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Get Ready for a Terrifying Time!!

Volume II, Issue IV Inside this issue: Employee of the Month Dealing with Behaviors ETC News Upcoming Events

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ILI Night at NorthArk Set for Nov. 2 The North Arkansas College cheerleaders, ladies basketball team and softball team have teamed up with ILI to host ILI Night at the home opener basketball game on Nov. 2. The ladies basketball team and cheerleaders visited the ETC this Fall, getting to know the clients. The cheerleaders are teaching the clients a cheer to present at the game.

Come Support NorthArk and ILI Nov. 2 at 5:30 p.m.!

Above: Klancey McElroy of Valley Springs visits with Janet at the ETC.

Right: Larry shows members of the NorthArk basketball team around the ETC. (Left) Kally Smith of Charleston, Arkansas (Middle) Julie Rutherford of Prairie Grove, Arkansas and (Right) Brooke Rogers of Mountain Home, Arkansas.

Don’t Miss ILI’s Haunted House Oct. 22 & 23—6 p.m.-10 p.m. Oct. 29 & 30—6 p.m.-11 p.m. $8 for adults; $5 for children under 10

Since August, ILI employees, clients and local community members have volunteered time and materials to construct the ILI Haunted House. Themed after the Waverly Hills Sanatorium—a 1900s hospital for curing tuberculosis—the terrifying 4,000 square foot facility boasts more than 15 startling scenes. Proceeds will benefit the annual ILI Holiday Party in December where more than 300 guests, including ILI employees and clients invite their families to enjoy a traditional dinner and special performance by ETC clients. In addition to ILI employees and clients giving time and materials to make the Haunted House a success, generous members of the community have also contributed to the project. More than ten students from the North Arkansas College drama department, led by Michael Mahoney, will play roles during the event and several have been on site helping decorate and create scenes. Other volunteers from the community include Phillip Cary with KCWD and Jim Buchannan with TKO8. The facility has also been approved by Harrison Fire Marshall Mark Lowery and is equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Members of the Harrison Fire Department and Bikers Against Child Abuse will be on site during the event, as well. Left: Brain Stew, Hand Sandwiches and Eyeball Soup are menu favorites in the ILI Haunted House meat locker scene. Above: The Haunted House sign has been on display since August and was hand painted by an ILI client. Below: Lynne Cooke (left) and Angie Jones (right) show off a prop that will be used in the Haunted House.

Left: Haunted House patrons should be ready to be greeted by this ghostly butler and other haunting characters. More than 25 live actors will be on hand to terrify those on tour, and various animated figures are in place to cause a fright.

New Employees Welcome to ILI!!

ILI Recognizes Employees Monthly August—Lynne Cooke


September—Rose Wood

October—David & Dennis Young

London Alexander Fawn Day Betty Reynolds

August Kelly Davis Nicole Dees Trish Hickman Tony Madle Becky Payne Kristyle Tibbie Tania Waterland Wanda Woods Tori Young

September Teressa Brannon Joel Hubbard Duffy Montgomery Heather Rodgers Lindsey Rorie Casey Smith Cain Priscilla Taulbee Rebecca Tyler

Special Thanks

Donations & Volunteers Help ILI Make Dreams a Reality Alan Flippo Carol Cassady Carol Wisdom Edwards Grocery Ginger Schoenberger Hudson's Supermarket Lonnie Howard Lynne Cooke McDonald’s of Harrison NorthArk Drama Department Pepsi Bottling Group Phillip Cary Rock Springs Tackle Rob McBee Sherrie Paul Taco Bell Teri Cole

To donate or volunteer contact Trish Villines 870.741.6909 ext. 226


ILI recently rolled out an Employee of the Month Program, which will recognize outstanding employees each month. In August, ILI recognized Lynne Cooke for the outstanding care she gives her waiver client. “Lynne has truly made a difference in the life of the client she works with. This client has truly come out of her shell and we have witnessed a significant change in her social and community interactions. We want to recognize Lynne for her efforts,” Direct Care Supervisor Carol Cassady said. In September, ETC Team Leader

Rose Wood received the award for her positive attitude and willingness to do any task to help the clients. “This summer Rose volunteered to attend the client summer camp in Morrilton because there was a new rule at the camp that clients in wheelchairs had to be accompanied by a caregiver,” ETC Manager Loren Tepper said. “She couldn’t bear the thought of the clients who are in wheelchairs being let down and happily offered to help.” In October, ILI decided to recognize two employees who went above the call of duty to

help care for their client while he was in the hospital. Dennis Young and David Young both traveled to Springfield daily to check on the client they work with and help him communicate with hospital staff. Those recognized receive a gift card to Subway, a certificate and are recognized in the office for the month.

Nominations can be made by ANY employee who witnesses another employee going above and beyond. Nomination forms can be obtained in the administration office.

Helpful Hints on Dealing with Difficult Behavior Encounters with challenging behavior are inevitable, whether at work or at home. The Benchmark Institute states that Dealing effectively with difficult behavior is a skill that can reap many rewards. Some approaches can be used in everyday life. The most important skill is listening. Knowing the personality and needs of the individual allow staff to better assess triggers or antecedents for specific behavior. By paying attention to what is being said and how it is being said, it is easier to predict negative behaviors and to redirect a client before a behavior takes place. Do not make it personal; focus on the behavior and not the person. Remember all behavior is a form of communication. The “disarming technique” states to find some truth in what the other person is saying, even if what they’re saying is wrong, unreasonable, irrational or unfair. This technique takes some practice but can be very effective. Nothing disarms a person faster than being agreed with during a confrontation, according to the Benchmark Institute. Have empathy for the other person and try to understand their viewpoint. Showing empathy acknowledges their feelings without having to agree or disagree. For example, phrases such as “It sounds like….” or “I take it you think….” are neutral and often draw responses that enable

caregivers to better understand the behavior. The Direct Support Professional’s Training Manual states that staff should never respond by screaming in anger, ignoring, causing physical or emotional pain or criticize another person by ridiculing, blaming, teasing, threatening or by frightening or humiliating the individual. Remember to always listen to what is being said. The better a caregiver understands the individual, the easier it is to diffuse difficult situations. Never lose control, fly off the handle or respond too quickly. Finally, if the behavior is not causing problems with others, leave it alone. Ten steps for a clinical approach to dealing with difficult behavior according to The Direct Support Professional’s Training Manual are as follows: 1. Define the behavior 2. Analyze the behavior in context/collect data: Antecedents, Behaviors, Consequences 3. Generate hypothesis of purpose 4. Define desired behavior 5. Communicate expectation to individual 6. Develop intervention plan 7. Implement interventions 8. Continue data collection to evaluate causes of behaviors 9. Review data periodically 10. Continue (if successful) or repeat Steps 2-9

ILI Times

Legislators Visit ETC ILI recently hosted Arkansas State Representative John Burris and Arkansas State Senator Johnny Key. The elected officials toured the ETC and enjoyed lunch with the ILI clients. “We believe it is imperative that our elected officials are aware of the impact our agency has on this area,” Executive Director Korin Westcott said. “We are honored to have the chance every day to provide individuals with disabilities opportunities for independence and a life without boundaries.” The ETC clients were given a chance to introduce themselves to the representatives and ask them any questions about their roles in government. Westcott also shared with the legislators the impact the agency has on the local workforce. “We provide in-home care to nearly 60 individuals,” Westcott said. “We are proud to employ more than 120 area residents and offer competitive wages, health insurance and other benefits.” The Arkansas State Senators and Representatives are key decision makers on Medicaid funding which allocates dollars for the Arkansas Medicaid Waiver program. Below: The ETC clients pose with Executive Director Korin Westcott, ETC Manager Loren Tepper and Arkansas State Senator Johnny Key.

Left: Ricky (left) and Loren (right) show Arkansas State Representative Burris (middle) the different types of projects crafted in the ETC woodshop.

ETC Clients Enjoy District Fair, Pumpkin Patch

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It’s been a busy Fall for ETC clients and staff. In addition to visits from elected officials, helping at the Haunted House and getting ready for a special performance at the annual Holiday Party, ETC clients have once again handcrafted 500 stick horses for the District Fair Rodeo and enjoyed a few field trips. The ETC clients also entered crafts in the competitions for the fair this year. Each client created a mosaic with the first initial of their name on them and everyone brought home first place blue ribbons for their work. A few of the clients entered artwork and other projects, also placing first with blue ribbons. During fair week the clients visited the exhibitor booths and the livestock barn. They enjoyed the chance to see their handiwork on display in the educational building. “We wanted the community to see the creative abilities of our clients and it was rewarding for the clients when they placed first for each of their entries,” ETC Manager Loren Tepper said. In early October, the ETC visited the Pumpkin Patch on Mule Marshall’s land. After touring the patch and learning about different types of pumpkins, each client chose their own pumpkin to take back to the ETC to decorate. (1) Charles enjoys petting a show cow at the fair. (2) Larry (left) and Matthew (right) look at goats in the fair livestock show. (3) ETC clients and staff tour the pumpkin patch looking at different types of pumpkins. (4) ILI clients, ETC Manager Loren Tepper and Executive Director Korin Westcott present 500 handcrafted stick horses to representatives from the PRCA Rodeo Committee, the Harrison Roundup Club and Community First Bank.

Ready to Bowl!! Area 2 Special Olympics Bowling in Mtn. Home Nov. 1 More than 25 Special Olympics athletes will compete in Area 2 Bowling in November!! Please mark your calendars and don’t miss this exciting event!! Questions? Call Tina Worley or Trish Villines

ILI Friday Fun Nights Entertain Clients! Special Thanks to Volunteers—Alan Flippo, Rob McBee & Lonnie Howard In August, ILI implemented a monthly Friday Fun Night Social for clients and their friends. “We wanted to start a new monthly event for clients to socialize and participate in activities that they love,” Executive Director Korin Westcott said. So far the events have been a huge success. The August party featured karaoke disc jockey Alan Flippo who volunteered to bring karaoke equipment and music to entertain the clients. In September the clients enjoyed a Bingo Party. McDonald’s of Harrison graciously donated 3 gift cards to serve as grand prizes. Rob McBee with KHOZ, who also runs a disc jockey business, volunteered in October to host a dance party for the group. Clients boogied down to Elvis and other music favorites.

Friday Fun Nights are the second Friday of the month from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. @ ETC. Left: Patricia and Larry Brown enjoy a fatherdaughter dance.

Right: DJ Rob McBee talks to Shirley during the dance.

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ILI Times

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Mark Your Calendars!! November



1—Bowling in Mtn. Home

6—Harrison Christmas Parade 7 p.m.

14—Friday Fun Night 6 pm-8 pm @ ETC

10—Friday Fun Night 6 p.m.-8 p.m. @ ETC

20—Board of Directors meeting @ 6:30 p.m.

2—ILI Night at NorthArk 11—Veterans Day; Office Closed 12—Friday Fun Night 6 p.m.-8 p.m. @ ETC 18—Board of Directors meeting @ 6:30 p.m.

Remember: Men’s Home Social Every Tuesday Women’s Home Social Every Thursday

24—KHOZ Food Drive 8 a.m.-6 p.m. 25 & 26—Thanksgiving Holiday Office Closed

16—ILI Holiday Party 6 p.m. @ First Assembly of God Church 23 & 24—Christmas Holiday Office Closed 31—Happy New Year Office Closed

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