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Open for your Launch Party


Starting your own business is exciting, and it deserves a grand opening! We call this opening your Launch Party. The purpose of this party is to share Thirty-One with others in order to generate sales and future party bookings, plus identify friends to join you on this journey. You can have your Launch Party anywhere – your home, your church, a local restaurant or even online. What’s unique about this party is that you will be the Hostess. Not only will you have fun kicking off your business and sharing it with others, but you can also experience what it feels like to be a Hostess and earn Hostess Rewards, like free products and Hostess Exclusives! Your Launch Party is also a great opportunity to earn new products for free by earning your first level of StartSwell. Check out the StartSwell Flier in your Enrollment Kit for details about this incentive that’s just for new Consultants. For more information about how to open a party and submit orders, check out the “Quick-Start Guide” on (TOT, for short).

Book more parties Partying consistently is the most important thing you can do to help you build a strong, healthy business. And in order to party consistently, you need to book some parties! At your Launch Party, ask your guests if they would host a Thirty-One party with you – the party is often the best place to get future party bookings. You can also get bookings outside the party. Look back at your “Who Do You Know?” list (found on page 11 of this guide) and begin making calls. You can say something like:

“Hello Sue. How are you? Do you have five minutes to talk? “I’ve started a new business with an amazing company that specializes in fashionable products to keep you organized in your home and in your life. The company is Thirty-One Gifts, and I am so excited! I wanted to offer you the opportunity to have a fun time with your friends while earning some of your favorite products for free. Hosting a party would also be a big help to me as I am getting started. I am looking to party on <offer specific date> or <offer specific date>. Which one of those dates works best for you?”


One way to build a strong, consistent business is to follow the 1-2-3-4 model. In your first month as a Consultant, have ONE party. In your second month have TWO parties, and so on. By month four, you’ll be having one party a week. Keep having four parties a month moving forward to help grow your business.


For some great tips on bookings, visit Type “bookings” in the TOT search bar to learn more. Bookings




Coaches provide encouragement, support and tips to help you achieve your goals. You’ll need to be that type of coach for your Hostess to have a great party. Hostess Coaching is about sharing and learning with back-and-forth conversations, so you can help your Hostess reach the success she wants for her party.

One helpful tool you will want to use for every party is the Hostess Coaching Checklist on This tool guides you through a series of connections with your Hostess to help you not only have a great party but to develop a relationship. In addition to your Hostess Coaching Checklist, an email invite system is included as part of your Virtual Office (this is an online system to support your business – accessible through TOT). When you create a party in your Virtual Office, you can choose to have an email sent to your Hostess inviting her to the Hostess Portal. The Hostess Portal is a shared online system where you can partner on entering guest information, sending email invites, tracking RSVPs and more, all with email reminders to help keep you on track! You can access your Virtual Office right from TOT. For Virtual Office training, search “Virtual Office” on TOT for videos and more.


Search “Hostess Coaching” on TOT to learn more. Hostess Coaching


Work with your Hostess to invite 40 people to help be sure she’ll have 10-12 guests at her party. This will ensure everyone has a great time while your Hostess has a great party!

Coaching Check list


Follow these easy steps and you’ll be on your way lasting relations to a hip with your Host ess … plus a grea t part y!


fun Thirty-One party!

Hostess name: Address: Phone:

Email: Preferred contact

Three connectio

ns with your Ho


Go over the infor mation in her Host ess Packet alon with the Hostess g Portal on your Virtu al Office Ask open-ended questions to learn what kind of party she would prefe r and what succ ess looks like for her

stess for party

Red Stamp



Encourage your Hostess to send reminders to gues about her party ts Remind your Host ess to gather outs ide orders Invite the Hostess to watch what you do and think abou what the extra mon t ey earned as a Thirt could do for her y-One Consultan and her family t


Use the Hostess Rewards Flier to build her wish list and to brainstorm her guest list, while more about her also learning and her guests Discuss her invita tion method (recommending a blended approach ) Email Invites




N Send a “thank you” note Share the gift of the Thirty-One oppo rtuni to host another ty, whether it’s party in the futur e or to join your team

Facebook VIP guests Discuss the onlin

e extras to share

with guests

Tools for suc

cess Ever yone has the tools needed to make Hostess Coac No matter how often you connect hing a breeze. with the Hostess the part y, use thes and guests befo e tools to make re it simple, easy and fun! Email Invites The perfect way to increase guest atten dance at the party.

Facebook Perfect for getting excitement going before the party. Use it to send reminder s and learn about party gues ts.

Red Stamp Quickly send an invite to guests, remind gues party ts of the party or say thank you after the party.

Thirty-One vide os Share the product videos on our YouTube chan nel with your Hostess to get her familiar with our products befo re the party.


When you use your email invitation system the guests will be added to your Monthly Customer Email as another way you can keep them up to date about everything Thirty-One!


Three waysto party

Partying is the foundation of every Thirty-One business. Not only does the party allow you to share our products and earn commission – it also helps you build relationships so that you can book future parties and share our opportunity.

Because the party is so important, we offer three different ways to have one – face-to-face, online or a Catalog party. Each party type comes with its own unique benefits for both you and your Hostess. Learn more about all three party types on ThirtyOneToday (click “Party” under the “Learn” tab), including tools you can use to help every Hostess figure out which type of party is right for her and her friends.


Face-to-face parties are great opportunities to meet new people and build new relationships, which are essential to every Thirty-One business. Online parties are a great option for women whose friends don’t live nearby, or for women who prefer shopping from the comfort of their own home.



Did you know you can earn new products for FREE just by partying during your first 120 days? Check out the back cover of this guide to learn more about our amazing StartSwell program for new Consultants, or look for more information on TOT.

Rock every

.w. w.o rty

The pa



‘W.O.W.’ Them at Every Party!

No matter what party type you are holding, you can create a simple and fun Party Experience with the W.O.W. Party Model.


W – Welcome

Your “welcome” is how you kick off your party. Let guests know how excited you are that they are able to come together to have some fun and to enjoy a bit of Thirty-One too.

About 5 mins



• Welcome guests and celebrate the Hostess


• Share the Thirty-One story, mission & value • Share your “why” with a great story

• Plant booking and recruiting seeds

Offer solutions

About 15 mins

• Introduce Catalog chapters

O – Offer Solutions

This is where you introduce the three chapters of our Catalog – Just For You, For Your Home and For Your Family.

• Ask open-ended questions

• Share stories about everyday life

• Offer solutions by sharing a few products


• Continue to plant booking and recruiting seed

Wrap-up Hostess Coaching

About 5 mins per guest Pink Bag Calls

• Bring the party to a close

• Plant final booking and recruiting seeds

ing with

• Use open-ended questions and active listen

each guest during the full-service checkout

ghout the party experience!

Remember to offer Pink Glove Service throu


W – Wrap-up

Bring your party to a close while inviting guests to host their own party. Then it’s time for personal shopping, where you can connect with each guest during full-service checkout.

After giving a Customer her total, let her know that if she’d like to Round Up the change to the nearest dollar – or make a donation of any size – the money will support Thirty-One Gives, our charitable program dedicated to building confident women and girls. To learn more about Gives, read The Heart of Who We Are flier.



After the

Order Entry When your party is over, it’s time to submit those orders! Visit TOT and search “Virtual Office” to learn how to create orders.

Customer Service Customer service is essential to any good business, and at Thirty-One we like to call it “Pink Glove Service.” Treat your Customers with respect and kindness, ensuring that they are having fun at the party, and that they are satisfied with their products once their order has been shipped. One of the most important aspects of Pink Glove Service is making a follow-up call after orders are received. Why? Because this allows you to confirm your Customer is happy with the order, see if she has any other needs and when you can connect again. These calls are easy, fun and a great way to reconnect with your guests after the party! While you have her on the phone, remind her about upcoming monthly specials. See if she is interested in making additional purchases, hosting a party or even joining your Thirty-One team! Do whatever you can to ensure Pink Glove Service and make a strong connection with her.

know? Did you

When you show your enthusiasm for what you’re doing, it naturally draws others in. Have fun with what you’re doing and others will take notice.



Call guests who couldn’t attend the party and offer to personally share the products with her friends and family.


Remember to call the guests who didn’t order to ask if they enjoyed the party. When they answer yes, ask if they are interested in getting any products for free or half-price by hosting a party of their own.


the opportunity The best way to grow your business is by sharing the Thirty-One opportunity with new women! That simply means sharing all the benefits of being a Consultant with Thirty-One, and inviting women to join your team. If she does become a Consultant on your team, you will begin earning commission not only on your own sales, but on HER sales as well, once she becomes qualified. To learn more about the benefits of sharing the opportunity and building a team, visit the “New Consultant” page on TOT and click the “Share” link at the bottom to learn how to share the Thirty-One opportunity. New women join the Thirty-One family every day because they love our products and mission, and because they want to earn money while doing something FUN – and doing it whenever and however they want! Sharing the opportunity is as easy as showing someone how much you enjoy being a Consultant, and asking if she’s interested in learning more about how Thirty-One could benefit her and her family. Whenever you’re sharing our products someone new, remember to share the opportunity as well!


Several great resources are available on TOT to help you share the opportunity. Click “Marketing Material” under the “Scoop” tab, and scroll down until you see the tools for “Recruiting.”


If someone is interested in becoming a Consultant, set her up for success by “Sponsoring for 4.” That simply means helping her plan out her first four months as a Consultant so that she will earn all four levels of StartSwell. Learn more about Sponsoring for 4 on TOT by clicking “Share” under the “Learn” tab.

US: Representations made about income should not be considered as typical or guarantees of your potential earnings or profits as a Thirty-One consultant. Actual earnings can vary significantly depending on time committed, skill level and other factors. Not everyone will achieve the represented level of income. Such amounts are before expenses, if any. For more information about what you can expect to earn as a Thirty-One consultant, please read our Income Disclosure Statement posted on the “Join Us” page at CA: Thirty-One Gifts Canada Inc. Statement of Typical Participant’s Earnings – 2015: The primary source of income of a Typical Participant in the Compensation Plan (the “Plan”) of Thirty-One Gifts Canada Inc. (“Thirty-One”) is from compensation on personal and downline sales of products and/or services. Personal earnings will vary. A Typical Participant in the Plan is defined as an Independent Consultant who actively engages in the activities necessary to realize the benefits of the Plan (i.e. active in at least five of twelve months). A Typical Participant in the Plan earns between Cdn $183 and $1,993 annually. Please note that these earnings have been derived from the past earnings experiences of Thirty-One. This Statement of Typical Participant’s Earnings will be updated annually




One of the ways you’ll help strengthen your relationships and promote your business is through social media. While you absolutely want to focus on face-to-face contacts, you can also build connections through platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Connect with Thirty-One Corporate Office Address: 3425 Morse Crossing Columbus, OH 43219 USA Consultant Support: 866.GIFTS31/866.443.8731 (855.GIFTS31 for Canada)

Tips from our Social Media Experts: • Social media is just that … social. Remember, these are your friends.

Social Support:



• You don’t have to be on every social network – be on the ones that work for you. thirtyonegifts

• When posting, if you include hashtags, your content will be seen in related searches. Some great hashtags to use include #31party, #31uses, #31fashion and #31why. • Tell – don’t sell – your story on social media. Make sure that the posts and images that you are sharing are genuine. • Do not link to your personal Thirty-One website in any posts on your personal account – this is against Facebook guidelines. Instead, create a closed Facebook group just for your business and invite your friends to join you there. • Read your Consultant Guidebook, which can be found on TOT by searching “Consultant Guidebook.” • Follow the company pages and accounts for images and inspiration. Anything that is posted on these accounts is meant for you to interact with and share. • Visit the “Marketing Materials” page under the “Scoop” tab on TOT for social graphics and other resources you can share on social media.


Your Personal Website Address: OR Your friends and family can order from this site and you’ll receive commission on those sales. For each level of StartSwell earned, new Consultants can earn a $14.95 credit toward the monthly website subscription. The credit will be added to the next commission check following the earning period. Consultants may cancel or make changes to their monthly subscription at any time through their Virtual Office on the Subscription tab. Search “Consultant Guidebook” on TOT.

Your Team Your support system at Thirty-One includes: • Your Sponsor, who will be your first line of support and will help answer any questions you have about getting started. • Your Director is a leader with Thirty-One who is available to support you and your Sponsor at events or with leadership goals. Fill in the names of your Sponsor and Director below. If you don’t know who your Director is, simply reach out to your Sponsor and ask or call Consultant Support. Sponsor’s name:__________________________________ Phone:__________________________________________


Director’s name:__________________________________ Phone:__________________________________________


Business Website: (TOT) or (TOT)

• As a new Consultant, TOT is a great resource to help you gain confidence by using the very best tips and business practices. • The first time you log in, use your Consultant ID and the password you created when you enrolled (reference your Welcome Email for details). • You’ll want to log in weekly or more often, because TOT is updated regularly with announcements, training and promotions. It’s also where you can purchase exclusive Thirty-One business supplies. • You can access your Virtual Office through TOT, which is where you will submit your party orders and manage your business. • Once you have your four parties booked, it’s a great idea to spend some time exploring TOT and discovering everything it has to offer.

Ordering Business Supplies You can order business supplies on TOT by searching “Business Supplies.” This site includes items specific to Thirty-One that you can’t get anywhere else. Business Supplies

most popular Business Supplies 1. Catalog 2. Mini Catalogs 3. Order Forms



Active Consultant: A Consultant who submits $200 in Personal Volume (PV) in every rolling three-month period (current month and two months prior).

Better Together meetings: Regional meetings hosted across the country by Thirty-One leaders. These meetings take place a few times throughout the year, and are a great opportunity to connect with fellow Thirty-One Consultants in your area while learning tips to help grow your business.

Booking: The act of scheduling a Thirty-One party. Consultant Support: The Home Office team that helps you answer questions you have as you operate your Thirty-One business. U.S. Consultants can contact them by phone at 614-414-GIFT (4438) or email at Canadian Consultants can contact them at (855) 443-8731(GIFTS31) or

Consultant: The first title in our Career Plan. Also used as a general term referring to independent sales field as a whole, regardless of title. Consultant Guidebook: A detailed guidebook available on TOT, outlining additional information you might need during your Thirty-One journey.

Enrollment Date: The date you submitted your online agreement, or the date your agreement was entered into the system if sent by mail or fax. It is “day one” for incentives (StartSwell, etc.). You can find your Enrollment Date (labeled “Application Date”) in your ID box on the home page of your Virtual Office. Hostess: A person who gathers friends together for a Thirty-One party. She is eligible to earn Hostess Rewards, including free and half-priced items, and Hostess Exclusives. The higher her party total, the more rewards she’ll earn. See the Hostess Flier on TOT for more details. Your personal website where Customers can order online and your Hostesses can invite guests to parties and accept online orders. The Virtual Office is the part of your personal website where you run your Thirty-One business. Subscriptions cost $14.95 per month (plus applicable taxes) and include online ordering through events and Monthly Customer Email. If a Consultant wishes to subscribe to the replicated website and not the monthly customer email (currently $12.95 plus tax per month), they may change their monthly subscription in their Virtual Office on the Subscription tab. To access your personal website, go to (or followed by your Consultant ID or the extension assigned to you when you enrolled.

Monthly Specials: Every month, select items are available at a discount for Customers and Hostesses, as long as a qualifying purchase is made or a qualifying party is held. Personal Volume (PV): The dollar value of the products sold by a Consultant, minus tax and shipping & handling charges. Consultants don’t receive commissions on items such as products purchased using Hostess Credit or as Hostess half-price items, or on Hostess Exclusives and business supplies.

Qualifying Party: A party with a minimum of $200 in sales. StartSwell: An incentive program for new Consultants. Through StartSwell, you can earn new products and business supplies for free, just by partying and earning up to four different levels during your first 120 days. Learn more on TOT. (TOT): Designed exclusively for Consultants, this website is where you will find company updates, training, product information and much more to help you as you operate your Thirty-One business.

Virtual Office: This is where you place orders, personalize your website,* view information for downline Consultants, view commissions, set up party events,* manage contacts and view account balances. Your Virtual Office is accessible by clicking on “Virtual Office” in the header on TOT. Why: The reasons “why” you decided to become a Thirty-One Consultant. Whether it’s to save for a family vacation or simply get out of the house to meet new women, every Consultant has her own unique and personal “why.” Whatever your “why” is, we’re committed to helping you reach it.

Qualified Consultant: An active Consultant who submits $1000+ in Personal Volume (PV). 10

* Feature offered with subscription to

Who Do YOU know? Thirty-One is a relationship business – the more relationships you build, the more successful you can be! Use this “Who do you know?” list to write down the names of people you can contact to share the news about your exciting new business! Use FRANKS to help you think of people – Friends, Relatives, Associates, Neighbors, Kid connections and Spouse connections. Get creative and list as many people as you can, including co-workers, Facebook friends and more! NAME




Earn new products FOR FREE! One of the best ways to grow your business is to have products in hand to share at every party. As a new Consultant, you have the chance to earn new products for FREE during your first 120 days – it’s all part of our amazing StartSwell program! Earn the product kit of your choice – up to four kits total – just by holding parties, earning a certain level of sales and sharing Thirty-One with others.

Check out the StartSwell Flier in your Enrollment Kit for all the details!


My Consultant ID: My Sponsor:


My TOT Password: My Director:

3425 Morse Crossing • Columbus, OH 43219 • 1-866-GIFTS31 • • ©2016 Thirty-One Gifts LLC. 2962SP170000


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Learn how to get started! Director Trisha Ponichtera at Thirty-One Gifts

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