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Volume 18 - Issue 2 August, 2011

Welcome Preserving our legacy - Legacy Policy Fostering our legacy - Alumnae Recommendations Featuring our legacy - Recognizing Jewels of Tri Sigma Celebrating our legacy Continuing our legacy - Alpha Delta will soon return to Drexel University Refining our legacy - Reminding us that Character Counts! Supporting our legacy - volunteer opportunities Final Thoughts Welcome

On June 1, Tri Sigma welcomed Aimee Jensen, Eta Iota, as the newly hired Director of Alumnae and Volunteer Services. Aimee is a graduate of Kent State University where she served as her chapter's Education Director and President. After graduating with a degree in teaching high school English, she worked for an online high school before being hired into Tri Sigma's collegiate department in June 2006. She currently resides in Akron, Ohio and is preparing for her upcoming wedding this September. In this role, Aimee will focus support on enriching the alumnae chapter experience, boosting alumnae participation, and promoting volunteerism. You, as an alumna, are the expert. All ideas, thoughts, and concerns are vital to the success of our alumnae membership. Feel free to reach out to Aimee to share input. Aimee Jensen, Email: Phone: 213-290-2327 (EST) Preserving our legacy - Legacy Policy As we prepare for fall recruitment, we would like to remind you all of the updates on the appropriate process to release a legacy from the recruitment process. The legacy policy was changed January 2011 to create an environment which considers the legacy's potential membership in Tri Sigma and fosters an environment of informative discussion. In short, the chapter is provided with the outline for a basic discussion on a legacy which features specific questions that ask chapter members to really think about why this woman is so special to Tri Sigma. If the chapter votes to release the legacy, they must fill out the Approval Form and email it to their Assistant Director of Chapter Services immediately. They must then call their ADCS to notify them and seek approval to release the

legacy. It is important that each chapter take the time to determine why this woman would or would not meet Tri Sigma's standards of membership. We want to ensure quality discussion is occurring in our ranking/voting discussions. In fact, this template could even be used as a model for quality discussion for any potential new member. Tri Sigma's Bylaws provide that "A Legacy must be invited to the first invitational party". There are consequences for those who do not follow this rule, as well as a bonus for those who do! Incentives include a special announcement on the website and extra efficiency reporting points. Fostering our legacy - Alumnae Recommendations Hard to believe we are fast approaching the beginning of the school year! With this work comes preparation for chapter and philanthropic events, classes, Homecomings, and probably the most highly anticipated recruitment of new members. The hustle and bustle of tidying up chapter houses, practicing recruitment conversations, and preparing names lists can be seen on our campuses around the country. Alumnae members serve a vital role in the preparation of formal recruitment by submitting alumnae recommendations. Alumnae recommendations are formal recommendations of incoming college women provided directly to the Tri Sigma chapter on a specific campus. This might be a daughter, sister, friend, niece, cousin, fellow church member, best friend's daughter, etc. that you know who would make a quality member of Tri Sigma. Alumnae recommendations help our collegiate members to not only identify potential members, but it helps to provide a character reference to ensure that our chapters are recruiting values-based women. Although Tri Sigma does not require women have an alumna recommendation before she may be pledged, alumnae are encouraged to recommend a woman for membership into Sigma Sigma Sigma. A recommendation on a woman does not mean that the chapter is obligated to pledge her. By the same token, a negative recommendation does not mean the chapter is not to pledge the woman. However, in both cases, the members will take into account the views of the alumna recommending the woman. If you know a woman that will be attending college this year on a campus where there is a Tri Sigma chapter, please consider completing the Letter of Introduction/Information Sheet form. It can be accessed through the Alumnae Resource Center on Sigma Connect, by clicking on Forms. Featuring our legacy - Recognizing Jewels of Tri Sigma

Sally Michie. Mary Hastings Page Lovejoy. Mabel Lee Walton. Jane Kinderman. What do all of these women have in common? All four lived a life of character. All four were role models. All four were legends. All four were Tri Sigmas. Tri Sigma is a sorority celebrating individuality and powerful women. Do you know of an alumna who has moved mountains? Made a difference in someone's life? Followed her dream? Inspired others to action? Now is your chance to recognize an outstanding member of Sigma Sigma Sigma. Each Alumnae Update we will highlight members who are writing their own legend as a Jewels of Tri Sigma. Please click here to nominate your sister: And speaking of jewels Herff Jones, our official jeweler, created these wonderful new jewelry options.

Celebrating our legacy The following awards were presented to our alumnae chapters and distinguished alumna members for exhibiting excellence during the 2010-2011 awards year: Sisterhood - not near a collegiate chapter: Piedmont Triad Alumnae Chapter Sisterhood - near a collegiate chapter: Dallas Alumnae Chapter Recruitment: Baton Rouge Alumnae Chapter Excellence in Overall Programming: Nashville Alumnae Chapter

Alumnae Chapter of the Year: Western Wayne-Washtenaw Alumnae Chapter Emily Gates Alumna Achievement: Margot Estelle Hammond, Gamma Mu, New Orleans Steadfast Alumna: Marilyn McGraw Beiter, Beta Xi, Greater St. Louis Don't forget to nominate your Sigma Sister or your Alumnae Chapter for any of these 2011 special awards: deadline is November 1. Continuing our legacy - Alpha Delta will soon return to Drexel University Tri Sigma is making great strides in moving "ever forward" through our development of new chapters nation-wide. With the addition of new groups, we are helping to spread the values of Tri Sigma to more and more campuses each year. We are excited to welcome back the Alpha Delta chapter which will be colonizing this fall at Drexel University! If you are interested in supporting the colonization efforts, please contact Aimee Jensen, Director of Alumnae and Volunteer Services ( You can also support by providing Alumnae Recommendations for any potential members you may know on any of these campuses. Refining our legacy - Reminding us that Character Counts! Tri Sigma has embarked on an invigorating partnership with Character Counts!, a character education program based on 6 pillars: trusthworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Be on the lookout for more announcements on how the Character Counts! Lead Advocates will meld Tri Sigma's values with Character Counts! educational framework. In the meantime, take a second to learn more about Character Counts! Here is some food for thought from the founder of Character Counts!, Michael Josephson. The Greyhound Principle Racing dogs are trained to chase a mechanical rabbit that always goes a little faster than the fleetest dog. This causes them to run faster than they otherwise would. Companies that annually set overly ambitious performance objectives

for their employees employ this greyhound principle. To a point, it works. Most people achieve more when expectations are set high. The strategy turns negative, however, when firms chasing Wall Street's rabbit continually set "no-excuses" double-digit growth goals without regard to market realities (including multiple competitors driving toward the same goals) or systemic understaffing (part of the "do more with less" philosophy). Consequently, many corporate leaders are caught up in a ceaseless upward spiral of stress. Yes, the financial rewards for such success are ample, but the driving motivation is usually not greed and certainly not job satisfaction - it's fear. This can often morph into desperation, a dangerous mindset that can spawn imprudent short-term decisions and outright cheating. It's unwise and unethical to ignore the business and moral implications of aggressive growth strategies that put executives under unprecedented, unrelenting, and unreasonable pressure. On one level, it's a matter of values. Work-life balance should be more than a rhetorical ideal. A good company cares about its people. The path to career success shouldn't be littered with the ruins of failed marriages and neglected children. On another level, it's long-term self-interest. Without an abundant and replenishing pool of talented and committed leaders, no company will succeed for long. The organizations that will pull away in the next decades are those that can attract and retain the best talent because they're places where those people want to work - and that will take a lot more than money.

Supporting our legacy - volunteer opportunities Tri Sigma is looking for good women and we ALL have a role to help locate them. We are looking for highly qualified alumnae to help move Tri Sigma "ever forward". Below are vacant volunteer positions. As we are all familiar with from our collegiate days, good recruiting is rooted in recommendations and the number of candidates to select from. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the Get Involved section Sigma Sigma Sigma's National website or click here . All volunteers must be current on their alumnae dues and have a Volunteer Service Application on file. If you know someone who is nearby, please email Aimee Jensen,, Director of Alumnae and Volunteer Services to share that woman's name and contact information. Available volunteer opportunities are as follows:

* CHAPTER ADVISORY BOARD - various positions open. The following chapters do not have any advisors. o o o o o

Alpha Epsilon, Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO Beta Theta, Pittsburgh State University, Pittsburgh, PA Epsilon Upsilon, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY Eta Psi, St. Johns University in Staten Island, NY Gamma Lambda, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

* HOUSING CORPORATION MEMBERS - contact Housing Coordinator, Shannon Thomas,, with further interest. Final Thoughts Brenda Ray and I recently attended an Alumnae Leadership Summit at Phi Mu Headquarters in Peachtree City, Georgia. 23 of the 26 National Panhellenic sororities were represented at the retreat. The weekend was invigorating, providing fresh new ideas about volunteer management, alumnae engagement, and alumnae chapter success. Great relationships between Tri Sigma and the other sororities were sparked; relationships which will cultivate collaboration and move Tri Sigma to accomplish great things with our alumnae membership. The retreat was an amazing experience and further excited me for all the opportunities that exist within Tri Sigma as alumnae. I'd like to extend a note of thanks to the alumnae of Tri Sigma. Without the financial support through alumnae dues, the priceless information and rejuvenation of the Summit could not have been possible. Annual dues are $45 and can be paid online through the Alumnae Connect section of the National website. We will continue to pay it ever forward. Thank you!

Aimee Jensen, Eta Iota Office: 213.290.2327 Email:

Alumnae Update - August 2011  

Fostering our legacy - Alumnae Recommendations Refining our legacy - Reminding us that Character Counts! Featuring our legacy - Recognizing...

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