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Section 4:

Procedure A. Announcement – The procedure for announcement of bylaws shall coincide with that governing the passage of amendments. B. Vote Requirement for Passage – A two-thirds majority of the entire Senate membership.

Article XIII/Appointments Section 1: The president of the TCSA shall make all appointments with the approval of the Senate, to all TCSA vacancies, committees, internal and external associations and other institutional student appointments as the need arises. Section 2: In the event of a vacancy in the TCSA, the president must declare that a vacancy exists and publicly open the position to accept candidacy petitions and stipulate a closing date for accepting candidacy petitions. A. This vacancy must be posted throughout campus for 10 working days after the position has been opened. B. Interested students seeking the appointment must submit a candidacy petition to the director of student life or his/her designee, and meet all qualifications for the position as stated in these by-laws and constitution. C. After the closing date of the vacancy announcement, all candidacy petitions will be reviewed by the TCSA at a regularly scheduled Senate meeting, and an appointment will be made by the president and approved by the Senate respectively.

Triton College Student Association Constitution

Article XII/Initiative, Referendum, Recall Section 1: Initiative – The student body enrolled in a credit class has the right to initiate bills by the presentation to the Senate of a petition containing the full text of the proposed measure and signature of five percent of the students enrolled in a credit class at Triton College. If, after presentation of the bill, the Senate does not pass it, the Senate shall call for a special election, not to exceed two special elections per semester, and shall abide by the decision of the student body regarding the bill. Said bill shall go into effect immediately and become a matter of Senate record if approved by a simple majority of the students voting. Section 2: Referendum – The student body enrolled in a credit class shall have the right to refer to themselves such bills as have been passed by the Senate but are deemed as contrary to the purpose of the Senate upon the presentation of a petition signed by five percent of the students enrolled in a credit class at Triton College. This bill shall be null and void if defeated by a majority of the students voting. The election shall be called by the Senate, not to exceed two special elections per semester, after the presentation of the petition. Section 3: Recall – In the event a student or students feel that an elected officer is not representative of the student body enrolled in a credit class, the student or students may do the following: A. Establish on a petition the name of the student who will act as spokesman, the name of the elected officer to be recalled, charges to be brought and the reason for bringing the charges. B. Obtain the signature of 10 percent of the student enrolled in a credit class at Triton College as established at the previous spring semester enrollment and forward the petition to Student Life Committee for hearing. C. All rules established in the guidelines for Judicial Review Board operations is listed in Article VII will be enforced.

Article XIV/Enactment Clause This constitution will take effect upon passage by the students enrolled in Triton College. Adopted: Revised:

March 18, 1971 Aug. 24, 1971 Dec. 9, 1971 May 25, 1972 May 29, 1973 April 2, 1974

March 11, 1975 March 2, 1976 Feb. 15, 1977 May 9, 1978 Nov. 7, 1979

71For changes, see the Dean of Student Services.

Jan. 17, 1983 March 21, 1987 May 9, 1991 May 12, 1992 May 11, 1993

May 10, 1994 April 13, 2004 May 2, 2006 May 15, 2008


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