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Beverly Jenkins is a 20 year writing veteran and author of the “Forbidden” Series as well as the author of “Night Song”

But. I’ve now been in publishing for over 20 years, have written in nearly every major genre, and have over 36 books in print.”

Her love for writing began at an early age, she was the Editor of her 4th grade school paper. Her first novel “Night Song” was published in 1994. Jenkins has had a long and full career as an author but writing wasn’t her first career choice. At a young age she aspired to become a librarian.

Her Novel “Forbidden” Follows an African American man as he passes as white in 1870s Virginia City Nevada, This novel was highly anticipated since the character was featured as a secondary character in Jenkins 1998 novel “Through the Storm”

Her first novel was deeply inspired by the Great Exodus of 1879 and the all-black townships that were formed in Kansas as a result. “Night Song” was not accepted by publishers at first. “I received enough rejections for Night Song to paper the walls of the houses of everyone I knew.

Recently Jenkins has been working on the 8th book in the “Blessings” Series. “ Chasing Down a Dream” Which is a woman's fiction. She is also getting ready to tackle the 3rd novel in the “Forbidden” series. Currently it has no title but is meant to be out in January 2018.

Reader's Life Magazine:Feb 2017  

Featuring Beverly Jenkins, Carol Preflatish

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