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Pablo Picasso

I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.

Denver TypeCon

Frank Lloyd Wright

Sound Problem

Sharpie Experiment


Denver TypeCon

TypeCon is a festival held anually which celebrates typography and type design, showcasing the latest programs and typefaces. I wanted to highlight the skeleton of a typeface by using delicate, geometric elements in the brand. Since the conference was set in Denver I also wanted to reference the geometry of Denver’s surrounding mountains.

Frank Lloyd Wright Personal Branding

Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most iconic modernist architects of the 20th century. When considering a logo design for him, I wanted to honor his work and design something which would reflect his modern style. I admire his seamless pairing of structure and nature and took inspiration from the exterior shapes of his buildings.

Personal Identity Logo Design

When considering a logo to represent myself I wanted something that showed fluidity. A huge part of why I love design is that I am given the opportunity to learn something new every day as a designer. Graphic design is ever evolving and morphing, and it takes me with it on that journey of growth. I used my own handwriting in my logo design to remind myself that I am fluid, I am learning and growing, but that it all starts with the courage to just put the pen or pencil on the page.


Visual Diary

Visual Letters

Sound Problem

Sharpie Experiment

Visual Diary

When I discovered a vintage 1944 Vogue Magazine at my grandma’s house, I decided to use the content as material for collage. This project was driven by nostalgia and emotion. I've come to realize my love of merging the two art forms of image and text, thus, this became a very personal project based on thoughts, conversations, emotions and reactions to life’s unique experiences.

Lyrical Sharpie Experiment

Rill Rill by the Sleigh Bells

Every Time the Sun Comes Up by Sharon Van Etten

Visual Letters

Often times I find myself needing to step back from the detailed technicality of graphic design and allow myself the freedom to get messy and experiment with my work. Though this project was assigned as a series of letters from one party to another, the letters are, in a sense, somewhat to myself. I could label each one, “From: My shoes; To: Gum on the sidewalk”, or “From: New York Bagels and Donuts; To: Faithful Regulars.” However, I find that I prefer the viewer to find their own experience in the work and to just enjoy the messiness of the series.

Sound Problem

This sound problem experiment shows my visual representation of sound. I considered tempo, volume, duration, context and impact of each of the sounds that I depicted. Sound is natural, it ebs and flows, growing and fading. I chose ink wash as a medium to represent the natural quality of the layers and varying contrasts of sound.

Children Splashing in a Pool

A Stampede

A Crowd at a Sports Event



Postage Stamps

Album Cover

Book Cover Design

Wine Packaging

Postage Stamp Design

A few years ago I spent Christmas in Sweden and fell in love with all things Swedish. These stamps are inspired by the Swedish Dala Horse, a traditional symbol in Swedish culture. I wanted a simplistic yet fun reference to Swedish culture and traditions. I like the Dala Horse because each one is unique. Traditional patterns are mixed in unique ways in each Dala Horse, making them personal and delicately beautiful.

Book Cover Design

Alfred Hitchcock, often called the "Master of Suspense", deserves a book cover design which is bold and yet has hidden elements, just like his psychological thrillers.

Wine Packaging Vin Vie wine packaging design is created from the texture and color elements of oil pastels. This minimalist approach to wine packaging is meant to purely emphasize the beautiful details of the pastel medium.

Cabernet Sauvignon


Music Review Magazine

Typeface Design

Typeface Packaging


Music Review Magazine

Under the Radar is an indie music blog for which I chose to create a subscription based magazine. The magazine highlights Album Reviews, Live Concert Reviews, Artist Features and more. Many magazines tend to scream at the reader via overbearing ads, fonts, colors and imagery. I wanted to create a more subtle yet aesthetically pleasing design, reflecting the nature of both the musical content of the magazine and its title.

Typeface Design: Laika

Laika is a display typeface inspired by my admiration of the beauty in the start, astronomy, and constellations. It embodies both the structure and the delicate nature of constellation mapping. Laika was the name given to the stray dog found in the streets of Moscow who became the first living animal ever launched into space. She was sent into orbit aboard the Soviet vessel Sputnik 2, never to return. The mission was meant to test space travel safety for future human exploration, but technology was not yet advaned enough and there was no plan or intention of the return of Laika and Sputnik 2. This typeface is dedicated to Laika.

In the process of creating Laika, I created several bitmap typefaces in order to practice with a structure and see what could emerge from it. These two process bitmap typefaces highlight the evolution of Laika and it's emphasis on delicate lines and tiny details.

Typeface Packaging Design

This packaging project is a conceptual one, based on the notion of typefaces being a product bought in stores rather than online. I chose to package LL Brown, one of my favorite typefaces, designed by the Swiss typographer Aurèle Sack. The packaging design is based off of the characteristics I find most appealing in LL Brown: it is modern, geometric, and sophisticated, yet friendly. I wanted to create packaging that would beautifuly exhibit these charactaristics of LL Brown as well as stand on its own as a creative, decorative typographic art piece.

LL Brown

I designed boxes for three different weights of LL Brown: Bold, Regular, and Light. Inside of each box is a transparent case which holds a USB containing the download for that specific weight. The case sits on top of an over-turned light. When flipped over, the light is mounted on the case and can be switched on to create a typographic light box.

Cover art inspired by Picasso's abstractions with dice.

Graphic Design Portfolio  
Graphic Design Portfolio