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Campus. (Please see for campus map. Building is #30) *Seating is limited to 40 participants. RSVP by August 7th. For special accommodations, please request by August 1st.

Hosts: “Establishing Effective Relationships for Mental Health Work” & “Conceptual Accuracy in Mental Health Settings” Presented by Michelle Niehaus August 13, 2011

Time: 9AM-5PM (Registration starts at 8:30AM) Lunch will be from 12PM-1:30PM compliments of the WV Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Target Audience: Interpreters, Deaf community, and any professional in the mental health setting. ASL Interpreters will be provided. Workshop Costs: Interpreters earning RID CEUs: $25 for ½ day/$45 for full day Persons not earning RID CEUs: $15 for ½ day/$25 for full day KYRID members: $20 for ½ day/ $35 for full day Deaf community members: $7.00 per person Tri State Interpreters and Volunteers: FREE Please send payment to: Tri State Interpreters, PO Box 1236, Barboursville, WV 25504 “Establishing Effective Relationships for Mental Health Work” 9AM-12PM

the role of the consumer in self-advocating and how interpreters can seek to empower individuals who are Deaf in mental health settings. Scenarios will be presented to stimulate discussion on how our actions can affect the outcomes of mental health treatment. OBJECTIVES: Participants will increase their understanding of the roles of different mental health professionals, freelance vs. staff or contract interpreters, and consumers in mental health settings. Participants will think critically about the impact of having interpreters involved in treatment and how to best work to meet treatment goals. Participants will consider the legacy that our behaviors leave for future consumers and interpreters and think about setting precedents that empower individuals who are Deaf and the teams who work with them.

“Conceptual Accuracy in Mental Health Interpreting” 1:30PM-4:30PM/4:30-5:00PM discussion.

During this interactive workshop, participants will learn about common mental health settings and diagnoses so as to better understand the goals of providers. Emphasis will be placed on communicating with conceptual accuracy. Issues such as sign choice, adapting to meet language needs of consumers, and navigating miscommunication with providers will be addressed. Interpreters will be introduced to the Demand-Control Schema and provided resources to continue their education around mental health work. Future directions for workshops on the topic will be discussed. OBJECTIVES: Interpreters will learn about at least

Opportunity to earn .6 RID CEUs will be available to those who qualify. Knowledge Content: SOME KYRID is an approved RID CMP sponsor for continuing education activities

Location: The Shawkey Dining Room inside the Memorial Student Union on Marshall University

During this workshop, the emphasis will be on the importance of the interpreter – providerconsumer relationship in effective mental health work. Participants will learn about the roles of different mental health professionals, discuss the role of the interpreter and consumer in the treatment team, and discuss how to do pre- and post-sessions. Multi-media may be used for samples of “what not to do.” Depending on the audience, more time may be allotted to discuss

three common mental health scenarios and practice related signs, negotiating dynamics, and addressing potential problems. Interpreters will practice thinking through conceptual accuracy in mental health interpreting as well as working with the mental health professional to obtain clear communication. Interpreters will learn resources for further learning about mental health interpreting work.

Mental Health Workshop  
Mental Health Workshop  

“Establishing Effective Relationships for Mental Health Work” & “Conceptual Accuracy in Mental Health Settings”