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Oracle Issue 2 Volume 40 28 October 2011

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Adviser: Megan Whitehead Front:

Fall colors paint the trees of the woods across from East High School. Students and staff put away their summer clothes and were in full autumn mode during the rainy end of the first nine weeks. Fall Break came and went and East students were looking forward to a spooktactular end to October.

Photo by Brandon Harper

Smart Guy

Page 3 u Feature u The Oracle u October 28, 2011

It may very well be said that junior Andrew Henrichsen has the toughest schedule at East. With eight Advanced Placement (AP) classes, and plans to take nine AP tests, Henrichsen has decided to make the most of his last semester at East. He can often be seen walking the halls holding a huge stack of books, with even more in his backpack. The Oracle got the scoop on his schedule.

Andrew’s schedule (AP classes are in Chinese I red) Independent Study in Spanish V

Independent Study in Calculus III Independent Study in AP Statistics Jazz Band English 11 Honors AP Biology Spanish IV AP Chemistry AP Physics (Mechanics) AP Physics (Electricity and Magnetism) AP Computer Programming AP Environmental Science his AP European History

Andrew stands in Spanish V Independent Study class

“This is my last semester at East High School, because God told us to move to China, and I really want to make it count.”

China, Andrew’s new home “My friends and other students

biology Publish

AP Physics


think ‘What??? Are you crazy? Well, that is something you would do.’”

“I can only do it [schedule] with copious amounts of help from Heavenly Father, by getting up at three a.m. each morning, and one moment at a time.”

[My future plans include] to go on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints, to go to college and hopefully get a PhD in the Sciences with a Bachelors in Spanish (probably), to take at least one psychology class, to get married and have children, to remain an active member of the LDS Church, to do good daily, to accomplish every goal I set for myself, and to be happy!

QEvie Schultz

Q Brandon Harper and Shelby Woodard

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meet the pets

Take a peek at the unusual pets of East students

If your pet could talk...

what would it say about you?

The stupid two-legged watches me too much after he gets his homework done.

-Freshman Jacob Klene, about his frogs, Fred and George

“ He feeds me. I love him. ”

-Junior Anthony Renfro, about his peacock, Hanceal

She wishes I could play with her and get her out of her cage more. -Sophomore Kayla Sharp, about her ferret, Daisy

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out of the ordinary

u Centerspread

u The Oracle

u 28, 2011 October

She selects her own vegetables and pulls them out of the fridge.

-Junior Jesse Sweet, about his rabbit, Onyx

“ She is fat and stalky and short with a big attitude, but she is nice. ”

-Sophomore Rachael Maurer, about her horse, Jo Jo

Angel, our oldest goat fights her own shadow and ends up knocking holes into things. -Junior Brianna Merritt, about her goat, Angel


meet bandit

The most noticeable thing about senior Mary Urquidi’s horse may be his size, but there’s more to him than just his height. Bandit is actually completely blind in his left eye due to the abuse from his previous owner and has severe cataracts in his right eye, yet “he still can run barrels, ride trials and jump jumps,” Urquidi said. Urquidi decided to get the seventeen-year-old Apaloosa horse because of her passion for horses. “I’ve always loved horses, and I’ve always wanted to work and train horses. I’ve been riding for about 10 years now, so I thought a horse with a disability would be a fun challenge,” Urquidi said. Despite his disability, Urquidi would switch places with Bandit in a heartbeat. “I’d like to experience maybe what he goes through. View the world the way he does. To be able to trust so deeply the way he does would be something very awesome to experience.” Trust plays a huge role in the relationship Bandit and Urquidi share. “It takes a lot of trust on his part to allow me to ride him, especially because of his lack of sight.” Though his disability sets him apart, Bandit is different in other ways. Said Urquidi, “He’s his own horse, and has a mind of his own! Sometimes it seems like he knows what I’m saying, or other people around are saying.” Urquidi definitely channels Bandit’s independent spirit, especially when she responded to what she thinks Bandit would say about his life. She laughed, “The pastures always greener on the other side of the hot wire!” -Shelby Woodard

Page 6 u Feature u The Oracle u October 28, 2011

Joy Muncie, 10 Greenwood Mall “It has lots of stores and its fun with friends.”

Emma Alexander, 10 Apple Works “I like it because it’s fun. I buy yummy apples, get a pumpkin, and eat a carmel apple.”

(Fall)owing their trail East students share their favorite Fall places

Dan Nelson, 11 Bloomington “I go there to see my brother and IU looks really nice during that time, but when doesn’t it?? (That’s right, Boilermakers.)”

Jennifer Scheidt, 9 Anderson Falls “I like to go there because of the leaves changing colors. I walk around usually with my mom and sister.”

Zach Lawson, 10 Nashville in Brown County “I like it because all of the shops there. I go through all the shops and get snacks.”

Haley Barnes, 11 A family friends house in Hartsville “It’s so pretty! We go on a hayride and have a bonfire.”

Brittni Scholar, 11 Brown County “I love all the pretty landscape and I love to go hiking at the county park.”

Olivia Pence, 10 Brown County State Park “I like to go there because the leaves are very pretty and I like to look at them when I walk the trails.”

Rachel Amlung, 10 Ethnic Expo “There’s good food and I like to hangout with friends there.”

Kelby Bennett, 10 Brown County State Park “I like to go there because the view of the trees is breathtaking. I love to go on walks and look at how beautiful nature is.”

Maggy Boggs, 10 Octoberfest “I like it because I’ve gone since I was a little kid. I like to eat food.”

Carl Lampton, 10 Far Cry Field “It’s awesome because you get to go through a maze.”

Q Brandon Harper Compiled by Shelby Woodard

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What is your favorite part of Halloween? “Making kids cry.”- Jacob Bowman, 10th The Candy!”- Conner Forbers, 9th “Dressing up in funny costumes.” - Tommy Schadenfroh, 11th “The atmosphere”- Tyler Perkins, 11th

What is the strangest thing you have gotten while trick or treating? “Buzz Light Year”- Jacob Bowman, 10th “The little travel size toothpaste bottles”- Conner Forbers, 9th

creepy question and answer

Students haunt East with their Halloween accounts

“Pencils”- Tommy Schadenfroh, 11th “A can of soda”- Tyler Perkins, 11th

Movie Mayhem Junior Michael Wayant Movie: Insidious Favorite scene: “I liked it all because it was very thrilling. I anticipated everything the characters did.”

Junior Dan Nelson Movie: The Ring Favorite scene: “The part where I stopped watching it...I was in 3rd grade when I watched it.”

Junior Erica Kent Freshman Vyron Phillips Movie: The Strangers Movie: The Exorcist Favorite Scene: Favorite Scene: “When they look outside and “When she was doing the see the three people with the crab walk backwards down paper bags over their face.” the stairs.”

Photo by Brandon Harper Compiled by Shelby Woodard Sophomore Brock Patterson Movie: The Shining Favorite Scene: “When the guy walks down the hall and the twins are just right there.”

Senior Nick Hollenbeck Movie: Jeepers Creepers 2 Favorite Scene: “The part when all of the CEHS oracle 11 Q.psd kids are on the bus and the guy is trying to bust in.”

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