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Senior Thesis I December 22, 2012 Tara Mann

Semester I

My first semester of thesis can be described as a giant brainstorming session, peppered with a few sprints of production in between my various ideas. I probably shouldn’t say “various ideas,” as the core concept of what I’ve wanted to do all along has not changed, but the path of execution has.Being that my last two uploads were very cryptic (as I’m against the public nature of these documents), I’ll try make this one slightly more informative, while still remaining within my own level of comfort.

I started off with some mindmaps

Which led me to a few questions

How do we record and remember experiences? What tools do we use to record them? How do we reflect upon them later? What do these detailed records say about us? How do we sort these memories?

These are the tools I use on a daily basis

But ....

It’s difficult to find old memories. They are scattered across various services and time periods. Are they relavant to us after we have shared them?

So ....

I wish I could know what I was thinking about in the past. What did (do) things mean to me? How can I understand periods of time in my life? How do (did) I view the world?

QONOTE (This is the name of my thesis project)


“Qonote” is a play on the words “connote” (verb: imply or suggest an idea or feeling in addition to the literal or primary meaning), “note,” and “co,” as in collaborative. You’ll know how all these meanings play into my idea later.

At this point....

I have a pretty clear of idea how I would describe and summarize my project. I also know that I plan on it existing as an iOS application. I also know that its definition is changing as I design it. I have many screens designed, but they are still changing quite a bit.

Next Steps

Design all screens for the iPhone version. User testing and feedback (this will occur throughout the process). Put together a high fidelity prototype, complete with mocked up animations and functionality.

Third Upload  
Third Upload  

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