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Carol Preflatish is the author of 6 romantic suspense novels.She has been writing since 2000 but did not publish until 2009. Writing became a passion when she made her New Year's Resolution for the millennium. The goal was to write a full length novel. She completed it and loved every moment of it. Upon being asked what the difference is between writing pure romance and writing romantic suspense her answer was easy. “You still write romance, but the mystery or the suspense is the focus of the plot. You still have two characters wanting to fall in love, but the conflict is keeping that from happening, all while trying to solve the

mystery. I think I do more research writing romantic suspense than with a regular romance novel. My suspense usually involves law enforcement and I want to make sure I get it as close to reality as possible.” Another Passion Preflatish has is food and cooking. This love for food helped inspire her novel “A Kitchen Affair” “A Kitchen Affair" is my only romantic suspense that is also a sweet romance. Everything in the bedroom is behind closed doors. It's about a personal chef who falls for the local millionaire. Besides the suspense involving industrial espionage, the book revolves around food. Who doesn't like food and since she's a chef, she cooks up all kinds of great dishes in the book. What

Reader's Life Magazine:Feb 2017  

Featuring Beverly Jenkins, Carol Preflatish

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