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Margaret Fields

Volume 7 - Issue 9 February, 2011

Table Of Contents News: January/February Reminders Changes to chapter fees _ We Want Your Input! Tri Sigma Emphasizes Importance of Our Legacies _ New Processes Zeta Omicron Chapter Closes Support: Advisor Support Plan Webinar OTP Admin Fearures - How to Videos Top 10 Officer Resources in iIgma Connect

Member Development: Dunham Women of Character Institute and CAB & Volunteer Summit Officer Academy Evaulations

Foundation: Support the Foundation From Cindy Harms, GOLD Program Academic Scholarships - Apply now! Merchandise for Sale

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January/February Reminders 

Monthly reports due February 1 RESOURCE: Need help with Google Documents or How to complete your Chapter Snapshot? There are two optional videos posted in the General Officer Training Module. You can access by going to Sigma Connect, Essential Sigma, Officer Training, Module 3: General Officer Training and then scrolling down to locate to the optional videos.

   

Do you have a plan so your officers complete 100% of OTP by February 1? Do you have a plan so your Chairmen complete OTP by February 15? Have you updated you Chapter Roster to indicate all women who are seniors? Do you know your Spring 2011 membership goal? Do you know your spring 2011 GPA goal? Achieve both is necessary to be Accredited. Assistant Directors of Chapter Services sent out reminders on both goals mid-January. Have you signed up for a BillHighway Drive Thru? If not, it will complement your Treasurer training and give you more specifics on how to use the tools in BillHighway.

Changes to Chapter Fees - We Want Your Input! The National Organization is currently examining a way we can work smarter not harder when it comes to Collegiate Billing. We included some information in the December Sigma Standard about the problems we were seeing and the frustrations we were trying to address. If you didn't attend a December webinar ...this is the last opportunity to hear information and offer input before we make a decision on how to proceed. We think we might have a solution to help most of the issues we've heard! Want to learn more? Attend a webinar hosted by our Director of Chapter Services, Lorin Phillips, to hear about the possible solutions and offer comments/feedback. Webinars options (click on the link to complete the registration form for each specific webinar): 1. Wed, Feb 16, 2011: a. 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST ? 2. Sun, Feb 20, 2011:


a. 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM EST ? b. 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST ? c. 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST ? 3. Tue, Feb 22, 2011: a. 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST ? b. 8:00 PM -9:00 PM EST ? c. 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST ? If you attend the webinar and would like some help explaining this to your chapter, invite Lorin to a chapter meeting or meeting with your officers. She can explain the solution specific to your chapter and even compare the old methods to possible new methods. This could be a powerful solution for many chapter issues and concerns AND we want to invite you to be part of the solution. We will be taking a general "poll" in late February regarding the change. So it'll be important that you, your officer team, and your chapter members are informed. We might be able to implement some of the solutions as early as Fall 2011 - we need your help and input to make sure this is the right direction! So, please consider being part of the conversation by attending a webinar!

Tri Sigma Emphasizes the Importance of Legacies As we prepare for Spring Recruitment, we would like to remind you all of the updates on the appropriate process to release a legacy from the recruitment process. The change sets the standard for how we are able to release a legacy during recruitment. The procedure for this is outlined in the President's and Recruitment Director's manuals - both manuals can be found on Sigma Connect. In short, the chapter is provided with the outline for a basic discussion on a legacy which features specific questions that ask chapter members to really think about why this woman is so special to Tri Sigma. If the chapter votes to release the legacy, they must fill out the Approval Form and email it to their ADCS immediately. They must then call their ADCS to notify them of this email and seek approval to release the legacy. It is important that each chapter take the time to determine why or why not this woman would meet Tri Sigma's standards of membership. We want to ensure quality discussion is occurring in our ranking/voting discussions. In fact, this template could even be used as a module for quality discussion for any potential new member. Remember that there are consequences for those who do not follow this rule, as 3

well as a bonus for those who do! Consequences: 1. The chapter will immediately have all social events suspended. 2. If an alumna calls to inquire about the release of a legacy, instead of your ADCS taking care of this call, the local chapter will need to respond to the alumna and offer explanation on the release. 3. If a legacy is released not following the process AND the chapter does not make quota, the chapter will have 15 days to fill quota. 4. The chapter must still submit a Request to Release a Legacy form so that we have rationale. 5. A call/webinar must be held with the entire chapter to explain the impacts and then each member will be required to submit a reflection essay on the program before the chapter is able to hold social events again. Incentives: 1. Your chapter will be listed on the website as a Recruitment Rockstar with the names of legacies noted with congratulations! 2. If an alumna calls to inquire about a release, your ADCS will field that call versus directing the alumnae to the local chapter. 3. Reporting Bonus: If you have an "N" for your collegiate reporting efficiency, following the policy will replace the "N" with an "A" for a single month. Please remember to discuss this policy and the rationale behind it with your chapter prior to voting on a legacy. Contact your Regional Consultant if you have further questions on this process.

Zeta Omicron Chapter Closes Sigma Sigma Sigma announces the closure of our Zeta Omicron Chapter at Seton Hall University. It is with regret that Executive Council has voted to accept the petition of the members of Zeta Omicron Chapter to surrender their charter, effective January 1, 2011. While the chapter made a concerted effort to develop and maintain a representative group on campus over many years, their efforts were unsuccessful. The National Organization has provided on-going support through National visits and local alumnae support. We are proud of their efforts to develop and maintain a representative chapter and share with them the disappointment of not being able to do so. We thank their alumnae and advsiors who have provided such positive and valuable support. When conditions are appropriate for our return, Sigma Sigma Sigma will actively 4

seek the opportunity to become a productive and viable chapter at Seton Hall University. All collegiate members in good standing will be granted alumna status and are encouraged to participate in alumnae opportunities. If you have any questions, please contact National Headquarters at 540-4594212 or

Advisor Webinar - What is my role with Chapter Support Plans? During the months of January and February, we will be offering 8 webinar opportunities to learn more about: * * * * *

The purpose of a Chapter Support Plan Your role as an advisor and the Chapter Support Plan Different ways you can help National resources to help assist the chapter Resources coming soon!

Who Can Attend? We are inviting ALL members of the Chapter Advisory Board to attend and learn! When are the webinars available and how do I register? Below are the remaining dates and times of the webinars. In order to register, click on the Registration Web Link listed next to your selected time. 2/1/2011 @ 7:00pm Registration Web Link: 2/3/2011 @ 7:00pm Registration Web Link: 2/8/2011 @ 7:30pm EST Registration Web Link: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Assistant Director of Chapter Services

OTP Admin Features The online Officer Training and Transition Program (OTP) provides Chapter Presidents and Chapter Advisors with access to a special admin feature which allows you to see the program completion progress for each officer and chairman. View the videos to see how.


How to Video 1: Accessing the OTP Admin Page

How To Video 2: How to Read the OTP Tracking Spreadsheet

Top 10 Officer Resources in Sigma Connect 10 . Sigma Connect Search Feature - this can help you quickly find any other resources you may need like items to help you with your Focus Areas and Chapter Support Plans, educational programs for the chapter, alumnae search, access to Sigma Connect groups, contact information for your Regional Consultant, and much more! 9. Officer Academy Participant Workbook this has references to key leadership skills you can use to help you problem solve, have fierce conversations, lead with integrity, an engage you members. 8. Need help with Google Documents or How to complete you Chapter Snapshot? There are two optional videos posted in the General Officer Training Module as part of your Officer Training. You can access by going to Sigma Connect, Essential Sigma, Officer Training, Module 3: General Officer Training and then scrolling to locate to the optional videos.

7. Honor Council Training program and Forms - see the Honor Council link in the Collegiate Resource Center 6

6. Accreditation Planning Retreat - see the Accreditation link in the Collegiate Resource Center. 5. Monthly Report Points Tracking - this shows credit given for the 2011 report points. See the Officer Resource Center. 4. Accreditation Tracking List - this shows credit given for the 2011 accreditation standards and is located in the Officer Resource Center. 3. Monthly Report Page - This has all of your monthly reports links, due dates, forms which you may need throughout the year (roster correction form, initiation and badge form, reporting new members, supply order forms, Foundation Contribution forms, and many more). See the Officer Resource Center. 2. Officer Training/Transition Program - see the Essential Sigma Officer Training link 1. Your Officer manual - see the Collegiate Manuals link in the Collegiate Resource Center

Dunham Women of Character Institute and CAB & Volunteer Summit Hold the date and make plans now to attend! It all happens May 21, 2011 at the Chicago Marriott O'Hare. The Dunham Women of Character Institute is a one day Tri Sigma National leadership program focusing on the training and empowerment of our newer members. This Institute is designed to prepare women to take on leadership roles in their chapter and on their campus. Each collegiate chapter may send one member to the Institute. Are you wondering how to select a member to attend? Click here to download a Selection Process idea handout! The CAB & Volunteer Summit will take place at the same time and same location as the Dunham Women of Character. The Summit is open to all CAB members and national volunteers and the program focuses on cutting edge skill development to prepare our volunteers to lead and guide Tri Sigma. Each CAB should send one representative to the Summit and we strongly encourage the attendance of national volunteers. Each program will have its own specific track during the day on Saturday. Here are some of the highlights: Keynote Speakers: Dr. Mari Ann Callais will be our keynote speaker for both events. Dr. Mari Ann Callais approaches fraternity and sorority education in a completely heartfelt way. For more than a decade, she has offered fun, upbeat keynotes that help us explore the roles of values in our daily choices. Using music and storytelling, Mari Ann 7

offers a truly unique keynote about values, ritual and the responsibilities of being a lifetime sorority member. The Leadership Institute will present their acclaimed program on Creating a Coaching Culture for the CAB & Volunteer Summit participants. Click here to see an outline on this presentation! Registration for both events will open on March 14. The Registration fee is $150 and includes lodging (in a double room) for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday evening), all meals and snacks on Saturday, and all conference materials. Go to Sigma Connect and click on the events tab for more information.

Officer Academy 2011 Evaluation Thanks to everyone that attended Officer Academy 2011. If you haven't had an opportunity to complete the evaluation form, please take a few minutes to do that now so that we can begin planning for Officer Academy 2012!

Support the Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation

It's your chance to make a difference. It's your chance to be philanthropic. Support the Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation with a gift of $18.98 (just like the year Tri Sigma was founded) today and become a member of our 3S4 undergraduate giving society. Make your gift today and you will receive a special dangle for your badge. Even more, if 90% of your chapter makes a gift this calendar year you will help your chapter achieve accreditation honors in the philanthropy category. Give today! Use this link & be sure to mention 3S4 in the special instructions.

From Cindy Harms (AE), Foundation GOLD Development Officer


Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation funds the programming for the Officer Academies in Georgia, Illinois and Pennsylvania, and I had the privilege of speaking to collegiate chapter officers at Indiana University of PA about the mission of the Foundation, 3S4 collegiate giving club, GOLD (Graduates Of the Last Decade or so) alumnae giving club, scholarships, and RPM grants. After the conclusion of Officer Academy I had a fun pizza party with four Lambda chapter officers (Indiana University of PA), and a Lambda chapter Golden Violet, Beverly Stuck, who was thrilled when she met the chapter officers and learned what her chapter is doing. These officers were the epitome of Sigma sisterhood and compassion. They plan to visit Beverly from time to time, and Beverly will be hosting Triangle Degree at her house. Your Tri Sigma experience doesn't end after graduating from college _ college is just the beginning of a wonderful Sigma life. In January I attended the Beta Theta chapter meeting (University of Pittsburgh). Beta Theta has a great group of beautiful women, who are very active on campus. In February I will visit Atlanta and also South Carolina State Day. March I'll be in Dallas and Tampa, FL. I would love to meet with local collegiate chapters in these cities, so please contact me so we can arrange a time to meet!

Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation Scholarships Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation provides undergraduate and graduate scholarships, ranging from $500 - $5,000, depending on the amount of funds available. All Tri Sigma women are eligible to apply for a scholarship, and the scholarships are awarded based on academics, not need. Scholarships are awarded annually, and applications must be received by March 31. The scholarship instructions and application can be found at in Sigma Connect under the "Foundation" container in the far left column. If you can't get the application from the Web site, please e-mail or call Nancy Benedict at 540.459.4212.

Merchandise for Sale. . . VINEYARD VINES TOTE BAGS Look stylish on campus and benefit the Foundation when you purchase the classic Tri Sigma Vineyard Vines large tote bag, which is available for $86, including shipping and handling. TRI SIGMA USB DRIVES These 1GB USB flash drives were so popular at the Convention that the Foundation sold out instantly. We reordered, and they're available for only $15.00 each, plus shipping and handling! These are great for school, work, or your Sigma documents, so get them while they last. Your purchase benefits the Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation. You can order these items from Nancy Benedict at National Headquarters by calling her at 540-459-4212, writing to 225 N Muhlenberg St, Woodstock,VA 9

22664, or emailing her at

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Sigma Standard - February 2011  
Sigma Standard - February 2011  

6 Must-Have Cell Phone Numbers, Buy Your Textbooks Online and help Tri Sigma! Advisor Support Plan Webinar OTP Admin Fearures - How to Video...