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Sean Ogle's Story on How He Left His Desk Job in America and Moved to Thailand By Robert Murgatroyd About Jet Set Life Jet Set Life has grown to become one of the most popular travel websites and resources for the jet set traveler. Rob and Kim Murgatroyd are co-creators of Jet Set Life (as well as husband and wife). They felt there was not a source for a hip, chic, trendy travel. So they made one! Rob and Kim each have a blog, kind of a his & her approach to the Jet Set Life. My Jet Set Life, is Kim’s blog. She tackles anything that’s on her mind and in her heart regarding her Jet Set Life. Rob’s blog is Jet Set Living. He writes about ways to obtain the jet set life and his jet set experiences around the world! A lot of people have long since dreamed of being able to escape the shackles that bind them to their desks and be able to move to some place that they could only picture themselves in after they retire. There are many of us who have tried doing this even before we hit retirement but only a few have accomplished doing so. Sean Ogle is one of those successful few who have succeeded in being able to escape the bounds of going through the typical working hours of having a desk job. Now I can almost hear questions that go, "How on earth do they do that?" or "Is it even possible?" Is relocating from America and moving to a beach in Thailand possible? It sure is! Sean did it and so can you. Just like a lot of us, Sean Ogle graduated with a degree in finance from the university about 34 years ago and worked right out of school crunching numbers behind a desk. 6 months later, he realized that this was not what he envisioned himself to be doing his whole life. A two-week trip to Rio, Brazil with his friend changed all that. Realizing that enjoying life and partying everyday was what he wanted to do, he went home and started Location 180 and finally decided to leave his job to join Tropical MBA which is all about lifestyle design and providing its members a platform to help them achieve their own personal freedom and lifestyle goals.

Sean was quick to admit that it was not an easy start for him. It is pretty much like a leap of faith for him. There was one thing that he was pretty sure about though. It was the fact that he was not happy with what he was doing with his life anymore. He did not want to invest what little savings he had on something that he was not sure would be profitable so while planning out his next course of action, he started writing a blog which surprisingly became a support system for him to help him realize his goals. This was how he came up with contacts who shared the same sentiments as he did which was to start their own business, get to travel around the world and get paid while doing it. It is just a matter of being willing to work towards achieving your goal. He spent a lot of time working with the blog, learned what he could about internet marketing and various forms of online businesses and finally got to a point where he felt pretty comfortable with it so he decided to take his chances and see what happens.

It so happened that the guys from Tropical MBA read and followed his blog and soon enough, he got an email from Dan Andrews suggesting that he come to Thailand and join them. He got in touch with them a few times just to find out if they had something in common and that to see if taking that big step in moving to Thailand with guys he barely knew was the best thing for him to do. Soon enough, he found himself on a plane to Asia with only his clothes, a brand new DSLR camera and his laptop. I was expecting him to say that he had to deal with the "culture shock "when he first got there but he did not. He said he even felt safer there than he would in the U.S. His contacts helped him find an apartment in a predominantly Thai neighborhood that he rented for $200 plus a little something for basic utilities like water and electricity. That is another advantage you would get from living in Asia. Everything was relatively cheap, including the food which is the best in the world. He was earning in U.S. dollars and had it converted to Thai baht which would go a long way when you only have to pay a fraction of what you usually would when you are in the U.S. This allows him to spend less and still be able to live the lifestyle he wants. Bangkok is pretty much alive 24/7 and it is a place where you can find a way to do all sorts of crazy things and find all sorts of crazy stuff. There are clubs, pubs and restaurants all throughout the place. It is one of the world's ultimate party destinations. It sounds like a lot of fun but to be able to do this Sean's best advice is you have to be willing to invest in learning how to do a lot of things. Spend the time to learn what you need to do and be sure that you invest plenty of time for it. Things like affiliate marketing. There are people who get by just by doing affiliate marketing. This is just the easy stuff. Be prepared to go through the process of trial and error like you would when you are doing pay per click advertising. There is a huge possibility that you could lose a lot of money if you do not plan and execute that plan of action right. You could avoid this by spending hours and hours and really devote yourself to learning. If you have a 9 to 5 job, then start spending 4 or 5 hours a night learning how to do things that would benefit you in the future like article marketing which is another profitable way to earn. This would allow you to build up some long term passive income and you only have time to lose. Never ever think that it is hard to do. Sean also mentioned knowing people out there who make $20,000 last year out of just 30 hours of work that they had to put in and after that, they are done. They outsourced some link building and that was about it. They let it sit there and watched it make them a great deal of money. This is just one of the many ways that you could approach it. For Sean Ogle, his leap of faith granted him the means to continue his journey doing what he loved best as well as enabled him to help other people do the same thing. I know that this is what a lot of us really want to be doing and its great knowing that, it is possible. Sometimes all it takes is someone to show you how to do it. Robert Murgatroyd is the owner of Jet Set Life and is an expert on lifestyle design. To learn more about how you can create the lifestyle design you after and listen to Rob's Lifestyle Design Confessions Podcast. Article Source:

Sean Ogle's Story on How He Left His Desk Job  

A lot of people have long since dreamed of being able to escape the shackles that bind them to their desks and be able to move to some place...

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