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October Newsletter


I don’t have much that is new to report right now. As always, we have much going on but not much ready for the “news”. As has become usual and customary, I attended two of the favorite events in October. Early in the month, I had the pleasure of attending the Foster Grandparent Program recognition banquet. I love the stories from the classrooms our dedicated volunteers work in. It is also important to me to be able to thank our volunteers for their service personally. As always, program staff put on a great show. One of my other priority events of the year is the fall Head Start get-together. I see so many of my co-workers in Head Start so infrequently that I really value even a few hours of time to spend with the group. I was able to sit in on the discussion held after the group went through a poverty simulation. It was a very impressive discussion. Transportation, I am looking for an invite from you in the near future! I have mentioned in the past that Tri-Valley is assisting three local communities in developing single-family homes. I am happy to report that there is a purchase agreement in place for the Crookston project. The home in Warren was recently listed with a realtor and the house in Red Lake Falls is just about ready for its open house. We are still looking for a Private Sector board member from the Crookston area. If you know of anyone who may be interested, please let me know. I will close with a shameless plug for the 11-0 Win-E-Mac Patriots football team. After being in the section finals and coming up short several times over the last 20 years (twice while I was coaching), the team won the section for the first time since 1991 (when I was actually playing). The team starts state tournament play on November 8th. Go Patriots!

In This Issue:

In This Issue:

* CEO News and Notes * Glencoe Hosts Poverty Simulator * Senior Programs Harvest Festival * Danube Hosts Family Build Night * Transportation Provides Fall Leaf Tours * Fire Department Visits Glencoe Center * Baumann Earns Her CDA * Wacky Wednesday at Tri-Valley * Monticello Great Apple Crunch * Crookston Great Apple Crunch * Elgin Great Apple Crunch

* East Grand Forks Parent Meeting * Elysian Staff Earn Family Service Credential * Elysian Collaborates with Midwest Hemp Farms * Danube Center has Special Visitor * Monticello Fall Festival * Elysian Recruitment Event * Halloween in Crookston * East Grand Forks Great Apple Crunch * Elgin Parent Meeting * Foster Grandparent Recognition Luncheon * Tri-Valley Board of Directors

Glencoe Hosts Poverty Simulator The Glencoe center partnered with the United Way of McLeod County and hosted a poverty simulation at the Glencoe City Center (which donated the space). The event was put on by two trained facilitators from United Community Action. Sixty members of the community including three Tri-Valley Managers/ Specialists took part in the simulation. Attendees were assigned an identity and a family upon arrival. Families had to problem solve through four, 15 minute segments of time (each representing a week), get kids to school, go to work, get to social services, food shelf, bank and so on. Sixteen volunteers, including three of the Glencoe center employees, speaking only in Spanish acted as representatives providing resources in the community. The purpose of the simulation was to bring awareness to the everyday challenges families face in poverty or low income situations. As a direct result of the simulation, several local service providers are adding evening hours, one of the local service providers is adding hours in Glencoe weekly. In addition to those items, emergency housing is being implemented in Glencoe.

Senior Programs Attends Harvest Festival Kristal Abrahamson (Senior Programs Coordinator) attended the annual Harvest Festival in McIntosh, MN. She shared program information with those that attended the event and with vendors that participated in the event.

Upcoming Calendar Items: * Nov. 3 - Daylight savings time ends * Nov. 4 - HS/EHS Policy Council meeting * Nov. 11 - Veteran’s Day * Nov. 28 - Thanksgiving Day

Transportation Provides Fall Leaf Tours Danube Hosts Family Build Night “Attention- DIT Family Build Night at the Danube center. Please bring your hammer, star screwdriver, and safety glasses.” These were the words on the invite to a male engagement event the Parent Planning Committee helped organize. Parents planned out a potluck, brought amazing food, and got to meet the teachers in the classrooms as they came. They all had fun family time together building birdhouses or toolboxes from kits through The Home Depot Thank you to The Home Depot of Willmar for donating the aprons for the children to wear and keep. So much fun was had and the families were proud and excited to take their projects home!

On September 25 and 27, Tri-Valley Transportation took riders to Itasca State Park on a fall leaf tour. Riders enjoyed a comfortable, convenient ride to Itasca State Park and were able to enjoy the park, see the fall colors all while enjoying a perfect autumn day!

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Fire Department Visits Glencoe Center The Tri-Valley Migrant Head Start program in Glencoe had a visit from the Glencoe Fire Department on Friday, October 8. The students were greeted in their classroom by firefighters Jason, Edgar, Eric, Islam, and Tom. The students learned how to stop, drop, and roll and they got to tour the fire truck and received their very own fire hat. They enjoyed their experiences with the Glencoe Fire Department and enjoyed listening to the sounds and lights as the firemen drove off in the fire truck.

Wacky Wednesday at Tri-Valley

Baumann Earns Her CDA The Glencoe center is excited to announce that Ashley Baumann received her Infant Toddler Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential and she is now an Infant Teacher at the Glencoe center. Congratulations Ashley on all of your hard work!

The Crookston Administrative Office, the Crookston Head Start center and the Monticello Head Start center took part in WaCkY WeDnEsDaY on October 9. What is Wacky Wednesday? One Wednesday per month the Tri-Valley Wellness Committee invites all staff to take part in a theme for that day. October’s theme was “Pink It Out”. It’s an initiative to promote happiness and productivity in the workplace. The next Wacky Wednesday is November 13 and the theme is “Wacky Sock Day”!

Monticello Great Apple Crunch The Monticello center Preschool classroom celebrated the Great Apple Crunch event on Thursday, October 10. They had multiple visitors throughout the day. Master Gardener, Melissa Larsen spoke to the kids about the growth process of an apple tree and answered questions from the preschoolers, then children did different activities in the classroom. Education Supervisor, Kelly Galvin read a book about apples to the children. Next, MET program community members, staff, parents, and children counted down to the Great Apple Crunch and enjoyed a bite of their apples before lunch. Shortly after, Senator Bruce Anderson joined the kids to meet the Monticello Fire Department. They learned the importance of safety in case of an emergency.

Crookston Great Apple Crunch The Crookston center participated in the Great Apple Crunch on Thursday, October 10. The children were read stories about apples from our resource officer before heading outside to see a John Deere tractor from Crookston Implement. The children explored different stations in the gym including sensory tables, apple toss games, a farmers market, and a photo booth. Jason Carlson (Tri-Valley CEO) and Tammy Conn (from WIC) engaged with the children at the different stations. Children had lunch including fruits and veggies that were locally sourced and we had a visit from State Representative Deb Kiel. The center children and staff ended the day crunching into apples during snack time!

Elgin Great Apple Crunch The Elgin center celebrated the Great Apple Crunch event on Thursday October 10. The center had multiple visitors throughout the day like a fire truck, ambulance, police, farmer, librarian, and parents. The librarian read books and sang songs about apples, farms, and animals to the toddlers and preschoolers. Each classroom did an activity about apples and the children learned the process of apple growth. They did taste-testing of the apples with the help of the parents and they discussed which one was their favorite. The farmer came and talked about how the cows produce milk, how they milk cows, and they discussed the different kinds of cows as well. The center took pictures with parents in a photo booth display they had at the center. Then everyone went outside to see the emergency responders. The children learned about the jobs of first responders and they got to explore the inside of the vehicles. The paramedics and parents joined the preschoolers for lunch and they were all very excited for that!

East Grand Forks Parent Meeting On Monday, September 30, the East Grand Forks center held their first parent meeting for the 201920 school year. ReadyRosie training was presented, information about policy council was shared, and election of policy council members occurred. There was a terrific turnout and all policy council seats were filled!

Danube Center Has Special Visitor

Elysian Staff Earn Family Service Credential The Elysian center is excited to announce that Juanita Picazo and Selena Fuentes have earned their Family Service Credential after completing 56.5 training hours. Congratulations Juanita and Selena on all of your dedication and hard work!

Elysian Center Collaborates with Midwest Hemp Farms Elysian center staff and volunteers received a warm welcome from employees and staff at the new Midwest Hemp Farms in Waseca, MN. Midwest Hemp Farms is hiring season help in all positions and they are working with the Elysian center to provide services to their employees and their families.

The preschoolers at the Danube center have been learning about insects in class. As part of that learning, they had Wrex the bearded dragon come visit the center. His owner, April (teacher), taught the children about the food Wrex eats, what body parts he has, and answered all of the children’s questions. Wrex eats caterpillars and other insects the preschoolers have been observing in their room and in the neighborhood, but the children have never seen a lizard like Wrex before, and they all loved his visit! The children also did some math in measuring how long Wrex’s tail was and how many toes he had. The toddlers loved Wrex’s colors and his orange eyes and they could even find his ears. Teacher April had Wrex climb and stand so the children could see him move. Wrex loved to turn his head. It was great to have a special visitor at the Danube Center!

Monticello Fall Festival On Friday, October 18, the Monticello center celebrated their annual Fall Festival. They had activities for the whole family. The event was a success with over 30 adult volunteers participating. After the festival, the center had their third parent meeting. Attendees took part in the ReadyRosie workshop "Families as Partners". They also had a special guest, John Stiffin from the Minnesota Department of Labor who spoke to those in attendance. In addition, the center was excited to see that their Great Apple Crunch event made the Monticello Times newspaper!

Elysian Recruitment Event The Elysian center had a Head Start recruitment table set up at the Faribo West Mall in Faribault, MN. Mi Lindo Michoacán, a restaurant in the mall welcomed the Elysian staff and let them set up and recruit in front of their restaurant. The staff have been invited back to recruit again by La Linda Michocana. In addition to staff, a father of a Head Start child volunteered his time to help promote the program and the importance of male involvement in a child’s life.

Halloween at AO Tri-Valley staff at the administrative office in Crookston got into the Halloween spirit. Staff enjoyed a spooky potluck followed by some pictures in their costumes!

East Grand Forks Center Celebrates the Great Apple Crunch On Thursday, October 10, the East Grand Forks center celebrated the Great Apple Crunch event! Officer Gunderson read Ten Apples on Top and other apple books to each classroom. Classroom activities included taste testing a variety of apples and math activities (graphing, measuring, balancing, and counting). Thanks to all of the parent volunteers and staff for a fun filled day!

Elgin Parent Meeting On Wednesday, October 23, the Elgin center held a parent meeting. The center nurse Joni talked about first aid and the families received a first aid kit to take home. The RFA’s talked about ReadyRosie. The purpose of the workshop was to support reading and writing at home, introduce home-rich literacy, and examine the different methods parents can introduce this to their children. Staff passed out books to take home and then the families worked on an activity using paint to create a beautiful family tree together.

Tri-Valley Senior Programs Holds Foster Grandparent Recognition Luncheon Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc. Senior Programs held its annual Foster Grandparent recognition luncheon at the Crookston Eagles Club on Wednesday, October 9. Marley Melbye (Senior Programs Director) began the event by welcoming the Foster Grandparents and guests to the banquet. Jason Carlson, Tri-Valley’s CEO thanked all of the volunteers for the difference they are making in the lives of children and families in our communities. The “World of Difference” awards were then given to individuals who were nominated by professional staff at their volunteer site. “With the little things you do every day, your impact spreads far and wide. Your commitment to improving lives inspires and motivates us all… You make a world of difference.” is engraved on the award along with the recipients’ name. Recipients of the World of Difference Award are Grandpa Marvin Johnson (Lake Park- Audubon Public Schools, 1 year volunteer), Grandma Mary Ann Altepeter (U of M, Crookston Early Childhood Development Center, 3 year volunteer), Grandma Barbara Holum (Badger Elementary, 4 year volunteer), and Grandma Beverly Holm (Badger Elementary, 5 year volunteer). Following the awards presentation, Anna Peterson spoke about her life following a snowmobile accident on her birthday in January 2019 entitled “In the Blink of an Eye”. She spoke about how the accident affected her family and children and how you can find gratitude in any circumstance. The Foster Grandparents really enjoyed her presentation and had a lot of questions for her. For more information on how to become a Foster Grandparent, Caring Companion or how to receive Caring Companion services, please call Marley, Alicia, Jean, or Kristal at 1-800-584-7020.

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2019 October Tri-Valley Newsletter  

2019 October Tri-Valley Newsletter

2019 October Tri-Valley Newsletter  

2019 October Tri-Valley Newsletter