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Tiffany Payette Jenkins M OV E R

mov•er [moo-ver] v.

moving up in business or the community

Her Public Relations skills are not limited to just the CTCA though. In 2010 Tiffany was the Public Relations Chair for the American Cancer Society’s 49th annual Jewel Ball and she was the Public Relations Chair for Arizona Assistance in Health Care MASH Party in 2010 and 2011 where she is also a board member. Tiffany is also a part of many other organizations/non-profits including Susan G. Komen, Colon Cancer Alliance, The Wellness Community and more. At these functions, Tiffany says her involvement ranges from speaking about early detection and cancer awareness to running in races.

Sometimes, just by seeing a person’s smile others can feel a sense of comfort and inspiration and that is exactly the kind of vibe Tiffany Payette Jenkins sends out. Tiffany is a woman truly beautiful on the inside and out. Tiffany Payette Jenkins has lived in the West Valley for three years and works at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) in Goodyear where she is the Public Affairs Manager. Being the Public Affairs Manager means she is responsible for all public relations activities in a 13-state region. She works hard doing things such as media relations, public speaking and community outreach with cancer support organizations across the Western region of the US. Years in West Valley: Three Family: Single

Favorite quote: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” ~Anonymous Who in history would you most like to have dinner with? Gandhi Favorite book? The Aquariums of Pyongyang What’s your favorite Artist? Anything country. What is something you miss most? Dancing, I went to college initially to be a professional dancer. What’s your biggest inspiration? The power of volunteers across the world who can make a significant impact with limited resources, but with endless passion and commitment to the cause(s) they believe in.

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“Never give up, don’t take no for an answer and always surround yourself with talented, passionate and positive people,” said Tiffany about the secret to her success.

She also recommends people should volunteer more and take the opportunity to help out their community. “Find a cause important to you and offer your time and support. You’ll always be welcome as a willing and positive volunteer.”

Something that many people may not know about Tiffany is that, for seven years, she served in the United States Air Force as a Public Affairs Officer, earning the rank of Captain. She lived in South Korea for a year and has traveled to 22 countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

When it comes to being involved, Tiffany is more than just that. She is an advocate, a supporter, a spokesperson and an inspiration for people all over the country through her work and through her participation in pageants.

Along Tiffany’s journey, she has met some truly amazing people. One person that truly inspired her was Master Sergeant Travis Crosby in the Air Force. Tiffany recalls a story he once told her that always stuck in her mind.

“I’ve generated media coverage for the West Valley, specifically about CTCA in Oregon, Los Angeles, Washington, Denver, Las Vegas and many other cities and states across the nation,” said Tiffany.

“I remember him sharing a story with me about how he was awarded the Silver Star with Valor (one of the top medals awarded for combat and heroism) at the Pentagon. A few days later while [he was] in New York City for an interview with Fox News he encountered a young 8- year- old boy and his mother. While the boy was looking up admiringly at MSgt. Crosby, his mother explained how he lost his dad, her husband, in the world trade tower attacks on 9/11. MSgt. Crosby, without hesitation, takes off his medal and pins it on the little boy. The selflessness of that act describes the duty, devotion and character of those serving in our Armed Forces,” said Tiffany.

“Through these efforts, resulting in promoting the hospital and the West Valley, I’ve received more than 40 television stories and 80 print stories. I also won the 2010 Mrs. Arizona United States pageant as Mrs. West Valley and then went on to place 16th at nationals in Las Vegas, representing the West Valley and Arizona.”

[Q&A] What do you know about life that you wish you had known 10 years ago? Don’t stress the little things in life and always spend as much time with your family as you can. What is your favorite place/feature in the West Valley? Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Who are some of your mentors? Most coveted: U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen.Charles Brown, Molly Stockley, Luke Air Force Base…the sound of the F-16s is a Centers of Knecht, Marketing Director at Cancer Treatment By Kathy Executive Director Leadership constant reminder of our freedom! America, and Heather McLean. Name a project in which you took a leadership role in that you are particularly proud of and why? One of my goals was to promote the West Valley in any way I can, which I was successful at accomplishing through my PR and media outreach efforts as well as through my pageant endeavors.

This former Mrs. Arizona is someone who sets goals and reaches them. For example, Tiffany said one of her goals was to promote the West Valley any way she could, and she was successful through her Public Relations and media outreach efforts, as well as through her pageant endeavors.

What’s your favorite food? Thai food What do you do during lunchtime? Work or visit with friends/co-workers. Greatest Extravagance: The spa and international travel. What originally drew you to the West Valley? West Family

What is your favorite cause? Cancer awareness and early detection.

How did you get into your current career field? Through the Air Force

Most overrated virtue: Toughness.

What drives you? Knowing I’m making a difference in someone else’s life.

What would your super power be? To be able to clone myself and not require sleep. What’s your nickname? “Tiff” and “The General” Describe yourself as a child: Could never sit still and wanted to be involved in everything. What keeps you up at night? Knowing there are so many thousands of cancer patients who are fighting for their lives at any given moment and how we still don’t have a cure. One phrase you wish people would say more often? Thank you and I love you. What is your biggest pet peeve? Selfishness What would you do, career wise, if you had the choice? Professional Dancer. What would you do if you won the lottery? Still work and give my time to causes most important to me and take time off to travel the world.

What are your goals (career, personal or for the West Valley)? To advance professionally at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. What’s the biggest challenge facing you in your work? Never enough time. There is always so much to do and so much I want to accomplish, but the reality is that you just have to prioritize and do what you can to the best of your ability. What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the West Valley, and how does what you do help ease those challenges? Putting the West Valley on the map and letting people throughout Arizona and the nation know all the great opportunities awaiting them in this part of the Valley. Through my PR efforts, I’m constantly trying to find ways to spread that message.

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