college degree was more of a luxury and less of a necessary commodity. What do you think?


oing to college should definitely be a top priority. Not only is it beneficial for getting a well paid job, but it gives people the opportunity to mature. It compels students to focus on and achieve the role they want for themselves in society. In college, students experience events that help mold them into responsible adults. Being responsible for their actions, tuition, and grades may give many people a wake up call in college. Students in college can connect with other people that are like minded and it can give students a sense of belonging as well as confidence in what they aspire to. People are able to improve social skills through group assignments as well as through extracurricular activities. Through college, people are taught in detail the field in which they study. This is the basis of many institutions established today and throughout history. Doctors and surgeons have to go through medical school and many years of schooling to become qualified to perform surgery and treat patients. If doctors are not well educated and competent, patients’ lives could be at stake. Teachers definitely need to attend college. They need to be well educated in a subject to teach the youth. Teachers lay down a foundation for another person’s education. Teachers help bring up new generations and help mold young people’s minds in a positive way. College is a wonderful opportunity for people to make an impact on society in a positive way. The stress and responsibilities that college places on students prepare them for the real world. Going to college teaches people how to handle the hassles of life.


PRO CON Christina Buckles

Kristen Schwalm

33% 33%

eciding what to do after high school is a stressful and agonizing process for many high school students. A major concern of upcoming generations is the belief that all students coming directly out of high school should go right into college. In reality, there are many complications associated with this belief. Many schools offer classes and programs in which students are able to learn a trade so they can go right out into the working world. For some students, their dream is to grow up and become something that they do not have to go to college for. For example, a student may know for sure they want to be an electrician. All they need for that profession is to take vocational classes that teach them the trade. Other students decide to go directly into the military, which in most cases does not require any college degree. If they have the dream of serving our country from an early age, then college should not be necessary. College in general is very costly and young students do not have the resources to pay for their further education. Some may have a part time job, but that is not enough for the total cost of going to college. Going into the real world with a debt from college creates an unnecessary burden for young adults. In many cases students are not mature enough for the transition from high school to college. Leaving home and having to make decisions on their own challenges students in ways that they are not prepared for and creates problems that they are not willing to face. Like reading for pleasure, college is not for everyone. Conflicts arise and students are not willing to face reality.


Of Prince George’s 2012 graduating class, 33% entered the work force or the military.


Of Prince George’s 2012 graduating class, 67% went on to a two or four year college or university.

Making the Grade Making the Grade is the staff’s report card for student interest topics.


The upcoming Christmas Break begins on Dec. 20 and continues until Jan. 2.


The basketball season is underway and Prince George’s fans are already out in full support.


The long and arduous college application process. While applying for college can be lengthy and difficult, the rewards of going to college make it worth it.


The looming threat of exams at the end of January for students and teachers.

4 | THE ROYAL NEWS | FRIDAY 12.14.12

FRIDAY 12.14.12 | THE ROYAL NEWS | 5


Web Cyber Month

December is set aside to promote awareness of the Internet

Sophomore Jessica Nicely


Interims came out on Dec. 12 via homeroom. Report Cards will be distributed on Feb. 1 during first block.

“I use Twitter. It’s easy, you don’t have to post anything, just what’s on your mind.” There are 175 million tweets sent from Twitter every day in 2012.

Junior Mandi Cummings “I use Instagram. I’d rather see pictures than read other peoples opinion.” More than 5 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day.

Senior Hunter Hackett “I google because it’s the easiest website to go to and I always find results when I use it.”

Holiday break starts on December 19, 2012. Students and staff come back to school on January 2, 2013. The Miss PGHS Pageant is being held on Dec. 15, starting at 7:00 pm in the auditorium.. The recreational use of marijuana was legalized in Colorado. In the state of Washington, it was legalized for medical use.

Google+ is expected to attract 400 million people by the end of 2012. Source: Huffington Post

Top Social Media Sites Used 1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. Instagram 4. Pinterest 5. Google Plus+

To Find Information Locally... Prince George Schools’ website:

Top Search Engines Used 1. Google 2.Bing 3. Yahoo! 4. Ask 5. AOL Search Source: Huffington Post &

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“Gangnam Style” by Psy has over 930 million hits on Youtube, surpassing Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” which has over 810 million views.

6 | THE ROYAL NEWS | FRIDAY 12.14.12

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News Demanding Holidays Cause Need For Shots Busy holidays cause people to overlook flu vaccination Chloe Alexander trn editor


ith the hustle and bustle of the holiday season taking over, health precautions are sometimes forgotten. Winter is not only the time of giving and staying warm: it is also flu season. Seasonal influenza, commonly known as the flu, has to be protected against each year. This can be done by getting a flu vaccine and maintaining healthy habits. “[The vaccine] can prevent you from getting the flu, or if you do get the flu, it prevents it from getting so severe,” Nurse April Paulson said. “It can kill you.” Despite the flu having a possibly fatal outcome, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only about a third of teenagers aged from thirteen to seventeen were vaccinated last year. When students do not have a record of getting sick, they might not see a reason to be vaccinated. “I don’t get sick often because I practice good hygiene,” junior Caleb Webber said. “It’s not a substitute for getting the vaccine but I feel like it helps prevent getting sick in the first place.” Because the flu has similar symptoms to the common cold, people do not realize how important it is to be vaccinated and how serious the flu can actually be. However, those who have had the flu know otherwise. “Once upon a time I had the flu,” Calculus teacher Leon Darby said. “It’s better not to have the flu.” Other students have other reasons for not getting the flu vaccine. “I have trypanophobia,” senior Michael Doukas said. “It means I have the abnormal fear of needles.” New advancements in technology have


200,000 Number of Americans hospitalized each year because of flu complications.

165 mil

Number of flu vaccine doses available in the U.S. for the 2010-2012 flu season.

brought about the new “Fluzone Intradermal®”, also known as the intradermal flu vaccine, which uses a smaller needle to inject the vaccine into the skin rather than the muscle. However, this option is only available for people between eighteen and sixty-four years old. “The needle is so small,” Darby said. “It’s almost as if you didn’t even have a shot.” Another alternative to the standard flu shot is the nasal-spray flu vaccine, which does not involve needles but uses a live virus that may cause flu-like symptoms afterwards. While the majority of teenagers were not reported to have gotten vaccinated according to the CDC, some students have specific reasons for being vaccinated. “I get the shot every year,” senior Angela Todd said. “I have to get it for my volunteer job at a hospital.” After the H1N1, also known as the swine flu, pandemic occurred in 2009, the flu vaccine has been improved to protect against three different flu viruses. This includes the H3N2 virus, influenza B virus, and the H1N1 virus. Although the vaccine protects against the flu, some people think that they will get the flu from getting the flu shot. The flu shot is a dead virus that does not cause the flu, but there can possibly be side effects that are unrelated to the flu. “The flu vaccine is incubated in a solution

Flu vaccinations are given as early as the beginning of school to many of the teachers and staff. People can get flu shots at their local doctor’s office. Photo by Tasia Faulcon. that contains egg, so if you’re allergic to egg you shouldn’t get the vaccine,” Paulson said. “Some people mistake an allergic reaction for getting the flu from the vaccine.” Some students do not think the vaccine is convenient enough to get. “I would get the vaccine if it was offered at the school,” Webber said. Currently the flu vaccine is only available during certain times of the year for teachers and staff. The teachers and staff that receive the vaccine through the school have to use their insurance to cover the cost. However, offering the flu vaccine for students does not seem likely because of the huge cost to the county. Even though it is not offered at the school, there are places that give the flu vaccine outside of a typical doctor’s office such as Walgreens and the Target pharmacy. It is important that people take advantage of the ability to protect themselves from getting the flu. “It’s never too late,” Paulson said. “But Fall is the best time to get [the vaccination].”

3 types Types of different diseases that the 2010-2011 flu shot protect against (H1N1, H3N2, and an influenza B virus.

2 weeks is how long it takes for an adult to develop antibodies against the flu.

1-4 days Amount of time for the incubation period for the flu to reach its full potential.

8 | THE ROYAL NEWS | FRIDAY 12.14.12


Christmas Parade Brings Spirit

Above: JROTC Royal Battalion Charlie Company marches in uniform down Courthouse Road. Sophomore Donald L. Shipp carries the company flag. Left: A member of the Star Tour and Riding Association Chapter 208 group cruises by on his decorated motorcycle. Far Left: Dressed up as Biblical characters, (left) senior Bradley Cooper and (right) senior Jacob Spain ride on a float designed to look like a boat. They participated in the parade with their church. Bottom: An antique fire truck drives down the street festively decorated with a wreath, bows, garland, and even a mini Santa for the holiday season. Photos by Deborah Gardner For more parade images go to the online gallery at All photos can be purchased online as well.

FRIDAY 12.14.12 | THE ROYAL NEWS | 9

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Prince George Fire & EMS Wishes you Happy Holidays! Give the gift of yourself!! Touch the lives of others.


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How do you celebrate Christmas?

Religions Play Role

“We go to a play, which we’ve done every year. Then we go home and make gingerbread houses.” Senior Rachel Pugh

In Holidays Students of differing religious backgrounds celebrate secular traditions Genevieve Perez trn writer


he aroma of the pine trees, home made goodies, and presents that were just freshly opened dance around in the house on Christmas. As many people enjoy these gifts of Christmas, so does Jordan Vick. The one difference that separates her from the rest of the people on Christmas is her religious belief. “In some cases people take it out of proportion when I tell them that I am an atheist and then they freak out,” sophomore Jordan Vick said. She does not celebrate Christmas to worship the birth of Jesus, but she celebrates the secular traditions of this holiday. As this belief grows in acceptance, some friends may have a problem with not only atheism, but the fact that she celebrates Christian holidays. “If what people say is bad then it really bothers me, but in a similar way I really do not care because it is my ‘religion’,” Vick said. Some people at school do believe in God

and Christ. They celebrate the birth of Jesus because it is a way of showing him gratitude for the ultimate sacrifice they believe he made, which was the crucifixion on the cross. “I practice being a United Methodist twice a week, once on Wednesday and once on Sunday,” sophomore Tyler Gibson said. Although being a United Methodist is a Christian religion, there are things that differ from this religion to other variations of Christian religions. “It differs from Catholicism because Catholics have more sacraments,” Gibson said. Other religions that believe in God, such as Islam, might celebrate Christmas as well. Jesus is seen as a prophet in their religion instead as a savior. “There is nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas, my family does it because it is fun,” junior Burak Karabudak said. Even though celebrating Christmas is not an original thing for Muslims to celebrate, they still pray during the day as they normally would. They also continue their regular celebrations during the year, even while American holidays are going on. “One of the things we [Muslims] do is suhoor, which is a type of fasting, and we have to pray five times a day for about five minutes,” Karabudak said. Followers of Christianity celebrate aspects of Christmas with more attention paid to the significance of the story from the Bible. “Our religion celebrates Christmas to become more spiritually connected to Jesus’

Junior Burak Karabudak assists with decorating the Christmas tree in the main office. Karabudak is a practicing Muslim , yet enjoys celebrating Christmas. Photo by Ridhi Patel. birth, but also to recognize how Mary gave up being a teenager to devote her life to God and his holy orders,” sophomore Idalia Archer said. “Christmas is a fun time of the year and whether you are religious or not, you should celebrate it.” Hinduism is comprised of multiple gods and has multiple festivals to enjoy their religious birthdays. Many Hindus celebrate Christmas as well as Pancha Ganapati, which is a celebration that lasts five days for the Lord Ganesha. “Our family celebrates Christmas by getting money from our parents because we have adopted the tradition of it,” senior Parth Patel said. Celebrating the tradition of Christmas means to celebrate the tradition of giving gifts. Parents give children presents to show the love they share. Children also do the same for their parents to return the affection. “My sister and brother give our parents small things, such as candy or homemade gifts because that is what our parents like,” Patel said. Christmas is not only a Christian holiday, but also a way for people to tell each other that they care and love one another. Different types of families, regardless of religion, unite during the holiday season.

“My family used to make a Christmas village every year with little ceramic houses and cars. I loved it.” Junior Tyler Basset

“Every year after Thanksgiving, my family decorates the whole house with Christmas decorations.” Sophomore Sydney Bakke

“We always watch It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve and open one gift.” Sophomore Matalin Collins

12 | THE ROYAL NEWS | FRIDAY 12.14.12

Christmas Carol Evolves From Religious Origins To G

12 Dec. 25

“A partridge in a pear tree...”

Real Meaning:

Jesus dying on the cross


John Shumar trn writer

hristmas, and the weeks leading up to the day of, is a special time of the year. The ecstatic neighbors put up all their lights, magical music swells from every radio, shops make one last theatrical push to sell their seasonal goods, and all around there is a feeling of excitement and rush. One such Christmas song that will be heard repeatedly throughout this holiday season is the familiar carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” “My sister and I have a singing tradition with the (“Twelve Days of Christmas”),” Guidance Secretary Monica Curtis said. “I just recently had to remind her that it was nine ladies dancing! It was a fun song of my childhood that we made a point of making sure we knew correctly.” However, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is not just a playful song. This song was created around the mid1600s, when Catholics in England were suffering from persecution. The practicing of their faith, be it in public or private, was not only illegal but punishable by torture and death. These devout Catholics still had to find a way to practice their faith without suffering the consequences. The “Twelve Days of Christmas” was one of their methods. It does not detail the twelve days leading up to Christmas,

“Two turtle doves...”

Real Meaning: The Old and New Testament

Dec. 27

“Three french hens...”

Real Meaning: Faith, Hope, and Love

Dec. 28


lyri wo Chr yiel


gibl eve


spe Chr the lic c pec tree


Dec. 29

Dec. 26

but Day wis late ing

“Five golden rings...”

“Four calling birds...” Real Meaning: The Hebrew Torah Real Meaning: (Law), or the PentaThe four gospels of teuch, the first five the New Testament. books of the Old Testament

Dec. 30 “Six geese a-laying...”

Real Meaning: The six days of creation

FRIDAY 12.14.12 | THE ROYAL NEWS | 13

Gift Giving Anthem

t the twelve days starting with Jesus’ birth (Christmas y) to the Epiphany (another name for the arrival of the se men). Yet, this song is attributed by many to be reed to the growing idea that Christmas is all about receivg gifts. “I think this song is just an ingenious commercial arketing scheme,” junior Eric Kawczynski said. This idea does not sound far fetched, and the song’s ics seem to detail the receiving of tangible gifts, which ould help stores promote not only the giving of gifts on ristmas, but giving gifts for twelve days straight would ld even more profit. “I thought it meant that Christmas was to be extended elve days,” senior Johnathan Brown said. Yet, on the contrary, this song does not speak of tanle gifts. In fact, the different objects in the song do not en represent gifts. “[The Twelve Days of Christmas] has to do with relious things or ideas,” sophomore Tyneshia Griffin said. The song speaks of a “true love” who gives gifts to the eaker. The giver is God; and the “me” represents every ristian who has accepted him into their heart. Each of e items given by the “true love” is a way for the Cathochildren of the time period to memorize important ascts of their faith. For example, the “partridge in a pear e” is referring to Jesus. Although it would seem odd to

some that Jesus is referred to as a partridge, Jesus himself is recorded saying: “Jerusalem! Jerusalem! How often would I have sheltered thee under my wings, as a hen does her chicks, but thou wouldst not have it so.” (Luke 13:34 and Matthew 23:34) Other lines in the song represent important religious ideas. “Two turtledoves” represented the Old and New Testament, the “six geese a-laying” the six days of creation, and “ten lords a-leaping” stands for the Ten Commandments. However, society has all but forgotten these meanings. “It is almost too exciting in the mentality of getting gifts rather than giving,” Curtis said. Christmas is a special time of year and to many, it brings a sense of joy and being with family. “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is song that celebrates these values. In culture it may be easy to get wrapped up in the spirit of the season and miss what Christmas really means. This well known carol is a reminder of the origin of Christmas and has symbolism that will test the sands of time.

Senior Johnathan Brown

Junior Eric Kawczynski

s of Christmas Sophomore Tyneshia Griffin

Jan. 5

Jan. 1 Dec. 31 “Seven swans a-swimming...”

Real Meaning: The seven gifts of the holy spirit

“Eight maids a-milking...”

Real Meaning: The eight Beatitudes

Jan. 2 “Nine ladies dancing...”

Real Meaning: The nine fruits of the holy spirit

Jan. 3 “Ten lords a-leaping...”

Real Meaning: The Ten Commandments

Jan. 4 “Eleven pipers piping...”

Real Meaning: The eleven faithful apostles

“Twelve drummers drumming...”

Real Meaning: The twelve points of doctrine in the Apostles Creed

14 | THE ROYAL NEWS | FRIDAY 12.14.12

Container First Services (804)748-8324 866-587-HAUL 333-B Industrial Drive Petersburg, Va 23803

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Senior Pursues Future Career Matthew Schneck observes doctors work in emergency situations Amanda Majewski editor-in-chief


he ambulance has a trauma patient in the back. It is speeding through the streets of Richmond to get to the hospital fast enough.   Senior Matthew Schneck and the doctors he shadows are on call experiencing a rush of adrenaline, fear, and the anticipation of saving a life. Schneck became interested in becoming a doctor when he realized that he enjoyed studying science and math more than any other subjects.   He wanted to pursue a career in an area that used his two favorite subjects.  Becoming a doctor seemed like a good choice to him. College is right around the corner for Schneck, so in preparation for filling out his applications, he discussed his career goals with his guidance counselor, William Havard. “After discussing my future career options, in a field that involved science and math with Mr. Havard, he recommended that I get in touch with the neurologist Dr. Phill O’Donnell, who is an acquaintance of his,” Schneck said. O’Donnell and his family are longtime residents of Prince George.   Havard has known him  for about 20 years and knew that O’Donnell would help Schneck get a shadowing opportunity. “I know O’Donnell because his four children attended Prince George,” Havard said. “I also knew O’Donnell would help Schneck because he likes and respects young people.” The process was not hard for Schneck. He was able to get started shadowing fairly quickly with the help of Havard and O’Donnell. “Mr. Havard enabled the first communication between us,” Schneck said.  “Soon after, Dr. O’Donnell and I spoke on the phone regarding my future plans of becoming a physician.  He then, so graciously, accepted me as an understudy so I could experience the field of neurology.”

William Havard assists senior Matthew Schneck prepare for his college career. Schneck has started shadowing trauma surgeons on the weekend. Photo by Kristen Schwalm

After Schneck talked to O’Donnell he was able to start shadowing doctors at a local health system on the weekends. “I do most of my shadowing within the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Health System at the Medical Center of Virginia (MCV),” Schneck said. Schneck does not shadow the doctors that do everyday check- ups or attend to the patients that they see in their offices. He would rather be where the action is. “I typically shadow trauma and neurology surgeons in the emergency room on weekend nights when there is a lot of activity,” Schneck said. Some of the activity has involved life and death situations.

“Several times during my trauma center shadowing experiences, dying patients have arrived in the trauma bay,” Schneck said. “When this happens about eight health care professionals work on the patient at once to stabilize them.  They are then typically taken to the operating room for emergency surgery.  I have witnessed life saving surgeries several times.” Shadowing these surgeons helps Schneck prepare for his medical future. “By starting at such a young age, I’m getting a jump start on my journey to pursue medicine,” Schneck said. “I get to experience all aspects of being a doctor before I actually get into medical school and become one myself.”

Schneck has not decided on a certain college yet, but has a few in mind. He applied to 12 different colleges and is trying to figure out which one is the right fit for him. “I have not decided exactly where I want to go to school, but I am considering University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Washington and Lee, Duke University, Harvard College, and University of Pennsylvania,” Schneck said. The first time Havard met Schneck, he knew Schneck was serious about becoming a doctor. “I met Matt when he was in ninth grade and he told me that he wanted to be a doctor,” Havard said. “I knew he was serious about his career choice.”

16 | THE ROYAL NEWS | FRIDAY 12.14.12

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d Owne y l i m Fa ! cades e d r fo

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si Vi


eb rW


ve U




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ith Christmas coming up and game releases at their yearly low – what with the WiiU release followed almost directly by Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 – I decided that we’d shift focus. After all, it’s the holiday season. That special time of year where you buy gifts and set up a tree (or whatever you do) and get out of school for a few weeks. It just didn’t seem right Alex Crowder to preview a game that’s coming out in the spring or summer when we haven’t even gotten out yet. So, without further ado, I present a small list of games that people will find interesting. For Solo Players: Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II­­­­ (PC, 360, PS3) – With Dragon Age III: Inquisition due out in the spring or summer of 2013, the Dragon Age series is a quality gift that’s reasonably priced and has hours of entertainment. With a deep story, compelling characters, and six different player backgrounds to choose (Origins only), Dragon Age is the ultimate modern day RPG. I recommend the Ultimate Edition of Origins, which comes with all the DLC packs including the eight-plus hour expansion Awakening. Considering that a first playthrough will take from 40 hours (on easy) to 70 (on normal or harder), and there’s so much replay value via the decisions you can make and the Origin stories (I currently have about 100 hours logged onto the game according to Steam), it’s probably the most entertainment you’ll get for $30. Recommended for: People who enjoy Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, Baldur’s Gate, The Elder Scrolls series (pre-Skyrim). Dishonored (PC, 360, PS3) – Ultimately, if you’re looking for a new first-person RPG to sink your teeth into, Dishonored should be one of the first on your list. Set in a Steampunk-Victorian world, Dishonored plays like Skyrim, while maintaining a more stable story. The world around the main character is affected by the player’s

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“Smiles for a lifetime!” choices – those who choose to kill everyone rather than knocking them out will cause more rats to spawn and therefore spread the plague. Characters who take a stealthy approach will cause the rat population to decline. Dishonored is the first game in a while to take stealth mechanics to such a level. It’s entirely possible to get through the game without killing a single person (other than quest targets), and it actually works very well and seems extremely balanced. Unfortunately, it’s much shorter than similar games such as Skyrim or Fallout 3, but it’s a fun title nonetheless. Recommended for: People who like BioShock, the Elder Scrolls series, Half-Life 2, and the Thief series. For Multiplayer: Borderlands 2 (PC, 360, PS3) – Unfortunately, I’ve lacked first-hand experience in playing this (yet), so bear in mind that my comments are based off of what I’ve seen of game play and general reviews. Borderlands has always prided itself on being ridiculous while trying to have a coherent story. While the first one was never the most polished games, it made up for the occasional glitch by being fun and having the ability to rampage with three other people. From what it looks like, Borderlands 2 is definitely not going to disappoint if that’s what you’re looking for. If it is anything like the first game,

however, I am going to recommend bringing a friend or two along. When playing single-player in the first game some parts became grindy and repetitive. Having another person along for the ride makes it more entertaining and bearable. Recommended for: People who like Borderlands and Fallout 3. LittleBigPlanet Karting (PS3) – There really isn’t much to say about this title that can’t be summed up as such: imagine Mario Kart with LittleBigPlanet customization and user content. If that doesn’t sound immediately kind of awesome, you’ve either never played Mario Kart or never played LittleBigPlanet (both of which I recommend, by the way). This is one of those titles that you can play with the family, too, so if you want to have some bonding, this is a great game for that. Alternatively, it can also be a good way to quickly lose friends if you select some of the harder courses, many of which have the Rainbow Road effect in making people want to chuck their controllers through the television. If you can hold together, though, LBP Karting is actually really fun in its own charming way. Unfortunately, you can’t play as any Nintendo characters, but you can customize your racer in an extreme way, so there’s that if you’re wavering. Recommended for: People who like Mario Kart and Modnation Racers.

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Twilight Saga Has Surprising Twist


fter catching the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2, I could not get it out of my mind. To be honest, I did not expect it to be as good as it turned out to be. Over the past four years I have indulged in the world known as Twilight. For the most part, it was mediocre with a few high points. However, their final installment changed my point of view, and left me feeling sad that the franchise is officially over. In the opening scene you see Bella awaking after being transformed into a vampire. As the movie progresses, Edward assits Bella on her first hunt. During the hunt Bella’s voice overtakes the scene and she explains that she was born to be in this life. The story line slows down a bit to allow you to be apart of the mundane aspects of a vampire. Then things get interesting when Irina, a member of the Denali clan and a friend of the Cullens, spots Renesmee. She mistakenly believes she is an immortal child, which is a big no-no in the vampire world. Irina reports this crime to the Voturi, the relentless and reigning force of vampires, who seek to destroy the Cullen family. The Cullen family decides to enlist help from their friends to witness that Renesmee is not an immortal child, but half human, half vampire. They gathered as many friends as possible and prepare to take a stand. The two sides meet on the battlefield and the Cullens state their case. They prove to Aro that Renesmee is half human. However, Aro still believes that she is still a danger because they do not have a precedent for her half breed case. It was then that Alice appeared, and showed Aro that there is no danger in the child and that her life will cause no harm. However, Aro doesn’t believe her and then war breaks out when Carlisle is executed. The Cullens fight the Volturi with great agility and skill, and eventually after much anxiety on behalf of the viewers and loss for the Cullens, they overcome and defeat the Volturi. The anxiety was over, and the hearts stopped pounding. Even if you don’t like Twilight go see this movie, there is something in it that you will like.


PG Players Present Little Women

Debra Thomas

PG players bring to life a classic novel from page to stage


Genevieve Perez trn writer

haring gloves, cutting hair, and crying people were all seen and spoken about in the play Little Women. The play is about a group of sisters struggling to grow up and find their place in the world while their father is off in war. The play was preformed on Dec. sixth through Dec. eighth. To many, this was just another play, but it was more than that to others. Orginally a novel, Little Women, was brought to life on stage. “It is based on Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women and it is a story of the March family, a family that has four daughters, and their father is serving in the Union Army during the Civil War as a Chaplin,” theater teacher Daryl Phillips said. Not only was Phillips excited for the play, but the actors were as well. Each one of them had friends and family there to watch, which they could not wait to see. “Mostly family and friends came, of course, but also any theater person, even if they already graduated, they usually come back and support us,” senior Sabrina Rios said. It is nice that Prince George alumni came to support our school plays. They also know how hard it is for each one of the ac-

tors to get into character because they used to be in plays too. “When I first get my character, I develop that character and then I see what music they would listen to and then I listen to that music,” senior Cody Hanshew said. This helps Hanshew connect personally with his character, Laurie. Before the curtains pull apart and the spotlight hits center stage, Hanshew listens to his play list. “Before the show, I have a music play list that I listen to, to help me get into my character,” Hanshew said. Phillips did not only favor Little Women, but it was also a play that the actors enjoyed. They had plenty of funny moments when they first tried to practice their lines without the script during practices. “Whenever you are rehearsing the final stages before the actual show, and everybody is in a high intense mode and nervousness and they mess up it just becomes a big laugh,” junior Sarah Fitch said. The actors mentioned that during all the rehearsal time, they became close friends and felt like family. After so many hours of practicing for the play, they did not feel irritated by each other. “I love being in school productions, it is fun and you always get to make new friends,” Fitch said. Even though Phillips tries to work around the actor’s schedules, some still miss rehearsal dates. For each missed prac-

The PG Players presented their play Little Women on Dec sixth and Dec eigth. in the high school auditorium. Photo by Tasia Faulcon tice, this could mean a lot of work for the actors coming in the future. “Missing even a day can put you real behind because you vital things like stage blocking and characterization and you just end up behind everybody else in the play,” junior Jon Stawarz said. “Stage blocking is when your running a scene or act of a play and you figure out where to move when you say a line, and characterization is stuff that helps you with your character” Even if they did miss a day, they were not worried if they messed up a line or blocking. This is because Phillips taught them multiple improvisation skills, making them less worried about it. “There is always that chance, and you just have to be prepared,” Stawarz said. All of the actors that were in the play encouraged the students to come and watch and even hoped that they might audition for the next upcoming play. “Definitely try out for the next play, no matter what, go up there and do anything you want.” Rios said. “It could be completely crazy and wild, but that’s what they are going to remember- It is you being you.”

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Seniors Dominate Motorcross Circuit

Joy Arakelian Indoor Track

Students participate in extra curricular activity Blier Smith trn writer


irt biking, formally known as motocross riding, originated in 1906 as the Auto-Cycle Club and has evolved into an intense sport of speed and daring obstacles. One must be devoted and willing to risk their life solely for the pure joy and admiration that comes along with being a talented motocross rider. Seven year veteran, senior Skyler Bryant, is no rookie to the practice and determination that it takes to become a champion motocross rider. “I train only on Sundays for about two hours straight, all year long,” Bryant said. The danger of riding motocross is not an aspect to be under appreciated, as Bryant travels between twenty and thirty miles-per-hour on the Enduro course, and up to fifty miles-per-hour on the normal courses. Not only is Bryant aware of the danger of the sport, he is subject to it. He has suffered two motocross injuries, including a broken wrist. In order to become great, “you need to practice and stick to it,” Bryant said. This practice and determination paid off for him when he won his first race. “It was my first time on a new course,” Bryant said, “I went out there to just have fun, and I ended up winning it.” Bryant is not facing many new courses now. “I race all over Virginia, and as far out as Tennessee,” Bryant said. Often alongside the motocross riders are the riders of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV). Senior Jeff Benson has been a devoted ATV rider for four years.

When did you start running track? “When I was in eighth grade because I used to play travel soccer and wanted to get in shape for it. My brothers also ran track.”

Benson is familiar with the process of racing, “You go up to the gate and you have two minutes once you are on the gate,” Benson said. “Then the gate drops and it is just you and between ten and forty other people.” Benson does ATV racing for the adrenaline rush, “It’s awesome,” he said. Benson gets this adrenaline rush with a couple of his friends, “We hang out all the time and just race, that’s it,” Benson said. “We risk our lives, I mean we’re going fortyfive miles-per-hour and hitting one-hundred foot jumps,” Benson said. “But it’s fun.” What does it take to become a talented ATV rider? “Oh man, just like any other sport it takes dedication, practice and practice,” Benson said. Most memorable to Benson is his very first race. Benson races most at the dirt bike track at Virginia Motorsports Park and the MX park in Sussex. These suited riders attract attention for the extremity and level of danger that this sport proposes. The motocross and ATV competitors are trying their bests to reach a national status and compete in races like the AMA Motocross Championship and the FIM Motocross World Championship.

Senior Jeffrey Benson races in the District 13 Race Series at the Virginia Motorsports Park. After coming around the turn, Benson proceeds to the finish line. Photo contributed by Jeffrey Benson. Some might consider it insane to continually risk you life for a normally non-profitable sport. These riders are daring enough to take that risk only for the thrill that it bring to race and jump at speed that most people could not even fathom. Skyler Bryant and Jeff Benson are the examples of the dedicated riders. They dedicate their weekends to training and racing to improve at the motocross and ATV sports. Bryant and Benson race on weekends at motocross tracks around the state of Virginia.

Visit www. trnsports. org to view profiles on other athletes.

Who inspired you to start running track? “My older brothers that ran. We are always competitive, and even though they run faster, I wanted to do it.” What is your favorite thing about track? “I like the long run with my friends. You get a workout but have fun at the same time.” What is a normal track practice like? “We run a warm up, do stretches, a long, and then a cool down. On some days we do field events.” What events do you run? “I run the 4x8, one mile, two mile, and 1,000 meter. My favorite is the 4x8 because it is a team thing and a mid distance run. I used to poll vault also.” What is your fastest mile? “5 minutes and 58 seconds. It was the hardest I have ever run.”

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Faces of Wrestling 1.

Carlos Littles

Grade: 10 Weight: 285 Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Takedown: Double-log Favorite Pro Wrestler: The Rock Inspiration: My mom


Matt Burgess

Grade: 10 Weight: 132 Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese Favorite Takedown: Ankle Pick Favorite Pro Wrestler: Randy Macho Man Savage Inspiration: Coach Emory



Zachary Relford

Grade: 12 Weight: 195 Favorite Food: Everything Favorite Takedown: Sweep Favorite Pro Wrestler: Triple H Inspiration: My parents

Austin Minton

Grade: 9 Weight: 113 Favorite Food: Steak Favorite Takedown: Single Leg Favorite Pro Wrestler: No preference Inspiration: My dad


Tanner Barlow


Jared Davis

Grade: 12 Grade: 9 Weight: 170 Weight: 113 Favorite Food: Spaghetti Favorite Food: Tacos Favorite Takedown: Fireman’s Carry Favorite Takedown: Single Leg Favorite Pro Wrestler: Bubba Jenkins Favorite Pro Wrestler: No preference Inspiration: My dad Inspiration: My mom Photo by Kristen Schwalm.


Winter Calendar

Varsity Girls Basketball Schedule 2012-13

Varsity Boys Basketball Schedule 2012-13

Thurs., Dec. 20 @ RTD Invitational - TBA Fri.,Dec. 21 @ RTD Invitational - TBA Sat., Dec. 22 @ RTD Invitational - TBA Thurs., Dec. 27 Juan Stephenson Tournament- 4:30 PM Fri., Dec. 28 Juan Stephenson Tournament- 4:30 PM Wed., Jan. 2 @ Thomas Dale- 7:30 PM

Fri., Dec. 14 vs. Meadowbrook - 7:00 PM Wed., Dec. 19 @ Greensville - 7:30 PM Thurs., Dec. 27 @ Ft. Lee Christmas Tournament - TBA Fri., Dec. 28 @ Ft. Lee Christmas Tournament - TBA Sat., Dec. 29 @ Ft. Lee Christmas Tournament- TBA Wed., Jan. 2 @ Thomas Dale - 7:15 PM

Pictured below: Sophomore Ariel Stephenson drives to the basket against Petersburg on Fri., Nov. 30. The Royals defeated the Crimson Wave 46-24. Photo by Tiana Kelly.

Girls Basketball Moves Forward Devan Fishburne trn writer


uring the 2011-2012 season, the Lady Royals varsity basketball team was second in the Fort Lee Holiday Basketball Tournament, second in central district play, and made a central region appearance. Though the team was delighted by another successful season, it was not the result the team wanted. After the season, the team realized they needed to work harder to be on top. “We weren’t quite there, when we played against a more experienced team we saw where we needed to be,” assistant coach Ray Broughton said. The disappointment of not reaching the goals the team set last year did not stop them from taking valuable lessons and experience from the season. “We can continue to have a good work ethic and continue to improve,” senior shooting guard Tayla Smith said. Lead by head coach Billy Gray and team captains Smith, Stephenson, and senior shooting guard Dazhane Myler, the girls are coming into the season prepared due to their August training and conditioning camp,which included running bleachers at the track, practicing hard everyday, and coming together as a team, and are continuing to working hard to make the team great. “I’m working on my skills in practice and working hard outside of practice,” Myler said. The girls are coming into this season with confidence in their preparation, experience, and in their fellow teammate’s abilities. “We’re a little better this year. We have the potential to go further,” Smith said. During the team’s summer training camp, Broughton watched all of the team’s games from the previous season to determine the weaknesses the team needed to work on and to ensure that the upcoming season is the best one yet. Even after evaluat-

ing footage of last year’s team, Broughton, Smith, and Stephenson all agree that the only thing that could derail this years Lady Royals from having a perfect season is not another team, but themselves. “Not being intimidated by teams who have beaten us and going on to do our best even if a team is perceived as better than us,” Smith said. They are still hopeful that the teams’ speed, athleticism, and chemistry with one another will help them overcome any obstacles they may face. “A lot of our kids have played with each other for a long time,so they have chemistry,” Broughton said. The team has once again set lofty goals for the upcoming season. Some goals like Stephenson’s are more personal. “Personally, my goal is to be the best teammate and for the team to go further than last year,” Stephenson said. Other players’ goals remain the same. “Not to be Co-District Champions, but to be District Champions,” Smith said. The team may be confident, but they are weary of making predictions this early in the season. “You can’t predict with this sport, you go one game at a time,” Stephenson said. Though the result might be unpredictable the girls are keeping the same intense focus they have always had and are still pushing each other to do their best each step of the way. Each of them trains with the championship title in mind and their hearts on the court. All are eager to hush the doubters and to reward their loyal supporters with a win in the Central District Championship. “We will finish strong and I believe that we can be the Central District Champs,” Myler said.

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