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Hardware Dealers in Bangalore Pl annin g i s ne ce s s a ry w hile c o n siderin g b athroo m renovation Everyone wants to have a spacious bathroom in their home. Planning plays a very critical role when you are considering bathroom renovation. If there is no proper planning, results can be really disappointing. Preparing a checklist for bathroom renovation should be the first task. It should include the budget, floor plan, list of supplies needed, bathroom accessories, deadline, etc. First decide how much money you want to spend on renovation. Hire a professional interior designer to estimate the cost of renovation that will include plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical and drywall installation. The next thing in list should be the floor plan where you decide on the floor area to be worked o. Whether you want would want to increase the area of the bathroom by knocking down the walls or will be working on the existing space needs to be decided. Make sure that you do not disturb all electrical wiring and plumbing. You can give a different look to your bathroom by installing different arrangements and different types of shelves, cabinets and walls. Nowadays lot of attractive bathroom accessories are available in the market that can improve the look and feel of your bathroom. Different supplies for your bathroom should be ready for use when your designer needs them. S ome of the commonly used supplies are flooring, sinks, wall tile, countertops, medicine cabinets, lighting, showers, bath tubs, cabinets and cabinet handles, storage containers, wallpapers and other accessories that you want in your bathroom. Make sure that you buy these items from recognized hardware dealers in Bangalore. These days we get nice wall tile and wall paper that goes well with the colour of our bath tub and cabinets. Be careful while choosing the lighting for your bathroom, it should be such that it complements your wall paper, tiles and other bathroom fittings.

While getting your bathroom renovated, plan your design as per the time table chalked out. Prioritize which hardware needs to be fitted first before wall painting and woodwork in order to avoid any damage to the work already completed. A b out Tri s h a Trisha is a premiere interior superstore based in Bangalore offering wide range of interior products of national and international brands. It is also one of the leading hardware dealers in Bangalore offering products and solutions such as lighting, kitchen, hardware, sofas and furniture of all leading brands. For more details visit

Planning is necessary while considering bathroom renovation  

Everyone wants to have a spacious bathroom in their home. Planning plays a very critical role when you are considering bathroom renovation....

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