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The Magazine for Today’s Progressive Urban Man Jan J an 2000/Nov 2000/Nov 2012 2012

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ISSUE 00: JAN 2000/NOV 2012


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The first 5 things that a Woman notices about you!



And it is time for us to stand up and take our rightful place at the table!


Get in the Game

Sound of a Woman www. ww w.TR w. TRMM TR MMag MM ag.c ag .com .c om 1

Join the Revolution!!!

Get your voice in TRM: New Features, New Layout... Same Mission! The reboot happens Jan. 2013

A Queen’s Eyeview Jan 2000/Nov 2012


Mind, Body, Soul

The Look of Style

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Expressions My Letter to God!


Success Source Success Runs in our Race


Health Watch Cancer the silent killer


My Mind, My Life The Quiet Revolution


Read My Mind What REALLY Turns Men On & Off?


Model Profile Eric “EG” Gilcrest


Picture Perfect April McAdoo


What She Wants? The first 5 things women notice about you!


Toys 4 Big Boys Things he will love and you won’t mind him having!


How I See It! On Affirmative Action...!/ Has Diversity Changed America

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Jan 2000/Nov 2012

******************************************** ************** Roy Mitchell Eavins II publisher/exec. editor

With the next millennium approaching, it is very evident that there is a large void in the magazine industry for African American Men. Today’s Renaissance Man, is here to fill that void! Renaissance is defined as a period of rebirth or revival. As, “The Magazine for Today’s Progressive African American Man!” Today’s Renaissance Man is dedicated to providing the most important information on the topics that Today’s Renaissance Man, (whether he is white, black or any other race) wants and needs to know about. As we look to the Harlem Renaissance, we see that there are a number of similarities between this period and Today’s Renaissance. At a time when separate but equal was the law but not the practice, African Americans created the soul of this country. With men such as Langston Hughes, Paul Robeson, W.E.B. DuBois & Duke Ellington, we see a rich and strong foundation of which Today’s Renaissance Man can stand on. With more and more African American Men receiving more post graduate degrees, starring in big budget films, making decisions for Fortune 500 companies, starting their own businesses, and being elected to political offices, we are proving more and more that we are a vital part of Today’s Renaissance! We should always remember that, “where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18. With this in mind we give that vision: Today’s Renaissance Man! Throughout the years, African American Men have been stereotyped in numerous ways, many of which are not positive. As the publisher of Today’s Renaissance Man, I believe that “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” So, we must not let this “world” or society claim a vast number of our brothers. Remember, “I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER!” So at this time, we must take a decisive and definitive stand for our families, our country, our brothers, and ourselves! Today’s Renaissance Man is more than just a magazine it is a LIFE-STYLE! It is a life-style that the man next to you is living; a life-style you’ve always wanted to live, but no one showed you how. Well, that’s what we’re here to do! In short, Today’s Renaissance Man will be the lighthouse leading you into the next century!!!

TRMMAG Publisher/ Exec. Editor Roy M. Eavins II Managing Editor Bryan Fulford Creative Director Cedric Jones AQEV Editor Dawn Burkes

Editorial & Corporate Team

TLOS Editor Ryan Prentiss Advertising Director JBN, Inc. Digital Marketing Tibera Morris Sales Manager Darius Lee

Media Development Grace Jordan Enterprises Graphic Designer Eric White Web Designer Four5 Studios/JBN Exec. Editor Sarai T. Ford


Jan 2000/Nov 2012

******************************************** Who is Today’s Renaissance Man? Is he African-American, Caucasian, Jewish, Hispanic, or maybe Asian? Yes and No. He can be that as well as anything else he chooses to be. He has no boundaries around who he can be. His blood bleeds red. His image is the image of his creator. He is a man who is searching for his Eve. He is a provider, a caretaker, a motivator and an inspiration and role model to his seeds. He has no boundaries around who he can be. That is who Today’s Renaissance Man is. When I began to write this letter, I wanted to begin the first paragraph in relation to the struggle and plight of African-American men. But I realized being a Renaissance Man is not an exclusive club for men of color (we’ve got enough of those), rather it’s a fraternal order created by the most high for all men of all colors. The core principles are the same, but noticing, respecting and appreciating the differences is what makes us who we are. Before this magazine can enlighten the masses, we have to turn on the light in the minds of those with whom we have the most in common, and for me that would be African-American men. That’s why I’ve accepted the responsibility of presenting the stories, viewpoints, struggles, and beliefs of AfricanAmerican men to the American public that has assisted, not caused, some of us to view ourselves in so many negative lights. Sure there are positives to the way we handle our lives as men, but how often do you get to hear about them? Our pledge to you is to bring you those uplifting, inspiring, entertaining stories and interviews that you have to beg other magazines to provide. It’s time to let America know there’s more to, and in, our minds than sex and it’s about time somebody told them. Each section within this magazine is designed to eat at a particular piece of your mind, so by the time you’ve finished reading “How I See It,” you’ll feel full. Now, if we haven’t accomplished that, then I expect to hear your input on how we can correct that for the next issue. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, the same holds true here. As we begin to grow into something that will forever be seen as the lighthouse that led African-American men into the 21st century, we will need your guidance in making sure that light is bright and pointed towards our futures. Don’t passively sit by and take this for granted because I’m not and neither is the staff that has, is and will work to make this The Magazine for Today’s Progressive African-American Man! I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER!!!

TRMMAG Writers Ajala Afi Kim Anderson Sean Cort Milton Creagh George Frasier Bryan Fulford 6

Writers , Photographers & Graphics

Writers Ryan Kelly Jack Morris Leonard Pitts Jr. Donald Ramos Gregory Stanley Keith Thomas

Photographers Malik Russel Marcus Conyers Scott Price Sherman Sheffield

Graphic Designer Eric Carlton Danny Malone Eric White

Bryan Fulford editor&creative director

Jan 2000/Nov 2012

A Man’s World


Soul Searching


Body Talk


******************************************** Understanding the Enemy Building a better You!


Sounds of a Woman From a Sista Who Appreciates


TRW Spotlight Helen McLaughlin & Julia Johnson


Geared Up Suited for Success



Our Family Who Speaks for the Children?


Get in the Game


Dollar$ & $ence


TRM Spotlight

Picture Perfect

The NBA: Bigger, Stronger & Better! Knowledge is POWER, Only when it is used!

Harold Uzzell


TRM Spotlight Sean Cort

42 Geared Up



He Gets It. She Loves It! Any Questions?

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Today's Renaissance Man Magazine - Back to the Future! Jan. 2000  

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