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Emoting 101 Toy Slaves Brothel Training

Trix 3/8/2011

Emoting for Escorts I promised some scripts to try to illustrate sex emoting for girls who still have to undergo a check-ride with one of the Dominatrices or Mistresses. This is a recent encounter I had with a woman and her husband. It was quite gratifying as she bought me for him as a gift and then stayed to watch which I think added to the erotic nature of the play. My role play partner here was excellent at picking up my signals and the play flowed incredibly well for me. As an escort, even playing the submissive role, it is up to you to guide most clients. I find it easy to take charge in the vanilla sex situations, you know the equipment, you’ve done this many times before and you are working to some idea of foreplay(if he’ll let you), sucking then probably fucking before ending resting up against him. If you’re lucky (a matter of interpretation) you might see his pixelated trail as he disappears at the 12 to 15 minute mark…at least I think that’s how long Mistress Kandi says it takes the average client to cum. There will be a few customers who have strong abilities and demand that you play the complete BDSM submissive following their every command, in those instances you will need to emote the fear, pain, ecstasy of the moment. I’ll admit I find those situations challenging. How often can you say OW! and, in how many ways. I’ll try to capture an emote for you in this series, where I twist and pull at the chains, swing feet barely touching the floor or get lifted against the pole by the hard thrusts of my lover or master. Still other clients will make your emoting more difficult as they flip from position to position in a random order, obviously not familiar with the equipment. I think of these clients as either new residents or just highly visual guys who get off on the pictures more than the emoting. Speaking of pictures, I’ve posted a video on Naughty Machinima to give you a better sense of how the movement works. How many positions you use is a matter of your taste and your client’s wishes. I don’t use a lot and sometimes I’ll have a client be as direct as to say, “I want to fuck you now”…hint, hint. Best to view the video at full page size to be able to see the emotes. Finally, don’t get hung up on the styles used here, I’m not the best e-moter at Toys, but, let’s hope the examples used here give you ideas on how to write your 1|Page

own stories. The first example included here relies on short phrases with many to the minute, you’ll see when you read it. The second uses lovely flowing sentences even paragraphs with many minutes between each. You’ll see that Angel and her client are clearly in sync with this type of emoting. It is important that the client is aware that you will be using the long paragraph style emoting, waiting sometimes 3 or 4 or even as much as 5 minutes for the next contribution from you would be disconcerting to some clients. I’ll admit I personally find the paragraph style hard just because I don’t like all that dead space between the emotes, but, you can see how incredibly effective it can be if you have a client who participates on that level. I hope you find one occasionally, but, adapt your style for the client if they obviously use a much different style. I’ll bet you’ll find something that you’re comfortable with and use it most. While these examples are great fun, most guys don’t really say much, they’re watching the pictures and, you hope that, at least one of their hands (as indelicate as it may be to say) is busy elsewhere. Because of this, the emoting and control will often fall to you. Use the examples here to prime your creative juices. A great place to practice your emoting is in the club, you’ll see particularly in Trix’s entry here that some of the things I say in the club make it into the play, things like capturing his ear with my lips or trailing my fingers over his chest. Watch what girls say in the club when teasing a customer, these things are transferable to your private scenes. I encourage you all to emote in local in the club, it gives the place a vibrancy that is not there if you immediately take a customer to IM when they land. Okay, all of that said, what we’re going to do is tell a story. We’re going to make it sexy and we’re going to use the pictures on the screen to help us. Plan ahead a little, you don’t want really to have the words all written out. Copy and pasting is not good, you’ll lose the spontaneity as you scan up and down the page for the next emote. Remember, the customer might take control of the bed, then, what are you going to do with your best laid plans. Good spelling is nice, but, not a deal breaker unless you typo so much that he has to decipher what you just said. I’ve left the spelling mistakes so you can see that it doesn’t ruin the scene, in fact, when we get going…nobody cares anymore (blushes). The names have been changed, but, these are actual encounters taken directly from the logs. I removed the landing notices we all get…they do not help the readability. So sit back, turn the page and see the type of stories we write. I hope you enjoy.



[2011/02/12 16:13] Mary: there you are:) [2011/02/12 16:13] Mary: quieter place [2011/02/12 16:13] James: hey ladies [2011/02/12 16:13] Mary: grins [2011/02/12 16:13] James: yeah ... it was a little crazy there [2011/02/12 16:13] Mary: I believe you two have met before [2011/02/12 16:13] James: much better here [2011/02/12 16:13] Trix : smiles [2011/02/12 16:14] James: Hey again ....:) [2011/02/12 16:14] Mary: quieter ;) [2011/02/12 16:14] James: totally [2011/02/12 16:14] Trix : smiles, Yes Mistress [2011/02/12 16:14] Mary: are you ok Trix? [2011/02/12 16:14] Trix : and Sir of course [2011/02/12 16:14] Trix : Yes Mistress [2011/02/12 16:15] Mary: you can come closer to him :), he won't bite...much I think [2011/02/12 16:15] Trix : giggles shyly Moved closer, no poseballs yet

[2011/02/12 16:15] James: Mary you didn’t tell me you had such a good looking friend [2011/02/12 16:15] Mary: what do you mean? I told you a million times she's gorgeous [2011/02/12 16:15] Trix : Is this better Sir? 3|Page

[2011/02/12 16:15] James: hmm [2011/02/12 16:15] Mary: gets rid of her shrug and tosses it to a corner [2011/02/12 16:16] James: closer would be even better [2011/02/12 16:16] Trix : giggles and crushes up against him [2011/02/12 16:16] Trix : Tis close sir? [2011/02/12 16:16] James: grins and nods [2011/02/12 16:16] Mary: you two don't mind me, I'll just take a seat, while you two get to know each other a little better [2011/02/12 16:17] James: looks over to Mary and watches her get seated [2011/02/12 16:17] Trix : runs a finger along the strong line of his jaw [2011/02/12 16:17] Trix : she twists a little to the side as an arm snakes up around his neck [2011/02/12 16:17] James: slides a hand along your hip [2011/02/12 16:17] Mary: keeps her eyes fixed on Trixie and watches her every move [2011/02/12 16:17] Trix : How is the handsome Master today? [2011/02/12 16:18] James: I'm getting better and better by the minute [2011/02/12 16:18] Trix : leans close her warm breath carressing his throat before she pushes closer still her lips brushing over his [2011/02/12 16:18] James: whispers "it’s better here than the club?" [2011/02/12 16:19] Trix : Her finger teases up over his ear as she lifts from his lips [2011/02/12 16:19] James: reaches out and both hands take hold of your hips pulling you tight against me [2011/02/12 16:19] Trix : she draws a thin wet line across his cheek with the tip of her tongue [2011/02/12 16:20] James: cocks his head letting Trix's tongue run over my cheek [2011/02/12 16:20] Trix : giggles softly as she leans closer her soft lips capturing his earlobe [2011/02/12 16:20] Trix : she tugs at it playfully as she leans back a little 4|Page

[2011/02/12 16:20] Trix : his arms pull her close again and she nips softly at his ear with her teeth [2011/02/12 16:21] Trix : her tongue tickling at the bit of trapped skin [2011/02/12 16:21] James: reaches around cupping Trix's ass in either hand [2011/02/12 16:21] Trix : slips her arms around him hands moving down his body [2011/02/12 16:22] Trix : she pulls him in close feeling a growing hardness in his pants [2011/02/12 16:22] James: looks over her shoulder to catch Mary's stare while he squeezes either cheek [2011/02/12 16:22] Trix : she slides her hand over his hips slipping it between them a finger tracing the length of the growing hardness [2011/02/12 16:23] James: groans just a little ... ne pushes his hips forward [2011/02/12 16:23] James: ... almost trapping your hand between your hips and mine [2011/02/12 16:23] Trix : runs her finger over the buckle of his belt teasing the end out of the loops [2011/02/12 16:23] Mary: watches both intently, never breaking away from Barney's stare...with the exception of glancing at his hands on Trixie [2011/02/12 16:24] Trix : eases a finger under the belt fingers toying with the button of his jeans [2011/02/12 16:24] James: 's hands squeeze tighter ...feeling the hot skin beneath Triix's skirt [2011/02/12 16:24] Trix : she feels his hips push up harder into her trapping her hand over the hard bulge [2011/02/12 16:24] Trix : Mmmmmmmm, lovely Sir [2011/02/12 16:25] James: grins .... and licks ever so slowly along trix's cheek [2011/02/12 16:25] James: "why dont you take a closer look ... " [2011/02/12 16:25] Trix : moans softly her breasts crushing up agains t his chest [2011/02/12 16:26] Trix : she feels his hand move to the zipper of her dress inching it lower and lower 5|Page

[2011/02/12 16:26] James: pulls the zipper all the way down [2011/02/12 16:26] Trix : she feels the tight fabric loosen over her breasts and lets the dress slip down her hips First poseballs – really not that great, I’m sure there were other positions, but we didn’t get to use one… other than a standing close, which we were already doing [2011/02/12 16:27] James: whispers: "come, join me on TenderLove ..." [2011/02/12 16:28] James: watches your dress slide to the floor ... [2011/02/12 16:28] Trix : swivels her hips against him as his hands slip under the waistband of her slip [2011/02/12 16:29] Mary: glances at every bit of the freshly uncovered silky skin and shifts her weight on her chair, leaning forward to watch carefully [2011/02/12 16:29] Trix : she feels the cool air of the room carress her skin as the soft silk slides over the delicious curves of her legs [2011/02/12 16:29] James: moves his fingers towards the source of all that warmth between Trix's legs [2011/02/12 16:29] Trix : purrs as she feels his fingers move over her soft tummy slipping ever lower [2011/02/12 16:30] Trix : she squeezes up tight to him her soft skin rubbing against the rough fabric of his jacket [2011/02/12 16:30] James: smiles and my hand slides down further ... [2011/02/12 16:30] Mary: Barney aren't you hot? that jacket seems to be getting in the way [2011/02/12 16:30] James: slides his jacket off ... [2011/02/12 16:30] Trix : slips her hands under his jacket pushing it back off his shoulders [2011/02/12 16:31] Trix : her face burrows into his chest as she teases open the buttons of his shirt [2011/02/12 16:31] Trix : her hand slipping int the hole fingers walking across the hard muscles of his chest [2011/02/12 16:31] Trix : Mmmmmmm, lovely Master. So strong 6|Page

[2011/02/12 16:32] James: opens the last couple of buttons of his shirt [2011/02/12 16:32] Trix : unbuttons the rest of his shirt pushin g it open [2011/02/12 16:32] Trix : her finger presses down into the flesh of his chest as she circles a hard tiny nub of his nipple [2011/02/12 16:33] James: reaches out and takes hold of trix's breast [2011/02/12 16:33] Trix : leans close her tongue tracing a spiral path around his chest spiralling into the tiny nub of hard nipple [2011/02/12 16:33] James: .... squeezing it berween my fingers, caressing its nipple slowly [2011/02/12 16:33] Trix : she pinches it between her lips her tongue lashing over the tip [2011/02/12 16:34] Trix : teases at it with her teeth playfully capturing it gently pulling at it tenting the skin around the nipple [2011/02/12 16:34] James: looks over to Mary, and runs his fingers through Trixs hair [2011/02/12 16:34] Trix : moans as he rolls her nipple between his fingertips [2011/02/12 16:35] Trix : her nails draw down his chest a gentle pressure behind them not even leding pink to their path [2011/02/12 16:35] Trix : her fingers tickle open the button on his trousers and slip into the loose top [2011/02/12 16:36] James: groans slightly ... and looks down [2011/02/12 16:36] Trix : her fingers wrapping softly around the hardening cock [2011/02/12 16:36] Mary: licks her lips and sits back on her chair, crossing her legs and keeping her eyes fixed on both [2011/02/12 16:36] Trix : carresses his hard cock as she pushes his pants down over his hips [2011/02/12 16:37] Trix : lifts his cock fingers tightening around him [2011/02/12 16:37] James: feels himself grow in Trix's hand ... his breathing becoming quicker [2011/02/12 16:37] Trix : she moves her fingers over him squeezing then releasing him [2011/02/12 16:37] Trix : a finger teasing up the underside of his cock 7|Page

[2011/02/12 16:38] James: kicks off his shoes ... and steps out of his jeans pulling them down [2011/02/12 16:38] Trix : she slides a finger over the head of his cock feeling the first drop of his pre-cum [2011/02/12 16:38] Trix : she spreads it over the head of his cock [2011/02/12 16:38] Trix : massaging at the tip finger slipping in the slick pre-cum [2011/02/12 16:39] James: throbs at she Tric's touch ... [2011/02/12 16:39] James: Trix's* (Trix's *) [2011/02/12 16:39] Trix : raises the still wet finger to her lips pushing it between her lips and sucking it into her mouth [2011/02/12 16:39] James: opens his mouth and wants some too .. [2011/02/12 16:40] Trix : smiles at him as she twirls her tongue over the finger sucking it into her mouth [2011/02/12 16:40] Trix : she moves slowly in and out of her hot wet mouth as she looks up into his face [2011/02/12 16:40] Trix : a smiles crosses her face as she withdraws the finger and paints over his lips with the wet tip [2011/02/12 16:41] Trix : shudders as his tongue lashes out at the finger pullin git into his mouth [2011/02/12 16:41] Trix : Mmmmmmmmm [2011/02/12 16:41] James: reaches out with his tongue ... sliding it over the finger [2011/02/12 16:41] Trix : moans softly [2011/02/12 16:41] James: grins ... and sucks on it [2011/02/12 16:42] James: 's tongue wrapping around it .... tasting [2011/02/12 16:42] Trix : giggles as he pulls the finger deeper into his mouth I was getting tired of standing and I tried to access the poseballs on the bed but couldn’t thankfully he picked up on my next line and pulled them up. He really was fun to play with‌ [2011/02/12 16:42] Trix : she pushes him gently back toward the bed 8|Page

[2011/02/12 16:43] Trix : her hips pressing up against him his hard cock trapped between them [2011/02/12 16:43] James: (try the other poseballs) [2011/02/12 16:44] Trix : pushes him back on the bed her fingers trailing down his chest [2011/02/12 16:44] Mary: stands up and pulls her chair closer to the bed before sitting back down, her eyes immediately going back to the two gorgeous bodies laying on the bed [2011/02/12 16:44] Trix : she draws a thin wet line down his chest punctuatin git with tiny soft kisses [2011/02/12 16:45] James: looks over to Mary as one of his hands wraps around Trix's head [2011/02/12 16:45] James: 's fingers running through her hair [2011/02/12 16:45] James: guiding her lower ... [2011/02/12 16:46] Trix : moves lower her fingers again wrapping around his hard cock, sh lifts it as she bends close to kiss the tip [2011/02/12 16:46] Trix : Her tongue stabs at another drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip and she tastes him [2011/02/12 16:46] Trix : her tongue stabbing away the drop [2011/02/12 16:47] James: body shudders with excitement ... and his shaft grows harder than ever [2011/02/12 16:47] Trix : Her lips part as she kisses the head of his cock [2011/02/12 16:47] Trix : feels his hand on the back of her head and she opens to him taking his cck into her mouth [2011/02/12 16:48] Trix : her tongue swirls over the tip [2011/02/12 16:48] James: presses her head towards him [2011/02/12 16:48] Mary: licks her lips [2011/02/12 16:48] James: ... the head of my cock passing between her lips [2011/02/12 16:48] Mary: enjoying the taste Trix? [2011/02/12 16:48] Trix : moans softly as she takes him deeper into her hot wet mouth his hips pushing up into her forcing his cock deeper 9|Page

[2011/02/12 16:49] Sylva's Basic Bed Engine: whispers: blow [2011/02/12 16:49] Trix : seals around the shaft her head bobbing over him as she teases at the taut skin with her tongue [2011/02/12 16:50] Trix : lifts from him her fingers still holding his cock she slides it over her lips [2011/02/12 16:50] James: 's hands grasp at Trix's hair [2011/02/12 16:50] Trix : spreading a little of his slickness over them before he pulls her down over him again [2011/02/12 16:51] James: holds Mary's stare and pulls Trix onto him agian [2011/02/12 16:51] Trix : moans again as his hips thrust up into her [2011/02/12 16:51] Trix : his hand pulling her hard onto him again [2011/02/12 16:51] Trix : she feels him at the back of her throat and swallows taking him into her throat [2011/02/12 16:52] Trix : holds him there his hand forcing her face up against him [2011/02/12 16:52] James: keeps his eyes locked on Mary's ... and rocks his hips back and forth [2011/02/12 16:52] Trix : After a moment she struggles pushing back against his hand [2011/02/12 16:53] Trix : she lifts a little to catch a breath, her gasp filling her mouth with cool air bathing his cock [2011/02/12 16:53] James: pulls her head back off my shaft [2011/02/12 16:53] Trix : lashes at the tip once before he pulls her down onto him again [2011/02/12 16:53] James: so that its head is positioned at her lips again ... trails of spit hanging from it [2011/02/12 16:54] Trix : her lips opening again as he thrusts up into her mouth [2011/02/12 16:54] Trix : lets a finger trail down the shaft slipping etween his legs [2011/02/12 16:54] James: slides it all the way in .. feeling trix lick around it as I do [2011/02/12 16:54] Trix : her fingers separate the precious globes as she cups his sac 10 | P a g e

[2011/02/12 16:55] James: groans loudly ... and throbs in her mouth [2011/02/12 16:55] Trix : his cock slips easily into her throat again her tonue spread along the nderside holding her in her soft warmth [2011/02/12 16:55] Mary: locks her eyes on Barney's, grinning [2011/02/12 16:56] Trix : she toys with his balls rolling one between her fingertips [2011/02/12 16:56] Trix : softly teasing at the flesh [2011/02/12 16:56] James: breathes heavily watching Mary ... and managing to grin [2011/02/12 16:57] Trix : lifts her head the tip of her tongue tickling up the underside of his hard shaft [2011/02/12 16:57] Trix : she lifts from the cock her lips kissing down the length of it as she lowers her head between his thighs [2011/02/12 16:58] Trix : Her fingertips feed one of his balls into her mouth [2011/02/12 16:58] Trix : her tongue tickling at the skin first then stabbing at the stretched skin before sucking it into her mouth [2011/02/12 16:58] James: moans ... my hands grasping at her hair [2011/02/12 16:58] Trix : moans as she rolls it with her tongue sucking on it softly [2011/02/12 16:59] Trix : lifts her head again pulling playfully at the sac [2011/02/12 16:59] James: 's muscles tighten almost locking you between my thighs [2011/02/12 16:59] Trix : her fingers carressing his other ball [2011/02/12 16:59] Trix : she lifts releasing one and feeding the other into her mouth [2011/02/12 17:00] Trix : reaches up his body fingers walking up his chest [2011/02/12 17:00] James: reaches down pulling Trix up towards me [2011/02/12 17:01] Trix : she flattens them against his skin then toys over the hard nipples again as he lifts her [2011/02/12 17:01] Trix : looks up at him her lips glistening in the soft light of the room [2011/02/12 17:01] Trix : smiles as she kisses his hard cock feeling it twitch at her touch 11 | P a g e

[2011/02/12 17:02] James: takes hold of her hips and pulls her up "I need to fuck you" [2011/02/12 17:02] Trix : goes willing to him as he pulls her up over his body [2011/02/12 17:02] Trix : her fingers graps his cock softly guiding him to her hot sex [2011/02/12 17:03] Sylva's Basic Bed Engine: whispers: ride2 [2011/02/12 17:03] Trix : the feels him thrust up into her his hard cock slipping easily int her surprisingly wet sex [2011/02/12 17:03] Trix : her hot wet folds engulf him as he pushes up into her [2011/02/12 17:04] James: looks over her shoulder to watch Mary's eyes on his cock as it slides into Trix [2011/02/12 17:04] Trix : his hips driving up into her sex lifting her nearly off the bed [2011/02/12 17:04] Trix : leans over him fingers plantedon his chest feeling his hard cock slip deep inside her [2011/02/12 17:05] Trix : then leans back pressing him into her hot wet sex [2011/02/12 17:05] Trix : groans and closes her eyes as she feels his hardness fill her [2011/02/12 17:05] Trix : Ohhhhhhhhh goddddddddddddd [2011/02/12 17:05] James: drives his cock up into Trix's drenched pussy [2011/02/12 17:05] Trix : groans as he plunges into her again and again [2011/02/12 17:06] Trix : Her breath more ragged as he thrusts deep inside [2011/02/12 17:06] Trix : she give a little scream as he drives into her cervix [2011/02/12 17:06] Trix : lifts them settles on him again [2011/02/12 17:06] James: grabs hold of her shoulders pulling her down hard onto each thrust [2011/02/12 17:06] Trix : her hips spreading as she grinds down into his hard cock [2011/02/12 17:07] Trix : feels his hands on her hips lifting her then pulling her down onto him [2011/02/12 17:07] Trix : his cock filling her [2011/02/12 17:07] Trix : deep up inside her with each hard thrust 12 | P a g e

[2011/02/12 17:07] James: raises his hips higher .. so that each thrust goes deeper than the last [2011/02/12 17:08] Trix : their movement faster now, her breath more ragged as the pace quickens [2011/02/12 17:08] Trix : Ffffffffffffffffuuckkkkkkkkk [2011/02/12 17:08] Trix : ooooohhhhh godddddddddddd [2011/02/12 17:08] Trix : Yessssssssssssss [2011/02/12 17:08] Trix : Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss [2011/02/12 17:08] Trix : grinds into him her pussy muscles clenching around him [2011/02/12 17:08] James: rolls trix over so that she moves to all fours [2011/02/12 17:09] Sylva's Basic Bed Engine: whispers: doggy [2011/02/12 17:09] Trix : His strong arms lift her and force her to the bed [2011/02/12 17:09] James: parts her legs and slides his shaft between those drenched pusssy lips again [2011/02/12 17:10] Trix : She feels him rise behind her his cock pressing up into her hot wet sex again [2011/02/12 17:10] Mary: tilts her head and watches Trix's expressions change with each thrust...her eyes then moving up James’, grinning as she keeps staring at him [2011/02/12 17:10] James: stares at Mary [2011/02/12 17:10] Trix : groans as he forces her to the bed a hand in th middle of her back as he drives back into her sex [2011/02/12 17:10] Trix : nearly withdrawing on each thrust then driving her down into the matress [2011/02/12 17:11] Trix : looks at the Mistress then feels him push her hard into the bed again [2011/02/12 17:11] Trix : his hard trst invading her [2011/02/12 17:11] James: groans [2011/02/12 17:11] Trix : filling her each stroke deeper than the last 13 | P a g e

[2011/02/12 17:11] James: Trix you're going to cum for me ... [2011/02/12 17:11] Trix : she pushes back into the hard cock matching his rythmn [2011/02/12 17:12] Trix : her breath coming faster now her haed sweeps from side to side hair whipping at the air [2011/02/12 17:12] Trix : Yes Master she gasps [2011/02/12 17:12] Trix : Yes Master [2011/02/12 17:12] James: I want to feel your hips sqeeze on my cock while you cum [2011/02/12 17:12] Trix : Of course she moans [2011/02/12 17:12] Trix : her body quivering under him [2011/02/12 17:12] Trix : she feels the first spasm behind her soft tummy [2011/02/12 17:13] Trix : her muscles clenching down on the hard shaft [2011/02/12 17:13] James: rams himself into her deep and hard [2011/02/12 17:13] James: feeling her body tense [2011/02/12 17:13] Trix : his thrusts just driving her deeper and deeper [2011/02/12 17:13] Trix : groans as he fills her deeper than before [2011/02/12 17:14] Trix : sh stiffens as she feels him thrust deep [2011/02/12 17:14] Trix : Ohhhhhhhhfuccccccccccccccck [2011/02/12 17:14] Trix : gorns then screams to the walls [2011/02/12 17:14] Trix : CCCCccccummmmmminggg [2011/02/12 17:14] Trix : ohhhhhhhhhjessssssssssssssus [2011/02/12 17:14] James: stares at Mary and Trix's moans grow louder [2011/02/12 17:14] Trix : Cuuuummmmmmmingg [2011/02/12 17:14] Trix : bucks back against him her pussy muscles clenching him [2011/02/12 17:15] Mary: simply...grins and keeps staring back at Barney 14 | P a g e

[2011/02/12 17:15] Trix : her legs stiffening her body rocking against [2011/02/12 17:15] James: keeps pounding himself into her as her body shudders over and over [2011/02/12 17:15] Trix : an orgasm races through her her gasps filling the air again [2011/02/12 17:15] Trix : Ohh yessssssssss [2011/02/12 17:15] Trix : yesssssssssssssssssss [2011/02/12 17:15] Trix : ohhgodddddddddddddd Masterrrrrrrrrrrr [2011/02/12 17:16] Trix : feels him stiffen inside her as she grinds back into him [2011/02/12 17:16] Trix : a deep thrust fillin gher again [2011/02/12 17:16] James: drags your hips back on him ... holding them tight against mine [2011/02/12 17:16] Trix : then she feels him buck against her hot jets of cum spraying up deep inside her [2011/02/12 17:17] Trix : pushes back int ohim taking him deep [2011/02/12 17:17] James: ... keeping my enture length all the way inside and feeling the tightness of Trixs orgasm [2011/02/12 17:17] Trix : feeling his hot cum flood her [2011/02/12 17:17] Trix : groans as she clenches around his cock holding him [2011/02/12 17:18] Trix : Ohhhgoddd [2011/02/12 17:18] Trix : Yessssssssssss Master [2011/02/12 17:18] James: keeps on moving ... in slow deep strokes [2011/02/12 17:18] Trix : fille the girl [2011/02/12 17:18] Trix : clenches at his cock holdin ghim then moving along the length her muscles milking him [2011/02/12 17:19] Trix : her ass pushing back into him [2011/02/12 17:19] James: pulls her back against again ... and breaths deep 15 | P a g e

[2011/02/12 17:19] Trix : sneaks a peek up to see the Mistress and smiles [2011/02/12 17:19] James: Trix ... you've been amazing [2011/02/12 17:19] Trix : feels him pull her around [2011/02/12 17:20] Mary: smiles at Trix, thinking that red on her cheeks is definately her color *wink* [2011/02/12 17:20] Trix : Mmmmmmmm, thank You Master [2011/02/12 17:20] Trix : collapses under him her muscles still tingling at the orgasm [2011/02/12 17:21] Mary: stands up... [2011/02/12 17:21] James: Thank you for everything ... but now your Mistress needs something too from me [2011/02/12 17:21] Trix : smiles, yes Master of course [2011/02/12 17:21] Sylva's Basic Bed Engine: whispers: STOP [2011/02/12 17:21] Mary: sits close to Trix and strokes her hair as she catches her breath [2011/02/12 17:22] Trix : smiles feeling the Mistress' light touch on her skin [2011/02/12 17:22] James: caresses Mary's cheek and smiles [2011/02/12 17:22] Mary: grins at Barney "I think we need to bring Trix home more often..don't you?" [2011/02/12 17:23] James: smiles in response ... I think we definitely do have to [2011/02/12 17:23] Trix : the girl would be thrilled to serve You both again [2011/02/12 17:23] Trix : winks at the Mistress on the word both [2011/02/12 17:24] Mary: winks back at Trix and whispers "most certainly" [2011/02/12 17:24] James: I think it would be fantastic for you to serve us both again [2011/02/12 17:24] James: in every way [2011/02/12 17:25] Trix : giggles and blushes [2011/02/12 17:26] Trix : Now the girl will leave YOu both 16 | P a g e

[2011/02/12 17:26] Trix : blows them both a kiss [2011/02/12 17:26] James: thank you again ... and we'll see you soon I hope [2011/02/12 17:26] Mary: thank you Trix [2011/02/12 17:26] Trix : nods then quietly backs out of the room [2011/02/12 17:26] Mary: smiles at her

Jimmy and the Tramp

[2010/12/27 22:41] Angel smiles as she looks over the passing man and purrrs. "MMMM....Hey there handsome..." she cooos to Him, her manner catlike and coquettish... [2010/12/27 22:42] Jim couldn’t help but hear the soft and sensual voice calling out to him as he continued walking along the sidewalk. Eyes turned to the right, whereupon they set on a delightful feast of flesh. Pausing, he couldn't help but grin. "Well hello there," he replied in a low voice. [2010/12/27 22:44] Angel bites her lip and looks up and down the street, purring, glancing for her pimp, or the fuzz. "So, what are you doing out so late tonight?" She asks. "You lookin for a good time?" [2010/12/27 22:45] Angel inches towards Him and gets close. The scent of sweat and perfume is heavy on her....and underneath it somehow, the aroma of her wetness, as she looks up at Him with lustful eyes.... [2010/12/27 22:46] Jim grins at her, the whites of his teeth catching what little light there was from the streetlamp. He walked a bit closer to her. "Oh, you know, just on my way to volunteer at the local animal shelter... Doing my part to save the world." His tone laced with humor, he walked even closer, his eyes raking her body, taking in her curves, and her ample amounts of bare flesh. "But I'm always looking for a good time," he breathed softly. [2010/12/27 22:49] Angel grins at His reply, and reaches down to adjust her stocking, and back up to tease at her top. "Oh...that's so sweet, hon, such a good person, tooo." Her manner turns more sly from this as she continues. "But even good folks should enjoy being naughty from time to time. if you like what you see, hon, we can have at it right around the corner..." 17 | P a g e

[2010/12/27 22:50] Angel snaps her stocking and grins, making a money folding gesture with her thumb and index finger. "....just fifty's that sound?" [2010/12/27 22:50] Jim blatantly looks her up and down, nodding as she speaks to him. He can smell the scent of sweat, perfume, arousal, and sex coming from her. The scent of a whore, no doubt. But it was intoxicating to him, and he couldn't deny the stirring he felt beneath the denim of his jeans. "Oh we can, eh? Just like that, right around the corner?" He chuckled as his eyes looked up, darting left and right, checking for signs of the police. [2010/12/27 22:53] Angel 's eyes dart around in realization of the rookie mistake she just made, naming her price before asking an all-important question. He would have busted her upon hearing that if he was one, but still she felt compelled to ask. "MMhm, right back in that're not a cop, are you?" [2010/12/27 22:54] Jim raised his eyes at the price. He could afford that. A small price to pay for such a perfect piece of ass. "No... Not a cop at all. Unless you'd like me to read you your rights on the other side of that wall?" He grinned mischievously. [2010/12/27 22:55] Angel giggles. "Well, dunno about the Miranda crap...." she replies, before turning towards the alley, looking back, and gesturing for him to follow. "But you can skip right to the frisking, if you like...." [2010/12/27 22:57] Jim grins and follows the whore as she leads him back behind the brick walls, through a labrynth of boxes, crates, and pallets, until they arrived at the dirty mattresses hidden behind a storage container. [2010/12/27 22:59] Angel takes him into the alley, and moves over to the grungy matress laying by the overturned dumpster. The windless heat keeps the scent of an old malt liquor spill hanging in the air, mixed with weed and stale sex. "MM....thank you sugar," she cooos as she gestures for him to lay down, and slowly unzips his pants.... [2010/12/27 23:01] Jim feels the cool evening breeze hit his now exposed cock as she inched the zipper down on his jeans, his stirring member springing free and into her hands as she stroked him. He braced himself on his forearms, watching the girl straddle his leg. [2010/12/27 23:04] Angel hikes up her skirt and rubs her pussy on his leg, biting her lip and looking him in the eyes with an expression of raw lust. Oblivious to the trail she's leaving on His jeans, she strokes His cock, her lips curling into more and more of a sly grin with every bit of hardness it gains...

18 | P a g e

[2010/12/27 23:05] Jim felt his cock stiffen in her hand, hardening more and more as her hand stroked him. He could feel the wetness from her sex seeping through the denim of his jeans as she rubbed that pussy for him. He groaned, eyes closing, as he enjoyed her gloved hand on his cock, the tip of it with a hint of precum. [2010/12/27 23:07] Angel 's eyes alight at the sight of precum, and she leans forward, slowly, in catlike fashion to lick it up. She works her tongue all over the shaft, not missing a single delicious inch, and then moves down to His balls. One hand is above, stroking Him gently, and another below, using two digits to rub soft circles along that tender patch of flesh between His balls and anus.... [2010/12/27 23:09] Angel reaches around and pulls up her top, rolling it up. Occasionally, she comes up from sucking and licking Him to rub His cock between those soft natural mounds, and in this instant, she takes the opportunity to look back up the alley for anyone watching. Seeing only her pimp, she goes right back to work... [2010/12/27 23:10] Jim let out an audible moan as the girl's tongue licked the tip of his cock, swiping away the first evidence of precum. He nearly cried out as her tongue bathed his hard cock, covering every inch of his shaft with her saliva. He felt her hand stroking his shaft, and he began to pant slowly, as her mouth suched on his balls. He jumped a bit as her fingers found the small area between his balls and ass, rubbing him gently, sending chills down his body. His hands reached out, helping her pull the top up and over her head, tossing it to the dirty ground adjacent to the mattress. [2010/12/27 23:14] Angel glances back up to see her pimp still looking, and taps on the bills in her stocking. Seeing him nod and turn away, she focuses on him, and then moves over on all fours, pulling up her skirt, showing what he already knew from the pussy rub: that she is wearing no panties underneath. Her scent is musky and her manner entirely supplicating as she reaches back with one hand and spreads herself, inviting him to take whichever hole he pleases.... [2010/12/27 23:14] TnT Sex Engine whispers: Bulldog [2010/12/27 23:14] TnT Sex Engine whispers: Hound [2010/12/27 23:17] Jim could inhale the aroma of musk and sex as she rolled over onto all fours, baring her body as she pulled up the skirt. He inched his jeans down even more, giving his cock room to move, as he reached down, grabbing the shaft of it and placing the tip of his cock, lubricated with her saliva, at the opening to her pussy, groaning as he slid it in to her. His hard cock slid deep into her, slowly, spreading the tight folds apart as he did so. His thumb found her 19 | P a g e

asshole and started to rub and press on her hole, while his thrusts increased in intensity ever so slightly. [2010/12/27 23:21] Angel moans and coooos as HIs cock slides in. "MMmmmmmm.....yes, damn that's good...." she exclaims with a slight squeal of pleasure in her voice, and in the same breath this squeal gives way to a low, lusty moan. As His cock glides in she wiggles her hips to accommodate, and rocks back with the rhythm he soon finds. Their pace builds slowly, and it creeps up on them, but before long her ass is making an ignominious clapping sound against His hids...but she doesn't care until she spies a glance from someone passing the entrance to the alley. The dishevelled and mangy looking man here laughs, and goes a few steps up the street before passing out drunk in the gutter... [2010/12/27 23:24] Jim grunted as the thwack of his thighs slapping into her ass reverberated throughout the alley. His cock penetrated her deeper and deeper with every thrust, a primal hunger taking over him as he pounded her, their bodies moving in sync. Movement from the corner of his eye made him turn, and he saw the bum laughing as he fucked the whore on the mattress, his eyes looking back down at that ass as his thumb penetrated that tight rosebud, sliding into her tight hole as he spit on his finger to provide saliva lubrication. [2010/12/27 23:29] Angel 's ass welcomed His thumb with ease, and inside, she even felt it press occasionally against His cock through her inner walls. She laughs as the bum passes out, and turns her head in this laugh to kiss Him. On her lips, he can barely taste some cheap wine...evidently enough to loosen her up but not enough to have her in the same state as the bum in the gutter. Through this kiss, he can feel her moans and breath, deep and profound. Meanwhile, she starts flexing her inner walls around him below... [2010/12/27 23:31] Jim kissed at her mouth hungrily, his tongue ravishing hers, tasting the flavor of cheap wine but not caring as his thrusts became much harder and much faster against her. His thumb pumped her asshole with ease, and indeed he was surprised yet not surprised at the prowess she displayed taking his finger in her ass. There might be a cock in it later, but for now, he was content with that pussy milking him, feeling her flex and squeeze his cock as he slid into her. [2010/12/27 23:35] Angel 's pussy finds a careful rhythm, loosening with every slide in, and clamping down on his cock with every stroke out. It is as if she was made for cock, to be used this way, as if her pussy instinctively didn't wish to let him go. The overall motion is a wonderful milking, like squeezing a tube of toothpaste from the bottom up, so no drop is wasted. Between moans she squeals and cooos back to him. "MMMm....damn it;s nice and thick.....yes. like that pussy baby?" she asks through a coquettish grin and a bite of her lips, her speaking affected by the thrusting, and the effect it has on the rhythm of her breathing 20 | P a g e

[2010/12/27 23:38] Jim groaned and gripped the whore tighter around the waist as he slammed into her with animal lust, feeling that pussy tighten as he withdrew from her, effectively milking all the precum out of him, filling her deep with his cum. He grunted in her ear, "I love that tight fucking pussy, baby. Fuck me. Milk my hard cock with your slutty pussy." His thumb in her asshole was replaced by his index and middle finger, lubricated by a quick foray against her clit, letting her juices lube him up before he thrust those fingers deep into her tight asshole. [2010/12/27 23:43] Angel squeals at the entry of some more fingers into her ass. At being called slutty, her body acknowledges, as if this she coos and wets even more, and in that instant His balls start making a wet smacking sound against her slick, glistening pussy lips, mixing with the clapping of ass on hips that already echoes rhythmically off the brick walls around them [2010/12/27 23:45] Jim felt the wetness of her sex as his balls smacked against her juicy pussy lips, his hand pumping her tight asshole now with those two fingers. He needed to cum, and he needed to cum badly. But first, he wanted to fuck his whore. "You like those fingers in your ass, don't you, slut? You like being fucked in the ass with my fingers while my cock pounds your slutty whore pussy, don't you?" [2010/12/27 23:52] Angel grips the mattress, her passion building as their hips clap and His balls smack her pussy. A single tear comes down her face, as if her mind doesn't fully want to concur with what her own body, with every motion, every thrust, every tug on her hips and every movement knows, lives, and breathes. Her body gives itself to this completely, her manner lusty and driving, even as she sobs a bit between her moans and begins to stammer out, as if resigned and following the lead of her body. "Mmmmm....yes...fuck me...i'm a whore...i'm a whore..." One particularly rough brush of His fingers in her ass elicits a whine and squeal, which brings up the pitch of this little chant to herself: "...i'm a whore...i'm a whore..." [2010/12/27 23:59] Jim tears his shirt off as he slams into her, a sheen of sweat glistening in the rough street light behind them as his muscles flex with the rest of his movements. The thunder of their hips and thighs smacking against each other rings throughout the alleyway, echoing off the cold, harsh brick. His forearm has the texture of the old mattress pressed into the skin as he braces himself, those hips working to slam his cock deep inside of her. He was in the midst of thrusting those two fingers almost fist deep into her wide open asshole when he heard the sob. Rather than slow down, it only served to motivate him. "Yes, you are a whore, aren't you?" He grunts as he feels her pussy automatically milking the precum out of his cock. "You're a back alley filthy whore who fucks strange men for $50 on a filthy mattress." He alternated his thrusts of his cock in her ass with his fingers in her asshole, so she was never 21 | P a g e

without part of him pumping deep into her. "Keep saying that to yourself, slut. Keep reminding me." [2010/12/28 00:09] Angel works back emphatically. The expression on her face is a bizarre mix of tortured sadness and raw lust, and the rough use of her asshole draws a loud moan from her lips, from deep within, as the pain and pleasure mixed, the one sharpening the other as every inch of her being bristled with sensation. Looking up, she casts a vacant glance towards a passer-by, her attention drawn by the moaning. This lady just shook her head and walked on past, though, and made no more notice of them. Upon seeing this, she buries her face in the mattress, but then hears his command. Stuttering it out between moaning and sobbing, with her voice alternating emphasis in time with the thrusting, she replies, "Yes...OOh! I'm a back alley...WHORE! mmmm......who FUCKSsssss....strange MEN....for fifty DOLLARS....on a FILTHY..mmm....mattress...." [2010/12/28 00:12] Jim tensed. It was the vocalization that did it. Her words which sent him over the edge. Right as the older woman shook her head in disgust and walked away, he felt his body tense up, an orgasm moments away. With rough motions, his fingers slammed again into her asshole, deeper than they had before, almost as if he was going to insert his fist into her. With a great thrust, he slammed that cock deep into her pussy, the collision between thighs and ass like a gunshot echoing through the night. His orgasm erupted from his cock, and exploded deep within her pussy, squirting waves of his pleasure deep inside of her, as he pressed against her, his body pressing hers hard against the filthy mattress. [2010/12/28 00:14] TnT Sex Engine whispers: Analize [2010/12/28 00:14] TnT Sex Engine whispers: Rear Entry [2010/12/28 00:14] TnT Sex Engine whispers: Doggy Pump [2010/12/28 00:20] Angel feels the throb in His cock, the urgency of His thrusts, and is more and more turned on herself hearing these words come out of her mouth....of having been seen, by her pimp,. by this woman....of being watched as she plied her trade. Still sobbing, and still whimpering, mixing sounds of sadness with lust, she keeps on with the little refrain, "I'm a whore...I'm a whore..." until the very instant, just before He orgasms, when His cock reaches its hardest inside her. This sets off her own orgasm, her body tensing first for an instant. Then, as His cock releases His seed inside, with a horribly wanton and ungodly moan, she cries out, ..."I'm a WHOREEEEE!!!!" It echoes from the walls and reverbs in the dumpster as her body shakes uncontrollably, and her pussy and ass involuntarily spasm around His cock and fingers.... [2010/12/28 00:23] Jim shoots his load deep inside that whore pussy of hers, filling her up with his seed. He can feel her orgasm with him as she shrieks out to the world, declaring that 22 | P a g e

she's a whore, acknowledging that this is not only what she is but who she is. He grins as he finishes inside of her, feeling her pussy clench him one last time, and her ass tighten around his fingers as his now spent cock softens ever so slightly, his seed dripping out of her sex and onto the mattress below, no doubt to join the numerous other body fluids already staining the fabric.3 [2010/12/28 00:24] TnT Sex Engine whispers: Rub Clit [2010/12/28 00:26] Jim shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm! [2010/12/28 00:26] Angel 's orgasm subsides, and as His cock softens she regains some control. Still weakened and trembling with occasional tiny aftershocks, she looks up at him, bewildered almost. In here yes, he can feel part of her wants to cower, bury herself in shame. but this turns her on even more, and with a deer in headlights look, she reaches below to take a drip of His cum off of her pussy and brings it up to lick clean.....


[23:14] ExSeraphim Eulenberg stands motionless, deactivated, silent, and unaware of the cataclysm that the ship had encountered.....

[23:14] Cephal lets his hand move to the cyborgs external power port, and sends a pulse of elctricity through it, attempting to activate her [23:15] Cephal trails his hand down across her chest and stomach, until he finds the bright red button above her spot and sends pulses of electricity through it

[23:17] ExSeraphim Eulenberg begins to whirr to life, her camera eyes dilating and closing as she adjusts to the light. she feels her systems power on, and inside her bloodstream, nanites begin buzzing with activity. "Systems booting....nanites.....operational. Primary memory cache, ok. Secondary cache, ok. Optics, check. Biological signs normal. Scannning...." [23:18] ExSeraphim Eulenberg looks up, and matching the face to her database. "Hello Doctor Zifawne." she says to Him.

23 | P a g e

[23:19] Cephal watches with approval as he sees the cyborg beginning to come online. His tentacles writhe in anticipation [23:19] Cephal : "hello My dear" he says in satisfacction. Please state your name and purpose for me my deat"

[23:23] ExSeraphim Eulenberg continues her startup checks. "Pleasurebot systems online. Normal wetting activated." Upon hearing his command, she replies, "Unit is pleasure model PU55-Y, serial #EX0069. Assigned to NCS Persephone. Primary Directive: Entertain and sexually serve officers and crew of NCS Persephone to maintain ship's morale. Secondary directive: Assist ship's information systems, medical, and science departments."

[23:25] Cephal smiles wickedly as his tentacles reach out for the lovely cyborg, two tentacles wrap around her arms and draw her toward his body, as he grins wantonly and says " I think I might be in need of a bit of a morale boost my dear."

[23:28] ExSeraphim Eulenberg 's breathing deepens as she is pulled towards Him, and speaks again. "MMM...yes Sir," she replies as her behavior becomes more wanton and less mechanical. Finishing her initializations, she whispers, "Erogenous Nanite vibrations and service wetting protocol initiated..."

[23:29] ExSeraphim Eulenberg 's sex, in short order, begins to glisten with moisture externally as well as she is pullled next to him...

[23:30] Cephal lets his tentacles trail over the young pleasurebot's body. Electrical pulses emanate from the tips of his tentacles as they brush her skin, sending waves of pleasure through her. He smiles aat her and instructs her huskily " you may start by removing my coat my dear

[23:34] ExSeraphim Eulenberg dutifully replies, "Yes Sir," and starts to unbuckle the front of His coat. Her systems have notedthe growths on Him and foreign DNA, but, since the nanites in her 24 | P a g e

bloodstream serve as her immune system, they tackle all infections of STD< so she is programmmed to serve regardless. However, this sort of infection was not taken into account when she was programmmed, and still her systems run, stiffening her nipples, wetting her vagina and anus, and preparing her to serve.....

[23:37] Cephal lets his tentacles wrap around her body, brushing against her skin with the tingling of a mild electrical shock. His roaming becomes more focused and brushes against he nipples, sending a charge into them, then another tentacle wraps around her leg and craesses her thighs with the pleasurable charge. He looks at her lustily and commands" now the pants my dear if you please"

[23:39] ExSeraphim Eulenberg nods and reaches down, biting her lip as she undoes his fly and slowly pullls down the zipper. a soft moian escapes the girl's lipsat the sight of His cock, and then her camera eyes move back up to meet His....

[23:42] Cephal slips a tentacle inside the cyborgs already moistend vagina. He begins sending pulsing charges into her as he takes her hands and places them on his chest so she might explore his body

[23:46] ExSeraphim Eulenberg 's vagina receives His charges, slowly bringing her system charge up, rendering a recharge connection unnecessary. She begins to writhe as these charges bring her nanite arousal systems up to speed more quickly than normal, and moans softly as His tentacle rests inside after the charge.....

[23:49] Cephal rests his hands on the sexbot's shoulders, gently applying pressure to force her to kneel before him. His glowing eyes flare as he sees this vision kneeling before him. In a commanding voice he says" taste me my dear". His tentacles wrap around her body as his command echoes in her ears. Two tentacles enter her and provide pulses of pleasure, while yet more tentacles drag her head toward his already engorged members.

25 | P a g e

[23:54] ExSeraphim Eulenberg takes his gesture and kneels gracefullly, all but reflexively. conditioned as a good pleasurebot should be, she opens her mouth and pullls her legs wide apart as she kneels, hardly flinching while letting the two tentacles slip with ease into her tight cunt because of her considerable wetness. Leaning forward,she kisses the head for a moment and then wraps her lips tightly around HIm. immediately, the ribbed augmentations inside her tongue begin to undulate back as more and more of His shaft is welcomed inside....

[23:57] Cephal growls in pleasure as he feels her lips wrap around him and the ribbed augmentations begin to rub against his throbbing member. he continues sending waves of energy into the sexbots dripping pussy as his other tentacles wrap around her arms and legs, holding them in place. He sends pulse after pulse of enrgy into her, letting the tips of his tentacles brush her nipples with a tingling charge as other tentacles enter her over and over again.

[0:01] ExSeraphim Eulenberg 's system charge and efficiency rises as hi's electricity courses through her human and mechanized components. by now, the tentacles in her sex are eliciting little wet, smacking, back and forth noises, and she offers no resistance to the ones that restrain her. reaching the base of His cock, she twists her head and slips her tongue out to lick his ballls, imagining the semen they contain, and knowing how it will be processed in her systems. diligently, she rocks her head back and forth, nanites buzzzing and tongue ribs pressing, pleasing Him as she is programmmed to....

[0:04] Cephal groans as her lips caress him. looking wantonly at this amazing new beauty he has found, he forces her onto her back, restraining her with his tentacles as he enters her. A fiendish grin graces his face as he slips his member into her, pumping diligently back and forth as his glowing eyes flash to a blinding fire-like state.\

[0:10] ExSeraphim Eulenberg lays back, again, without reesistance, pliant as a doll as her legs are opened. her only movement is not struggling, but rather, the movement of her chest and hips with her deep, impassioned breathing. A loud moan escapes her, and she bites her lips as her sex automatically opens itself, spreading like the petals of a flower to welcome Him inside on approach. Upon entry, He presses in slowly, and the instant His balls touch her sex or the head of His cock meets her cervix.... 26 | P a g e

[0:11] ExSeraphim Eulenberg: ....her sex clenches around Him. for a moment, it;s tightnbess adjusts to His girth, and as her readings find their place, the ringed augmens surgically placed along her vaginal canal go to work on Him....

[0:14] Cephal groans loudly as he feels her augmens tighten around him, his body stiffens as he feels his passion flow over the edge of control, like an overloaded circuit his eyes, tentacles, and markings of his body glow brightly as he releases his seed into the sexbot's pulsating womanhood. energy pours out of him in waves, shorting out instruments around him as he spasms rhythmically inside her.

[0:19] ExSeraphim Eulenberg 's systems begin to opverload as well as He deposits inside her, but then, that coursing electricity is channeled right back down into the currently serving orifice, which picks up the speed of its gentle undulations as His thrusts become jerky from releasing, and then relaxed once he finishes. Still lucid, she feels the last few thrusts push out some of His seed. after a moment of this, nanites just under her skin vibrate and make subtle waves. to the unassisted, naked eye, as he pullls out, it appears his seed is actually seeping, trickling over her skin, heading back inside of her pussy.

[0:23] Cephal smies in content satisfaction at the lucky find on this ship. the cyberdemon that calls himself Sektor lays down beside the sexbot, panting a bit as tiny wisps of smoke curl away from the damged viewscreens in the room. He says quietly" now I know why I have ben roaming this area of the ship searching. I finally found what I needed"

[0:26] ExSeraphim Eulenberg curls up next to Him, feeling her electrical systems and His tentacles softly passing forth pulses of energy as seed is pulled into her unfertile womb and his DNA analyzed...

[0:28] Cephal smiles at the sexbot and says playfully" I hope you find what you need in my DNA my dear. I do realize that you are analyzing it even as we speak"

27 | P a g e

[0:36] ExSeraphim Eulenberg 's sytems link up wirelessly with the ship's communication network, attempting to transmit this data somewhere, which he can detect, but unbeknownst to Him, it's Nastrand HQ. since the transmitters are unable to establish a connection, the data is stored in her disk cache along with the crew dna, and the physical semen itself is diverted to her power systems....

[0:39] Cephal smiles knowing that the link to Nastrand HQ is irrevecobly broken at this point

28 | P a g e

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Emoting 101  

A Toy Slaves Brothel Training pamphlet

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