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Studio Brief 1:

Quest The brief wanted a brochure made for a painting a decorating company that showcased there work. The company already had an existing logo and colour scheme, so applying that and the photos provided the initial development began. Deliverables:


From contacting the client to discuss the brief and the already existing website the brochure would take a more image based look with little amount of text. At this point stock and binding techniques were also considered. The stock that would be used when printing the brochure would be gloss, this would make the photos more vibrant and showcase the work in a more appealing way. The brochure would use a staple bound so it would be cheap to make.



Studio Brief 1:

Quest Mock Up: Mock up of the brochure that was sent to the client for feedback.

Final Outcome: When the brochure had been designed a mock up was made and sent to the client so feedback could be given. Client suggested adding a few more photos but apart from that the brochure was ready to print. Speaking to the client he was interested in getting them printed but at this date in time the client still hasn’t decided.



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