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Flat-panel antenna successful; Inmarsat buys Globe Wireless Flat-panel antenna works

Washington-based Kymeta Corp., the company commercializing metamaterials-based flat-panel antennas for satellite communications, has successfully demonstrated bidirectional high-speed Internet connectivity with a Ka broadband satellite. It was the first time a metamaterialsbased antenna has established an Internet connection over a satellite link and confirms that Kymeta is ready to move into commercial product development and production. The demonstration was held Dec. 10 at Telesat’s teleport in Vancouver, B.C., using Ka-band capacity on Telesat’s Anik F2 satellite. The completion of the demonstration required obtaining regulatory certifications for Ka-band transmissions, made possible through collaboration with Telesat. After the initial tests, the team also launched a bi-directional Skype video call from a laptop at the demonstration site to Kymeta’s corporate headquarters in Redmond, Wash. Kymeta is expected to have prototype units ready for field trials this year with initial availability of commercial products in early 2015.

Inmarsat acquires Globe Wireless

Inmarsat, a provider of global mobile satellite communications services, has acquired Globe Wireless of Palm Bay, Fla., for $45 million, according to a company statement. Globe Wireless provides maritime communications services. The acquisition gives Inmarsat access to an engineering team that will expand Inmarsat’s installation capabilities and enable a faster rollout of XpressLink (XL) and Global Xpress (GX) to the maritime market; a portfolio of services to move the company beyond connectivity to offer solutions and managed services to the maritime market; the opportunity to offer Globe Wireless services to its clients, enabling more average-revenueper-user growth; and operational synergies expected to deliver a profit in the first year. “Adding the Globe Wireless team will immediately bring material benefits, enabling a faster roll-out of XL, FleetBroadband and transition to GX in due course,” said Inmarsat CEO Rupert Pearce in a statement. “This is a transaction that both accelerates our longer term strategic aims and can deliver meaningful contribution in the short term.” Closing of the deal is subject to certain regulatory and other approvals, which are expected to be completed this month.

Furuno drop combo unit prices

Washington-based Furuno now offers a GPS/chart plotter/fish finder combo for less than $1,000.

Furuno has reduced the price of its GP1670F and GP1870F GPS/Chart Plotter/Fish Finder Combo models to $995 and $695, respectively. “These are not short-term special prices, inventory blow-outs or a temporary promotion,” said Dean Kurutz, marketing manager for Furuno USA. “We see these powerful combo units as great options for a variety of boat sizes and with this new price point, we think we can get them into the hands of more captains.” Both units incorporate Furuno’s award-winning fish finding technology, high-accuracy GPS receiver and fullfeatured C-Map chart plotter with bottom discrimination, Accu-Fish, C-Map 4D Charts, internal GPS, and a 600W/1KW Fish Finder. Furuno has been awarded the Best Navigation System Award the last eight years and Best Fish Finder for 42 consecutive years. For more information, visit www.

Tough domes available for sensors

Rhode Island-based Meller Optics has introduced sapphire optical domes to protect guidance systems and sensors in harsh environments. The domes feature Moh 9 hardness, second to diamond in terms of hardness, and provide up to 85 percent transmission uncoated in the UV and IR, and up to 99 percent when anti-reflective coated on two sides. They can withstand pressure to 10,000 psi, temperatures to 1000 degrees C, and are unaffected by fast moving dirt, sand, saltwater, and chemicals. They are available in sizes up to 6 inches and can incorporate steps and profiles for mounting. For more information, visit www.melleroptics. com.

January 2014 B

Triton January 2014 Vol. 10, No.10  

Monthly publication with news for captains and crew on megayachts.

Triton January 2014 Vol. 10, No.10  

Monthly publication with news for captains and crew on megayachts.