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December Newsletter


I hope all that read this update had a peaceful Christmas and New Year holiday. With two young children, peace is a relative term for my family. As the kids get older, I am continually amazed at the increasing levels of joy one can derive from simply watching your children learn and experience new things. For a guy who was once on the fence about having children at all, I understand how blessed I am to have little ones in my life. Professionally, the race to get to Christmas and the end of the year seems to abate a bit shortly after Thanksgiving in favor of folks taking time for family and other personal endeavors. As such, December can often be a quiet month during which we prepare for Tri-Valley’s fiscal year end and for many of us a bit of time away from the office. This December was a bit different due to a couple of “newer” projects, Agassiz Townhomes and the Minnesota Healthcare Consortium. After closing on December 1, the project was in line to begin construction draws. Due to the early start we implemented, quite a bit of work was completed in spite of the poor weather. With this being the case the regular schedule of monthly draws on the first Thursday of every month was begun. As of this update, approximately 12% of the project is complete, most of which you can’t see from the road. The concrete slabs are in place for two of the six buildings so we hope to see some framing started by the January newsletter. Given all of the obstacles and challenges the project has faced, things are really going well. As mentioned, the Minnesota Healthcare Consortium (MHC) also consumed a little time in December. If you recall, the MHC was formed to try and drive down the rate of increase in healthcare costs experienced by the self-insured pools in our Service Coops statewide. This is to happen through new strategies in re-insurance and cash flow of payments along with other advantages we can leverage through the pooling of statewide resources. As the joint powers agreement is brand new and the new arrangement with Blue Cross was to begin January 1, there were several last-minute items to address as legal counsel hammered out final drafts of legal agreements. I will be sure to report any verifiable news regarding the performance of this new arrangement. One last update. I was informed by Maureen Hams that the Northwest Continuum of Care received notice of projects awarded for 2018. I am happy to report that Tri-Valley’s request for Permanent Supportive Housing was funded at a level higher than requested. Very good news!

In This Issue:

In This Issue:

* CEO News and Notes * Torres Completes CDA * Glencoe Post-Service Celebration * Upcoming Events * Rogers Parent Meeting * Foster Grandparent Annual Get Together

* Transportation in the Holiday Spirit * Santa Sighting * Tiger Tree Donated to East Grand Forks Center * Police Department Visits East Grand Forks Center * Communiy Highlight - Financial Empowerment * Tri-Valley Board of Directors

Torres Completes the CDA Jackelyn Torres (Toddler Teacher) from the St. Cloud center completed the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential on Friday, November 24th. Congratulations Jackelyn!

Rogers Parent Meeting

Glencoe Post-Service Celebration The Glencoe center hosted its post service celebration as a potluck lunch on Thursday, December 14. At the celebration, the sta decided to donate items to the local food shelf to continue to help support local families during the holiday season. Everyone had a great time giving back!

Upcoming Calendar Items: * Jan. 8 - HS/EHS Policy Council Meeting * Jan 9 - Financial Empowerment Class * Jan 9 - Tri-Valley Board meeting * Jan 18 & 29 - Individualized Education Programs

The Rogers center hosted its parent meeting on Tuesday, November 28th. At the meeting, Center Manager Vanessa Escamilla welcomed all the families to the center’s last parent meeting of the season. She thanked all the families for trusting and giving the program the opportunity to work, teach, and grow together alongside their children. Edna Tudon (Family & Community Services Specialist) also joined the meeting and talked about eligibility and dierent ways of qualifying for services with the families and advised them about important dates to remember for next season!

Foster Grandparent Program Holds Annual Christmas Party

Tri-Valley Transportation Gets into the Holiday Spirit

The Tri-Valley Foster Grandparent Program held its yearly Christmas Party on Friday December 1, 2017 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Crookston. The students in grades K-4 from Our Saviors Lutheran Day School started out by entertaining the group by singing Christmas songs. Two of our Foster Grandparents who were unable to attend our annual recognition event in October were given their awards at the Christmas Party. They were Carol Liebl who volunteers at St Michaels in Mahnomen as well as Delores Lein who volunteers at Challenger Elementary in TRF. They were both very surprised and happy to receive the “World of Difference” award. The award is engraved with, “With the little things you do every day, your impact spreads far and wide. Your commitment to improving lives inspires and motivates us all… You make a world of difference.” Bingo was played, prizes won, singing was done and a wonderful brunch of muffins and egg bake was enjoyed by all who attended.

Tri-Valley Transportation Programs got into the holiday spirit and held a 10 days of Christmas where each day they do something fun. They had everyone put in ideas and schedule a day to do each of them. It was a great team-building event! Below is a list of the activities. Monday Dec 11 – Blurt random Christmas phrases, sing carols every hour Tuesday Dec 12 – Wear Santa hats & listen to Christmas music Wednesday Dec 13 – Dress up as your favorite holiday (but not Christmas) Thursday Dec 14 – Dress like your favorite Christmas character or dress in your favorite holiday outfit Friday Dec 15 – Game day Monday Dec 18 – Hand out stickers or warm fuzzy notes to other staff who say or do things you approve of Tuesday Dec 19 – Bring a white elephant gift to exchange Wednesday Dec 20 – Donate a winter coat to a homeless shelter and/or put money in toys for tots jar Thursday Dec 21 – Pot luck and cookie/treat day Friday Dec 22 – Game day Pictured from left to right is Patty Gilji (Transit Route Coordinator), Tina Olson (Transit Route Coordinator), Elizabeth Hensrud (Fleet Maintenance Coordinator), Amy Menard (RTC Schedule Coordinator), Marcia Haglund (RTC Program Coordinator), Christine Meine (RTC Systems Coordinator).

Santa Sighting! On December 21, those that road T.H.E. Bus could have boarded to a special surprise. Santa (aka Dennis Klamm) was driving one of the buses! Rumor has it he is one of Santa’s apprentices and was practicing his route in case he is called upon to load up T.H.E. Bus with presents to help get them delivered!

Tiger Tree Donated to East Grand Forks Center A tiger tree was donated to the EGF Head Start Family Service Center as part of the LISTEN Center’s Festival of Trees at the Grand Cities Mall. The tree was sponsored by the VFW Post 3817 and decorated by the Holkesvig girls. Many families at the Head Start center were able to get an extra gift for the holiday season. One family also received a needed Christmas tree. Thank you for such a wonderful donation!

Police Department Visits East Grand Forks Center On December 13, 2017, the East Grand Forks center had Police Officer Sheryl visit the children. She read the books, What Police Officers Do, The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear. She talked to the children about the police keeping them safe. She came in full uniform and described all her equipment. The children had lots of questions for Officer Sheryl. It was a wonderful visit!

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Tri-Valley Board of Directors


LeRoy Vonasek

Mark Kroulik

Shawna Peterson

Don Diedrich

Chairperson Public Official Sector Marshall County

Vice Chairperson Private Sector Marshall County

Secretary Private Sector Marshall County

Treasurer Public Official Sector Polk County

Dr. Jodi Boerger-Wilder Private Sector Polk County

Sarah Kjono Low-Income Sector Norman County

Gary Willhite Public Official Sector Polk County

John Gerszewski Low-Income Sector Polk County

Marvin Gunderson

Lee Ann Hall

Public Official Sector Norman County

Public Official Sector Norman County

Dr. Linda Neuerburg

Stephanie Vonesh

Private Sector Polk County

Low-Income Sector Polk County

Domita Mack Public Official Sector Marshall County

Dale Svaren Private Sector Norman County

Greg Burris

Nancy Myers

Low-Income Sector Marshall County

Low-Income Sector Marshall County

Not Pictured: Lynn Monk, Low-Income Sector, Norman County.

The mission of Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc. is to provide opportunities to improve the quality of life for people and communities.

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December newsletter 2017  

Tri-Valley December Newsletter

December newsletter 2017  

Tri-Valley December Newsletter