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CMA Getaway  Giveaway     Prizes:  2  Tickets  to  "The  46th  Annual  CMA  Awards"  ceremony  and  broadcast  (Thursday,  Nov.  1,  in   Nashville),  Hotel  accommodations  at  the  famed  Gaylord  Opryland  Resort  for  2  nights  (check  in   Wednesday,  10/31  and  check  out  Friday,  11/2),  $300  Spending  money,  2  Tickets  to  the  Country  Music   Hall  of  Fame  and  Museum,  Shuttle  to  the  awards  show,  Commemorative  CMA  Awards  gift  bag  with   collectible  autographed  by  a  Country  artist,  and  a  Nashville  T-­‐Shirt.    Travel  to  Nashville  is  the   responsibility  of  the  contest  winner.     Total  Value:  $1,640     Eligibility:  No  purchase  necessary  to  enter.  The  "  CMA  Ticket  Giveaway"  Contest  is  open  to  U.S.   residents,  18  years  of  age  or  older,  except  for  current  and  former  employees  of  the  participating  Tri-­‐ State  Chevy  dealers,  Nexstar  Broadcasting,  Inc.,  Mission  Broadcasting,  Inc.  (Nexstar,  Mission,  WEHT,   WTVW  and  are  collectively  the  "Sponsors"  of  this  contest),  other  television  and   radio  stations  or  multichannel  video  programming  distributors  in  the  Evansville  market,  the  respective   affiliates  subsidiaries,  agents  advertising  or  promotions  agencies  (if  any)  of  all  of  the  foregoing,  and   members  of  the  immediate  families  (spouse,  parent,  child,  sibling  and  their  respective  spouses,   regardless  of  where  they  reside)  or  persons  living  in  the  same  household  (whether  or  not  related)  of  all   the  foregoing.  Participants  are  eligible  to  win  a  WEHT,  WTVW  or  TRISTATEHOMEPAGE.COM  contest  only   once  every  sixty  (60)  days.  Participants  are  eligible  to  win  a  prize  valued  at  $600.00  or  more  only  once   every  six  (6)  months.  Only  one  winner  per  household  is  permitted  in  any  contest.     This  contest  is  subject  to  all  federal,  state  and  local  regulations  and  laws  and  is  void  where  taxed,   restricted  or  otherwise  prohibited.  By  entering,  participants  agree  to  abide  by  these  Official  Rules  and   the  decisions  of  the  Sponsors,  which  will  be  final  and  not  subject  to  appeal.   The  contest  is  open  to  individuals  only.  Corporations,  associations  or  other  groups  may  not  participate  in   the  contest.   By  entering  the  CMA  Ticket  Giveaway,  participants  agree  to  the  use  of  their  personal  information  as   described  in  the  Privacy  Policy.   Entry  and  Award:   1.  Entry  Dates  and  Method:  October  3,  2012  -­‐  October  23,  2012.  Register  at  any  participating  Tri-­‐State   Chevy  dealer.     3.  Winner  will  be  announced  on  October  24,  2012  on  and  Eyewitness  News  First   at  Four.  Winner  will  be  selected  by  random  from  all  entries.     4.  Sponsors  may  substitute  prizes  for  prizes  of  like  value  in  Sponsors'  sole  discretion.  Winners  may  not   substitute  prizes  or  redeem  them  for  cash.  Prizes  may  not  be  assigned  or  transferred  to  any  other  party.     5.  Failure  of  a  participant  to  adhere  to  any  of  the  terms  and  conditions  outlined  herein  will  result  in  a   forfeiture  of  a  prize.   6.  Prize  winners  are  responsible  for  any  tax,  title  or  licensing  resulting  from  their  acceptance  of  any  prize   associated  with  this  contest.  Winners  may  receive  an  IRS  Form  1099  or  equivalent  from  Sponsors.  All   expenses  on  receipt  and  use  of  prize  are  the  sole  responsibility  of  the  winner.   7.  Copies  of  these  rules  or  a  list  of  winners  may  be  obtained  at  WEHT/WTVW  studios  during  regular   business  hours,  at  or  by  mailing  a  written  request  along  with  a  self-­‐ addressed  stamped  envelope  to  "  CMA  Giveaway",  c/o  WEHT/WTVW,  800  Marywood  Drive  Henderson  

Kentucky 42420.  Sponsors  reserve  the  right  to  change  these  rules  at  any  time.   8.  Failure  to  comply  with  these  contest  rules  may  result  in  a  participant's  disqualification,  at  the  sole   discretion  of  Sponsors.  Sponsors  reserve  the  right  to  award  any  prizes  that  are  not  claimed  by  the  end  of   contest  in  future  promotions  conducted  by  Sponsors.   General  Rules:   Sponsors  reserve  the  right  to  discontinue  the  participation  privileges  of  any  entrant  (and  void  his/her   entry)  who  engages  in  any  fraudulent  activity  or  uses  the  contest  in  a  manner  inconsistent  with  official   rules  or  in  violation  of  any  federal,  state,  local  laws,  statutes  or  ordinances  or  with  the  intent  to  annoy,   harm  or  abuse  the  Sponsors,  their  representatives  or  any  other  entrant.  In  addition  to  discontinuance  of   participation  privileges,  Sponsors  have  the  right  to  take  appropriate  administrative  and/or  legal  action,   including  criminal  prosecution,  as  they  deem  necessary  in  their  sole  discretion.   Sponsors  are  not  responsible  for  technical  or  computer  failures,  errors  or  data  loss  of  any  kind,  lost  or   unavailable  internet  or  SMS  connections,  failed,  incomplete,  garbled  or  deleted  computer  or  network   transmissions,  inability  to  access  any  website,  cellular  or  online  service,  any  disconnection  or  loss  of  call,   any  other  error  or  malfunction,  late,  lost,  illegible  or  misdirected  entries,  or  for  printing  errors  in  any   advertisement,  entry  form  or  these  rules.  Should  any  portion  of  contest  be,  in  Sponsors'  sole  opinion,   compromised  by  non-­‐authorized  human  intervention  or  other  causes  which,  in  the  sole  opinion  of   Sponsors,  corrupted  or  impair  the  administration,  security  or  fairness,  of  this  contest,  Sponsors  reserve   the  right  at  their  sole  discretion  to  suspend,  modify  or  terminate  the  contest  and,  if  terminated  select   the  potential  winner  for  the  contest  from  all  eligible,  non-­‐suspect  entries  received  for  the  contest  prior   to  such  action  using  the  judging  procedure  outlined  above.   Each  winning  entrant  (i)  except  where  legally  prohibited,  by  acceptance  of  a  prize  grants  permission  for   Sponsors  (and  agrees  to  confirm  such  agreement  in  writing)  and  its  designees  to  use  his/her  name,  entry   material,  voice  and/or  likeness  and  prize  information  for  advertising,  trade  and  promotional  purposes   without  further  compensation,  at  any  times  or  time,  in  all  media  now  known  or  hereafter  discovered   worldwide  and  on  the  Internet  and/or  World  Wide  Web  without  notice  or  review  or  approval;  (ii)  will  be   required  to  execute  and  return  a  release  and  wavier  of  liability;  and  (iii)  will  be  required  to  provide  their   Social  Security  Number  and  current  government-­‐issued  photo  identification  reasonably  satisfactory  to   Sponsors.  If  a  winning  entrant  refuses  or  does  not  complete  and  fully-­‐execute  the  release,  or  if  a   potential  winner  is  found  to  be  ineligible  or  not  in  compliance  with  these  Official  Rules,  or  if  prize   notification  or  prize  is  returned  as  undeliverable,  the  prize  will  be  forfeited.   Participants  agree  that  Sponsors  and  their  affiliated  companies,  and  advertising  and  promotion   agencies,  and  each  of  their  respective  officers,  directors,  employees,  representatives,  licensees,   assignees  and  agents  (collectively,  the  "Released  Parties")  will  have  no  liability  whatsoever  for,  and  are   released  and  shall  be  held  harmless  by  participants  from  and  against  any  liability,  for  any  injuries,  losses   or  damages  of  any  kind,  to  persons,  including  death,  or  property  resulting  in  whole  or  in  part,  directly  or   indirectly,  from  acceptance,  possession,  misuse  or  use  of  any  prize  or  from  participation  in  this  contest   or  in  any  contest-­‐related  activity.   Released  Parties  are  not  responsible  for  typographical,  printing  or  other  errors  or  problems  relating  to   or  in  connection  with  the  contest,  including,  without  limitation,  errors  or  problems  which  may  occur  in   connection  with  the  administration  of  the  contest,  the  processing  or  judging  of  entries,  the   announcement  of  the  prizes  or  in  any  contest-­‐related  materials.  


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