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2014 Development Committee Annual Report The Tri-Valley Development Fund received contributions from 28 employees through the payroll deduction option during the 2014 fiscal year. In addition to payroll deduction funds, additional credit card payments and one-time donations were given by outside individuals. At the close of fiscal year 2014, a total of $6,034.02 had been donated to the Tri-Valley Development Fund. This brought the total Development Fund to $12,348.33 including $591 that the Tri-Valley I-C.A.R.E. Committee raised during their holiday silent auction. Funds were distributed throughout 2014 totaling $10,506.31 for lobbying dues, outreach mailers, postage and donations to such things as the 50 Years of CAP, Grant Campbell Benefit, a Cancer Benefit, Envirothon, and to Head Start employees who suffered a house fire last year. Contracted services and supplies aren’t recurring expenses as they covered consulting services and printing of the development brochures in 2014. Fund expenses for 2014 were as follows: Development Fund As of December 31, 2014

Beginning Balance Revenue Donations Expenses Contracted Services Salaries & Fringe Postage Dues (Lobbying) Travel Space Supplies Donations Administration Total Ending Balance

Fundraising 0.00

EA/I Care 5,723.31

Total 5,723.31





2,700.00 2,293.41 288.32 2,505.00 0.00 152.14 1,091.57 1,225.00 250.87 10,506.31 1,842.02

2,293.41 288.32 2,505.00 152.14 922.39 1,225.00 250.87 5,132.13 901.89


5,374.18 940.13

If you are interested in starting payroll deduction or making a donation with a credit card, please fill out the form on the third page and email it to mitch.bakken@tvoc.org or call 218-281-5832. If you or your office would like to initiate a site specific I-C.A.R.E. subcommittee for your center or petition for funds for a special cause in your service area, please contact Sherri Christianson at sherri@tvoc.org.

About I-C.A.R.E. “Inspire and let yourself be inspired. Human generosity needs to be embraced, love and compassion are not luxuries. The simplest acts of kindness can overcome the toughest obstacles of life and its suffering”.- Norma Campos I C.A.R.E.- promotes caring and generosity and was created with that vision in mind. I care for the Community I care for our Agency I care about Relationships I care about our Employees Tri-Valley is embracing and promoting the development of opportunities that will help reach our goal of supporting and motivating our employees for positive mental health and contributing and giving back to the community. Employees who are mentally and emotionally healthy have: * A sense of contentment. * A zest for living and the ability to laugh and have fun. * The ability to deal with stress and bounce back from adversity. * A sense of meaning and purpose, in both their activities and their relationships. * The flexibility to learn new things and adapt to change. * A balance between work and play, rest and activity, etc. * The ability to build and maintain fulfilling relationships. * Self-confidence and high self-esteem. You don't have to be exceptionally powerful, wealthy, talented or posses skilled abilities to make a positive social impact with your co-workers, families and/or your community. What one person can do may seem insignificant but if done properly and with the right intentions, a single act of kind-heartedness can have a domino effect and eventually, it may even turn your entire agency, program, and the community around. Let’s get started: True Generosity “Tri-Valley Employees Helping People!”

Tri‐Valley’s Development Fund

Our Goal is to positively impact the community with funds available.

Where does my contribution go? 

 Many grants require a match, and having funds available from the Development Committee would  provide new opportunities!   With your contributions, Tri‐Valley could borrow from itself for projects, facilities, etc. if there was a  need.   Your contributions could be used to meet short‐term obligations and provide temporary cash‐flow.   Your contributions would provide funds as government funding requirements change.   Your contributions would provide added resources to partnerships.   Your contributions would support your fellow co‐workers through various I‐C.A.R.E. activities. 

Recently, the Development Committee has… 

 Sent a donation to one of our coworkers whose home was destroyed by a fire.   Sent a donation to the 50 Years of CAP in celebration of all of our accomplishments.   Continued lobbying efforts crucial to serving those in our communities that need our help. 

Will you support our mission of “People Helping People”?   Select an option below. 

Option I  Withholding Amount 

Effective on the next available pay  period.  

Option II  Payroll Deduction Options  Effective on the next available pay  period.  

Option III  Cash/Check Option   

Option IV  Credit Card Option     

I wish to allow Tri‐Valley to withhold an amount equal to ____  hour of my wages per month. Note: withholding must be a  minimum of ½ hour of wage per month.   Per Pay Period, please withhold (check the applicable box):     $1 per pay period.     $3 per pay period.     $5 per pay period.     $ ________ (other) per pay period.   Cash/Check Option (check the applicable box):    I have enclosed my contribution of $ ________.    Check here to remain anonymous.  Contact Mitch Bakken at mitch.bakken@tvoc.org  

Your Name: _______________________________________ Your Employee ID: _____________ Date: _____________   

Signature: ________________________________________ 

Thank you for your support! You are making a difference in people’s lives! 

Donate Your Time & Talent  A contribution of your time, like a monetary contribution, is an extremely valuable asset to  Tri‐Valley  and  the  Development  Fund.  To  volunteer  for  a  subcommittee,  contact  Mitch  Bakken at mitch.bakken@tvoc.org or 218‐281‐5832.   

Targeted Giving 

This sub‐committee focuses on targeting specific foundations and individuals for donations.    


The Development Committee currently has an I‐C.A.R.E. subcommittee that will be given a budget  annually by the Development Committee to carry out functions deemed appropriate by the  Development Committee and members of the I‐C.A.R.E. subcommittee.    

Community Outreach and Marketing 

This subcommittee focuses on creative marketing techniques, the creation of marketing materials, and  social networking (Facebook/Twitter/Etc.).    

Annual Event 

This subcommittee runs the Tri‐Valley Board of Operations’ Annual Event, by securing a location,  contacting presenters, and coordinating the meal.    

Special Events 

This subcommittee focuses on creative community events that would educate the community on what  Tri‐Valley is, create strong community ties, and encourage community members to donate to help  support our mission.   

Employee Giving       

This subcommittee focuses on encouraging staff members to invest in our mission by supporting the  Development Fund with their voluntary contributions. 

Tri‐Valley’s Mission is YOUR mission.  “To provide opportunities to improve the quality of life   for people and communities.” 

  Thank you for your support! You are making a difference in people’s lives! 

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