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NAME: Daniel Nicolaş aka Tristan BORN: 11 October 1989, in Bucharest, Romania

Studies: 1) 2008-2011 Bachelor of Arts, Graphic Arts department of the National University of Fine Arts from Bucharest 2)2010-2011 Bachelor of Arts, Graphic Arts and Painting department of Academy of Fine Arts and Design from Ljubljana, Slovenia -ERASMUS scholarship 3) 2004-2008 Highschool of Fine Arts “Nicolae Tonitza” from Bucharest

exhibitions: 1) “Serial Sights”, May 6th - May 18 2013, Clubelectroputere, Bucharest, Romania, Workshop of design 2) “Ritual”, December 6th - January 21 2013, Salonul video at Platforma, Bucharest, Romania 3) ”Ceilalti noi”, December 1th 2013, Platforma, Bucharest, Romania 4) “E.G.G”, January 12th - February 21 2012, Casa Arte, Bucharest, Romania 5) “Experiment Hibernal” December 4th - January 21 2012, Platforma, Bucharest, Romania 6) “Ebienale”, September 1th - September 25 2011, Sala Palatului during George Enescu festival, Bucharest 7) “Bachelor of Arts exhibition” July 5th - July 15 2011, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest, Romania 8)”Sketches”, November 12th - January 10th 2010, Yalla Yalla Alternative Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia 9)”Academia”, July 15 2009,Sica Alexandrescu Theatre during WATUMI fringe and arts festival, Brasov, Romania

Artist CV - Daniel Nicolas  
Artist CV - Daniel Nicolas