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Crookston Nite 2 Unite Tri-Valley took part in Crookston's Nite 2 Unite on Tuesday, August 4th. Approximately 2,500 people attended and enjoyed the event!

Cowboy/Cowgirl Day in Rochester Tri-Valley Migrant and Seasonal Headstart in Rochester had a Cowboy/Cowgirl Day on Wednesday, August 12th. Along with Cowboy/Cowgirl Day, the center also had a miniature horse come visit. The children enjoyed petting and brushing the horse.

Staff that completed the Walking Challenge – “Visit Tri-Valley” •

Michelle Borchardt – Hutchinson Head Start

Lorie Palusky – Monticello Head Start

Corrie Goodyke – Administrative Office

Cindy Boudreaux – Administrative Office

Linda Peterson – Polk County Human Services

Tomi Hollenkamp – Brooten Head Start

Shirley Haire – Monticello Head Start

Heidi Simmons – Administrative Office

Jessica Luckow – Administrative Office

Amanda Roue – Administrative Office

Mitch Bakken – Administrative Office

Upcoming September Calendar Items:

Lindsay Vokaty – Monticello Head Start

* Sept. 8 - Tri-Valley Board of Directors meeting * Sept. 12 - King of Trails (Crookston) * Sept. 13 - Pioneer Days & Harvest Festival (Crookston) * Sept. 19 - Migrant and Seasonal Head Start/Early Head Start Policy Council

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Tri-Valley August Newsletter


Tri-Valley August Newsletter