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contents February - March 2012 Volume 8 • Issue 2 wv featured event

5 Muay Thai Fight LIVE Coming to the Live Life Expo on Friday, February 17th. Tickets available online or at the door. wv features

7 Low-Fat LOVE How One Expert is Trying to Help Us Understand How We Perceive Love.


9 The Art of Romance What connects you with another person romantically?

10 MyOffice™ West Valley Small Business Owners Find Secrets for Success.

11 Cupid Radar Location based dating is unique in that it only matches a user with other “local” users. wv fashion

13 Roberto Mantellassi Hip, elegant, and stylish for any age, his pieces are sophisticated enough to please the keenest eye – and all without the overbearing price tag. wv featured entertainment


15 Spotlight on BRET Michaels performed on the stage at the private Barrett-Jackson Opening Gala. wv on the town

17 West Valley Symphony Performs and generates community suppport. wv sports

19 College Bowl Season Two amazing games; for two different reasons. wv 24

20 WV24 Movers & Shakers Michael Hilgers and Connie McMillin make the list this month.

15 4 | February • March 2012 •


By Lauren Rubino The life of a kickboxer is unlike the life of any other athlete. Forget the pads, the helmets, the basketballs or the sticks. This is a sport where your body alone is your biggest asset. The hours of training daily, the blood, the sweat, the body aches, the broken bones, and the feeling of stepping into the ring are all things most will never experience.

“For some of these kids that are actually training, at least from my studio, it is a way of release instead of fighting in the street. We are showing them the way of the martial arts and I would rather have them fight in the ring rather than in the street,” said Shihan Nico.

Muay Thai Fight Coming To The Live Life Expo! Friday, February 17th from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm at the Randall McDaniel Sports Complex in Avondale, AZ On February 17, fans and guests will have the opportunity to see some of these fighters in action at the Live Life Expo, which is taking place at the Randall McDaniel Sports Complex in Avondale, Ariz.

Sensi Bill and Shihan Nico both agree that this event will allow their fighters to gain more confidence in themselves. “It isn’t a matter of [just] fighting,” said Shihan Nico. “It gives them the feeling they accomplished a goal… and win or lose, they tried their best.”

Thanks to the My Blended Arts Dojo (B.A.D.) training center, the expo will be showcasing numerous fighters from around the Valley in this exhilarating show. Shihan Nico, who founded the center as well as Nikidokai, which is a blend of different martial art disciplines, helped organize the event. Shihan Nico’s brother, Sensei Bill Cook, also assisted, helping coordinate the event for the expo. The two are excited for all the pieces to come together and allow their fighters a chance to put all their hard work to the test.

Not only will visitors get a chance to see the fighters giving it their all in the ring, but Shihan Nico will be giving a self defense and awareness class on Saturday, February 18. Participants will not only learn moves on how to protect themselves, but will also get a great workout in too. “For men and women, kickboxing is one of the fastest growing as far as endurance, as far as getting in shape, because you are throwing everything. You’re throwing your hands your feet, your elbows your knees, you’re throwing all [your] limbs. And besides getting in shape, you’re actually relieving stress and finding your center, getting rid of the negative energy and putting the positive energy of oxygen back in,” said Shihan Nico.

“This event is a great opportunity… a reintroduction back into promoting shows. The big focus now is to help build these fighters,” said Sensei Bill. “These are real matches. These are equal matches, fighter for fighter. Essentially, that is what we are trying to do, make it fair and equitable for the fighters to really build a career. We want to build that base so their confidence is there and they can really truly make a living when they go pro,” said Sensei Bill.

Having this talented group of athletes in one location is truly an honor, and something everyone can benefit from.

One student from the B.A.D. training center fighting at the Expo, Justin Gaines, 30, said he is excited for the upcoming event, especially after having some time off due to broken ribs.

“We want everyone to experience this expo,” said Shihan Nico. “The expo is not just a bunch of vendors, and a bunch of people coming in, there are so many things [going on]. Get off the couch, from little kids to adults, get out there and stay active. They should have something for everyone that weekend.”

Gaines got involved in kickboxing around the age of 14, when his dad wanted him to stay out of trouble; so, he decided to get him into something constructive. He also said he has his dad and his children to thank for being his inspiration. “My dad…is gone now, so it kind of motives me everyday… and plus I kind of want to take this somewhere, so I look at my kids and think I need to make some money out of this…” said Gaines. Shihan Nico said this event will provide some of his students an arena where they can fight in a controlled environment.

Tickets are Available at or At The Door. VIP . . . . . . . . . .$50.00 RINGSIDE . . . .$30.00 GENERAL . . . .$20.00 • February • March 2012 | 5

contents February - March 2012 Volume 8 • Issue 2 wv live life

32 Excellence in Health Care Awards Dr. Shannon Maltais and Donna Sirounian make the list for this month.


wv a new you

34 7 Secrets to Wellness Are you ready to solve the puzzle?

36 Your Health and Health Care Did you know that current statistics have rendered some interesting data?

42 Photographer Michael Jordan A Photographic Exposé.

wv biggest loser

40 Love Affair with Weight Loss Incredible numbers for personal trainer and West Valley’s Biggest Loser founder Stephanie Fogelson.


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44 Are You Pollution Your Home? Read about what you may be releasing into your home environment and what you can do instead. wildlife world zoo

46 What’s Fun, Furry and Educational Too? A Field Trip to the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium is still growing. wv dining

58 The Best Restaurants in the Valley Caballero - Fresh. Modern. American Grill. wv entertainment

61 Movie Review Sherlock Holmes

58 6 | February • March 2012 •



pon interviewing women for over a decade, Dr. Patricia Leavy found that preexisting academic articles were not fulfilling enough in regards to explaining how women perceive factors such as their body image or even relationships, so she wanted to develop something that could be more fulfilling to women out there. Her development was to create a novel that would in turn have the research she had collected throughout the years to better explain how women do in fact perceive their body ima and relationships, and she did just that.

wanted to live their lives, and how they actually were living their lives to try and decipher if they were following what they said they wanted or not. “You have to live your life the way that you want to live it,” Dr Leavy tells West Valley Magazine. “You cannot be the best version of yourself when you just settle in any and every aspect of your life.

Dr. Patricia Leavy

Dr. Leavy concluded that more fictionalized books with educational research messages are currently in the works already but will be contributed by various other experts aside from herself in a series of life lessons to be taught in upcoming novels, plays and short story collections.

An Invitation to See How One Expert is Trying to Help Us Understand How We Perceive Love

Dr. Leavy had her book published in August of 2011 called Low Fat Love, and the book speaks about how women settle in relationships just like they do in food.

Dr. Leavy earned her Ph.D. at Boston College and is currently a Professor at Stonehill College. She also gives talks and seminars, as well as keynote addresses and Conferences to spread the message she wants to get across to women all over and that is for women to have higher self esteem for themselves as well as to not settle in relationships or any aspect of their life. If you would like to check out her book Low Fat Love, it can be found on, Barnes and Noble, or

“Most women have issues with self-esteem and TV Drama is sending out a bad message to women everywhere that is not helping with the issue. On TV, the shows are teaching women that a bad boy is sexy and a good boy is boring. However, TV is making it to seem like having a bad boy is a good thing, but instead that is a really bad message to send out to women. In pop culture, relationships are like games or who has power over whom, and that is not what relationships are really all about.” The desire to write this book came from Dr. Leavy’s interest in Women’s Studies. Throughout her years of being involved in Sociology, she studied how often women settled in relationships, had a low perception of themselves, as well as she studied closely how women

You can listen to Dr. Leavy's radio show Low-Fat Love 101 on PWRTalk radio Thursday nights 8-8:30pm EST. For more information on Dr. Leavy please visit

By Michelle Arana • February • March 2012 | 7


editor’s letter

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and romance is in the air, so we are checking out the dating scene here in the West Valley. Online dating sites have revolutionized over the years and have now become a popular dating choice for intelligent, professional single men and women seeking companionship, relationships and marriage. The best dating sites have been modernized with a variety of fun tools, creating excellent singles matches and subsequently resulting in much higher dating success rates. No longer is the stigma associated with online dating sites and dating services, so singles in the know are aware that there is only everything to gain from signing up. Aside from the increased professionalism and improved accuracy, top dating websites now offer enhanced dating safety features and controls, so dating singles has never felt safer. In fact, more singles choose online dating and date sites as their preferred method of finding a dating match than any other, due to the fact that these singles dating sites offer a huge reassurance. Coupled with the added benefits of long-term communication before ever meeting your date and not having to leave home; online dating can fit into everyone's lifestyles. Jonathan Reyes captured an interview with Cupid Radar’s CEO, Mehrdad Sarlak this month featuring his new concept of “location based dating” utilizing the smart phone technology. They take online dating to a whole new level and believe that “Life’s too short to live without love”. Many of you who know me, know that golf is my sport of choice and perhaps you’ve noticed that our golf section took a little vacation. I am so pleased to introduce you to our new golf section writer, John Kostis with his first article featuring “Life on the Road”. John interviewed an aspiring professional golfer to learn what tools they’re using these days to stay connected with their girlfriends while on the road. Sherry Anshara describes the difference between a fairy tale and real life relationship in her article on the “Art of Romance” and gives us 9 healthy tips to stay connected.

Connecting our Communities FEBRUARY • MARCH • 2012 VOLUME 8 • ISSUE 2 EDITOR




Eric Lopez 800-315-9630 X2 CONTRIBUTORS

Michael Haley, Sherry Anshara, Dr. Grey Stafford, Jennifer Olson, Bob Purtell, Shannon Dodge, Michelle Arana, John Kostis, Jonathan Reyes, Wade Lee INTERNS


So enough with all that love stuff…let’s move on to the tough stuff. Muay Thai Kickboxing is coming to Avondale at the Randall McDaniel Sports Complex. It’s part of the Live Life Expo that will be full of interesting health & wellness industry vendors along with plenty of fitness related exhibits and shows. That all wraps up with the IMS Arizona Marathon starting in Verrado and crossing the finish line at Westgate City Center. You can run, walk or jog and there’s even a Kids Fit Run at I hope to see you at all of these exciting events coming to the West Valley this month. Drop in at the West Valley Magazine booth at the Live Life Expo and let us know what your thoughts are for upcoming issues.

Michael Jordan, Melody Golden, Lauren Rubino

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on the cover: Muay Thai - My B.A.D. Training Center This month’s cover features Josh Corona a student at the My Blended Arts Dojo (B.A.D.) training center. B.A.D. and will be fighting at the Live Life Expo on Friday, February 17th starting at 7:30pm. Cover Photography By Lauren Rubino

8 | February • March 2012 •

The Art of Romance By Sherry Anshara

Oh, for sure there is so much more to the story than those electrical connections or sizzle of the physical body. There is the emotional component that can make or break the relationship somewhere along the relationship timeline. Those amazing emotions can sometimes run rampant as you go through the first stages of the romance. Oh...those proverbial questions that pop up. What does he think about me? What does she think about me? Or, in fact, is anyone thinking of each other at all? Oh boy, in those crucial first stages of romance, the “head” questions can lead to “thinky-thinky” confusion. The head can lead you astray, making up fact-less stories, causing worry and stress particularly…“where is this relationship going?” Sometimes it goes away before it even gets started. There are so many reasons why two people connect with each other. The one huge significant reason that an attraction is happening is the familiarity of a profile. What does this mean? The profile is a type-cast idea or ideal which can trigger an image of what the other person is supposed to provide in the relationship. The issue is that when a person is in an emotional hormonal state, clear thinking may not happen. The profile that is sought is not always the profile that shows up. In the Art of Romance, it is much more productive when both people are clear about the attributes they are both seeking based on facts and not fiction. The “Grow-Up, Get Married, Have Children and Live Happily Ever After" may work in the fairy tale, but in real life, it causes confusion. Be clear about the who you are looking for so the what and how of the relationship will be so much clearer. The couple’s connection is at a deeper level of understanding in the relationship. No confusion. The couple involved will know what they want from each other without guessing or second guessing themselves or each other. The best part is that the hormonal factor is also so much better. The relationship is based upon a heart, mind, body and soul connection. For more than sixteen years, Medical Intuitive, Sherry Anshara, founder of QuantumPathic® Center of Consciousness has been supporting people to connect to their natural intuitive abilities to heal themselves. Anshara developed the QuantumPathic Energy Method® and educates her clients with the steps required to resolve their emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial issues through private sessions and the Intuitive Powers Practical Applications Courses. Anshara authored “The Age of Inheritance: The Activation of the Thirteen Chakras” and “And the Point Is…? Beyond Duality.” She contributes to many local and national publications, guesting on radio and TV shows, nationally, locally and internationally, For over five years she hosted the weekly “Conscious Healing” online radio show. Anshara is a member of the National Speakers Association, the Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce, and the Small Business Association of Arizona. The QuantumPathic Center of Consciousness is in Scottsdale, AZ. The website is,blog is www.sherryanshara or visit on To contact Sherry Anshara, please call 480 609 0874.

Here are some healthy tips for the Art of Romance: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Make sure the attraction is not based on a former relationship or profile. Listen to each other from your heart and not your head. Stick to the facts instead of the emotional stories. Keep the past in the past and don’t drag it into the new relationship. Treat each other with respect. Stay in your hearts in the good times and the not so good times. Embrace the journey together. Remember the great reasons why you attracted each other. Always keep romance alive; romance lives through you both! • February • March 2012 | 9


What connects you with another person romantically? Is it just the hormones? Or is there so much more to the story that is not always obvious?

F E AT U R E ..........................................................................

West Valley Small Business Owners Find Secrets for Success


t seems that every time you turn on the news there is another story about how the poor economy has negatively affected yet another business. The story of Shelley Bade and Jill Pogrant - both long-time West Valley residents and business owners - is different. Instead, it's an inspirational one about how two entrepreneurs joined forces and overcame the struggles that the poor economy had brought to their doorstep, all while developing a strategy to help other business owners as well. Bade, a commercial real estate broker and developer, met Pogrant, a travel agency owner, during a networking event in 2009. At that time, Bade was feeling the impact of economic downturn, and Pogrant, whose business was steady, was searching for a solution that would allow her to meet with her clients in a professional environment. Aware of Bade's background, Pogrant approached her with the idea of executive suites but with a "shared office" twist. Later that year, Bade and Pogrant opened their first My OfficeTM - Business Suites in Glendale and shortly after opened a second location in Peoria. Their business model consists of three different office space options for small business owners - private suites, shared suites and virtual offices. "We provide a solution for small business owners to be more competitive because of reduced overhead while operating in a professional atmosphere in which they may collaborate with peers and conduct business," said Pogrant. "My OfficeTM also provides excellent networking opportunities for business owners to grow their companies." One of the biggest concepts that sets My OfficeTM - Business Suites apart from the competition, and will sustain them as they move forward, is that they aren't just building an executive suites company, they are building a network of businesses. My OfficeTM - Business Suites currently has 36 Network Business Partners (NBPs) within their two-office network who have the opportunity to interact and help each other to potentially grow their business. My OfficeTM Business Suites also helps to market NBPs. "My passion has always been to find ways to bring businesses to the West Valley, and this is the perfect vehicle,"

10 | February • March 2012 •

said Bade. "I am blessed to not only achieve that with our model, but I also know we are helping businesses grow and be more competitive during a challenging time. I am also noticing a camaraderie building in the West Valley business communities that will hopefully transcend time." Bade and Pogrant continue to operate their individual businesses, and My OfficeTM - Business Suites has helped them grow those businesses and has given them new direction and sustainability. Pogrant attributes the networking opportunities to helping to build her travel agency, and Bade helps business professionals, who outgrow the My OfficeTM - Business Suites facilities, secure new office space. Bade previously occupied office space of more than 2,000 square feet, and her overhead was more than $12,000 per month. By utilizing the My OfficeTM Private Suite plan, she was able to downsize and has decreased her overhead by more than 70 percent. Having been in the same position many small business owners face in this turbulent economy, Bade offers the following advice for surviving and thriving: 1. Look at the top four expenses within your company, and find creative ways to decrease them. Our model helps many companies achieve this, while still being competitive and professional. 2. Find more ways to work "ON" your company and not "IN" your company. 3. Get out and do grassroots networking. There are others in the same boat as you. You may be able to trade services to help each other out. 4. Update or create your business plan, and go seek investors. No one will give you money if they don't know what you're all about and where you are going. Pogrant and Bade plan to grow their network in 2012 by securing additional locations for My OfficeTM - Business Suites and eventually expanding their network to six new locations in the West Valley, and increasing to more than 150 NBPs. Their long term goals include expanding to other communities in the Greater Phoenix area as well as other states. Franchising their business concepts is also in their long-range strategic plan.

C u p i d Radar: By Jonathan Reyes

Dating is hard for anyone on the move. Whether relocating for a job, or taking some time off to travel, its not always easy to put down roots and find a special person. CEO Mehrdad Sarlak and his company Cupid Radar are out to change the way we date in the information age. Cupid Radar isn't a traditional dating website. Its model works on a concept known as location-based dating. Location based dating is unique in that it only matches a user with other “local” users. The service acts very much like radar and utilizes smartphone technology to find matches while on the go, in much the same way as you might use an app. Cupid Radar's web app triangulates a users position, and just like that, you get a map showing you local singles who have also given their permission to be seen on the service, and are looking for a date. According to Mehrdad Sarlak, “wherever you are provided you have a working signal and a smartphone you can find people that match your search criteria.” Not only does Cupid Radar show you other local singles in the area that are also using the service, but allows you to message them without giving up any personal information. Not only do users not have to put up with a bad date harassing them, but also it adds a level of security to the service. Cupid Radar takes stringent security measures to ensure that its service is as safe as possible. Each account is individually screened to ensure its authenticity. The service does not allow for changes in age and gender after an account has been set up, and only users who match your preferences are shown in the radar. Mehrdad Sarlak believes that the greatest advantage to face-to-face dating is physically seeing a person. “There is no substitute for looking someone in the eye and getting that gut feel.” Cupid Radar's service can be used anywhere be it your local neighborhood or even in an airport in between flights. All you have to do is send another user a message and agree on a place to meet up. It is not, however, limited to use on smartphones. The service can be used from laptops and desktops. Signing up is free of charge, but Cupid Radar employs a pay per connection model. Every time a user messages another user for the first time it costs two dollars. Thereafter each reply is free. You're free to message 20 people, or one and all you pay is 2 dollars. “Our parents generation, our grandparents generation were staying in their homes and their jobs for 20, 30 years. Now people stay in their homes for 7 years and change jobs every 3 to 5 years. So they are on the move. Even when they're working on a particular job a lot of people travel, whether you're a sales person, or marketing, or advertisement.” Cupid Radar is a dating service catered to anyone looking to find someone nearby whether you're out of town, or new to it. • February • March 2012 | 11

12 | February • March 2012 •


Roberto Mantellassi collection in USA.

Roberto was born in 1974 in Empoli, a small town near Florence Italy. He started to work at the age of 14 as an apprentice to a leather goods manufacturer, and his love for the craft directed his future. After gaining experience working for Italian Design firms for several years, in 1999 Roberto created his first “Roberto Mantellassi” pieces. From the heart of Tuscany and literally in the middle of his own vineyard, where his small factory is located, Roberto and his band of elite Artisans handcraft each article. On any day of the week, and late into the night, you will find him working in “suit and tie”– and an apron – alongside his craftsmen. He breaks for a giant lunch of pasta and family wine offered up by “Mama Maria.” Roberto is a conservative designer, and his suit and tie mentality takes a “downtown” trend to an “uptown” art. His trademark new collection combines the finest of exotic skins, leathers, and Swarovski crystals for a fresh unique look. Hip, elegant, and stylish for any age, his pieces are sophisticated enough to please the keenest eye – and all without the overbearing price tag. Roberto believes the touch of an exquisite Italian leather bracelet or belt will make any woman feel beautiful. This is his art. This is his magic.

Company Info: ·

5.5 Inc dba Roberto Mantellassi is the sole importer for the Roberto Mantellassi collection in USA.


The women-owned and operated company is led by Patricia Hermann and Linda Fontana with headquarters located in Scottsdale, Arizona


The company has showrooms and sales representatives nationwide and is now in the midst of branching out internationally as well


Company website is

Chiarugi Line: Emiliano Chiarugi is a young environmentally conscious Italian designer. This exquisite collection of computer laptop, business, leisure and travel bags is part of his new natural totally “GREEN” line. Each piece is one of a kind and is tanned in the hills of Tuscany using a vegetable process without the use of any synthetics. Emiliano mixes a high cool factor while keeping every piece with perfect functionality and total versatility for its use. • February • March 2012 | 13




Barrett-Jackson is proud to announce it has raised nearly $5.9 million for charitable causes at its 2012 Scottsdale Auction, Jan. 15-22. More than 20 local and national charities are now benefiting tremendously due to the generosity of Barrett-Jackson and its sponsors, consignors and bidders. Top collectible cars, as well as a motorcycle and a tractor, crossed the block at “No Reserve” during the automotive lifestyle event. After going for an incredible $700,000 when Barrett-Jackson’s own Steve Davis donated it at the 2011 Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas auction, the 1964 Ford Fairlane was re-donated by by Ron Pratte of Chandler, Ariz. To be sold in Scottsdale. The incredible bright red, hardtop with the 427 V8 installed by ROUSH Performance was sold for an incredible $1 Million, making it the top-performing charity car at the event. Proceeds will be donated to the Armed Forces Foundation. The second top-selling charity car was the 2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Convertible, which sold for $600,000, with an additional $100,000 donation being added to the price of the car from a separate bidder. All together, the $700,000 will benefit the AARP Drive for Hunger, an organization that aims to end hunger among older Americans. “I am humbled by the outpouring of support for the worthy causes we supported this year,” said Craig Jackson, Barrett-Jackson Chairman and CEO. “We couldn’t have done it without the help of our very generous sponsors, consignors and bidders and I am proud to work with these people and help the charitable organizations that so desperately need it.”

Charities involving children, military personnel, medical research and community support took center stage in Scottsdale and a total of 22 vehicles were sold to benefit them. “When you see a good cause needing support, you want to do everything you can to help,” added Steve Davis, President of BarrettJackson. “It‘s inspiring to see such a diverse range of companies and people come together and share a common vision to help these organizations.” About Barrett-Jackson Auction Company Established in 1971 and headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., BarrettJackson specializes in providing products and services to classic and collector car owners, astute collectors and automotive enthusiasts around the world. The company produces the “World’s Greatest Collector Car Events™” in Scottsdale, Palm Beach, Fla., Las Vegas and Orange County, Calif. For more information about BarrettJackson, visit or call (480) 421-6694. Each description contained herein is provided by the consignor for the purpose of describing the item offered for sale. The accuracy of a description is the responsibility of the consignor and Barrett-Jackson is not responsible for any errors contained in a description or for the failure of a consignor to produce any item for sale. Please conduct your own inspection before making a purchase and refer to the Barrett- Jackson website for complete terms and conditions of sale.

The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions™ and its Sponsors Help Worthy Causes in a Big Way

.................................................................................. "Face of the Catwalk" Model Search hosted by International Model University and Rock Me Arizona The search is ON! for 40 Models and 4 new faces representing the Face of the Catwalk @ Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2012.

14 | February • March 2012 •



at Barrett Jackson

But before his cars cross the block, Michaels performed on the stage at the private Barrett-Jackson Opening Gala. Though the exclusive Gala is limited to invited friends, family and VIPs, a few lucky locals won tickets.

As front man of legendary rock band Poison, Michaels has sold over 29 million records and scored an amazing 14 Top 40 hits, including the timeless #1 smash single “Every Rose Has its Thorn,” his solo country crossover hit “All I Ever Needed,” and his rock hit “Go That Far.” As an actor, Michaels has made regular appearances on multiple hit television shows and starred in his hit reality show, “Rock of Love with Bret Michaels,” which became the highest rated series on Vh1. His most recent show “Bret Michaels: Life As I know It,” still remains one of the top ranking shows on the network.

Over the years, fans of Michaels have seen him endure a great deal of personal adversity regarding his health. Since the age of six, Michaels has lived a daily battle with Type-1 diabetes, which he has turned into a lifelong cause that he continues to support as a spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association. He was awarded the ADA’s prestigious Chair’s Citation Award in 2010 for excellence in raising awareness and funds for diabetes. In 1994, he survived a car accident along with various traumatic injuries. Just this past year in 2010, he overcame a near-fatal brain hemorrhage and subsequent stroke. It is Michaels’s characteristic determination and strong willpower that pulls him through any hardship that might come his way. “Bret Michaels is known to fans around the world as a rock star and a television celebrity,” added Steve Davis, President of Barrett-Jackson, “but what we’ve come to appreciate even more as we get to know Bret, is the personal side of this rock ‘n’ roll icon. He is a devoted father, active philanthropist and a passionate automotive enthusiast. We are honored to have him with us again.”

Photo’s by Michael Jordan Photography

.......................................................................................................................... • February • March 2012 | 15


Places and events going on in the West Valley

Grand Finals Recipient - Amber Wagner By: Jonathan Reyes Not many people have what it takes to be an opera singer. It requires an incredible amount of talent, training, and a vocal finesse that is unmatched in both grandeur and projection. It's for this reason that Amber Wagner, local Avondale resident, is so formidably talented. Amber Wagner is not only an opera star from the valley, but the recipient of the 2007 Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions Grand Finals. She has also been starred in opera documentary “The Audition,” and has taken on critical roles throughout the operatic world with great critical success. Wagner began her interest in opera while attending Grand Canyon University. According to Amber “ I dabbled in music because it provided scholarship money, but I didn’t know if I wanted to perform for a living.” Her undergraduate focus was in voice, and for four years Amber was part of Grand Canyon University's prestigious opera program President's Singers, where she would meet her husband. The tipping point for Amber was when she was accepted into Patrick G. and Shirley Ryan Opera Center at Lyric Opera of Chicago. She spent three seasons there, and began to consider a career in opera. “Meeting people in the business and networking I wanted to try and make this a full time career.” Soon thereafter Amber began competing in MET auditions, finally winning in 2007 and boosting her to internationally recognized heights. Ever since her first performance Wagner has worked hard to attain the heights she's reached, from her first audition in which she described as “very exhilarating I had studied the role very hard” I had two amazing incredible coaches that helped me perform and had 20 people fly in.” Amber still pours herself into her work and has enjoyed great success since. “Its changed a little bit from when I was training as a young artist, its such a privilege, and also a lot of pressure. A lot of people are watching you now and they expect a lot from you.” Despite this both Amber Wagner and her husband enjoy the relative calm of their Avondale home. “We try to keep it pretty normal” all my family is in California, I try and see them on holidays and they try to see as many shows as possible.” For the 2011/2012 season Amber Wagner is set to debut the role of Sieglinde in Die Walkure at the opera house in Frankfurt as well as Anna in Verdi's Nabucco for the Metropolitan Opera, as well as perform the. Both roles, Amber says, are challenging, but exciting roles to perform. “It’s a good show a good cast and its one of the shows that is a throw back to really grand opera.”

16 | February • March 2012 •

Places and events going on in the West Valley


W EST VALLEY SYMPHONY PERFORMS AND GENERATES COMMUNITY SUPPORT On February 12 the Symphony celebrates Valentine’s Day in “AN AFTERNOON OF CLASSICAL ROMANCE.” For this concert, dedicated to the nature of love, renowned pianist Walter Cosand will perform Rachmaninoff’s “Concerto No. 2 for Piano”. “I look forward to the privilege of being able to share this with the audience” says Walter Cosand. “Obviously the sweeping music of the concerto fits very well in the ‘romance’ category. As a matter of fact, the second movement is derived from an earlier work which was entitled "Romance”, Cosand continues. Also on the program is Tchaikovsky’s “Romeo and Juliet Overture” and Howard Hanson’s “Symphony No. 2 in D-Flat Major (Romantic). This concert is sponsored by Gerry and Peggy Schuld of Sun City West. And the season finale on March 11, “HOW SUITE IT IS” features three of the greatest suites in the classical repertoire: Mendelssohn’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Ravel’s “Mother Goose Suite” and Stravinsky’s “Firebird Suite”. “These terrific suites are a wonderful season finale, and I am sure our patrons will enjoy them,” says Maestro Cal Stewart Kellogg. “I am very much looking forward to the 2012-13 concert season which will feature “great Themes“ and “Variations” and I hope to see everyone back at Valley Vista Performing Arts Center in the fall.” The March 11th concert is sponsored by Larkin & Associates Investment Advisors of Surprise. “We are so grateful for the support of our community. I can easily point to two marvelous examples right now” says Barbara Lashmet, President of the West Valley Symphony Board of Trustees. “Last fall, Gerry and Peggy Schuld of Sun City West came forward with a substantial gift and also agreed to sponsor our February concert that celebrates romance. And just this month, Mrs. Helene Gumina established the Helene Gumina Circle of Generosity, a fund that will match the total of all gifts, up to $10,000, received by the West Valley Symphony until March 31, 2012” continues Lashmet. If you are interested in contributing to the Helene Gumina Circle of Generosity, there are three easy ways. Mail a donation to West Valley Symphony, PO Box 1417, Sun City, AZ 85372, call the Symphony at (623) 236-6781 or visit the website at The West Valley Symphony concerts begin at 3:00pm in the Valley Vista Performing Arts Center, 15550 N. Parkview Place in Surprise (near the Surprise Sports and Recreation Facilities). All seating is general admission. Concert tickets are $25/adult and $15/youth are available for the February and March concerts, and will be available at the door. Visit the West Valley Symphony at or call (623) 236-6781 to order tickets and for additional information. • February • March 2012 | 17

L AT E S T D I R T | K e e p u p t o d a t e o n n e w d e v e l o p m e n t s a n d b u s i n e s s c o n c e p t s .



Blackstone at Vistancia on Track for Robust Membership Growth and New Real Estate Opportunities in 2012. While the recent foreclosure of a private golf club in the northwest Valley has given metro Phoenix another public play course, Blackstone Country Club at Vistancia is on track for robust private club membership and real estate growth in 2012. Blackstone is a 540-acre gated, private golf community within the Vistancia master plan in Peoria featuring an award-winning course designed by Jim Engh, a 30,000-square-foot clubhouse and other upscale amenities, as well as luxury builder homes and custom home sites. The community opened in 2005. “We anticipate 2012 will be a benchmark for the community,” said John Graham, president of Scottsdale-based Sunbelt Holdings, the developer of Blackstone and Vistancia. A restructured golf membership program, offering equity and non-equity initiation fees ranging from $7,500 to $15,000, generated 30 new members in 2011. Six new social memberships, with an initiation fee of $2,500, were also added. Both programs are on track to further increase membership in 2012. Driving growth is the expected increase in traffic to Blackstone from new real estate offerings from Shea Homes and Taylor Morrison as well as additional product from T.W. Lewis by David Weekley Homes which are scheduled to debut in Blackstone this year. Precise timing of these new plans is still underway, but will make a major impact at Vistancia, offering prospective owners a broad selection of residential product. In addition, Meritage Homes recently grand opened the Aria at Vistancia collection in Vistancia Village, featuring one model and seven floor plans, in January. “There’s a renewed interest in Vistancia and Blackstone from builders and we’re excited to offer these new home collections in 2012,” Graham said, citing the community’s proximity to the new Happy Valley Road to Interstate 17 segment of the Loop 303, the community’s future as a commercial and employment hub for the northwest Valley, and Sunbelt Holdings’ reputation for creating upscale master planned communities that retain their value as reasons for builder commitment. Graham acknowledged that for the past five years, the economy has affected the business of golf in many ways—and not just in Arizona. “Private country clubs and golf courses have had to make really tough decisions in order to remain healthy. Some don’t make it,” he added, referring to the foreclosure of the private Quintero Golf Club just west of Lake Pleasant and its recent reopening as a public course. By restructuring the cost of club memberships and establishing clear lines of communication with the members during the restructuring, Blackstone has generated revenue during the economic downturn thus preserving private play. Today, the 18 | February • March 2012 •

membership is a vibrant mix of individuals, young families, empty nesters and retirees who enjoy the private club lifestyle. Among new members are Texas Rangers pitcher Scott Feldman and fiancée Kelli Northington who recently moved into their home in Blackstone where they will live during the offseason. “Once we decided to move to Arizona, the two places we looked were Blackstone and several neighborhoods in Scottsdale,” explained Northington. “Ultimately we chose Blackstone because it’s a growing area that is going to turn into a great investment one day as well as a great place to have a family.” She indicated that property prices, the cost of joining the golf club and the community’s proximity to the Surprise Stadium spring training facility swayed their decision. “Blackstone is also Scott’s favorite golf course to play in Arizona,” she said, adding, “In our opinion it is in the best condition of any we’ve seen in Arizona.” In January, the couple will hold their wedding at Blackstone’s Hacienda Clubhouse. “We love that the wedding is practically right in our backyard. Weddings can be a stressful time, and I think the fact that it’s right down the street definitely alleviates a little of the stress,” Northington pointed out. “More importantly though, we chose Blackstone as our wedding venue because it is a beautiful place to get married.” New Trilogy at Vistancia residents Mark and Vicki Grindle also are recent Blackstone golf club members following a two-year search for the right club. “Compared to other private clubs in the Valley, Blackstone offers an affordable membership,” explained Mark, adding that he played the course several times prior to becoming a member “and found it be challenging but fair. The golf staff is great and very willing to help.” Now that he’s a member, Mark is on the course every Saturday. “I like the members and staff—everyone is so friendly and warm. It’s a great experience.” The recent hirings of new General Manager William Griffon and Executive Chef Randy Heltsley will also bring a new vitality to the club, said Graham. Griffon brings more than 20 years of private club management and hospitality experience throughout the country to Blackstone. Chef Heltsley has studied under world-renowned chefs in a variety of restaurant settings and has many years of experience in country clubs and resorts from Florida to Arizona. “We’re definitely entering an exciting time,” said Graham. For more information on Blackstone real estate call 623-933-6233. For information on golf club and social memberships call 623-707-8700; or visit Facebook or the website at

W h a t ’s n e w a n d w h a t ’s h a p p e n i n g i n t h e wo r l d o f S p o r t s | S P O RT S


Two amazing games; for two different reasons.

Williamson missed three field goals, having himself a night to forget. Most notably for Williamson, it was a missed 35 yarder at the end of regulation and a missed 43 yarder in overtime that will likely make him cringe every time he sees a bag of Tostito’s in the near future.

The Insight bowl in Tempe, brought us the Iowa Hawkeyes and the powerhouse Oklahoma Sooners. A game that seemed lopsided from the moment that it was announced proved to be just that. The Sooners despite countless injuries to several key players, managed to defeat the Hawkeyes 31-14. Oklahoma had a shutout going through the first three quarters on the Hawkeyes before Iowa managed to punch in a touchdown when James Vandenberg found C.J. Fiedorowicz in the end zone at the beginning of the fourth quarter. That was followed by another Vandenberg touchdown pass 8 minutes later which recapped all the scoring for the Hawkeyes.


How bad was the game? The biggest highlight of the game was likely the quick feet of Iowa wide out Marvin McNutt as he dodged a falling ESPN camera from the sky. The “skycam” that we often see as a staple of all broadcasts in this high definition day in age, fell from the sky after a cable snapped falling just feet from McNutt and avoiding what could have been a horrible disaster. Not surprisingly, the sky cam has yet to be seen on a telecast since that night. It’s pretty sad that one of the most memorable things from the game was a falling sky camera.

Monday night, the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, sans the sky cam lived up to the hype that surrounded the game heading in. Being there in person made it even more memorable for yours truly. Many people around the country wanted to see this as the national championship game but as is the case in college football, one loss can destroy that chance. In the case of Oklahoma State and Stanford, that was the issue indeed. Nonetheless, the two losses for these national powerhouses proved to be the valley’s gain. In a game that was hyped as possibly the best bowl outside of the National Championship, these two high powered defenses did not disappoint. With high draft prospects on both rosters; most notably Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State and Andrew Luck from Stanford, these two teams had to go to overtime to settle this one. In the end, it turns out that the Cowboys ironically, had “Luck” on their side, defeating the Cardinal 41-38. Stanford’s redshirt freshman kicker; Jordan


Another college bowl season has passed here in the valley of the sun, and again we were treated to two incredible games. Unfortunately, we were given two memorable games for far different reasons.

Williamson had to sit and watch as Oklahoma State kicker Jordan Sharp knocked in a chip shot in overtime on the Cowboys possession to win the Fiesta Bowl for the Cowboys and head coach Mike Gundy. The Cowboys as was the story all year were led by their offensive combo of Brandon Weeden, along with sure fire top five pick in April’s draft; Justin Blackmon. Weeden was 29-42 for 399 yards and 3 TD’S, and Blackmon was on the receiving end of all 3 of Weeden’s TD’s. Blackmon went for 43, 67 and 17 yards on 3 scores, finishing the game with 8 catches for 186 yards.


Stanford was led by Luck who is expected to be the number one pick in the upcoming NFL draft. Luck was 27-31 for 341 yards and 2 touchdowns. The near perfect performance by Luck was no surprise for anyone who has followed his career. His accuracy, intelligence and arm strength are what make him so appealing in the draft for likely, the Indianapolis Colts who have the number pick officially now. Luck started the game’s scoring with a 53 yard first quarter pass to Ty Montgomery who finished the night with 7 receptions for 120 yards. Stanford’s most unheralded weapon all year proved to be big again for the Cardinal, running back Stepfan Taylor was more than impressive on the ground. Taylor carried the ball 35 times for 177 yards and 2 scores. If you were lucky enough to be at the Fiesta Bowl, you witnessed most likely, the top two picks in the NFL draft in Luck and Blackmon. You were treated to an amazing game and the end of two great college careers. If you were at the Insight Bowl, you sat on uncomfortable metal bleachers, saw a lopsided, mostly boring game. But look at the brightside, you might have seen the end of another great college career; the sky cam’s. Not great but historical nonetheless; just sayin’. • February • March 2012 | 19

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Melissa Holdaway

Dr. Leonard Kirschner

Ed Gerak

Claude Mattox

Todd Aakhus

Dr. Ernie Lara

Jennifer Barber

Ginny Solis

Lance Undhjem


he West Valley is filled with remarkable people. From July 2011 through July 2012, we will profile 24 who have not only achieved distinction, but have

made a real and lasting difference in our community. Narrowing down a region of close to 1 million people to 24 isn’t an easy chore. That’s why we let a committee, made up Dana Campbell Saylor

Leatha Martin

O.K. Fulton

of members from the West Valley 24 (some of them pictured to the left), identify the people they believe are helping define the West Valley in the 21st century and making it the place to live, work and play. On one side of the equation will be the Shakers, those people that have invested much of their lives in making the tran-

Randy Edington

David Schwake

Julie Richard

sition of the West Valley. On the other side will be the Movers, the people who are positioned to become the major difference makers in years to come. From educators to public officials to other members of the community, West Valley 24 recognizes and celebrates the professionals who are moving the West Valley ahead.

Bridget Binsbacher

Mimi Rogers


For more information on the West Valley 24 or to nominate someone you think is a Mover or Shaker, contact Landis Elliott at Neil Terry

John Dover

Jennifer Martyn

Robert McGeorge

Beverly Hurley

David Iwanski

presented by: • February • March 2012 | 21


Michael Hilgers M OV E R and being a part of the community, and practicing orthodontics allows us to do both. It is fun to work in a profession where you can learn as much from your patients as they learn from you.”

I have an innate thirst for knowledge. I thoroughly enjoy learning, and I understand the importance of being upto-date with current orthodontic concepts,” says Hilgers.

Creating beautiful smiles seems to run in the family too, as Hilgers wife, Dr. Kelly Hilgers is a pediatric dentist in Goodyear, and Hilgers has other members of his family who are orthodontists.

After working hard to gain experience and knowledge, Hilgers moved to Arizona. “I saw the West Valley as a great opportunity for our businesses and a great place to live,” he said.

“There is nothing I would rather do,” said Hilgers about his career choice.

Hilgers recommends that people living in the West Valley should invest their time or money to all the great things that are happening in the Valley.

Not only does this man love what he does, but also strongly believes in giving back to his community.

mov•er [moo-ver] v.

moving up in business or the community

“We are proud to give back to many charities and organizations [and] enjoy helping our local cities. We enjoy going to local schools and educating them about oral hygiene; drug abuse. We feel that it is not only our obligation to give back to the community but to educate them as well,” said Hilgers. Dr. Michael Hilgers is a man who not only can make people smile, but he can create a beautiful smile as well. Hilgers, who has lived in Litchfield Park for seven years with his wife and two children, is an orthodontist with two offices in Goodyear. “I love watching people leave our practice with beautiful smiles. We love to see them come back years later and tell us how we changed their lives,” says Hilgers. “My staff and I really enjoy working with people

Before becoming a full-fledged orthodontist, Hilgers received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado, where he is originally from. He then went on and earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Colorado Heath Sciences Center, completed his hospital residency from Yale University, and then got his Master of Science in Oral Biology and Orthodontic Residency from the University of Louisville. “Education has been an integral part of my life, and

His dedication and compassion to his career is apparent, and he is always attending meetings, seminars and lectures to make sure his patients are receiving the most up to date treatments. Hilgers staff is also unique in the sense that they pride themselves on being one of the most experienced staffs in the Valley. Each member has at least 10 years of experience, so patients can feel confident someone who is very comfortable with their job is treating them. Hard work is Hilgers secret to success, but says his wife is his inspiration. “She is an amazing person with wonderful work ethic and drive. She is a great mom and wife.” Hilgers says his goal is to continue to provide quality care and give back to the West Valley. The community certainly got something to smile about when Dr. Hilgers opened his practice here.

[Q&A] Years in West Valley: Seven

What’s your favorite book? Treasure Island

What do you do during lunchtime? Spend time with my wife.

Family: Kelly Hilgers (Pediatric Dentist), Alec (5), Aubrey (2)

What’s your favorite musical group? Kenny Chesney

Tell us something about you that perhaps the average person wouldn’t know? I’m a car lover. January is my Favorite time of year with the auto auctions.

Membership in civic and nonprofit organizations and What you miss most? explain your involvement: Gene Hilgers (father) We try to help out all West Valley events and Knecht, Executive Director Leadership By Kathy organizations. What’s your biggest inspiration and why? My wife, Kelly. She is an amazing person with Who are and have been some of your mentors? wonderful work ethic and drive. She is a great mom Gary Harnett (orthodontist), Jim Hilgers (Mission Viejoand wife. Orthodontist) What is your favorite place/feature in the West What are some of the leadership positions directly Valley? you have taken on in the West Valley and what did you Glendale & Goodyear Sports Complex. I love having accomplish? great athletics going on all around us. We are the major Sponsors for many of the events that take place in the West Valley. We support the local What would your super power be? cities, charities, Fire Departments, etc. To heal Name a project in which you took a leadership role in that you are particularly proud of and why? We are proud to give back to many charities and organizations. We enjoy helping our local cities. We have an event almost every weekend. We enjoy going to local schools and educating them about oral hygiene; drug abuse. We feel that it is not only our obligation to give back to the community but to educate them as well.

Describe yourself as a child: Athletic, creative and energetic.

Favorite quote: Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your inner voice, and most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

What’s your favorite food? Steak and Potatoes

Who in history would you most like to have dinner with? Christopher Columbus

22 | February • March 2012 •

What keeps you up at night? The health and safety of my kids. One phrase you wish people wouldn’t say, or would say more: Really?

What is your biggest pet peeve? Tardiness What would you choose to do, career wise, if you weren’t in your current career? There is nothing I would rather do. What would you do if you won the lottery? Get rid of debt and donate to charity.

What originally drew you to the West Valley? West

I saw the West Valley as a great opportunity for our businesses and a great place to live. How did you get into your current career field? I have several family members that are orthodontists. What drives you? Family (wife & kids) What are your goals (career, personal or for the West Valley)? Continue to provide quality care and give back to West Valley. What is the secret to your success? Hard work. What would you recommend to people looking to make a difference in the West Valley? Give time or money to all the great things that are happening in the West Valley. What’s the biggest challenge facing you in your work? The economy, health care laws and changes in insurance. What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the West Valley, and how does what you do help ease those challenges? Continue bringing higher education to the West Valley (University/Hospitals, etc.) and continue growing our cities to be the best affordable places in Arizona.


Connie McMillin SHAKERS Connie McMillin doesn’t carry a brief case like most businesswomen. She believes every handbag can hold file folders and can be seen carrying her funky satchel around town. She occasionally works from home in her nightgown, she makes her own deadlines and most importantly, has a deep love for the arts. McMillin has been involved with the West Valley Arts Council for several years, both as a volunteer and as a supporter and has been elected and re-elected to the Board of Trustees of the West Valley Art Museum. She has participated on many committees and personally covered the costs of small receptions for artists and exhibition openings, inviting Trustees, members and Docents.

“Connie is passionate about the arts and culture sector, especially in the West Valley and she truly values the benefit a strong arts and culture environment can bring to a city and region. Connie is a good friend and a true champion of the arts,” said Richards. McMillin has been living in the West Valley since 1993 after moving here from Boston and enjoys the Valley and all it has to offer. Especially Sun City. She thinks Sun City is a great community and is the first active adult community in the world. Also, McMillin says despite the perceived fast paced life style on the highways, the Valley is actually a laid back environment with interactions reflecting smaller communities of an earlier era.

Overall, McMillin said her biggest inspiration will be knowing that when she leaves this earth, she enriched the lives of people and shown them that the artistic world is all around them.

“That environment has allowed me to flourish,” said McMillin.

[Q&A] Years in West Valley: In 1970 my parents moved here. I was living in Montreal at the time and I came to visit them frequently. I moved here, full time in1993. Who are and have been some of your mentors? Very early career Victoria Montreal Canada wonderful person. Jay Bradfell, executive early in my career and still friends.

What’s your favorite book? Series mysteries based in or around museums What you miss most? Nothing, dear friends who have passed on. Most coveted: Not to covet, it’s too self-centered What is your favorite cause? The Arts, including architecture seeing in the context of economic growth and are vital to each citizen in each and every community. Most overrated virtue: Lust for material things What’s your nickname? Connie Describe yourself as a child: Quiet bookish and very curious to explore the unknown. What keeps you up at night? Nothing, I’m a night owl

What’s your favorite food? Cheetos and diet Coke What is your biggest pet peeve? People who now spend so much of their lives on electronic gadgets that they’ve lost human conversation and face-to-face conversations. What would you choose to do, career wise, if you weren’t in your current career? Actively retired. It crosses over to constantly mixing business goals with artistic endeavors. What would you do if you won the lottery? Give it to charity What do you do during lunchtime? What’s lunch time. I don’t keep a structured day. Tell us something about you that perhaps the average person wouldn’t know? My cliché I refuse to answer on the grounds it might incriminate me. What originally drew you to the West Valley? My parents had retired here in 1970 and I was coming to visit them. How did you get into your current career field? My involvement with civic and charitable matters was an underlying part of my business career and I spend more time on it in my retirement (what’s retirement).

What are your goals (career, personal or for the West Valley)? To see the economy re-grow and see that it will also stabilize my favorite struggling arts organizations. What is the secret to your success? The time spent in quiet contemplation. What would you recommend to people looking to make a difference in the West Valley? Get off the electronic gadgets and reach out to people that are opposite your own style. Who was an influence in your life/career, and how did they affect what you do? Early mentors: Circumstances allowed me to meet some world leaders JFK, Malcolm Forbes, David Rockefeller, Charles de Gaulle. It showed me that every individual mattered and therefore I could make a difference even in small niches. What’s the biggest challenge facing you in your work? Assisting charities to receive funding from the dwindling sources of corporations and grant funders. What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the West Valley, and how does what you do help ease those challenges? The biggest challenge is mass transportation that reaches the masses. I’m not so sure of my influence now, but people should be able to easily move around to see the arts which includes the natural scenic art of our region.

What drives you? To hope that I have affected some lives in a positive way whether young or elderly. • February • March 2012 | 23

long established change agent/builder

Who in history would you most like to have dinner with? Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Mother but only after her 100 birthday.

One phrase you wish people wouldn’t say? “Why don’t you use a cell phone?”

shak•er [shey-ker] v.

“I served with Connie on the WVAM Board and, as Governance Chair, worked with her on the Nominating Committee.” Said Julie Richards. “She was an inspiration to me personally. Her commitment to details, her insistence in following established procedures, and her dedication to the ideals of the Museum encouraged me to become further involved in

the workings of the Board. She supported me in my efforts, providing direction and reassurance as I worked on other Board committees.”

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26 | February • March 2012 •


The Live Life Expo will be comprised of exhibits with other health care professionals, medical institutions and innovators, clinics, specialty groups, physicians, educational institutions, and marketing leaders of: apparel, footwear, physical fitness, sports nutrition, personal care products and services, health practitioners, exercise equipment and training accessories.

For more information visit or call 800.315.9630

28 | February • March 2012 •

Run, walk or jog in one of the fastest growing events in the Valley of the Sun. The race will wind it’s way through the desert scenery in the shadows of the Estrella and White Tank Mountains. This event is a Boston Marathonqualifier. Tech Shirt & Finisher’s Medal

For more information visit or call 623.935.0322

Events: Live Life Expo IMS Arizona Marathon West Valley Magazine’s Excellence in Health Care Professionals • February • March 2012 | 27

LIVELIFE • February • March 2012 | 29

30 | February • March 2012 •

Dr. Barry Hamp

Dr. Michael Hilgers

Dr. Marc Wasseman

Mari Valle

Dr. Pankaj M. Jain

April Esch

Dr. Tawnya Pfitzer

Loraine Gonzalez

Nancy Jobin

Dr. Daniel MacLeod

Alan R. Swain

Daniel Smith

Dr. Daniel Charous

Dr. Troy Peters

Sharon Day

elcome to The West Valley Magazine’s Top


Doctors and Health Care Professionals. Each month an outstanding physician and health care

professional from the West Valley who has been nominated by their peers will be featured in the West Valley Magazine. These Dr. Thomas Kotoske

Karny Stefan








achievement and excellence in a variety of health care specialties and fields. All those featured for the next year will be acknowledged and recognized at the Live Life Expo Excellence in Health Care Awards Gala in February, 2012. Shellie Clayton

Dr. Madhu Murthy

Edgar Staren MD

sponsored by:

M. Wade Shrader MD

Dr. Shannon Maltias

Donna Sirounian • February • March 2012 | 31


Best In Class Aesthetic Medicine Dr. Shannon L. Maltais NMD Specialty: Aesthetic Medicine, Physicians Skin Solutions

Hometown: Glendale, AZ

University/Degree: Northern Arizona University BS in Microbiology/Chemistry; Naturopathic Medical Degree National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, OR, General Practice Residency Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, Tempe, Arizona What inspired you to become a doctor/health care professional? While I had little interest in the sciences in high school, college brought a new love for human biology and the microorganisms that live with us and affect our lives. This newfound love led to my desire to pursue the study of the ultimate organism, the human body. Alternative medicine fit well with my personal goals of practicing preventive medicine. Being introduced to aesthetic medicine during focused training in dermatology and minor surgery, solidified that the art and prevention of this field was where I wanted to use my skills. Why did you pursue your specialty? My love for the skin and skin health stems back to my own teen years of struggling with problematic acne prone skin. Often medical professionals pursue fields of interest based on personal experience. Well I couldn’t know enough about the skin, its anatomy, and product interactions and their effects. Anti-aging and its preventive tool bag is truly a specialty in itself. You must work with the medical devices and injectable products daily as a specialty to be a true expert. I still get excited about what I do and the art of beauty I am fortunate to practice daily. What is your advice to others pursuing this field? The need for anti-aging and aesthetic medicine is not going anywhere. The desire and ability to look and feel better is engrained in our society now. I think we have come to expect to have options to prevent disease and degenerative processes in the body internally and externally. But again I feel this is a large enough field that encompasses many factors. If a practitioner is

32 | February • March 2012 •

interested in this field there should be a complete commitment in practice specialty. There are so many components to preventive anti-aging medicine it truly does take all of your focus on training and education. I strongly dissuade physicians focused in another specialty from trying to just add Botox or hormones or especially lasers, to their practice if they will be continuing their existing specialty as the primary business. This is however one of the most exciting cutting edge industries that truly makes huge impacts on patients lives and there will continue to be plenty of demand. What accomplishments are you most proud of in your career? In my career am most proud of building and maintaining a successful practice that delights me with incredible relationships with so many amazing people. I have created a world where patients consistently say they love to just be in the office, and our loyal staff loves their jobs. I want woman and men to feel comfortable in the office, ask questions and come to us when they desire new treatments, and know that they have access to experts in the field. Are you working on any developments/projects in your field of specialty that you would like to tell us about? In our office new developments in the industry are what we love. We have recently started offering a new genetic test that compliments a personalized weight loss program. The lab test will offer valuable information on how each patients bodies process nutrients, burn fat, respond to certain exercise routines and so much more. This combined with a personalized weight loss program will allow patients to make lifestyle changes to ensure weight loss retention. And to add to the excitement of

weight loss we continue to focus on cutting edge facial collagen stimulation to assist in skin rejuvenation and volume loss such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). What differentiates you and your practice from your peers? I think our office offers expertise combined with a human element that sets us apart from other offices. We have two physicians that specialize in anti ageing and aesthetic medicine who have worked solely in this field for almost ten years. Three RN’s who have also practiced aesthetic medicine and have trained in the field for many years and knowledgeable, experienced medical laser technicians/aestheticians supporting patients. We all have one goal, to make the experience of each patient pleasurable and transformational. We truly care for each patient and are all willing to work individually with everyone to meet goals and expectations realistically. Why did you bring your practice to the West Valley? I have lived in Arizona since 1982, and while I left for 9 years for college, I came back to complete a residency in my hometown. I practiced and trained primarily on the east and southeast side but continued to live in the west valley where I grew up. I always knew the west valley is where I would plant my roots. I especially love the quaint feel of Arrowhead where I live and practice. I participate in many local charitable events including local schools, Midwestern University scholarship fund, silent auctions, Breast Cancer Awareness, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, homeless and battered women’s shelters and many more. I love being involved in my community and giving back to local needs.


Best In Class Health Care Professional Donna Z. Sirounian Specialty/Job Function Description: Manage all aspects of Integrated Medical Services (IMS) marketing for both primary careand specialty divisions, including brand development, print media, and web site marketing.

Hometown: Fort Lee, NJ

University/Degree: Lafayette College, BA Government & Law; Rutgers University, Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Marketing What inspired you to pursue a career in health care? While in graduate school pursuing my MBA, I met a classmate who worked at a division of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. She informed me of a marketing position in her orthopedic medical device department where I later accepted a product management position. Since then, for over 13 years, I have built a career in healthcare marketing. Coincidently, my husband, who is an orthopedic surgeon, continues to share his medical knowledge with me, which makes for interesting dinner conversation. What would you recommend to someone wanting to pursue a career in health care? Now more than ever, healthcare marketing requires someone who can successfully adapt to rapid and dynamic change. It’s a great field for those who like challenges…the healthcare industry is one of the largest sectors of the U.S. economy. There are many moving parts, so understanding the relationship between physicians, hospitals, drug, research, and insurance companies, and how they all relate to state and federal programs, allows for successful healthcare marketing! What accomplishments are you most proud of in your career? In addition to developing and managing the

marketing program at IMS which serves over 127 providers, I have helped to develop and bring free health fairs to the West Valley. Over the last four years, I have recruited and staffed local medical volunteers at the IMS Arizona Marathon, Goodyear in Action, and the IMS Health Foundation health events. I have also helped to develop and promote a new scholarship program through the IMS Health Foundation that offers scholarship money to high school graduates pursuing healthcare degrees. On a personal level, I try to lead by example for my children, by encouraging them to exercise, eat right, and understand that good choices lead to active, healthy lifestyles. By my helping promote the IMS Arizona Fit Kids Celebration, a Valleywide event that hosts over a 1,000 kids, we can show all children that exercise is fun! Is the practice that you work for working on any developments/projects in their field of specialty that you would like to tell us about? IMS is working with insurance companies and hospitals to help develop models to improve quality of care and cost efficiencies. IMS has also integrated its primary care and specialists through a new electronic medical record (EMR) system, which means patients receive coordinated care when they see an IMS provider. This will continue to evolve, as accountable care models become the new medical standard.

What is your role in this development/project? As a healthcare professional, I will continue to support and market the new and ever changing healthcare models for our physicians and our healthcare partners, and help patients to understand how this affects their care. What differentiates you from your peers? Having traveled around the country in my former corporate healthcare marketing positions, I met with physicians in big cities and small towns. Interestingly, I learned early on that the physician has one primary concern: patient care. Experiencing both the corporate side and doctor/patient relationship side has helped me in my current marketing role to keep everything in perspective, even with the latest healthcare changes. What do you see as the future of the West Valley as it relates to the health care field? The West Valley has a great growth potential for health care providers, if we continue to recruit and retain them in the region. With increasing demand for health care services and the need for physicians, hospitals and insurance companies to collaborate with each other, the West Valley will be positioned to take on new healthcare challenges. • February • March 2012 | 33


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623.776.0206 | • February • March 2012 | 35

LIVELIFE YOUR HEALTH AND HEALTH CARE! Sherry Anshara your health and your healthcare are so connected to each other that it is not always obvious? The usual protocol if something feels off to you, the first step is usually to get a test or tests, such as blood work or ask the expert outside of you, not for your answers, but for advice from their area of knowledge. Through the tests, the blood work or the expert's opinion, a diagnosis is assigned. Don't go emotional and become the diagnosis. Find out the protocol. Don't look for a cure, look for a way to heal your Self. You "cure" hams and meat. You cannot "cure" humans.


Did you know that current statistics have rendered some interesting data? In the last couple of months of 2011, the "diagnosis" is that more people are dying from prescription drug overdoses, than street drugs. What is going on? Is this the cure? Take drugs, overdose and die? What? Death is the answer? Oops to karma, lessons and reincarnation, but these are other Belief Systems. You have to be involved in your healing process. Make the process progressive otherwise you will get progressively sicker if you are not totally involved with your health and health care. Here are some very poignant conversations going on from the medical community. "Addiction to prescription painkillers - which kill thousands of Americans a year - has become a largely unrecognized epidemic,” experts say. “In fact, prescription drugs cause most of the more than 26,000 fatal overdoses each year,” says Leonard Paulozzi of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." Wow, 26,000 deaths. What about the family, friends and employers? This is the ultimate in unemployment. Move over so a job opening will occur! Now don't take this the wrong way or start judging this statement, it is suppose to be an eye-opener. There are a lot of people involved in his 26,000 "reported" deaths. What about the ones that are not reported? What about everyone involved? Civilian and medical communities are all dealing with this issue. They cannot be separated or ignored anymore! Everyone is involved at some level of participation; families, friends, associates, employees and employers, the drug companies and the insurance companies. This is a current and future problem. Everyone has to look at legal drugs in a different way. Who is responsible? The question is who is taking prescription drugs responsibly. Is this the current addiction that is beginning to replace alcohol and street drugs? These are pertinent questions to ask. Get your list of questions, for these questions will affect your future. What is at the core of this prescription drug issue, now coming to surface? Everyone must begin to look at this problem and the societal ramifications for everyone affected. How many must die needlessly? What is the emotional cost to the families and friends? What is the economic cost to society? To you? "The number of overdose deaths from opioid painkillers - opium-like drugs that include morphine and codeine - more than tripled from 1999 to 2006, to 13,800 deaths that year, according to CDC statistics released....". Start adding it up... a lot of people are dying. If these statistics do not trigger abandonment issues, then the guilt issues, and the should of, would of, and could of will haunt those left behind. Too late! Unless the "hooked" on prescription drug crisis is recognized, more people will die. Hmmm, this is not a great way to address the issues of population control. Keep up this problem, and the population will decline but at what costs to the ones left behind. Just the economic loss is significant not counting the emotional setbacks for everyone involved. "In the past, most overdoses were due to illegal narcotics, such as heroin, with most deaths in big cities. Prescription painkillers have now surpassed heroin and cocaine.

36 | February • March 2012 •

Overdoses is now about as high in rural areas - 7.8 deaths per 100,000 people - as in cities, where the rate is 7.9 deaths per 100,000 people, according to a paper published last year in Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety." And everyone thought it was a city problem. These statistics reveal that this problem has nothing to do with city, country, suburban or anywhere in between. Prescription drug abuse crosses cultures, ethnic backgrounds, economics and religion. Wake up America. Who is running your show, your life? Prescription drugs are so supposed to support wellness not cause death. Forget about blaming the medical community or the pharmaceutical companies. They are just looking at the bottom line, their profit line, their stockholders. Hmmm, maybe some of their stockholders are those overdosing? Food for thought? This is worst than the dumbing of American, this is the needless killing of America. "The biggest and fastest-growing part of America's drug problem is prescription drug abuse," says Robert DuPont, a former White House drug czar and a former director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. "The statistics are unmistakable." “About 120,000 Americans a year go to the emergency room after overdosing on opioid painkillers,” says Laxmaiah Manchikanti, chief executive officer and board chairman for the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. Experts say it's easy to see why so many Americans are abusing painkillers. “There are lots of the drugs around, and they're relatively easy to get,” says David Zvara, chair of anesthesiology at University of North Carolina Hospitals." How scary is this? It is so easy to get drugs. Never mind street drugs, what is going on with prescription drugs? If this is the solution, then death is becoming the cure! Very disturbing! Now back to the issue of health and health care and to the point of the problem. Death is not a very viable solution of if you want to live a long, productive life. Drugs definitely do not resolve anything, except to make you sicker than you are when they are used excessively and inappropriately. Isn't it time you and all of us take back our own healthcare and be our first health care provider? When your body has pain, what is saying to you? Where in your body is the pain? Specific areas of your body have specific emotional and physical issues. Ask your Self... "Why do you have pain?" Believe it or not, your emotional issues are the core of your physical issues. The pain you have in your body did not start with the pain, the pain is your body's signal that something is off. The actual emotional and physical issue could have started in your childhood, in your teenage years, young adult or it could have started currently, when some outside source triggered your emotional hooks to the past, your body experienced a re-action set the ball in motion for physical pain as a result of a past emotional trauma. Emotional trauma is physical trauma. They go handin-hand. Also there are no accidents. Accidents are prompts by your body's attempt to get your attention. For sure this is a paradigm shift, but then it is so time to be your own personal paradigm shifter and stop looking outside of your Self for the answers. Connect with your body first. Your health care is how you care for your Self. The most amazing aspect of your human body is the resiliency to last a lifetime of emotional trauma, emotional and physical abuse and survive your searches for the answers outside of you. The outside sources are only informational. Getting tests, blood tests, or evaluations from an expert are great information. But how you use the information is what counts.

LIVELIFE A Fashion Show benefiting Sojourner Center of Phoenix.

A FASHION STATEMENT Model Sydney Rounsaville

Model Bella Frankie

Heather Hernandez

Model Tajsha Jordan

Photography by J Lyn Photography & Wade Lee Richards | Makeup - Rachel Koszegi | Hair - The House of Wade Lee

to END DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Saturday, March, 3rd 2012 | 6:00pm until 9:00pm at | Next Coffee Company

Next Coffee Company is all about promoting local businesses to local customers. We want to be the link to your own back yard! Come see what is NEXT! eat, study work and be in the coolest local coffee house in the West Valley located on 19420 59th Ave. Ste 700. NW corner of 59th and Utopia, Glendale, AZ 85308 Whats so amazing about this project is the amazing stories of women who have turned a victim situation into a victorious one; and these women are working side by side to bring awareness to domestic violence through our campaign. You can watch our Domestic Violence Public Service Announcement's at . Our PSA's spotlight a model identifying with a Domestic Violence Statistic. Such as, "One out of four women will experience Domestic Violence in a lifetime." "In Arizona,there were 89 Domestic Violence-related deaths in 2010 alone." Other stories include a Fashion Statement model, who with courage and strength fled a violent situation from her husband, to protect herself and her son. "I met my ex-husband when I was 20 years old. We were very much in love and ready to conquer the world together. It was not long into the relationship that I began separating myself from my family and friends. This should have been my first clue that this was not a healthy relationship. We moved out of state together and that is when the mental manipulation began. I knew I would be lost if I ever left him. Finally, life brought us back to our home state and things seemed better at first. I discovered shortly after coming back that he was cheating on me, and when I confronted him it got ugly. He strangled me until I blacked out and I did not leave. There were 3 more years of abuse that I endured after that day. I got married and had a son in that time. I thank the lord and the universe everyday for my angel baby! My eye opening moment was because of his sweet and pure self. One day while I was doing online registration to enroll in school, my son's father, instructed it was lunch time. After not moving fast enough to complete his demands I had a fresh pot of Ramen noodles poured on to my head directly from the stove. The fact that my son was sitting within 3 feet of me and saw every second of these events was the last straw. I called a friend and managed to pick up my son and leave to "go to the store." I filed for a restraining order and my legal separation the next morning at the Courthouse. I had been calling Sojourner's Center for several weeks prior to this event.

They had let me know the steps necessary to vacate my dangerous environment. I did not think the guidelines were necessary and felt they were incredibly strict. Looking back, I wish I would have made the moves after the very first call. Not doing so, turned my son into one of the 3.3 to 10 million children that witness domestic violence annually. I took responsibility for the life my son was exposed to before it got even worse. I can only support him and teach him respect to avoid a pattern." -Francesca We will be showcasing the wide diversity of our amazing local designers, accessory designers, stylist, models, hair and makeup artist, and Photographers; to bring you a Fabulous night of Fashion to raise awareness about Domestic Violence and to support the Sojourner Center of Phoenix. Since 1977, Sojourner Center has provided shelter and support services to thousands of individuals affected by domestic violence. Through empowerment families discover hope and have the opportunity to build a new future free from violence. As the nation's largest domestic violence shelter, Sojourner Center is a tireless advocate for domestic violence victims and survivors. With the continued support of the community, Sojourner Center can help women and children overcome the impact of domestic violence, one life at a time. Neuro will be our official Drink Sponsor. Neuro is a groundbreaking brand of healthy functional drinks designed to sustain and enhance active lives. Made with natural ingredients and recyclable packaging, Neuro is formulated by nutritionists to promote health and well-being. Greattasting Neuro Drinks contain essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals at dosages backed by scientific research, so the benefit is real and not just marketing hype. Drink smart, drink Neuro! Deejay Sac Fly will be spinning for the show. DJ Sac Fly, previously known as DJ Farenheit for over 20 years, is a veteran DJ – he knows, loves, and plays all the best music from then and before, until now. Hair and Makeup team headed by Wade Lee of The House of Wade Lee and Rachel Koszegi of Brushed Inc. This production is brought to you by Next Coffee Company and The House of Wade Lee

Please Bring an Item from Sojourner's Wish list for entrance into this event. Personal Care items - Curling Iron, Flat Iron, Hair dryer, Make-up kits, Mirrors, Dorm carriers for hygiene items, Manicure sets, Bath and Body Kits, Aroma Therapy with Infusers, Perfume, Clothing, Jewelry, Jackets, Scarves, Purses, Gloves, Watches, Robes, Slippers, Shoes, Underwear, Sports bras Other Items - Water bottles, Thermal lunch boxes, Messenger tote bags, Backpacks Sewing kits, Yoga mats, Calendars Stationery Note cards Journals Picture frames Decorative Items—wall art, baskets Throw blankets Snuggys Scrapbooking supplies. • February • March 2012 | 37


By Jennifer Olsen On February 3, 2012 we celebrate the 8th annual Go Red for Women Day. What is Go Red for Women? Go Red for Women is the American Heart Association’s movement to educate women on Heart Disease. Started in 2004 due to the startling number of women who were losing their lives to heart disease and wanting to increase awareness of this preventable disease the American Heart Association started the Go Red for Women movement. • Did you know that a woman dies of heart disease every minute in the United States? • Heart Disease is the number 1 killer of women over the age of 20. • Move women die of heart disease than men. • More women die of heart disease then the next four causes of death combined even cancer. • 1 in 3 women die of heart disease vs. 1 in 26 of breast cancer. • Heart Disease is 80% preventable How do you know if you are having a heart attack or stroke? The symptoms are not what you would think. Do you all remember the movie scenes where someone is clutching their chest and then drops to floor? Most heart attacks are not that theatrical. According to the American Heart Association the following are common signs of heart attacks. Signs of a Heart Attack: • Uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain in the center of your chest. It lasts more than a few minutes, or goes away and comes back. • Pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back, neck, jaw or stomach. • Shortness of breath with or without chest discomfort. • Other signs such as breaking out in a cold sweat, nausea or lightheadedness. • Women’s most common heart attack symptom is chest pain or discomfort. Women are also somewhat more likely than men to experience some of the other common symptoms, particularly shortness of breath, nausea/ vomiting and back or jaw pain. If you have any of these signs, don’t wait more than five minutes before calling for help. Call 9-1-1...Get to a hospital right away.

Risk Factors of Heart Disease There are two types of risk factors of heart disease, uncontrollable and controllable. Controllable


High Cholesterol


High Blood Pressure Lack of Physical Activity

Hereditary Race (Hispanic and African -American’s are at a higher risk of heart disease)

Overweight and Obesity Type 2 Diabetes Smoking So we know what are the signs of heart attacks and the risk factors, what can we do to reduce our risk of heart disease to live a longer healthier life. The first step is going to the doctor for a checkup to find out your numbers for your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose. The ideal cholesterol number is under 200, blood pressure should be below 120/80, and blood glucose should be under 100. If your numbers are higher than the above numbers, the answer is simple but sometimes hard to follow unless you have had a major wake up call. Getting active, losing weight and eating right is always easy to say we are going to do, but not always easy to follow. Taking small steps goes along way. The easiest way to get active is to start small such as a 15 minute walk and work up from there. Eating right is another action that it pays to take small steps such as adding vegetables to lunch and dinner, choosing lean meats such as chicken or turkey vs fatty red meats. By making small changes in your eating and adding exercise to your daily lifestyle, the weight will start coming off. How can you Go Red? • Host a small get together with your girlfriends and educate then on Go Red • Educate your co-workers during a lunch and learn • Have a heart healthy potluck with friends • Attend the 1st Annual West Valley Red Dress night at Taps on February 21, 2012 in Litchfield Park, 76 North Old Litchfield Road, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340 For more information on Go Red for Women go to Jennifer Olson is a volunteer, advocate, and speaker for the American Heart Association Phoenix chapter. • February • March 2012 | 39

BIGGEST LOSER | Follow the contestants as they shed pounds and inches

Love Affair with Weight Loss By Shannon Dodge Four hundred people, over four-thousand pounds of weight loss to date. Incredible numbers for personal trainer and West Valley’s Biggest Loser founder Stephanie Fogelson. I met up with Fogelson to discuss what exactly fuels her love affair with weight loss.

So tell me, what started you in the business? I have always been focused on health and fitness. I actually had entered my first body building contest around the age of nineteen when disaster struck. A serious medical condition put me on a fast track to loosing hold of the life I had created – husband, fitness, and flight school. I had to make some major decisions and I realized that life doesn’t always work out as planned. My honest to God thoughts were that if I wasn’t going to get to plan my time in this world then I wanted to make sure to spend it wisely. So I quit flight school and took an entry level job at a gym. I WAS IN LOVE. I realized that his was my passion, this is where I needed to be. How did West Valley’s Biggest Loser come about? I began to run boot camp classes out of my own in-home personal training business when I was reached out to by West Valley Magazine. After meeting with them and discussing the dynamics of my programs, I realized that I needed to create something substantial – what did it stand for, how did it work and create a full business plan to begin recruitment as soon as possible. I decided to focus on what I knew worked, I used my own weight loss program that I went through two years prior. My medical condition had left me seventy pounds over weight, I had gone from body builder to seventy pounds over weight in under a year and once I was feeling healthy enough I began the process of getting healthy again. I took my own personal plans and created a program that would take the masses through the same process that I knew worked. Talk me through a little of the program, what is the approach and what atmosphere do you create for your ‘contestants’? The program has a holistic approach to weight loss. We tackle food disorders, relationships with food, behavioral modifications, exposure to different exercise techniques and group accountability. It is a fine science that we truly have mastered, it works like a charm when applied correctly! We take into account the entire lifestyle of the clients. A working mother isn’t going to spend three hours a day in the gym then go shopping for organic food at midnight, that isn’t at all realistic. We do have to make the time, to make ourselves accountable, but we have to make sure the goals we are setting are realistic in regards to how we live each day. A lot of weight loss is about balancing physical factors and mental factors, if isn’t then it is going to take its toll. You have to maximize the time you spend burning calories, it has to be in a style and system you will want to continue to do. This is the job we take on, to take you on that journey until you find what really makes you tick. Everything we do is set around goals. We actually put the problem (which is usually the solution) right back on the person. You have to first own that what you are doing is putting you where you don’t want to be, then you can start the healing and growing process. There is no 10 minute abs or dance revolution that will cure diabetes or heart disease. What WILL cure disease and truly turn this nation around is people doing something, most of the time ANYTHING. We try to keep it fun, exciting, and new to push people beyond what they believe they can do.

40 | February • March 2012 •

Being accountable for yourself can be difficult at times, how do you drive this home with your ‘contestants’? Being accountable to yourself is really it but finding that accountability and maintaining it takes an army. That is what the WVBL program has always been, and will always be, a program designed to bring people together and show them the benefits of support. You just can’t simply do this alone. What’s new for the program for 2012? I am excited to say that we have merged with a national wellness company called Sade Clarity. This is going to provide us excellent traction to bring our program to the corporate markets and really begin these conversations with more people here in the valley and beyond. The future is bright for the program and all of that success is the heartbeat of everyone we have helped. They keep this program alive and continuing to save lives every day. I really see us moving into corporate wellness, moving into corporations and insurance carriers to get and keep people healthy – FINALLY! So we are positioning ourselves to bring this program to every home in the valley, get in the trenches with you and do the hard work side by side with you. We don’t expect anyone to invest their money and more importantly their time into something that we don’t consider to be gold standard. If you can see a need, talk to your employer or call your insurance carrier because we would love to help them help you! Over the years the program may have changed or been in different locations but one thing is still the same, Fogelson is committed to her contestants. “There is nothing we won’t do to help every single person who comes into our group to get to where they need to be. Our program has saved lives and created endless bonds of connection between our contestants. Our success is not just in the sustained weight loss numbers, but in the Facebook pages of endless friendships and bonds that tells me every day that this thing is somehow magic, blessed on every level”. Join Fogelson’s continued love affair with weight loss via Oasis Fitness and Spa and now Sade Clarity. Visit , or contact Fogelson directly via Facebook at WVBL or West Valley’s Biggest Loser.

For more information about West Valley’s Biggest Loser, visit Oasis Fitness and Spa’s website at: or call 623-322-2132 Audition and follow the WVBL at: • February • March 2012 | 41



December 26 - 30, 2011

42 | February • March 2012 • • February • March 2012 | 43


Must-Read advice on protecting our planet and ourselves

Are you P O L L U T I N G Your Home? Many people turn to commercial air freshener sprays, reed diffusers, plug in fragrances, scented candles, and perfumes with the goal of creating a pleasant scent and atmosphere for their house. This is a huge money making industry and if you are concerned about how “green” your body products and home cleaning products are you really need to check your cabinets, wall sockets, and candles to see what you are releasing into your home environment. Obviously, these products are fragrant so you and yours are breathing in what they are putting off and just what that is is not so clear. Because air fresheners and candles are not considered food, drug, or cosmetic they are not required to list their ingredients. If they do list what is in them often times there is the ever illusive label of “fragrance.” What does that mean? Technically a company can list “fragrance” in place of a slew of chemicals so you never really know what you are getting. I have seen people make quite the stink over lead in candle wicks, this is a huge deal, but what they do not seem to recognize is that it is not just the wick that is releasing fumes, it is the candle itself, the wax and whatever is used to scent it. | Allergies: Have you ever walked by the perfume counter at your local department store and been overwhelmed and not felt well? That is “fragrance” at work. While most people are not aware of their allergies to the chemicals in the products there is a good chance that they give you a baseline irritation and make the symptoms of your allergies worsen. Headaches, sneezing, and itching or burning eyes can result. | Asthma: These products are some of the main triggers for asthma attacks so in homes with any asthmatics they should be eliminated or reduced. Try natural alternatives when possible. | Poison: The base for the reed diffusers that are all the rage right now is dipropylene glycol. This is the same ingredient that is considered the “less toxic” ingredient in antifreeze. While it is less toxic than its predecessors of methanol and ethylene glycol it is the sweet tasting component that is irresistible to critters and what kills your local cats and dogs when crazy people leave out anti-freeze. With their open tops these reed diffusers are a recipe for disaster if one of your pets or kids knocks this off the table. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving an open container of antifreeze in your house please reconsider using these.

44 | February • March 2012 •

3. Get a tea light or electric diffuser to warm and distribute essential oils or food extracts. Be careful with the open flame as the oils and extracts are usually highly flammable. 4. Make your own “solar” aromatherapy diffuser by putting some water and essential oils or food extracts in a glass in a sunny window.

A better alternative – natural aromatherapy. There are some very simple things you can try to scent your house naturally without allergy or asthma triggers and without putting your furry family or little ones in harm’s way.

 1. Boil aromatic botanicals on the stove. Try boiling some citrus peels for a fresh clean scent. Boil some cinnamon sticks or a blend of spices for a homey feel. 2. Heat essential oils or pure food grade extracts in boiling/simmering water on the stove. You can buy essential oils in most health food stores, health food sections of your regular grocery store, and online at places such as Strawberry Hedgehog. You only need a few drops and the scent will last and provide great aromatherapeutic benefits as the actual plant material and nothing else is used to create essential oils. Try a couple drops of lavender oil with a couple drops of good vanilla extract for a balancing, relaxing setting.

5. Look for essential oil based products – Aura Cacia has some great plug in essential oil based products available at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and probably several other health food stores. 6. If you want to neutralize odors leave a bowl of vinegar in the middle of the room for an hour or so. Try cleaning your surfaces with vinegar to help reduce odors all over. 7. Open your windows! Provided you are not in the middle of a dust storm as we often are here in AZ, it is a good idea to open your windows at night when the cool air can come in. Indoor air becomes highly polluted without circulation, more so than the outside air and this will save you on cooling costs in the summer. 8. Get a new air filter – this will help with your utility bill and clean the air of what ails you. 9. What is so stinky that you need to cover up anyway? Get to the source of it! If your garbage is smelly and bothering you perhaps you need a new container with a lid or you need to take it out more frequently. Is it that litter box that is such a stinker? Try changing it more often, the more often you clean the litter box the better you will keep the actual litter so you won’t have to spend as much changing the entire thing out and your kitties will be happier, too. It is better to have a clean smelling place without fragrance than masking the bad smells with perfume. • February • March 2012 | 45

B Y D R . G R E Y S TA F F O R D

What’s Fun, Furry & Educational, too?

A Field Trip to Wildlife World Zoo! Photography By Melody Golden

WWZ&A | WWZ&A | WWZ&A | WWZ&A | WWZ&A | WWZ&A | WWZ&A |WWZ&A | WWZ&A | W 46 | February • March 2012 •

ver its 27-year history, Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium has demonstrated a significant commitment to providing educational opportunities to schoolchildren throughout the Valley and state. For instance, each year about 75 thousand students take part in organized onsite field trips. This fun and educational experience is made possible in part due to the low cost student admission Wildlife World extends to school groups and their chaperones.


Students get to see, hear and in some cases, touch creatures from the largest collection of wild animals on public display in the state of Arizona. In addition, they can learn more about animals during a Wildlife Encounters education show, see baby animals in the Animal Nursery, feed exotic parrots at the lory parrot exhibit, touch tide pool animals and even feed stingrays at the Wildlife World Aquarium, look the world’s tallest mammal in the eye at the giraffe feeding station, meet Arizona’s only penguins, take a trip into the Wild on one of several ride attractions and so much more. This season, all of our visitors will have several new exhibits to enjoy beginning with the recently launched Dragon World that features giant reptiles like a 20 feet long reticulated python and the state’s only saltwater crocodile! In addition, a 4th aquarium building with a “River Monsters” theme is expected to open by spring. Recognizing the need to provide similar low cost educational opportunities offsite to schools, churches, daycare facilities, camps, etc., Wildlife World has long had a dedicated team of educators and animals that travel throughout the Valley and state. Thanks to Sanderson Ford for its years of support by providing a zoo van, Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium has extended its mission well beyond the gates to educate and entertain students of all ages. Together, these educational programs help to raise awareness about the current state of wildlife and wild places, and the need for greater conservation and stewardship of our natural resources. Best of all, these close encounters with amazing animals help to instill a sense of wonder and concern about Nature in young people.

Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium is located at 16501 W. Northern Ave., Litchfield Park, AZ. We’re open seven days a week, 365 days a year, including all holidays. Zoo exhibits are open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (last zoo admission is at 5:00 p.m.) Aquarium exhibits are open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Daytime admission includes access to the zoo and aquarium.

| WWZ&A |

Special reduced evening admission to Aquarium-Only is available after 5:00 p.m. Dillon’s KC Style BBQ restaurant is now open for lunch and dinner at the Aquarium restaurant—walk-ins welcome! For more info: (623) 935-WILD (9453) or visit

WWZ&A | WWZ&A | WWZ&A | WWZ&A | • February • March 2012 | 47 • February • March 2012 | 49

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52 | February • March 2012 • • February • March 2012 | 53

FAMILY PRACTICE Sun Valley Family Practice offers comprehensive family care to the West Valley of the Phoenix Metro Area. We are committed to bringing the highest level of care to our patients, tailored to their needs. Our health care providers are board certified in family medicine.

ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS • SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE • Personalized healthcare tailored to you • Physical exams for all ages • Immunizations for all ages • Asthma • Diabetes

• Hypertension and Cholesterol Care • Maintenance of acute and chronic health conditions • Women’s gynecologic care MOST H INSURA EALTH • Allergy treatment NCE PL ANS ARE AC • Sports medicine and exams CEPTED . • Skin care treatment

12409 W. Indian School Rd.,Building E. Avondale, AZ 85392


MON-FRI: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

URGENT CARE Sun Valley Urgent Care, P.C. will provide treatment for many illnesses and occupational medicine services. The following list describes many of the illnesses or injuries we treat, including the additional services we offer at our facility.

ILLNESS & INJURY • Cold, cough, flu, and sinus infection • Upper respiratory problems, asthma, and bronchitis • Sore throat, earache, or headache • Abdominal pain • Back pain • Rash or skin infections

• Eye infections • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea • Urinary tract infection • STD's • Limb fractures, sprains, and strains • Lacerations or wound care • Burns


ADDITIONAL SERVICES • School/Sports physicals • Department of Transportation physical exams • Drug screening services and breath alcohol testing 2910 N Litchfield Rd. Goodyear, Arizona 85395

54 | February • March 2012 •

• Immunizations • On-site digital x-ray 7 days per week • On-site lab services


MON-FRI: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM SAT-SUN: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM • February • March 2012 | 55

C A L E N DA R | The who, what, where and when in the West Valley

Arts in the Park LIVE - FREE Concert Series For those looking for some quality entertainment while also trying to save money The City Litchfield Park's Arts in the Park Concert Series may be just what you're looking for. The Wigwam Resort and Spa will be hosting monthly concerts on its grounds, the best part, admission is free. All you have to do is show up at the resort, bring a lawn chair, and listen to the easy tunes of a variety of music. The show itself is very relaxing, children are playing games in the grass, while adults can lounge in chairs and grass listen to 50's music from bands like Come Back Buddy, The Rave, Rondavous, Mary Hoffman. Night Groove Band and The Thaddeus Rose Band. Drinks and snacks are on sale at the event, but attendees are more than welcome to make a picnic out of the event. The next performance in line for the Arts in the Park Concert Series is Sunday, February 19 from 3-5 P.M. featuring Mary Hoffman. Everyone, whether you're from Litchfield Park or elsewhere is encouraged to participate in an evening at the park with live music, community, and relaxing. Wigwam Resort and Spa is located on 300 East Litchfield Park Blvd. Litchfield Park, AZ 85340. For more information go to for more information on the concert series as well as additional community events for The City of Litchfield Park. Upcoming Shows: Mary Hoffman: Always a Litchfield Park Favorite, February 19th, 3-5 P.M. Night Groove Band: Playing your favorites from R&B, Rock, Motown, and more, March 18th, 4-6 P.M. Thaddeus Rose Band: High Energy from Begining to End, April 20th, 7-9 P.M.

February 17th, 18th and 19th American Sports Center Avondale LIVE LIFE EXPO IMS Arizona Marathon

The IMS Marathon Sunday, February 19,

This inaugural parade and festival will be a

February 17 - 18 You will have the

marathon, a half marathon, marathon

celebration of Arizona's Centennial which

opportunity to navigate the changing face

relay, and a 5K walk/run.

is being celebrated throughout 2012. After

of healthcare with the 2012 International

the parade enjoy an outdoor, family-

Live Life Expo.

February 14th Goodyear/Avondale "A Tale of Two Cities" Parade and Festival 10:00 am until 3:00 pm

focused festival called Trains, Planes and

This first-ever, two-day Arizona event

Automobiles, celebrating 100 years of

unites the industries of health and

transportation, will take place at Estrella

wellness in ways never done before –

Mountain Community College (EMCC).

redeveloping and redefining the new

This fun-filled event will feature gourmet

business of medicine.

(IMS) Arizona Marathon will, again, be sweeping through the West Valley! With the full




For more infomation please call 800-315-9630 or visit

February 24th , March 11 - 12 Dead Man's Cell Phone Stage West After you're gone, how will you be

food trucks, live musical entertainment, antique car displays, arts and crafts,

Friday, February 17th

bouncers, a Kids Zone, carnival games,

From 7:30pm until the last man falls.This

face painting, balloon art, and caricature

action packed event will be presented by


2Knuckles Sports Center. ‘Redemption” is a Muay Thai Kick boxing event.

56 | February • March 2012 •

2012, the Integrated Medical Services

remembered? Jean is just trying to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee in a cafe, when a cell phone belonging to the man at the next table starts to ring. And ring. And ring. Jean realizes the man isn't answering it...

Tickets are $50-VIP and $20-General

because he's dead. Contains mature


themes and adult language. $31.00-$47.00

February - March March 10th - 11th Herberger Theatre Tres Rios Nature Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 and Earth Festival 9:00 am until 4:00 pm Steps Center Stage - Feb 09, 12 - Feb The Cities of Goodyear and Avondale have once again joined with the Arizona Game 26, 12 Mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python and you have... Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps. The madness begins when mildmannered Richard Hannay starts his evening at the theater and ends the night with a dead body in his lap. Tickets $32.00-$69.00

March 2nd through April 8th Arizona Broadway Theatre Sunset Blvd.

and Fish Department to present the Tres Rios Nature and Earth Festival at Estrella Mountain Regional Park. Free outdoor activities and educational booths will provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the wonders of outdoor Arizona while celebrating the rich heritage, ecology, history and abundant wildlife of the Gila, Salt and Agua Fria Rivers. Did you know that the three rivers join together near Phoenix International Raceway and travel west to eventually empty into the Colorado River?

Show Hours TBA 7701 W. Paradise Lane, Peoria, AZ 85382 Sunset Boulevard. The two words conjure up Tinsel town and glamour. The Academy Awardwinning film lifted Gloria Swanson to icon status for her portrayal as the faded silent film actress Norma Desmond, who dreams of making a triumphant return to the screen while living in her decaying mansion on the fabled Los Angeles street. The winner of seven Tony Awards, Sunset Boulevard boasts a beautiful, lush score by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber (Cats, The Phantom of the Opera, Evita). For tickets call 623-776-8400 or log on to

March 10th - 11th 14th Annual Litchfield Art & Culinary Festival 10:00 am until 5:00 pm

If you would like to learn more about the river, its riparian area and the wildlife that makes its home there take advantage of a guided nature walk in Estrella Mountain Regional Park. There are numerous activities designed for the entire family such as: free fishing clinics and selfpowered canoe floats sponsored by Arizona Game and Fish Department, birding tours with volunteers from Sonoran Audubon, air rifle and archery clinics, a kid’s recycling fashion show sponsored by Luke Air Force Base, Tres Rios Nature and Earth Festivalperformances by a recycling magician and much more. The kid’s zone will open the door for youngsters to get excited about nature and learn how to care for it while enjoying all it has to offer.

Experience the legendary lure of the Southwest through a celebration of the visual, culinary and performing arts. Whether you love fine dining, superior wines, extraordinary art, or you just love the relaxed ambiance of outdoor festivals, this is your destination. Festival information contact

Simply Solar AZ will have a cell phone charging station available.

Tres Rios Nature and Earth Festival will be held at Estrella Mountain Regional Park, 14805 W. Vineyard in Goodyear (south of I10). Take Estella Parkway south to Vineyard and follow the signs. Event admission is free. There is a $3 fee per car for parking. For more information visit the Tres Rios website at or call (623) 932-2260.

March 16 & March 17, 2012 45th Annual Pioneer Days Melodrama: The Bride of Buckeye Youngker High School Auditorium: 3000 S. Apache Road, 7 PM Join the Town of Buckeye and the Buckeye Women’s Club for the 45th Annual Pioneer Days Melodrama. This year’s play titled The Bride of Buckeye is sure to provide lots of laughter and more drama than ever. Be sure to boo, cheer, ooh, and ahh your favorite characters through the performance. Advanced tickets will be on sale at the Buckeye Public Library, Bookmobile, Community Center, and Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce for $5 each (adult tickets), $3 (youth aged 6 to 12) and children 5 and under are FREE. Tickets purchased at the door will be $6 for adults, $4 for youth. For more information, visit or contact 623349-6621.

March 17, 2012 Pioneer Days Parade Downtown Buckeye (Hwy 85/Monroe Ave) Parade Begins at 10 AM Visit:

Come out and spend the day. Food vendors will be on hand with a taste tempting array of festival food. Events/Calendar submissions are welcome. Please email to

623-734-6526. • February • March 2012 | 57

D I N I N G | The best restaurants in the West Valley

by Bob Purtell


Fresh. Modern. American Grill When Operating Partner’s Paul Fratella and Anthony Guerriero opened Caballero, their concept was to offer a “culinary experience at casual dining prices.” Bringing dozens of years of experience in restaurant management, the have struck out on their most recent venture in Goodyear at 1800 N. Litchfield Road. Located just north of the I-10, it is conveniently 20-30 minutes from downtown or the north Phoenix suburbs. A newly remodeled and redecorated eatery formerly known to west valley residents as McGraths Fish House, Caballero sports warm new colors and an open yet intimate dining environment for patrons to enjoy.

They will not leave you disappointed and are deserving of our best stars.


Photographed by Michael Jordan Photography 58 | February • March 2012 •


ne of few valley restaurants accepting reservations, Caballero offers generous seating for large parties of up to 150, a private dining room for smaller groups of 35 or a curtain table for that special personal dining moment. Offproperty catering events can be scheduled for up to 400 with advanced notice. Call Director of Marketing, Kelsey Oisten for availability and pricing. Some of the features unique to this recently opened establishment include a “Ceviche Bar” where one can sit counter-side and order hand-crafted portions of fish or shrimp ceviche with a variety of sides to taste. Made fresh to each customer’s personal design, this is not to be missed. February 19th will mark the rollout of the “Parts-of-the-World” Sunday Brunch. Check the Caballero website for specific menu inquiries. The menu is simple fare, but not lacking in love from Executive Chef Amanda Miller’s talented culinary staff. Starters include chicken, shrimp and rib-eye quesadilla’s, DeValle Guacamole, Fried Calamari, Avocado Chimi’s, Fish Taco’s and the ever famous “Manny’s Empanada’s. Salads are generously portioned and available in half sizes for the more conservative appetite. Do not miss the Caballero Chicken Salad with its superb mix of spicy ranch dressing, avocado and queso fresco. Sandwiches include Burgers, French Dip, Club Sliders and a Cuban with Chipotle mayo on Sourdough. All are served with a generous portion of fries adding value to your meal experience. The menu truly shines in the available entrée’s. Your choices of Carne Adovada, Pork Enchiladas, Top Sirloin, Rib Eye, Steelhead Trout, Ahi Tuna and a host of others including a vegetarian option will have you coming back time anytimeagain. A specially designed Kid’s menu is available to satisfy those younger palettes.

The bar service is exceptionally unique, as well. Jason, the Chief Mixologist, has a collection of 6 “hand-crafted” beers and a wine and cocktail menu that you will not find in most restaurants. The beer connoisseur can enjoy pint drafts of Dog Fish Seasonal, Mission IPA, Ludwig Hefeweizen, Full Sail Pale Ale and Coronado Orange, in addition to a long list of bottled choices. Hand crafted cocktails are reasonably priced and include Pomegranate Lemon Mojito’s, Raspberry Cosmopolitan’s, Long Island Limon, Strawberry Basil Lemonade, Caballera (House version of a Hurricane) and Key Lime Pie Martini’s. The wine list is not your run-of-the-mill selection either. Genuinely unique choices make Caballero a rare treat for the customer who wants to enjoy a special glass or bottle of out of the ordinary wines. Selections include Californian, Italian, German, New Zealand and Argentinean choices. Happy hour runs daily from 2:00-7:00pm and again from 9:00pmclose. Hours of operation for Caballero are Monday-Thursday 11:00am-1:00am, Friday-Saturday 11:00am-2:00am and Sunday 11:00am-Midnight. Phone 623-935-4287 for reservations or inquiries pertaining to special requests and needs. The choices for dining are many and the competition for customer dollars is increasing. Quality, courteous service and value pricing are the great equalizers in today’s restaurant world. Caballero, while new to the neighborhood, is serving it up with the best of the best and deserves your attention. • February • March 2012 | 59

9744 W. Northern Ave., Peoria, AZ



Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar


Blu Burger Grille 623.877-3200

Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria


Sandbar 623.877-6444





Mexican Grill

Stylish, contemporary dining is the hallmark of Fleming's. As our name implies, our menu features the finest in prime beef, augmented by a tempting variety of chops, seafood, chicken, generous salads, inventive side orders and indulgent desserts. Our celebrated wine list, known as the Fleming's 100, boasts some of the finest wines in the world, all available by the glass.

Blu Burger Grille, was built on the need for a truly unique, high quality, hamburger experience. Our burgers are prepared to your specification and are made with the freshest Certified Angus ground beef. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy quality hamburger creations, and thus strive to maintain reasonable menu prices without sacrificing quality.

A taste of NY in the West Valley. With over 100 years of pizza making traditions, Grimaldi’s serves NY-style, coal fired brickoven pizzas and calzones, freshly prepared salads and house made desserts in an upscale yet casual and family oriented pizzeria. Come enjoy “The Pizza that made the Brooklyn Bridge Famous.”

Ice cold cervezas, sand beneath your feet, and some fresh Mexican food. Whether you are looking for a night out on the town or want to relax with a couple of cool cocktails, Sandbar is the destination for the best beach fun!


Wine Styles 623.872.7900 • Feel like you have traveled back in time to an old world wine cellar where the ambiance is perfect for browsing through our world class wines at affordable prices. Our wines are separated into eight tasting styles and our knowledgeable staff will help you find the style right for you. We also offer unique gifts, a large selection of American craft beer and Kana Cuban Coffee. Whether you join our wine club, visit us for weekly wine tastings, stop in for a glass of wine or shop for a gift basket, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

See’s Candies 623.772.7256 •

Located at 99th Avenue and Northern • Just west of the Loop 101

We s t Va l l e y ’s P l a c e s t o G o, T h i n g s t o D o a n d P e o p l e t o M e e t


By Michelle Arana

Movie Review:

Catch the New Sherlock Holmes in Theaters for the New Year

Sherlock Holmes

(played by Robert

also known as Lisbeth Salander in the 2009 version of The

Downey Jr., also known as Tony Stark in Ironman) is at his

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). With her help, Sherlock and Dr.

best again in the new Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

Watson set out on their most important yet dangerous case

Joining him again is his all time favorite sidekick, Dr. John

they have ever had to investigate in their lives.

Watson (played by Jude Law, also known as Graham in The Holiday) and oh is he in for the adventure of his career! In the beginning of the movie, Sherlock is following the one and only Irene Adler (played by Rachel McAdams also known as Becky Fuller in Morning Glory) to see what exactly she is really involved in. What Irene thinks she is involved in ends up being the complete opposite and she finds herself in a bit of trouble. Sherlock warns Irene about what she is really getting herself involved in however, she is already in too deep. Before Irene realizes it, she comes face to face with the most dangerous enemy that Sherlock would actually hesitate to go up against; the one and only Professor James Moriarty (played by Jared Harris, also known as Dr. Ashford in Resident Evil: Apocalypse). Upon Sherlock realizing that Irene was now in grave danger, Sherlock went back to his old ways of investigating the issue all during the time that Dr. Watson was getting married and preparing for his Honeymoon. Sherlock caught onto a tip that Professor Moriarty was after Dr. Watson and himself, so Sherlock decided to crash Dr. and Mrs. Watson’s Honeymoon all to save the day of course. Let’s just say that Dr. Watson and his new bride were bittersweet to find Holmes dressed up as a lady in disguise on their Honeymoon trip to save their lives. The guys launch their detective work trying to track down the dangerous things that Professor Moriarty was involved in and during their investigating, they came across a woman that was able to help the two out but didn’t know she could at first.

If you liked the first Sherlock Holmes movie, this one is even better. The graphics are fantastic and you will be hoping that they will be making a third Sherlock Holmes after you see this one!

Her name was Madam Simza Heron (played by Noomi Rapace • January • February 2012 | 61

C O O L L I S T | W h a t ’s C o o l i n t h e We s t Va l l e y

By Michelle Arana


t all started at a neighbor’s Wedding in 1995. Guy’s wife put his name in to sing Karaoke and as his song choice he chose “New York New York” by Frank Sinatra. After singing the song everyone was pleasantly surprised because Guy sounded just like Frank Sinatra and it even took Guy by surprise as well. And his life has changed ever since. For the past 12 years, Guy has been a Professional Singer. He sings at Skye in Peoria once a month as well as other major events, Weddings, and parties. Guy currently has two albums out right now which are Frankly Speaking and Retrospect. His next project is to come out with his very own Christmas album by Christmastime next year. On top of that, he is going to audition for X-Factor for the 2012 season. When West Valley Magazine asked what his most memorable moment of his professional singing career has been so far, Guy told us that “I opened up for Joan Rivers at Celebrity Theatre in 2005 as well as I was able to open for Earth, Wind and Fire in 2007 at the FBR open golf tournament.”

Local Singer Guy Pennacchio Has a Voice That Most Compare to Frank Sinatra 62 | February • March 2012 •

He is constantly booking new gigs and his specialty location is in the Scottsdale area. He also has lots of bookings for corporate and private party events. When asked who is his favorite singer is, he said “hands down Frank Sinatra. I think he had the best human instrument for singing and more emotion in his singing than I have ever heard. My favorite song is “Fly Me to the Moon,” because of the meaning and the lyrics of the song. The vocal ranges give your voice a workout. If anyone can sing that song they are a really good singer.” See for yourself because you won’t want to miss hearing his sensational Frank Sinatra-like voice! To hear songs that Guy sings or to book a party or event with Guy, you can visit his website at , call (480) 628-2280 or find him on Facebook and LinkedIn as Guy Pennacchio as well as on Twitter as @sinatralike.


his February Arizona will celebrate 100 years of statehood, and the Arizona Winds has planned a special concert to commemorate this important milestone.

“Arizona—Cowboys to Canyons” will take the audience on an inspiring and exciting musical journey of this beautiful state with themes depicting Sonoran Desert sunrises, the magnificent Grand Canyon, Arizona’s cowboy legacy and Native American and Hispanic influences, and more. The concert is planned for 3:00 p.m. Sunday, February 12th in the Mountain Ridge High School Auditorium located at 22800 North 67th Avenue in Glendale and is free and open to the public. The band’s Musical Director and Conductor, retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Richard Shelton brings over 40 years of conducting experience to the podium for this unique and refreshing musical journey which begins with the Latin Fantasy “El Camino Real”, based on the music of Spanish flamenco guitarists. This is followed by a specially commissioned work by the Arizona Commission on the Arts for the Arizona’s Centennial. The work, titled “Arizona Centennial Overture”, pays tribute to the unique blend of pioneer, Native American and Hispanic cultures that played such a huge

“Arizona— Cowboys to Canyons”

role in shaping Arizona into what it is today. Composer Ron Nelson, a Scottsdale resident, distinguished composer and retired Professor of Music at Brown University, was commissioned by Colonel Shelton and The Air Force Band of Flight in 1994 to compose “Sonoran Desert Holiday”. This powerful work reflects the serenity of our unique Sonoran Desert sunrises and alludes to the Native American and Hispanic influences, wide open southwestern expanses, and to the remarkable variety of holiday experiences available in this diverse and beautiful state. “A concert celebrating our great state of Arizona wouldn’t be complete without paying tribute to one of the seven natural wonders of the world…the magnificent Grand Canyon”, said Colonel Shelton. “What better way to do that than to perform excerpts from Ferde Grofe’s ‘Grand Canyon Suite’. The audience will be musically transported to the canyon to experience the ‘Painted Desert,’ ‘Sunrise’ and spend few minutes ‘On the Trail’,” continued Shelton.

February ARIZONA WINDS CONCERT Celebrates Arizona’s Centennial

Other works planned for the program include Robert Russell Bennett’s “Suite of Old American Dances”, “American Variations” and themes from the motion pictures “Silverado”, “The Cowboys”, and “How the West Was Won”.

For further information about this concert and future concerts, visit the band’s website at • February • March 2012 | 63 • February • March 2012 | 65

PUZZLES | Exercise your mind and get lost in a puzzle


ACROSS 1. Musical group 5. Matured 9. Young cow 13. Found in some lotions 14. What we are called 16. Hodgepodge 17. Backside 18. Setline 19. Tropical tuber 20. Grin 22. Undertaken by two parties 24. Recent events 26. Not earlier 27. Courtly 30. Ends a sentence 33. A through route 35. Award 37. 7 in Roman numerals 38. Fastening 41. Half of a pair 42. African virus 45. Acts of aggression 48. Conundrum 51. An indicator 52. Estimate 54. Roman emperor 55. Example 59. Soothing ointment 62. Car trunk (British) 63. San Antonio fort 65. Objective 66. Prospector's find 67. Clear 68. Auspices 69. Biblical garden 70. No more than 71. Unit of force


SUDOKU HOW TO PLAY SUDOKU? Sudoku requires no calculation or arithmetic skills. It is essentially a game of placing numbers in squares, using very simple rules of logic and deduction. It can be played by children and adults and the rules are simple to learn. SUDOKU OBJECTIVE The objective of the game is to fill all the blank squares in a game with the correct numbers. There are three very simple constraints to follow. In a 9x9 square Sudoku game: * Every row of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in * Every column of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in any order * Every 3 by 3 subsection of the 9x9 square must include all digits 1 through 9.

66 | February • March 2012 •

DOWN 1. Taverns 2. Astringent 3. Designation 4. Exhaust 5. Picnic insect 6. Dress 7. Electronic letters 8. A hanging fold of loose skin 9. Clique 10. Winglike 11. Former Italian currency 12. A person who lacks good judgment 15. Tablet 21. Pitcher 23. School session 25. Narrow opening 27. Rescue 28. Clan 29. Cheer 31. Dental medicine 32. Polka or samba 34. 54 in Roman numerals 36. Lascivious look 39. Bite 40. Thug 43. Brighten 44. Chills and fever 46. Untruths 47. Angered 49. Iron or steel 50. Place of refuge 53. "The Final Frontier" 55. Competent 56. Backwards "Door" 57. Cypher 58. Arab chieftain 60. Conceited 61. If not 64. Lyric poem • February • March 2012 | 67

West Valley Magazine February 2012  

West Valley Magazine's February issue features romance and the Live Life Expo coming up February 17-19.

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