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YOUNG ADULTS UNITED The Quest college ministry of Christ Church presents Young Adults United on Friday, September 29, Christ Church West Campus, 140 Green Pond Rd., Rockaway, NJ. “A regional worship experience for young adults.”

JOYSONGS CONFERENCE The Joysongs Conference, featuring Darrell Evans, will be held October 6-8 at ALWC Whippany, 43 South Jefferson Rd., Whippany, NJ. Plenary and breakout sessions address every area of worship, from the spiritual end to the practical end, from the sound system to vocals. Visit

MOVEMENT DAY NYC Movement Day New York City will be held October 21-22 at Bethel Gospel Assembly in Manhattan. Breakout sessions: Loving Our City; The Marketplace; Love God, Love Kids, Seek Justice; United Prayer in the City; Stress and the Ministry; and Funding Your Ministry’s Future. For registration info, visit

FAMILY CONFERENCE WITH DR. CINDY TRIMM New Covenant Church presents Family Conference 2017 on Sunday, October 15 from 9-3 at 225 E. 7th Street, Plainfield, NJ. The conference will feature special guest speaker, Dr. Cindy Trimm. To register, call (732) 692-7881 or visit

STAR 99.1 FAMILY FESTIVAL Star 99.1 presents its Family Festival on Saturday, September 23, 11 a.m.-4 p.m., at iPlay America in Freehold, NJ. Special pricing on iPlay America’s ride and game tickets, face painting, balloon artists, and caricaturists all day. For info, visit

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Former Giants’ Coach Is Strengthening FCA By Drew Van Esselstyn erry Palmieri spent a career helping athletes maximize their potential, often well beyond what they might have thought possible. A strength and conditioning coach in the college ranks and ultimately for two decades in the NFL, the Bergen County native was among the best in his field and a key member of the last two Super Bowlwinning teams with the New York Giants. It should come as no surprise that even in retirement, Palmieri is still focused on seeing what is possible and doing everything he can to make it flourish. That’s what Palmieri has been doing for the past six months, transitioning from the Giants to a nearly full-time volunteer role with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. His drive is two-fold: To connect North Jersey student-athletes with Jesus Christ, and with each other. “There are a lot of pressures in high school. It’s difficult for a young man or woman to step out and say, ‘I’m a Christian. I’m going to live life contrary to the way everyone else is,’” Palmieri said recently. “When you connect to a group like Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), and other student-athletes and coaches, you realize, ‘Hey, I’m not the only one, and there are others who believe like me.’ And your faith becomes stronger and you’re more confident now in what you believe in. “Kids realize there are others thinking like I am, others that have the same desires and want to serve the same God. There’s strength in numbers, and that’s why fellowship is so important.” Continued on page 25


Jerry Palmieri was the strength and conditioning coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York Giants during his NFL career.

Christian Union Celebrates 15 Years of Leadership Development on Campus By Tom Campisi n the spring, Christian Union celebrated its 15th anniversary with a huge cake served to all the attendees of its Nexus Conference at the Marriott Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut. Approximately 250 students from some of the leading universities in the United States joined marketplace professionals and Christian Union’s staff for a sweet time of jubilation and thankfulness to the grace of God. For some of the students, many with lofty career aspirations, one of the highlights of the conference happened that morning when a Q and A session with Dr. D. Michael Lindsay gave them insights into their own potential for future leadership from his groundbreaking Platinum study of 550 toplevel American CEOs, senior government leaders, and nonprofit executives. Lindsay, the president of Gordon College, wrote about the study in his 2014 book, View from


Christian Union has leadership development ministries at Princeton (above) and eight other universities.

the Top: An Inside Look at How People in Power See and Shape the World. The Princeton PhD (’07), who also earned degrees at Princeton Theological Seminary, Baylor, and Oxford, spoke to the students about

common traits of high-level leaders and the importance of finding a mentor. The students appreciated the insight. As well they should—statistics indicate many Continued on page 20

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Commentary by Tom Campisi typically fearless businessman who never pulled punches when he fired someone on “The Apprentice,” the President of the United States, Donald Trump, was irresolute with his “blame on both sides” criticism immediately following the violence incited by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia in August. Critics on all sides of the political aisle continue to voice their displeasure, even after the president tried to make it right with a second press conference on the matter. In New York, however, two of the city’s pastors, A.R. Bernard and Tim Keller, exhibited swift and decisive leadership with their words and actions following the alt-right demonstration and controversy that ensued. For Bernard, senior pastor of the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, Trump’s mixed message regarding Charlottesville seemed to be the last straw as he resigned from the president’s Evangelical Advisory Board on August 15. In various interviews, Bernard said he initially joined the board to help champion two causes dear to his heart: religious freedom and an agenda for the inner city. “In a social and political climate such as ours, it often takes a gathering of unlikely individuals to shape the future of our nation on issues of faith and inner city initiatives. I was willing to be one of those unlikely individuals, but it became obvious that there was a deepening conflict in values between

The Tri-State Voice is an independent Christian newspaper, holding forth truth and traditional Judeo-Christian values as found in God’s Word, the Bible. We seek to increase awareness and activism among our readers in regards to biblical, moral, ethical, and political issues which affect the greater New York Christian community. Most of all, we are here to serve you.


“America is broken and it’s wounded, and we need to heal. What we see happening around us is symptomatic of that brokenness and that woundedness. I want to be a part of the healing process.” – Rev. A.R. Bernard myself and the administration,” said Bernard via Twitter. In a recent interview on MSNBC, Bernard explained the rationale behind his decision. “Leadership requires four things—maturity, decisiveness, consistency, and strength—and when you make a decision, it should come out of a core set of values that guide your thinking and your decisionmaking process,” he said. “So, when [President Trump] began to vacillate over the weekend (of August 12-13) and ended up with that press conference on Tuesday, I reached my limit, I reached my boundary and I said, ‘Okay, let me back away.’ ” In his column, “Race, the Gospel, and the Moment” (at, Keller, an acclaimed author and pastor emeritus at Redeemer Presbyterian Churches of New York City, presents three responses for Christians (especially Anglowhite ones) following the infamous altright gathering. “First,” Keller writes, “Christians should look at the energized and emboldened white nationalism movement, and at its fascist slogans, and condemn it—full stop. No, ‘But on the other hand…’ ” “Second, this is a time to present the Bible’s strong and clear teachings about the

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Tim Keller

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A.R. Bernard

sin of racism and of the idolatry of blood and country—again, full stop.” Keller said the evil of racism is “a sin the gospel reveals and heals.” Lastly, he warned that Twentieth-century fascist movements—that put one race and one nation’s good above the good of all— also claimed to champion traditional family values and moral virtues over the decadence of relativistic modern culture. These movements must be exposed. “Internet outreach from white nationalist organizations can radicalize people who are disaffected by moral decline in society,” he wrote. “So it is absolutely crucial to speak up about the biblical teaching on racism—not just now, but routinely. We need to make those in our circles impervious to this toxic teaching.” Of course, prayer is a vital Christian response. We must continue to pray for reconciliation and peace in our country, and continue to intercede for President Trump and our political leaders. In 1 Timothy 2:1-2, the Apostle Paul said, “I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.” Likewise, Bernard was clear that he did not intend to bash the president, and is always grateful and honored by any opportunity to serve his country. “I respect the office, even though we disagree on certain fundamental issues…” he said. But Bernard was also quick to point out that elected officials can only take us so far. On MSNBC, he warned against the temptation for Christians to slip into political idolatry, the same sin committed by ancient Israel when it rejected God’s leadership and

settled for King Saul. Israel wanted a king, like the nations around them, and failed to put their trust in God’s sovereign grace. Unfortunately—as we observe the moral decay, lack of civility, and a slippery slope into decadence—that same could be said about the United States of America, which is no longer “one nation under God…” “Although I agree that religion and faith have a place in the public square, I’m concerned when we don’t set boundaries in that participation,” Bernard said. “I reached one of my boundaries. Those boundaries must be set because if we're not careful, we will be guilty of committing political idolatry. That’s when we determine to put our faith and trust in a political leader, or policies, that were once reserved for God. If our political leader or our policies are not in power, we then come to the conclusion that everything is going to fall apart. America is broken and it’s wounded, and we need to heal. What we see happening around us is symptomatic of that brokenness and that wounded-ness. I want to be a part of the healing process.” Yes, God’s people must be part of the healing process. As ambassadors for Christ, we must be a prophetic voice against injustice and defend those who cannot defend themselves. We must lead the way towards racial reconciliation and continue to point people to the kingdom where there is neither Jew nor Greek, where we are all one in Christ Jesus, and where God has His rightful place on the throne. For the last 22 years, Tom Campisi has served as the editor and publisher of the Tri-State Voice. He welcomes your comments about this article or anything that is happening in the Metro New York Christian community. E-mail him at

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Exposing the Shame Attendant By Juan Galloway ver my lifetime, I have had many moments in which I was plagued with anxiety and depression. It has been a cycle that is sometimes crushing. Inevitably, in the midst of my pain, I would do an emergency triage on my soul to find out what the roots of my emotional distress were. Recently, this happened to me again… I was in the midst of an exciting time of strategic planning with the organization I lead, New York City Relief. It was exciting because God was giving us the wisdom and direction we needed in order to move forward in our mission to help more friends on the streets to experience life and freedom. While I was in total agreement with our leadership team about the direction we were headed and next steps, I began to take the burden of these changes completely upon myself. I began to have the irrational fear of making a misstep and doing major damage. The weight I felt was immense. In addition, we had a pillar of our team and one of my best friends, Bill Hoffman, leave the ministry after 27 years to relocate to California and start a new chapter in his journey with God. I was happy for him and sad for me. One of my safest places was a friendship and working relationship that was now on the opposite coast. I also had a project that I had been working on for two years simply stall and go nowhere. I have been looking for a new and larger building for New York City Relief to facilitate our growth. After looking at many buildings, talking to many townships, and trying to navigate the strange small city political landscape of New Jersey, I came up empty. What did that say about me? While I was experiencing these events, so was my “shame attendant.” In the book The Soul of Shame, author and Christian psychiatrist Curt Thompson speaks of the influence of shame in our lives as an attendant who is lurking by our side, giving a warped and negative perspective on life events to confirm how inadequate we are. “Shame wants to alter our stories by telling its own version,” he writes. “It is both a source and re-


Dealing with my own sense of shame causes me to think of the people we serve at New York City Relief. How do our friends challenged with homelessness grapple with the shame that is heaped upon them? How can God use our staff and volunteers to break through this assault upon their souls? sult of evil’s active assault on God’s creation.” During this time of feeling oppressed and overwhelmed, I received an email from a good friend who felt that she had a word from God to share with me. She wrote, “I saw you in this rusty iron cage. It was small, claustrophobic, and dark. You couldn’t see outside of the cage, so your perspective was from the inside. On the outside, the world was so colorful, bright, and airy. The enemy is trying to cloud your perspective. He is trying to plant lies of doubt, fear, and failure (represented by the cage). The truth is outside the cage. The truth is God’s perspective.” She couldn’t have been more correct. I realized that the anxiety I was feeling was rooted in a belief that I would fail, causing me to be exposed as incompetent. In my mind, being seen as weak equated to the ultimate shame. Something inside me wanted to be a strong leader that everyone could count on. I began to feel more and more shut down and withdrawn. This is what shame wants, for us to live in isolation, rather than in relationship. Shame’s mission is to disrupt connection between people. Why? Because it knows that humans thrive when we are in honest, healthy relationships.

ATTENTION STUDENT WRITERS The Tri-State Voice is seeking articles from student writers at Christian high schools and colleges for its new Web site, “Metro New York’s Online Source for Christian News & Events.” For information and story requirements, e-mail Publisher Tom Campisi:

The “shame attendant” is out to destroy. Its message is that we are not okay, and that when people know the real us, they won’t want to have anything to do with us. The parts of us that feel most broken and we keep most hidden are the parts that desperately need to be known. Dr. Thompson says, “For only in those instances when our shamed parts are known, do they stand a chance to be redeemed. We can love God, love ourselves, or love others only to the degree that we are known by God and known by others.” Dealing with my own sense of shame causes me to think of the people we serve at New York City Relief. How do our friends challenged with homelessness grapple with the shame that is heaped upon them? How can God use our staff and volunteers to break through this assault upon their souls? I would like to share the story of how God put a beating on the “shame attendant” of a man we met on the streets. As an orphan escaping from Vietnam, Christoph was placed in a foster home in America where he was abused by his foster parents. Afterwards, he was bounced through 16 more group and foster homes. As a teenager, Christoph became homeless and got involved with gangs that became his only family. He eventually got married, but when his marriage fell apart, he ended up on the streets of New York working as a male prostitute to survive. Christoph said, “When you are living on the streets, you are humiliated. You (The Relief Bus) give (the homeless) a tiny bit of pride that uplifts them and encourages them. Never have I felt

the love of God more in my life.” Christoph detailed the amazing story of how lost and isolated he was until he met friends at The Relief Bus who became companions in his journey to freedom. Satan had used every wound and failure in his life as “proof” of how worthless he was. Outreach Director Brett Hartford assisted in getting Christoph the help he needed to get off of the streets to start life over again. Christoph said, “You hugged me and said you loved me. I didn’t want to let go. You said to give God the honor and glory because it comes from Him. He works through people. Thank you for not giving up on us when the rest of the world has. You show that God doesn’t give up.” Like Christoph, God has used trusted people in my life to speak forth the truth and reality that I am not alone. Counselors, mentors, family, and friends were used by God to pull the scales off of my eyes and the burden off of my heart. The weight is lifted, my eyes turned back to the lover of my soul. As president of New York City Relief, it is my job to ensure that people in need find a community

that offers a non-judging ear and a helping hand out of the cage of shame. As steward of my own heart, God is calling me to share courageously my weakness and brokenness with people around me who love me. In this way, I can cut the legs out from under the “shame attendant” who tries to drag me down. When I connect myself to the body of Christ through intentional vulnerability, I connect myself to the head which is Christ. This is the place of safety and connection for which my soul longs. The voice of the shame attendant becomes only a faint whisper, drowned out by the roar of the Holy Spirit, who sings songs of delight over me. I breathe deep and my heart swells with the joy of being wanted. “Hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.” Romans 5:1-5 Rev. Juan Galloway is president of The Relief Bus, a mobile outreach that feeds the homeless and connects them to resources and places where they can find help. Consider making a donation or volunteering at

C.A.R.E. Christian Addiction, Recovery, & Education A Biblically-based, 12-step recovery program Confidential-open to anyone over 18 yrs. old

Mondays @ 7:30 pm Christian Community Church • 340 Bogert Road, River Edge, NJ Call (201) 385-4396 or (201) 281-2130

For a 20% discount enter code: PRE27520

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Our Responsibility to Share the Good News By Will Graham think there’s a misunderstanding out there that I’d like to confront. Somewhere along the line, many Christians have come to believe that it’s not their responsibility to share their faith and tell others about Christ. The rationale behind this varies. Some think that it’s their pastor’s job to preach the Gospel, not theirs. Others believe that proclaiming the hope of Christ is the domain of the traveling evangelist or revivalist. Some think that if they live an upstanding Christian life, their good works will do the talking so they don’t have to. Finally, and perhaps most prominently, many simply feel like they’re not worthy – or, more specifically – not equipped with enough Bible knowledge to reach out to those who need Jesus. My friends, eternity is at stake, and excuses aren’t good enough. I’m going to tell it to you straight: As a Christian, it’s your responsibility to share the Good News with those around you! “How?” you may ask. Here are three easy tips to share your faith as a part of everyday conversations.


Speak. This may sound basic, but it’s where it all starts, and where many become sidetracked. It’s important that you live your life and exemplify your faith in such a way that people will notice that there’s something different about you. However, your actions alone are not going to bring them salvation. What will you say when they ask you about your beliefs? Romans 10:17 says, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” (ESV). Don’t be pushy. Don’t shove your faith down your friend’s throat. But, be aware of opportunities, be prepared and be bold. Like a farmer in spring, plant the seed. Share your story. You’re ready to open your mouth, but you don’t know what to say. It’s easy! Just share your own story. Talk about how your life was before you met Jesus, how you were introduced to and decided to follow Him, and how He has since changed your life. It’s a natural fit because it’s your own narrative of Christ’s work in you. You can’t forget your own story, and people can’t really argue about it because it’s person-

FREE LISTINGS for Conferences, Concerts, and Events in the Tri-State Voice and at! Send details to

Will Graham, the grandson of Billy Graham, is vice president and associate evangelist at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

God’s Word is powerful, living, and breathing. It penetrates the heart and soul. When you use Scripture and point to God’s Word, it has a direct impact. Isaiah 55:11 says, “So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty…” al to you. It’s the easiest way to share your faith. Quote Scripture. God’s Word is powerful, living, and breathing. It penetrates the heart and soul. When you use Scripture and point to God’s Word, it has a direct impact. Isaiah 55:11 says, “So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty…” (ESV). God Himself is declaring that His words will have an impact. They will not return void. You don’t have the verses

memorized? Open up your Bible (or even the Bible app on your phone) and read the scriptures. It will be just as impactful, and you can use it as an opportunity to show your friend how to use and find passages in the Bible. My friends, you don’t have to be a “Super Christian,” and you don’t have to know the entire Bible. You don’t need to be trained in evangelism. What you do need to do is open your mouth, and you can begin with your own story and with

the Word of God. You may not see an immediate impact. You may simply plant that seed that others will water and cultivate and harvest months or years down the road, but you will be doing what you are called to do. And you will make an impact on eternity by allowing Jesus to work through you! Will Graham is vice president and associate evangelist at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association ( To learn more about The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, its many ministry endeavors, or opportunities for involvement, please contact: John Rivera, Regional Manager, at (201) 843-1659 or

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LIVE2LEAD Simulcast Will Be Held October 6 at Saddle Brook Marriott


ohn Maxwell’s worldwide leadership simulcast event is coming to Saddle Brook, New Jersey. Live2Lead—featuring speakers Dave Ramsey, Cheryl Bachelder, Warrick Dunn, and Maxwell—will be held on Friday, Oct. 6 at the Saddle Brook Marriott from 8:50 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event is hosted locally by Andrew Bennett Consulting, LLC. “Live2Lead will equip North Jersey participants with fresh perspectives and practical tools as they learn from world-class

“Live2Lead will equip participants with fresh perspectives and practical tools as they learn from world-class leadership experts.” leadership experts,” said Andrew Bennett, Sr., a consultant and certified coach, teacher and speaker with The John Maxwell Team. “The program is designed to deliver the very best leadership content to inspire and motivate participants while connecting them with other influencers within their community, and expanding their business network with relationships that produces tangible results.” MAXWELL was identified as the No. 1 leader in business by the American Management Association and the world’s most influential leadership expert by Business Insider and Inc. magazines in 2014. A New York Times’ best-selling author, he has sold more than 26 million books. His organizations—The John Maxwell Company, The John Maxwell Team, and EQUIP— have trained more than 6 million leaders worldwide. RAMSEY, a personal money-management

Andrew Bennett

BACHELDER is a passionate restaurant industry executive who recently served as the CEO of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. She is known for her crisp, strategic thinking, franchisee-focused approach, and development of outstanding leaders and teams. Bachelder was recently ranked No. 1 on Inc. Magazine’s list of top CEOs. DUNN, a former NFL running back, is a limited partner with the Atlanta Falcons. In 2002, Dunn founded Warrick Dunn Charities to improve lives through innovative programming inspired by his journey. Through his charity, Homes for the Holidays, he honors his late mother, Betty Smothers, a Baton Rouge police officer who, as a single mother of six, strived for

the American dream of homeownership. While working, she was killed and was never able to realize that dream. The program has assisted over 152 single parents and 409 dependents nationwide with achieving first-time homeownership. Registration for Live2Lead is $99.00 per person; group discount tickets are available. Tickets can be purchased online at Live2Lead is presented to the North Jersey area by Andrew Bennett Consulting, Stonegate Brokerage, Regency Wealth Management, ZRG Partners, and Chick-fil-A. Additional information can be obtained by contacting Andrew Bennett at (862) 294-0501, (862) 684-1920, or

“The Gathering” Seeks to Shift the Status Quo

T John Maxwell

expert, best-selling author, and radio host, is known as America’s trusted voice on money and business. His seven best-selling books— Financial Peace, More Than Enough, The Total Money Makeover, EntreLeadership, The Complete Guide to Money, Smart Money, Smart Kids, and The Legacy Journey—have combined for sales of over 10 million copies.


GOOD NEWS FOR THE HOUSING MARKET By Sal Poliandro ow! I just found out that the combined value of every home in the United States is expected to climb to a record high of more than $29.6 trillion, up 5.7 percent from just one year ago. If this seems like an unfathomable number, that’s because it is.


Let me try to put it in perspective for you. The U.S. housing market is now worth more than: • The GDP of the United States and China combined • The entire 2015 market cap of every U.S. public company combined (almost $25 trillion) Plus, it is now worth: • 20x more than the net worth of the 50 richest Americans ($1.2 trillion) • 20x more than 3,000 brand new Boeing 747-8s ($1.2 trillion) In fact, it would take 339 people with the net worth of Bill Gates ($84 billion) to purchase every home in the United States!

Wondering How Much Your Home Is Worth? It’s clear that our housing market is insanely valuable and your home’s value is a part of that. If you are wondering how this news has affected how much your home is worth, simply call or email me and I will send you a custom report, even if you are not considering selling it this year.


Cell: (201) 345-5100 Office: (201) 825-6600 82 East Allendale Rd. Saddle River, NJ 07458 Email: •

he Metro Apostolic Network will host The Gathering on September 22-23 at World Impact in Newark, NJ. The conference seeks to “shift the apostolic mandate” and advance the kingdom of God into every sphere of society, according to Bishop Frank Dupree, the host of The Gathering and director of the Metro Apostolic Network. The Metro Apostolic Network has been serving the body of Christ in Northern New Jersey since 2000, and is also active in the greater Atlanta region. Each month, the network hosts a Gatekeepers Gathering in Newark. The upcoming two-day conference features speakers Bishop Joe Mattera, Bishop D. Aaron Sherron, Prophetess Jacqueline Gaffney, and Bishop Nathan Culver. “Our speakers are seasoned men and women of God and each has a cry from their heart to deliver,” said Dupree. “Bishop Mattera is focused on the Kingdom of God, as demonstrated by his writings, especially his book, Ruling in the Gates; Bishop Sherron is a fifth generation minister who has seen the bottlenecks of the Church and seeks to educate, inspire, and ignite believers; Bishop Culver, a long-time resident of Newark who now lives in Atlanta, understands how the status quo in the African-American community has held the Church back and has a strong message to release people from that bondage; and Prophetess Gaffney grew up in the streets of New York and is able to touch the lives of ordinary, everyday people. “We will hear from ministers who seek to elevate the vision of each person attending to see that there is more to life than being comfortable—that we are called to rise up as the army of God and storm the gates of hell, taking back what the enemy has stolen

Frank Dupree

from the Church.” The Gathering will present a new paradigm, unlike the status quo present in many of today’s churches, Dupree said— the shift needs to be away from felt and surface needs and to mature growth in disciplines like spiritual warfare. “The shift that will bring the body of Christ into a position of power,” he said. “The apostolic leader must, like Moses, be Godward to seek the vision and burden of the Lord, rather than be wrapped up in finding out what the people feel is important. The leadership team must be also apostolic. It has to move from a ‘maintenance mentality’ to an ‘equipping mentality.’ This places a righteous demand upon the members of the local church to become mature and equipped for the work of the Lord and signals the end of the ‘topdown, one man show.’ “The apostolic leader must develop the corporate identity of the church so everyone moves forward in the same direction—so the kingdom of God, like yeast, penetrates every aspect of society.” For more information or to register for The Gathering, go to

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eith and Kristyn Getty’s Irish Christmas show, “A Celebration of Carols,” comes to Carnegie Hall in New York on December 20. Touring annually since 2011, the show is built around the Gettys own Christmas music catalog and their love for historic carols. The tour, playing to some 60,000 people each year, has seen annual sold out performances at Carnegie Hall along with performances at many of the top concert venues in the United States. The Gettys occupy a unique space in the world of music today as preeminent modern hymn writers. Hailing from Northern Ireland and their home congregation of Glenabbey Church, they have reinvented the traditional hymn form, creating a catalogue of songs teaching Christian doctrine and crossing the genres of traditional, classical, folk, and contemporary composition sung the world over. “Keith and Kristyn Getty are pioneers in the movement to produce a true, yet new hymnody for the church that is theologically substantial, highly aware of history, and continuous with church music of the past,” said Tim Keller, pastor emeritus at Redeemer Presbyterian Churches of New York City. “They stand in the gap between the older churches of Europe and the new, growing, global Christianity. Though they are still young adults, we already owe them a great deal.” Keith Getty, along with collaborators, including his wife Kristyn and Stuart Townend, has written over 60 of the most popular hymns sung in the United States and the United Kingdom, according to Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI). Gettypenned hymns are popular across all Christian denominations and their music has been performed at

The Jay Everett Band

Keith and Kristyn Getty

“Keith and Kristyn Getty are pioneers in the movement to produce a true, yet new hymnody for the church that is theologically substantial, highly aware of history, and continuous with church music of the past…” – Rev. Tim Keller national celebrations in several countries, as well as recorded by well-known artists. The Getty-Townend hymn, “In Christ Alone,” is the number one most popular hymn sung in the UK for the past nine years and is also among the top ten in the USA. It is estimated that over 100 million people sang this one hymn in the last 12 months. Nashville-based Keith Getty was honored as an “Officer of the Order of the British Empire” by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The award, which commemorates Getty’s contribution to “Music and Modern Hymn Writing,” marks the first time that the award has been given to a contemporary church music artist. In 2016, Keith and Kristyn launched the worldwide release

of “Facing a Task Unfinished”—a hymn, an album, and a tour. The Gettys, together with global partners, spearheaded an unparalleled global hymn sing of the song in February, 2016. More than 5400 churches in 100 countries registered their participation, and some 1.1 million people across the earth sang the song on that single day. This worldwide representation of modern hymns has led to the creation of the Getty Music Worship Conference, an international gathering to be held in Nashville, Tennessee, in September, 2017. A highlight of the inaugural event will be a 5,000-person hymn sing at the Opry House. Keith and Kristyn Getty continue to be global ambassadors for modern hymns in the USA and throughout the world. The Gettys tour internationally, visiting venues from around the globe. In November of 2016, the Gettys led worship for over 3,000 attendees at Movement Day Global Cities in New York City. For tickets: and use code PRE2750 for 20% discount; for groups of 10 or more, call (212) 903-9705 or email:

Joysongs Conference Features Darrell Evans


he 13th annual Joysongs Conference, “Heaven Come,” will be held October 6-8 at Abundant Life Worship Center, 43 South Jefferson Rd., Whippany, NJ. The special guest at this year’s conference is Darrell Evans, a pioneering worship leader and writer of “Trading my sorrows,” “Your love is extravagant,” and “Fields of grace.” Evans’ projects “Let the River Flow” and “Freedom,” both garnered Dove Award nominations and influenced a new wave of congregational worship. His newest projects, “Nothing Else Than Everything”, wraps his joy, passion, and experience in a fresh and

Justice Rocks: A Concert and Fair Trade Market

Darrell Evans

powerful sound. In Darrell’s words, “It’s my prayer that the Lord will use these songs to help people connect with Jesus in a lifechanging way.” Joysongs is dedicated to “educating, equipping, and empowering the local church through worship.” Plenary and breakout ses-

sions address every area of worship, from the spiritual end to the practical end, from the sound system to the vocals. “The Joysongs Conference is a source of training, consulting, and encouragement to local churches,” said Elder Donnie Rosa, the founder of Joysongs. “Worship leaders, pastors, and sound engineers, in particular, benefit through our annual conference. Our conferences include equipment evaluation and recommendation, and training musicians to play better as a band.” Registration: $35 individual; $25 groups of 10 or more. Call (973) 4639455 or visit

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ustice Network and High Mountain Church of the Nazarene in North Haledon present Justice Rocks 3, a concert and fair trade market, on Friday, November 17 from 7-10 p.m. The market will feature a dozen or more vendors of beautiful fair trade-produced merchandise, including coffee, chocolates, jewelry, household items, accessories, and clothing. “Fair trade” means that these items were produced ethically without the use of slave labor from sourcing through manufacturing. Justice Rocks 3 will feature The Jay Everett Band, a popular, local group. The event, co-sponsored by the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking—also includes a silent auction of fair trade

baskets and gift items. Edmund Burke said, “Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.” The Justice Network believes this is a perfect opportunity to do a little good. It’s a great time to start holiday shopping, enjoy free entertainment and refreshments, and learn a little about the important issue of modern day slavery. There is no charge for admission, but donations are accepted and will go directly to benefit survivors of human trafficking. Justice Rocks 3 will be held at High Mountain Church, 681 High Mountain Rd., North Haledon, NJ. For more information, email, call (551) 800-1551, or visit

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Getting Your Groove Back By Elise Parker, Editor’s note: This article originally appeared at, a website for women where “Faith, Life, and Community Intersect.” Reprinted with permission. I’m not sure exactly what happened… But I’ve gotten completely off track. I was chugging along: • God − check • Relationships (marriage, kids, friends) − check • Fellowship − check • Exercise − check • Healthy Eating − check • Work/Life Balance − check

And then, I started to get overwhelmed. I was doing too much, going too many places, living life to the too full. I started turning to the right, when I should go left, turning left, when I should go right. I said yes, yes, yes—when I should’ve checked in with God. Instead, I checked out, put my head down, and forged ahead on automatic pilot. Somewhere inside, I said, “Aw the heck with it… too much going on. Just forget about it all and keep moving.” Usually, I like living intentionally, but recently, I seem to have just stopped!

The result: • Distance from God • Weight gain • Sciatica and sluggishness • Burnout • Loneliness • Lack of fulfillment • Loss of vision I hate to admit this, but this is how I’ve been feeling. And I don’t like it… not one little bit. Anybody? So what are we to do? Well the first thing is to say NO… and the second is to STOP! I cannot say yes to one more thing and I’ve got to stop long enough to think through the changes I need to make so I can get back to the stability and balance I need. Here are six steps I am taking to get back on track…will you join me? 1. God First—No ifs, ands, or buts. I’ve just gotta have my God time in the morning…or I hit the floor running straight to my computer and there seems to be no turning back. A good God time for me consists of 15 minutes of devos (I love lots of them—Word for You Today, Jesus Calling, My Utmost for His Highest, Upper Room, In Touch, Streams in the Desert), followed by 15 minutes of just hanging with the Lord. Listening, praying, thinking, journaling. 2. Move and Eat Well—Do something! I’m walking with my hubby (great for our marriage), walking with my girlfriends (fellowship and exercise!), biking at the gym, and going to a physical therapist and chiropractor. This takes crazy amounts of time, but

right now, my body has to be a priority… it’s His temple after all and my grandbaby is coming soon, so I’ve got to get in shape. I admit I’m struggling with eating well, but moving more is a step in the right direction that often propels me into healthier eating habits and definitely boosts my metabolism. 3. Write—There are times when I believe my writing doesn’t matter. And it might not matter to others, but I have found it’s actually one of the primary ways I process. So it is important for me to write as a way of navigating, reflecting, and being intentional. 4. Talk It Out—I’m at a huge crossroads in my life. My kids are now all out of the house. My husband is about to finish his doctorate. There are a lot of decisions to be made and a future to plan. So I’m back with my Christian counselor. She knows me, so I don’t have to start from scratch. And I’m ripe for good counsel. 5. One on One with My Best Friends—Friendship is a blessing from the Lord. And nobody loves a good girlfriends’ gathering more than me. But the one-on-one conversations, the understanding and insight that comes from sharing my heart with a close friend, this is precious and valuable. 6. Plan—Like it or not, I have a lot to juggle. I need a calendar that’s accurate and a plan that incorporates meals, finances, work, ministry, and more. Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and the Franklin Covey planners that are in sync have been helpful for both me and my

husband. And I love Michael Hyatt’s Creating Your Personal Life Plan, which is free when you sign up for his equally awesome blog on intentional leadership. I’ve already spent enough time condemning myself. And that’s done nothing but make me feel worse. So in the past few days, I’ve taken these steps and I’m repeating this mantra, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” When I am weak, He is strong… and He’s always right there with me. How about you? Are you on track right now? What do you do when you feel derailed? How do you get back on track? Elise Daly Parker has been married for 31 years and is mom to four mostly grown girls. She is a writer, editor, writing coach, and blogger. She believes we all have stories that matter--big life bios and small meaningful moments. Elise believes our stories are a reflection of God’s glory and are meant to be shared. They have the power to inform, reform, and transform. She loves God, family, friends...and really likes to travel.

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PLACES TO BE (Continued from page 1)

Find more information at or call (800) 822-7505 to register.

Rev. Dimas Salaberrios

THE ANNIE MOSES BAND PILLAR COLLEGE PASTORS’ APPRECIATION BREAKFAST Pillar College will host a pastors’ appreciation breakfast on Thursday, October 5, from 7:30-11 a.m., at the Robert Treat Hotel, 50 Park Place, Newark, NJ. The special guest speaker is Dimas Salaberrios, president of Concerts of Prayer Greater New York. Rev. Dimas is a dynamic teacher and speaker with a passion for seeing the Lord transform lives once consumed with hopelessness, darkness, and despair. A popular guest on radio and television shows, including Fox News and Good Morning America, he is the author of the book, Street God. Rev. Dimas, a pastor at Infinity Bible Church in the Bronx, has ministered the Gospel of Jesus Christ on every continent except Antarctica. Some of his ministry exploits include preaching throughout New Zealand, igniting a 3month revival; smuggling Bibles to the persecuted church in China; training and equipping pastors, running feeding programs for orphans and widows, and extensive preaching throughout Kenya; guerrilla evangelism in Amsterdam’s notorious Red-Light District, on the “tubes” of London, the Alps of Switzerland, the hills of Venezuela, and with the gangs of the Bronx. To RSVP to the breakfast, contact Wayne Dyer at

OASIS MINISTRIES INT’L FALL EVENTS & SMALL GROUPS Oasis Ministries International, a ministry that gathers women and teen girls to be renewed by the Word of God, will host several events in the fall: SINGLE MOMS EVENT WITH KLOVE RADIO, September 8, 5 p.m., at Montclair Community Church,143 Watchung Ave., Montclair, NJ; WELCOME BACK (POTLUCK) DINNER, September 26, 7 p.m., at Montclair Community Church; SMALL GROUPS AND PRAYER MEETINGS begin October 4, Grace Presbyterian Church, 153 Grove St. Montclair, NJ; MOTHER/DAUGHTER EVENT GRADES 7-12, October 21 at 1 p.m., Bobbi Brown Studio, 8 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair; MINISTRY LEADERSHIP TRAINING BREAKFAST, November 4 at 9 a.m., Montclair Community Church. For complete details, please visit

LIVE2LEAD SIMULCAST John Maxwell’s Live2Lead simulcast event will be held October 6, from 8:50 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Saddle Brook (NJ) Marriott. The event will feature speakers Dave Ramsey, Cheryl Bachelder, Warrick Dunn, and Maxwell. Tickets for Live2Lead are $99.00 per person; group discount tickets are available. Tickets can be purchased online at www.live2lead2017northjersey.

STAR 99.1 PASTORS LUNCHEON Star 99.1 will host a free luncheon for pastors and ministry leaders on October 19, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Pines Manor in Edison, NJ. The luncheon will feature comic Michael Jr., and music by Laura Story. Door prizes and giveaways include a Bahamas Cruise for two aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines from Miami.

JUSTICE ROCKS 3 Justice Network and High Mountain Church will present Justice Rocks 3, a concert and fair trade market, on Friday, November 17, from 7-10 pm. The market will feature a dozen or more vendors of beautiful fair trade and ethically produced merchandise, from coffee and chocolates to jewelry to household items to accessories and cloth-

The Annie Moses Band will be in concert with The True North Symphony Orchestra and The New American Chorus on January 22, 7 p.m., at Carnegie Hall. Tickets on sale November 1 at The Annie Moses Band inspires and entertains with an active and captive blend of pop, folk, roots, and classical music. These six siblings weave diverse musical styles into epic arrangements beautifully showcasing their soaring vocals and mastery of stringed instruments.

STEVE AMERSON, POINT OF GRACE AT TUSCARORA INN ing. Justice Rocks 3 will be held at High Mountain Church, 681 High Mountain Rd., North Haledon, NJ. For more information, email, call (551) 800-1551, or visit There is no charge for admission, but donations are accepted and will go directly to benefit survivors of human trafficking.

FRANCES DROST CONCERT Christian singer/songwriter Frances Drost will present a free concert on Tuesday, October 10, 7 p.m., at Spruce Lake in the

Poconos. The concert will be held in Black Cherry Meeting Hall, first floor, Spruce Lodge. An exuberant concert artist, Drost distills real life stories into compelling lyrics and melody. Learn more at

SPRUCE LAKE SENIORS RETREAT The Spruce Lake Seniors Retreat, “an Invigorating, worshipful, and fun event,” will be held October 9-12 at Spruce Lake and will feature speaker Glenn Alderfer.

Tuscarora Inn and Conference Center presents Christmas concerts with Steve Amerson (December 8) and Point of Grace (December 9). For information, visit or call (800) 897-6000.

BIG DADDY WEAVE Big Daddy Weave performs in concert with The True North Symphony Orchestra and The True North Mass Choir on January 27, 6:30 p.m., at Carnegie Hall. Tickets on sale November 1 at

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Christian Leaders Seek Criminal Justice Reform By Evan Wilt (WNS)—Christian leaders hope to cut through Washington’s partisanship and find common ground on an overlooked crisis: fixing the U.S. criminal justice system. The United States has a serious problem. Together, Americans account for 5 percent of the world’s population, but inhabit 25 percent of its jail cells. On any given night, 2.2 million Americans sit behind bars. And once they return to society, many fail to reintegrate. Within three years of release, about 40 percent of former prisoners return to jail. An estimated 65 million citizens have a criminal record, curbing their chances of finding a decent a job or even a place to live. On June 20, Christian leaders led by Prison Fellowship signed a “Justice Declaration” committing to change the conversation on incarceration and help garner support for lawmakers to rethink federal prison policies. “On account of our Christian faith, we call for a justice system that is fair and redemptive for all," said James Ackerman, Prison Fellowship president. So far, about 100 Christian leaders have signed the declaration and several presented it, along with an 11-page white paper, to Republican leaders in hopes of getting the ball rolling on federal reforms. But lawmakers on Capitol Hill struggle to agree on anything. Each day brings new fights over healthcare legislation, the federal budget, and what to do about Russia’s election meddling. But that’s not the case for criminal justice policy. “I find very few people who think the status quo works just fine,” Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, told me. “We’re all saying the same thing—we just need to work together and get something done.” Conservatives and liberals worked together in the last Congress to draft legislation addressing one of the many justice system failings. Senate Judiciary Committee, chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, worked with Sens. Cory Booker, D-N.J., and Dick Durbin, DIll., to find a solution for inconsistent mandatory minimum sentencing laws— specifically for nonviolent offenders. The bipartisan coalition advanced the proposed legislation out of committee but never built enough momentum to schedule a full vote. Congress often works in fits and starts, and in 2017 it has been hard to coalesce around anything. “Nothing is really getting done at all in the Congress,” Moore said. “I think that lawmakers ought to see this as an opportunity to break through the logjam and do something that will help the country.” But politics often is downstream from culture. That’s why Gabriel Salguero, president of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, said Christians have an equal part to play. “Our job is to help change the wind and help change the conversation,” Salguero said. “Since there is a lot of bipartisan support, I think what this justice declaration is doing is putting a megaphone to the tens of thousands of evangelical Christians who really want this to happen.”

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Westminster Presbyterian Church Sponsors Care Pack Project for Foster Kids


estminster Presbyterian Church of Middletown, New Jersey recently collected 60 back packs and dozens of bags of individual item donations for the Star 99.1 FM Care Pack Project. The church teamed up with the popular Christian radio station to sponsor a project that provides hope and compassion to kids in the foster care system by providing backpacks filled with essential personal care items. These backpack blessings offer foster children proof that there are people who care at a time when they feel most alone. Westminster Presbyterian Church (WPC) became a program sponsor and began collecting backpacks and items around the beginning of July, creating donation drop zones at the church and at its Faith Hope and Music Festival on August 19. Reverend Joseph Hein said, “The response to the Care Pack Project was amazing. Not only our own congregation, but the entire community and so many Star 99.1 listeners were extremely generous

with their donations. We received calls throughout the past monthand-a-half asking for directions to the church and people were stopping by to drop off their donations 24/7. Partnering with Star 99.1 to support a ministry to help kids in the foster system was gratifying and inspirational. WPC is planning to build on the experience by starting its own projects for underprivileged youngsters, including one that will provide free after school music lessons and tutoring for students in the Middletown area.” Star 99.1 concluded the Care Pack Project at the end of August, according to Star 99.1 Promotions Manager Luann Schafer. Schafer and the Star 99.1 car met with WPC’s Reverend Hein on August 22 to collect the donations from the church. For more information about WPC and its Community Outreach programs, visit or the church’s Facebook page at WPCMiddletownNJ.

Star 99.1 Promotions Manager Luann Schafer and Rev. Joseph Hein following Westminster Presbyterian Church’s backpack drive.

Oasis Singles Ministry to Host 20th Anniversary Celebration By Cindy Galdal-Ruperto, Founder & Director, Oasis Ministry or the past 20 years, hundreds of Christian single adults—21 and over, from all walks of life, and from all denominations—have attended our Christ-centered events. On Saturday, October 21, we will host Oasis Singles Ministry 20th Anniversary Celebration. Powerful worship, delicious food, and lots of fun fellowship will be enjoyed at The Lefferts Park Church, 7524-14th Ave. Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. A dinner buffet and fellowship will start the evening off at 6 p.m. sharp. Our special program, which begins at 7 p.m., is designed to help singles connect with God and each other. We will share some of the many highlights of what God has done over the years. I will share a message entitled “Called and Equipped.” I began this ministry after God set me free from OCD and severe panic attacks. It has been my mission to share the beautiful truths I learned regarding how to walk in my new identity in Christ. The Bible tells us clearly “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free”


(Gal. 5:1). As the lies of the devil are exposed, we can move forward into advancing God’s kingdom. An interactive time of Q and A will follow. Singles are also welcome to share how God has used this ministry in their lives. The Lefferts Park Church Dance Ministry will perform. Our celebration will culminate with a scrumptious dessert assortment and fellowship. Admission is $15 at the door. Tickets cannot be reserved ahead of time. Oasis, which hosts three large events a year, recently launched monthly Singles Fellowships. Please save the dates: • Fall Brunch, Sat., Sept. 9th, 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m., admission is free. This is a volunteer opportunity for those who want to help prepare our mailing for the October event. Bagels and coffee will be served. If you want to learn about our other volunteer opportunities, please join us for this fun, informal meeting. • Prayer Meeting, Thur., Oct. 19th, 7 p.m.-8:30pm. • Book Discussion Fellowships, Sat. Nov. 11 and Sat., Dec. 9. Singles will read and discuss the book, Living with Jesus Today, by Juan Ortiz (available for free at

Life-Changing Skincare RODAN+FIELDS

Dawn Massa, Independent Consultant

201-843-0047 • Winter Brunch, Sat., January 13, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Admission is free. • Annual Valentines Event, Sat., Feb. 17, 6 p.m., (volunteers arrive 4 p.m.). The Prayer Meeting for the event will be Thursday, Feb. 15, 7-8:30 p.m. OASIS is growing and much has changed since our very first event on Feb. 7, 1997, most notably my single status. I met my husband Frank at the very first volunteer meeting. God always has a plan. We look forward to seeing you and sharing God’s love and truth with you. To Him alone be the glory for all great things He has done and for what He has yet to do. If you have any questions about our events, call me at (718) 836-0029 or e-mail For directions, visit

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Christian Union will go on to assume positions of power in various sectors of society in the years to come. These are the kinds of catalytic leaders Matt Bennett had in mind when he founded Christian Union in 2002 in Princeton, New Jersey. The ministry was birthed when Bennett considered the influence that top secular universities possess when it comes to producing many of the nation’s most prominent leaders. He also had a heavy conviction that culture could be changed when these schools were influenced by the Gospel. As a member of Cru in the late 1980s, Bennett (’88, MBA ’89) saw firsthand the impact a campus ministry could have if it were tailored to the spiritual, intellectual, and relational needs of highly intelligent, goal-oriented students. The mission of Christian Union is “Developing Christian Leaders to Transform Culture.” In 2004, Christian Union started to launch leadership development ministries at leading universities. On each campus where it operates, Christian Union’s highly

(Continued from page 1)

we want also to focus on our alumni (Christian Union Cities) and help them to stay strong in Christ. That’s really an emphasis at the 15-year mark.”

THE POWER OF SEEKING GOD Bennett is quick to point to prayer as integral for any sustainment or success. Christian Union seeks to foster a seeking God lifestyle that is marked by humility, fervent and frequent prayer, Bible reading, personal and corporate confession of sin, and obedience to God.

During the 2016-17 academic year, 1,409 students were enrolled in Christian Union Bible Courses at Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Harvard Law, Penn, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale.

credentialed ministry and teaching fellows mentor students and lead challenging, academically-oriented Bible courses designed to help students develop a robust understanding of Scipture and Christian worldview. The ministries also host conferences, leadership lecture series, and evangelistic outreach events as they seek to change the spiritual climate at very secular institutions.

MAKING DISCIPLES “These campuses have done us a great service; they’ve brought together some of the most leadership-minded, ambitious young people in the country. Our part is simply to tell them about Jesus Christ and disciple them in the Lord,” Bennett told CBN News. During the 2016-17 academic year, 1,409 students were enrolled in Christian Union Bible Courses at Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Harvard Law, Penn, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale. Additionally, Christian Union Cities reaches alumni and young professionals in key metropolitan areas such as New York, Washington, D.C., and Houston, while Christian Union Day and Night is an online portal ( that promotes spiritual strengthening in Christians across America. Following the Nexus Conference, Bennett reflected on the last 15 years. “I’m so deeply grateful to the Lord for all He's done—all the lives that have been changed; all those students who have been strengthened and encouraged,” Bennett said. “I'm really thrilled by what God has done through the work of so many.” Many alumni have gone on to work in such influential places—McKinsey and Company, Goldman Sachs, the White House, and Facebook. They have gone everywhere, as we knew they would. Now,

Matt Bennett, a former Cru staff member, founded Christian Union in Princeton, New Jersey in 2002 (left). Christian Union is seeking to “develop Christian leaders to transform culture” at Harvard (top right), Columbia (above), and several other influential universities. Photos courtesy of Christian Union.

“We can’t underestimate prayer,” Bennett said. “We’re not going to see these very secular universities change without tremendous effort. Prayer is our best resource. It’s a weapon of spiritual warfare—a way the Lord has set for us to see progress in the spiritual realm. So, we pray like crazy. I always love what was said about the Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions: ‘They worked and organized like there was no such thing as prayer; and they prayed like there was no such thing as work and organization.’ ’’ Some of the pioneers of the Student Volunteer Movement were John R. Mott of Cornell and Robert Wilder and John Forman of Princeton University. A lot has changed regarding Christian influence and mission at

these universities and others since the late 19th century, but Bennett and Christian Union are confident and hopeful things can turn around. The goal is to have 20 percent of students at select universities involved with a local church or Christian ministry in the years to come. Christian Union anticipates contributing to that goal by engaging about 10 percent of the students. “The schools fall on a spectrum of how explicitly Christian they were at their founding, but they all drifted in a secular direction. We want to change that,” Bennett said. “We do not want them to become seminaries, per se, but we want to grow the level of Christian influence at these schools, so that every student can know

the Gospel of Jesus Christ, grow in love and devotion to Him, and get a vision to be used by Him, fulfill their destiny, and make a positive impact on the world. We want to see these campuses as centers of world Christianity. I mean, when you look at God and what He’s done in the Bible and throughout history, clearly this is not too hard for Him to bring about.” Reprinted with permission from Christian Union: The Magazine. Christian Union is a leadership development ministry, located in Princeton, New Jersey. For more information, visit Editor’s note: Tom Campisi, publisher of Tri-State Voice, is also the managing editor of Christian Union: The Magazine.

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xcavations this summer on the northeastern shore of the Sea of Galilee have uncovered what may be evidence of the ancient city, BethsaidaJulias, chronicled in the New Testament as the home of three of Jesus’ apostles: Peter, Andrew, and Philip (John 1:44; 12:21). The excavations were conducted under the auspices of the Kinneret Institute for Galilean Archaeology at Kinneret College (Israel), and directed by Dr. Mordechai Aviam together with Dr. R. Steven Notley of Nyack College. Notley, who served as the ElAraj Excavation Project academic director, is a distinguished professor of New Testament and Christian Origins and director of graduate programs in Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins at Nyack’s Manhattan campus in Battery Park. Students and faculty from Nyack College joined volunteers from the United States and Hong Kong to excavate for two weeks in July. At the conclusion of the five-day shovel

6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Mon.-Fri.

survey, Dr. Aviam noted, “The results are very clear that we have pottery from the late Hellenistic period (the second century B.C.), Early Roman pottery from the first century, and even Byzantine pottery from the fifth and sixth centuries. We also found architectural fragments that were made of both limestone and basalt which are typical of large public buildings like a synagogue.” The El-Araj Excavations Project was made possible through the generous support of the Center for the Study of Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins, Nyack College, the Assemblies of God, and HaDavar Yeshiva (Hong Kong). National Geographic, Fox News, and The Jerusalem Post have trumpeted this exciting, historic moment. The excavations will continue next year, June 17-July 12, 2018 with the expectation to uncover more evidence for the Roman period settlement and the lost city of Jesus’ apostles. The Center for the Study of Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins (CS-AJCO) seeks to foster greater understanding of the cultural, linguistic, and physical setting for Second Temple Judaism and nascent Christianity, the relationship of these faiths and their shared socio-religious milieu, and to support efforts that will make current research about these topics more widely available. Programs and resources support scholarly endeavors with the intention of making current research available to underrepresented students, clergy, and wider public audiences.

Dr. R. Steven Notley (pictured above, second from left), the director of Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins at Nyack College, was in Israel as a part of an archaeological survey of the possible site of first century Bethsaida.

Tel Aviv University Archaeologists Discover Solomon-era Linens

School District Learns A Free Speech Lesson

(WNS) — Archaeologists from Tel Aviv University have unearthed 3,000-year-old dyed wool fabric samples from the time of Kings David and Solomon. The archaeologists discovered the samples at a large, ancient Edomite copper smelting site and nearby temple in the Timna Valley, a desert region in southern Israel. They date the cloth from the 13th to 10th centuries B.C. The fabric was so well dyed that even now, the original colors are visible. The discovery, reported in Plos One, highlights several aspects of cultural life in the Timna Valley at that time. It shows highly skilled weavers made the fabric and that it could not have been produced in the Timna region, an area too arid to grow the plants needed for dyeing or to provide a water source needed for the process. The people of the Timna Valley would have needed a long-distance trade route to obtain the fabric. And the cloth would have been costly, indicating the presence of a socially stratified society led by an elite group.

(WNS) — What began as a demonstration against abortion in front of a Pennsylvania high school became a lesson in constitutionally protected free speech for Downingtown Area School District students and staff. A Holocaust symposium at Downingtown West High School on April 21 offered an opportune venue for siblings Lauren and Conner Haines, ages 19 and 16, to share their views on another holocaust—the millions of lives lost to abortion. The homeschool students set out to that campus with the gospel message and three pro-life posters, including one with an image of an aborted baby. During an 18-minute recorded encounter with STEM Academy Vice Principal Zach Ruff, he repeatedly told the siblings to leave, saying they and the babies represented on the poster could “go to hell.” At one point, Ruff attempted to grab the signs, an act of assault under Pennsylvania law. Students and parents witnessed the alleged verbal and physical assault. Ruff’s actions earned him an unpaid suspension and ultimately cost him his job.

Cal State Pro-Life Group Denied Funding (WNS) — Despite granting nearly $300,000 to LGBT groups to host speakers and put on events, California State University–San Marcos denied money to the Students for Life group on campus—and now the school faces a lawsuit. The pro-life organization requested $500, the capped amount granted to student groups from a cache of mandatory student fees, to host a speaker on the topic of “Abortion and Human Equality.” The school allegedly denied the request, and Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed a lawsuit on behalf of the group and its president, Nathan Apodaca. “This is yet another example of a university using their power, along with student fees, to restrict speech they don’t agree with or particularly like, giving credence to the emerging fact that tolerance does not apply to pro-life or conservative speech,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. Metro New York’s Blog/News/Events Site!

Florida Fortifies Religious Freedom in Public Schools (WNS) — Florida public school students will have added protection for expressing their faith on campus during the upcoming school year, thanks to a new law that went into effect July 1. Supporters say the bill just reiterates existing constitutional protections for religious liberty by listing specific practices with which educators cannot interfere. Opponents say the bill goes too far and could unleash a rash of lawsuits. The Religious Expression in Public Schools Act forbids school districts from discriminating against students, parents, or staff members for their religious views or expression. It specifies students are free to refer to religion in their schoolwork, pray without interference, and wear religious symbols without fear of punishment. The Florida House passed its version of the bill unanimously, but Republicans in the state Senate insisted on adding a provision that would require schools to allow student-led prayers during the school day and at school-sanctioned events, like sporting events and assemblies. It passed mostly along party lines.

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Athletes in Action Youth Baseball Program Is Flourishing By Robert Skead magine if you could put your son on a club baseball team with a smart, savvy coach who shows he cares and never yells. And who has no kids on the team. Add exceptional baseball instruction to the mix. And for the icing on top, the coach is truly ministry-minded and dedicated to making sure each boy on the team learns about Jesus and grows in his faith. All this on a club baseball team with the words Athletes in Action Baseball on the front of the jersey. I'd have my kid try out for that team in a split second. In fact, I did, as I helped start the first Athletes in Action U14 baseball team this year. Our paid coach is Max Harvell, the varsity baseball coach at Eastern Christian High School. Coach Harvell did an amazing job with our spring and summer seasons. As I watched him teach and deliver devotion times, I was blown away—he is a baseball minister. God blessed us. About the ministry occurring on the team, Max says, “God is moving in amazing ways. The way this team has come together, with all the pieces falling into place at exactly the right time, there is no doubt of God's ability to knit a beautiful tapestry. Through excellent devotions by George McGovern, Rob Skead, and Willie Alfonso, I can sense that the players are learning and growing as baseball players, but also as young men seeking to find truth. There is something bigger than baseball going on and it's exciting to be able to lead a team with a broader perspective. I hope that through this experience players will become believers and make an impact in their own spheres of influence.” As part of our leadership development,


the players and Max selected three captains. Max says, “In order to be a great leader one must earn the respect of the team, and that is exactly what our captains PJ, Shane, and Joey are accomplishing. They're earning respect through their performance in games, but more importantly, how they conduct themselves as young men. They have a big responsibility and I know that they will grow to embody what it takes to become a great leader on and off the field.” The Athletes in Action U14 team was comprised of 11 boys from seven different towns, and making new friends was certain-

ly part of the experience. The team competed against some of the best club teams in the county and in tournaments against strong regional teams. In addition to baseball instruction, the ministry is focused on growing in one’s faith in Christ, leadership development, and serving others. Coach Harvell plans to stay with the team next summer as we become a 15/16 U team. Tryouts occur this September. If you know a talented player in that age group who may be interested in the program, please contact Max Harvell at If you are an experienced baseball coach who

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Palmieri grew up in Dumont and eventually married his high school sweetheart, Ellen. He first became aware of FCA at Montclair State. “It wasn’t much more than a Bible study that met weekly, but it was a group that met on campus,” Palmieri said. He and Ellen went on to the University of North Carolina, and FCA truly grabbed their hearts. Ellen attended a fundraising dinner and heard student-athletes share their testimonies and the impact of FCA as a ministry. Stops at Oklahoma State, Kansas State, and Boston College always included FCA, though that changed with the move to the NFL as part of Tom Coughlin’s staff – first with the expansion Jacksonville Jaguars, then with the Giants. Time demands and local opportunities to serve with FCA were few. In 2016, however, Jerry and Ellen joined the FCA North Jersey Leadership Board, and Jerry's retirement this past spring

NORTH JERSEY FCA VICTORY DINNER FCA North Jersey will host its second Victory Dinner on Saturday, Nov. 18, at the Hyatt Regency Morristown. Neal Jeffrey, who played quarterback at Baylor and with the San Diego Chargers, will be the keynote speaker. There is no charge for the event, but there will be an opportunity to partner financially with FCA. Anyone interested in serving as a table host or attending the Victory Dinner should contact Drew van Esselstyn at

opened the door to jump in. He began contacting coaches, administrators, parents, and student-athletes throughout northern New Jersey – anyone he could think of or was introduced to who might be interested in starting an FCA huddle at their school. “The ministry has done phenomenally well in South Jersey with 130 huddles in Monmouth County and South Jersey,” Palmieri said. “In Bergen County, there’s only two official huddles – Fair Lawn and Wood-Ridge.” Palmieri’s efforts are bearing fruit at Northern Valley-Old Tappan, where a huddle started up toward the end of the past school year. Students have submitted paperwork at Bergenfield, Rutherford, and Mahwah high schools as well, with the hopes of starting huddles this fall. “That’s just scratching the surface,” Palmieri said. “There are roughly 100 high schools in Bergen, Passaic, and Essex counties that need to be reached.” The potential of a plentiful harvest in North Jersey certainly motivates Palmieri. More important to him, however, is that student-athletes would be rooted in Christ. “FCA is sharing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, so it’s life-changing. Young people get exposed to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that will impact their lives forever,” he said. “Not only will lives be changed spiritually, but, honestly, their lives will be changed right there in their schools. They’ll be better students, better athletes because of their relationship with Jesus Christ.” That deep connection between God and student-athletes and coaches in northern New Jersey is one that motivates Palmieri in

loves Jesus and would like to coach an AIA club team, please reach out to Will Michaels at AIA also offers basketball programs for middle school and high school boys and middle school girls. For more information, contact Will Michaels. Robert Skead is an associate staff member of Athletes in Action, where he served as the chapel leader to the New York Red Bulls for ten tears. He is also a published children’s author of sports and American Revolution books. Visit for more information.

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FCA is seeking to form more huddle groups in Northern New Jersey during the current school year.

his prayer-driven vision for the area. “Ultimately, I’d like to see every school have an FCA huddle on their campus. I don’t see any reason why there couldn’t be,” he said. “I firmly believe there are Christian student-athletes in every school. There may not be many, but I think shooting for any other number than that would be falling

short of the goal. “I understand that 100 percent is unlikely, but what number are you going to choose? What number should we be satisfied with?” Drew van Esselstyn is the North Jersey area director for FCA. For more information on this ministry, contact Drew at Website:

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Unity: A Taste of Heaven on Earth By Jim Biscardi, Jr. ot many of us get to taste what heaven could be like – with “a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people, and language, standing before the throne, and in front of the Lamb.” (Revelation 7:9). Most of us are set in a local church, and faithfully serve the Lord there. Our community of believers consists almost entirely of those from our own church. Occasionally, we are privileged to get together with other churches, but generally, they are from our same denomination. Are you saddened like me about the separation between churches in your home town? I’ve tried to imagine how powerful our witness for Christ could be if churches would find a way to work together and develop a cooperative strategy to reach their towns for Christ. Not only could believers experience the unity and singleness of purpose that was meant to be, but Scripture also tells us doing that would have an evangelistic effect on our towns and draw people to Christ (John 17:21). We would surely foil Satan’s game plan to divide Christians and have them destroy one another (Galatians 5:15). But sometimes the Lord does give us peeks into heaven here on earth. Recently, here on the Jersey shore, we had 700 volunteers from 53 cooperating churches blanketing the area with handouts and many came to Christ at local music venues. Besides that great outreach, something else wonderful happened. Our church has been trying to eliminate our mortgage by the end of the year, after carrying the debt for many years. We thought this might be the year we could be debt free. Offerings were coming in, but we found ourselves about $23,000 short of our goal. One morning, a pastor from another church – not in our denomination – knocked on our pastor’s door. He said that his church was involved in a building program, and that the Lord was leading his congregation to “first sow seed into the good soil of another church.” He had learned about our debt-free plan on Facebook and wanted to be a part of it. He sat down and wrote a check for the $23,000 balance. Praise the Lord! This gracious act of kindness from one congregation to another, and the unified efforts of those 53 churches, reminded me of the cooperation between the whole Body of Christ that the Lord let me experience for


many years when I served as president of New Jersey Christian Ministries. Let me share some of that experience with you… Every year, there was an opportunity to taste a little bit of heaven – to worship the Lord and learn of Him together with brethren outside our local community of believers. It was always one of the most en-

Are you saddened like me about the separation between churches in your home town? I’ve tried to imagine how powerful our witness for Christ could be if churches would find a way to work together and develop a cooperative strategy to reach their towns for Christ. couraging, exciting, and eye-opening experiences of this abundant Christian life (John 10:10). I was privileged to host the general session of the annual Christian Ministries Convention, where 800+ brethren (pastors, youth leaders, teachers, and other church members), from between 150-200 different churches of various denominations in the Metro New York region, worshiped our Lord Jesus Christ together, and were inspired by a dynamic keynote speaker. AND IT WORKED GREAT! For a relatively few precious moments, we were in the midst of those gathered “before the throne and before the Lamb” worshipping Him in our own way – some standing, others not – some with raised hands, others not – some clapping, others not. All done decently and in order to show respect and to honor Jesus Christ – the object of our praise

and thanksgiving! For a brief moment in time, we were living out Christ’s prayer to our heavenly Father, “…that they all may be one…that the world may believe that Thou hast sent Me.” (John 17:21). And, if that wasn’t enough, at our interdenominational Friday night youth rally, many young people always came to Christ. In addition to the general session and youth rally, there were at least 100 workshops and several panel discussions that were taught by highly qualified instructors from all over the Body of Christ. Half of them were clergy or had PhDs, and most of the rest led their own ministries. Together, they helped us grow in Christ’s love, and be successful (Ephesians 4:13-16). And there were exhibits from Bible colleges, publishers, retreat centers, music ministries, creative ministries, missions and evangelistic ministries, bookstores, family ministries, counseling ministries, and much more. They always had the latest resources to help attendees be better equipped to make disciples (Matthew 28: 19-20). As an author and teacher for over 40 years, I appreciated opportunities to learn from others. Like you, I didn’t always agree with everything I heard, but I looked for the precious “jewels” – the treasures from “His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19). In addition to the actual experience of being energized by the Holy Spirit in teaching others, those “jewels” have also become some of my most prized blessings. And the Lord has used them over and over again in my teaching opportunities. As the Body of Christ, let’s always maintain a “new wineskin heart,” so the Lord can stretch us with the truth from His Word (Luke 5: 36-39). Let’s become an answer to His prayer for unity in John 17:21. And by “being rooted and grounded in love, may

[we] be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; and to know the love of Christ, which transcends knowledge, that [we] might be filled with all the fullness of God” (Ephesians 3:18-19). At present, I am teaching a Bible study with about 30 attendees from five different churches of various denominations. IT WORKS GREAT! Let’s be like that congregation that helped make my church debt-free, and be open to the Holy Spirit’s promptings to cooperate with one another as communities of believers. Let’s experience a taste of heaven here on earth. As a teacher, author, columnist, and president emeritus of New Jersey Christian Ministries, Jim Biscardi has been “privileged for many years to help Christians grow in their knowledge of Christ.” You can find his books at or, including The Mantle: How to Dress for Success in Leadership.

Acoustic Sunrise Service: Sunday, 8:30am Sunday Worship Experience: Sunday, 11:30am MC Prayer: 3rd & 4th Mondays, 7:30 136 Wyckoff Ave, Waldwick NJ

Lead Pastor: Peter Bruno, Jr.

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WORSHIP Armenian Pres. Church 140 Forest Ave. Paramus, NJ 07652 (201) 265-8585 Trinity Evangelical Free Church 390 Teaneck Rd. Teaneck, NJ 07666 (201) 566-8396 Abundant Life Worship Center of Lincoln Park 103 Jacksonville Rd. Lincoln Park, NJ 07035 (973) 694-9998 Hope Community Bible Church 50 Flanders-Bartley Rd. Flanders, NJ 07836 (973) 927-5066 MetroChurch 136 Wyckoff Avenue Waldwick, NJ (201) 797-3336 R.O.D International Ministries 541 State Street Perth Amboy, NJ (732) 547-0016 Crossroads Tabernacle 1320 Castle Hill Ave. Bronx, NY (718) 904-0202 Christian Apostolic Church 77 Wallace Street Belleville, NJ (973) 751-2290 Powerhouse Christian Church 500 West Main Street Wyckoff, NJ (201) 504-1993 The Cityline Church 1510 John F. Kennedy Blvd. Jersey City, NJ 07305 (201) 332-0970

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