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By: Diego Zepeda


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Contents ƒ Poetry ƒ Short story ƒ Origami ƒ Cda idol ƒ Journalism ƒ Photogrphy

Poetry ƒ The poetry is a art and it has 

been made an contest for the ones who want to participate in  the poem contest. They have to say a poem from Guatemala.

Short Story ƒ The short story contest is about

making a short story. The short  story has to have 5 paragraphs and it has to veru well written.

Origami ƒ The origami contest is about

making figures  whith paper an it has to be very well done and has  to have alot of details. 

Cda idol ƒ Cda idol is like american idol

becuse the people has to sing and they can choose their song to sing in front of the people in  an assemblie.

Journalism ƒ Journalism is about making the

people make a report of  something and they have 5  minutes to speak about that theme they are talking about.

Photography ƒ In phtography you have to take

pictures and  the best picture wins the contes.

Assemblies ƒ The assemblie of the artistic year

were some made and they are  going to make some other assemblies about the artistic year.