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As has become our custom, I am ceding my column space in the May newsletter to share service milestones in acknowledgement of Employee Recognition Month. Thank you all for your years of service and contributions to Tri-Valley’s mission. A special nod goes out Jill Chisholm-Bennett. Jill will be recognized by the Minnesota Community Action Partnership for working 25 years in Community Action at its Annual Convention in Bemidji later this summer. Way to go Jill! 5 Years Regis Amiot Juanita Mendieta David Jacobson Danielle Edlund Mitch Bakken Elizabeth Hensrud Gerald Olson Amanda Roue Pamela Blank Teresa Balboa Virginia Carlson Aracely Esquivel Maria Los Angeles Davila Ashley McMahon Tiffany Beerbower Spencer Larson, Jr. Ashley Peterson Bobbie Danielson

10 Years Carol Plante Mandy Jimenez Carrie Munn Lisa Zepeda Shauna Keller Valarie Schultz

20 Years Greg Dufault Tami Byklum Janel Petrick 25 Years Jill Chisholm Bennett

35 Years 15 Years Corrie Goodyke Teresa Lang Diana Rodriguez Rosa Reyna De Lopez Lisa Lundsten Kristen Waechter

In This Issue:

In This Issue:

* CEO News and Notes * Senior Programs In-Service * Try It! Commuter Route * May Declared Community Action Month * National Teacher Appreciation Day * Thank You Providers

* Crookston Junior High Volunteer Day * Crookston Head Start Takes a Field Trip * Child Care, We Need You * Upcoming June Events * Head Start Success Story * Tri-Valley Board of Directors

Foster Grandparent In-Service The Foster Grandparents held their last in-service of the 2016-2017 school year on Friday, May 5. In the morning the speaker was Cindy Scott, Disabilities and Education Service Specialist from Tri-Valley Head Start. Cindy shared how to guide the children through the rules and routines in the classroom. Cindy also had some terrific handouts to give to each of the Foster Grandparents that could be used as tools for redirection of the children who need that extra support for redirection. The afternoon was spent finishing up the year-end paper work. Thank you for all your hard work Foster Grandparents!

Mayor Melbye Proclaims May 2017 “Community Action Month,” and May 7-13 “Riverview Health Week” Two Mayoral Proclamations were at the top of the agenda at the Crookston City Council meeting on Monday night. Tri-Valley Opportunity Council Director, Jason Carlson, was on hand as Mayor Wayne Melbye proclaimed May 2017 as “Community Action Month.” Carlson commented, “What we have going on here in Crookston is unique – it doesn’t happen everywhere.” Melbye proclaimed May 7-13, 2017 as “RiverView Health Week.” On hand to accept the proclamation were CEO Carrie Michalski, CFO Betty Arvidson, and Vice President of Ancillary Services, Lance Norman. Michalski commented that RiverView will continue their quest to “keep the Crookston community healthy. (story and photo courtesy of KROX-AM)

Tri-Valley Pre-School Teachers Interviewed for National Teacher Appreciation Day May 9th was National Teacher Appreciation Day and South Central College congratulated their Child Development students and alumni. They interviewed Linda Steinback and Samantha Villanueva who are alumni of South Central College and pre-school teachers at the Tri-Valley Head Start center in Sleepy Eye. The National Education Association describes National Teacher Day “as a day for honoring teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make to our lives.” Great job! The video can be seen at

Crookston Junior High Volunteer Day The Tri-Valley Head Start center in Crookston took part in Crookston High School Junior High Volunteer Day on Wednesday, May 10. Junior high students visited the center and interacted with the children and read them books. Everyone had a fun time and it was a great thing to see the kids out helping in the community!

Friday, May 12 was Provider Appreciation Day It is a special day to recognize child care providers, teachers and other educators of young children everywhere. A very big thank you to our Tri-Valley co-workers who provide care and education for children! Every day, child care providers care for our children providing nurturing, safe, healthy, learning experiences. The children, parents and employers depend on child care providers. May 12th is the day to recognize the hard work and dedication of providers, and to acknowledge their contributions to their community. “Child care providers are central to a quality child care system and Provider Appreciation Day is the time to tell providers everywhere we recognize and value their important work,” said Lynette M. Fraga, Ph.D., Executive Director of Child Care Aware® of America, the host organization of Provider Appreciation Day. “It takes a special person to work in the child care field and these individuals are often unrecognized. Providing quality child care is hard work. Quality providers are committed to helping children learn and grow,” says Maureen Hams of Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Child Care Aware of MN. “This day offers an opportunity for parents to show their child care providers how much they are appreciated.” Thank you providers!!!

Child Care‌ Children, Families, and Employers Need You! Crookston Head Start Takes a Field Trip Crookston Head Start children that are age eligible (31 total) took a field trip with Head Start Teachers Carol and Sammi to visit Washington School in Crookston on Thursday, May 11. The children got to visit with Mrs. Oliver, Washington Principal, tour the school, and play on the playground! Washington School is where they may be attending next fall.

Do you want to be self-employed? Do you like babies and toddlers? Do you want to work from home or would you be interested in renting space for your business? If you answered yes to these questions, then Tri-Valley Opportunity Council Child Care Aware Program wants to speak to you. Children, families, and employers in our area desperately need you! Tri-Valley and the Child Care Aware Program are currently seeking individuals who can fill the child care provider void in Northwest Minnesota. Candidates need to be patient, warm, and enthusiastic. Candidates must like to laugh and enjoy children. Candidates must be eager to learn and try new things, and candidates must have a desire to provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment. For those interested, there are a variety of types of licensed child care opportunities in the area. There are also grants to assist with startup costs and technical assistance and mentoring that can help you get started on the right path. If you would like to join the child care conversation, have questions about child care in our communities, or would like more information on becoming a licensed child care provider, please contact Maureen Hams (Tri-Valley Community Services Program Director) at 1-800-5437382 or 218-773-5319.

Upcoming Calendar Items: * June 12 - MNsure and SNAP info booth in Crookston * June 13 - Tri-Valley Board of Directors meeting * June 15 - MNsure and SNAP info booth in Ada * June 24 - MSHS/MSEHS Policy Council meeting * June 28 - MNsure and SNAP info booth in Warren

Head Start Success Story – Maria Nelly Martinez My name is Maria Nelly Martinez. I have been a migrant all my life. I have traveled to Washington, Oregon, Idaho, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nebraska and Texas. We traveled state to state in search of agriculture work. Being a migrant I had to juggle work and school, in the summer were long days of working in the sun followed by homework packets given to us by summer school teachers. My parents tried their best to give us the best education they could but sometimes they needed our help working in the fields. All of my childhood was spent juggling work with my education. Freshman year my parent and I made the decision that I would drop out of school because I felt I needed to help my parents more. At such young age it was so hard to juggle work and my education. Jumping from state to state meant jumping from school to school. It wasn’t a problem when I was younger because I was allowed to catchup with homework when I couldn’t be present in school, but once I got to my freshman year I needed to be present in school so my grades would count and being a migrant that was not possible. After dropping out as a freshman I dedicated my extra time to working towards my GED. I am proud to say that after only three and a half short but difficult months I was able to obtain it. This for me was an extremely proud moment because the lack of education presented difficulties in me learning the material I needed to complete my GED. Three years down the road I met the love of my life and we decided to get married. My husband was able to obtain work in a place that would allow for us to put our migrating years behind us and plant roots for our family. His employment took him away from what mattered most his family. This brought forth more struggles and hardships than anticipated so in 2015 as a family we decided that we would yet again pack up our belongings and migrate with the hopes of finding work that would allow us to make a living but keep our family united. We found work harvesting potatoes and sugar beets. In 2016 we came back to North Dakota. When I first arrived I was referred to Tri- Valley by the local MET program in Grafton. I put in my application for work as an RFA because I wanted to be able to help migrant families get much needed help and make a difference in their children, just like someone did when they told my parents about the program that I went to in Cavalier , ND. Summer school as I called it was such a great experience for me, not only did it give my parents the peace of mind knowing that I would be safe when they were working but I was able to make friends and learn from my teachers. This is now my 2nd season working for Tri- Valley and I love it, I am making a difference in the lives of migrant families and their children. I am currently working on completing the family service credential so that I can better serve the families in our program. I plan to further my education in the social service field. This will not only allow me to better myself professionally, it will also make me grow as a person so that I can better provide for my family. Thanks to Tri-Valley for the training and experience, they have given me up until now.

Head Start, Child & Family Programs

Tri-Valley Board of Directors 2017

LeRoy Vonasek

Mark Kroulik

Shawna Peterson

Don Diedrich

Chairperson Public Official Sector Marshall County

Vice Chairperson Private Sector Marshall County

Secretary Private Sector Marshall County

Treasurer Public Official Sector Polk County

Dr. Jodi Boerger-Wilder Private Sector Polk County

Sarah Kjono Low-Income Sector Norman County

Gary Willhite

John Gerszewski

Public Official Sector Polk County

Low-Income Sector Polk County

Marvin Gunderson

Lee Ann Hall

Domita Mack

Lana Glover

Greg Burris

Public Official Sector Norman County

Public Official Sector Marshall County

Low-Income Sector Marshall County

Low-Income Sector Marshall County

Public Official Sector Norman County

Dr. Linda Neuerburg Private Sector Polk County

Stephanie Vonesh

Dale Svaren

Low-Income Sector Polk County

Private Sector Norman County

Not Pictured: Marsha Melting-Ogard, Low-Income Sector, Norman County Lynn Monk, Low-Income Sector, Norman County

The mission of Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc. is to provide opportunities to improve the quality of life for people and communities.

May newsletter 2017  

Tri-Valley May 2017 Newsletter