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June Newsletter


Well, per the calendar and the weather we have experienced lately, summer has finally arrived. That means we have centers full of young children receiving comprehensive services from literally hundreds of staff who will only be with us part of the year…as it has been for close to 50 years now at Tri-Valley. It never ceases to amaze me how we can put quality programming together, recruit staff and train them, administratively get all of the necessary paperwork collected, and figure out how to pay additional folks in such a short period of time, year after year. It really is something when you think about it. You will see in the newsletter this month that Linda Neuerburg attended her last Tri-Valley board meeting. She has retired from UND and is starting a new chapter in her life. Linda was our Board Chair for an unusually long time as she finished almost an entire one-year term of Paul Erdal’s chairmanship when he moved out of the area and then had three one-year terms in her own right, per our Bylaws. As such, Linda oversaw executive transition, effects of ARRA, programs beginning, programs ending… it was an eventful time at Tri-Valley! Through it all, we could count on Linda to provide a calming presence and ask good questions that helped us stay mission-focused. Linda will be missed. Long time readers will note another change this month. Agassiz Townhomes converted its construction financing to permanent loans on June 28th. That brings an end to all construction activities and a ton of paperwork. The units are almost all filled, in fact may be filled now, and the property is performing well in terms of operations. We have been talking about this project since the very end of 2014. It is very satisfying to have played a part in the collaboration that made Agassiz Townhomes a reality. I will finish this month with a bit of news that I am VERY excited about. I received word the last week of June that Tracey Sundeen and Melody Hedden both passed the exam required to become Certified Community Action Professionals (CCAP)! CCAP is a professional designation that is awarded by the CCAP Commission, an independent body that ensures rigor in the certification process. I know that the process is time-consuming and the exam is famously difficult. Congratulations Tracey and Melody! It is time to take a well-deserved bow at the National CAP conference and at the MinnCAP conference in Duluth. If there are any other staff out there who may be interested in becoming a CCAP, please get in touch with me. Tri-Valley will support your efforts.

In This Issue:

In This Issue:

* CEO News and Notes * Head Start Training in Monticello * Summer Meals Available * Thank You Kids in Need Minnesota * Elgin Center Holds Open House * Jami Lee Earns Professional Certification * Monticello Center Hosts Career Day * EGF Center Hosts Year End Celebration * We’re Hiring * East Grand Forks Police Visit Center

* Senior Programs Attends Hawley Health Fair * Board Member Honored for Distinguished Service * Senior Programs Attends World Elder Abuse Summit * Breckenridge Center Learns Shapes Through Bingo * Elgin Center Attends Cheese Days * Ramirez Earns AAS Degree * Rogers Center Holds Water Day * Elgin Center Holds First Parent Meeting * Tri-Valley Attends Norman County Fair * Tri-Valley Board of Directors

Head Start Training Held in Monticello On May 21 and 22, Melody Hedden, Missy Janssen and Edna Tudon trained the Recruiters and Family Advocates in Family Services and the ChildPlus Software (Professional Head Start Management Software). Avril Kruchten also presented the PowerPoint she created for parents covering the information on the Tri-Valley Parent Handbook. The training was held in Monticello.

Thank you Kids In Need Minnesota Maria Davila (Tri-Valley Opportunity Council Recruiter) with an eligible family and their new school supplies compliments of Yoobi Classroom Packs from the Kids In Need Minnesota (Caring Tree Program). These school supplies will be given to eligible families throughout the summer.

Elgin Center Holds Open House

Upcoming Calendar Items: * July 10-14 - Polk County Fair (Fertile) * July 10-14 - Kittson County Fair (Hallock) * July 17-21 - Pennington County Fair (TRF) * July 23-26 - Roseau County Fair (Roseau) * July 24-28 - Marshall County Fair (Warren) * July 27 - MSHS/MSEHS Policy Council meeting * July 31 - Aug 4 - Clearwater County Fair (Bagley)

Tri-Valley’s new Migrant and Seasonal Head Start center opened their doors to the community on May 22 for an Open House. Conny Villar (Center Manager), and Sylvia Gonzalez (Education Supervisor) welcomed sta, families and community members to their new location with personal tours, snacks and cake! Pictured left to right is Lindsay Vokaty (Program Operations Manager), Laurie Coleman (Head Start, Child & Family Programs Director), Pastor Cheryl Neyman, Tracey Sundeen (Assistant Director of Program Operations), and Conny Villar (Elgin Center Manager).

Lee Earns CACFP Child Nutrition Professional Certification (Courtesy of the Crookston Times) On behalf of the Board of Directors of National CACFP Sponsors Association, it is my privilege to inform you that Jami Lee of Tri Valley Opportunity Council, Inc in Crookston, MN has earned the CACFP Child Nutrition Professional Certification from the National CACFP Sponsors Association. The CCNP Certification is a special designation for those in the CACFP profession that are committed to continually learning best practices and keeping up with changing trends in the field. Ms. Lee has shown this commitment by attending additional trainings and workshops to further her knowledge of the CACFP program. This achievement reflects her dedication to upholding high standards in the CACFP profession. Join us in congratulating Jami Lee on this accomplishment. She is an asset to the CACFP community.

Monticello Center Hosts Career Day This month the Monticello center has invited a male from each family to come one day of the month so they can talk to the preschoolers about a job/career they've had in the past and answer questions the kids might have about that job. The center had their first father come and volunteer. He talked about his construction job back in Mexico and the kids were very involved. He did a great job! After that, he read a book in Spanish to them. It was a wonderful way to start the month!

East Grand Forks Center Hosts Year End Celebration The East Grand Forks center held their end of the year celebration with families in May. Families were invited to come for outdoor activities and a picnic lunch. There was a great turn out of parents, grandparents and other family members!

Are you seeking a career with purpose? Tri-Valley is a rapidly growing organization and is always looking for qualified employees; we seek highly motivated, talented candidates to join our staff. Tri-Valley offers a supportive work-environment and a competitive benefits package to our employees. Apply today at Tri-Valley! https://careers.tvoc.org/

East Grand Forks Police Visit Center Officer Gunderson from the East Grand Forks Police Department visited the East Grand Forks center in May. He read books to the toddlers and preschoolers. The preschoolers asked him questions, gave him high fives and everyone gave him big smiles! The center definitely plans to have him come back again!

Senior Programs Attends Hawley Health Fair On Wednesday, June 5, Kristal Abrahamson (Foster Grandparent/Caring Companion Specialist) attended the 19th Annual Hawley Health Fair presented by Sanford Health. Attendees were treated to vendor booths, resource booths, samples, door prizes and lunch. Hospice of the Red River Valley gave a presentation on how important it is for everyone to have a health care directive and the impact it has on families.

Willhite honored for 40 years of Distinguished Service to the U of M (Courtesy of the Crookston Times) Gary Willhite, Director of Residential Life and Security Services at the University of Minnesota Crookston was honored at East Cli, the residence of University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler for 40 years of Distinguished Service to the U of M. Gary is on the Tri-Valley Board of Directors.

Senior Programs Attends the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Summit Jeanette Larson (Senior Programs Manager) attended the 9th Annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Summit on Wednesday, June 12. The summit was held at the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead, Minnesota. Training topics included Elder Abuse in Refugee Populations, Neurobiology of Trauma, Trauma and Resiliency in Elders, Elder Abuse 101, and Advanced Directives and Financial Planning. The Clay/Cass Elder Abuse Coordinated Community Response Coalition presented the event.

Breckenridge Center Children Learn Shapes Through Bingo The Breckenridge center preschool children were excited to learn about shapes during small group bingo on Monday, June 17!

Agassiz Townhomes are Ready to Rent

Elgin Center Attends Cheese Days Johanna Barrientos and Julie Sarmiento (Recruiter and Family Advocates) from the Elgin center attended Cheese Days - Elgin, MN on Saturday, June 15. The Head Start center is new to Elgin so the goal was to recruit more families and sta and to let the community know more about the program. The event is centered on fresh, new ideas for families, friends and visitors.

Agassiz Townhomes have units ready to rent! If you or somebody you know is looking to relocate to Crookston, be sure to check them out! Two and three bedroom units available. Call 218-547-3307 for more details or check us out online at www.dwjonesmanagement.com/crookston.

Ramirez Earns AAS Degree in Child Development Monica Ramirez (Preschool Teacher) from the Rogers center successfully completed her AAS Degree in Child Development. Monica started with Tri-Valley as a parent and worked her way up from being a Classroom Assistant to becoming the Preschool Teacher. She also received a scholarship through Tri-Valley. All of the Head Start sta are very proud of her hard work and dedication. Way to go Monica!

Elgin Center Holds First Parent Meeting The Elgin center staff held the first parent meeting in their new building on Wednesday, June 19. Everyone enjoyed the scavenger hunt game that they played so the kids could show their parents their classrooms. Staff and families also selected their representative for the Tri-Valley Head Start, Child and Family Programs Policy Council.

Rogers Center Holds Water Day The Rogers center’s Infant/Toddler, Toddler 1, Preschool 1 and Preschool 2 had a water day on Thursday, June 6. The children experimented with different water toys such as spray bottles, rinse cups, magnetic fishing toys and enjoyed the sunny day. Preschool 1 also had two volunteers come and play with the children!

Tri-Valley Attends Norman County Fair Tri-Valley had a booth at the Norman County Fair in Ada, MN on June 19-22. The booth showcased Tri-Valley programs and those staffing the booth were able to market the programs and network.

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Tri-Valley June Newsletter  

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Tri-Valley June Newsletter  

Tri-Valley June 2019 Newsletter