THP Product Guide 2022

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Thank you for choosing our studio for your most precious sessions! Trisha Harris has been a Professional Photographer for 7 years specializing in maternity and newborn imagery. Part of our experience is to provide you with the highest quality options to PRESERVE and DISPLAY your portraits. We want them to hang on the walls in your home and office. We want you to be able to flip through the pages of our professional custom made albums so the memories are never forgotten. This is your legacy and we want you to pass it down for generations.

Albums Our albums are the highest quality you can get. The smooth hardcover is soft to the touch but durable displaying an image from the session. The super thick pages lay flat to give you a full spread option as well as durability when flipping through the pages. These make great accents to a book shelf, display center or coffee table as conversation pieces in your home. When using images from a newborn session, we can include birth stats and details so these memories are preserved as your child's baby book.

Brag Books Everyone loves these adorable little albums for gift giving and holding their favorite photos from the session. These adorable brag books come in sets of 3 and include front and back views. Accordian style keeps them together but also gives you the flexibility to display them opened. The super strong magnet allows them to stick on friges or file cabinets to keep them in sight. These make great gifts for grandparents and family members so they can brag about the latest addition to the family. In addition we can include birth stats on the back. And yes these are great for other sessions too.

Keepsake Collection In our digital world it is so hard to not want the digital files. We get that. However, just a digital copy of your portraits is a huge disservice to our clients We want to ensure your memories are being truly preserved and that the quality of products matches the quality of the photos. So our digital keepsake blends both worlds. A one of a kind keepsake box that has a photo from your session printed on the front, a custom usb drive with an image printed on and then professional grade 5x7 prints of your images. These fit nicely in the keepsake box or display them in frames around your home. The box doubles as a storage for all the precious baby things you want to hold on to like the hospital tags, locks of hair and other special mementos. The box can be displayed on a shelf or display center and add a nice touch to any area.

Wood Prints In our farmhouse driven decor we love how these wood prints blend the artist touch of photography and farmhouse. These look great as accent pieces to a gallery wall, a small niche wall or in the nursery as an accent display. Our wood prints are one of a kind, you won't find them elsewhere. A thick piece of wood with a smooth photo adhered and sanded down to. They come ready to hand and display. We offer rounded square/rectangle and circle shapes.

Display stands In our modern age of decor, less is more when it comes to our walls. Many times we don't want tons of photos on them crowding the space. That is where our unique display options are great. They make great gifts too! Display Stand Our wood base display stand includes 12 images on thick display boards. Change them out year round to spice up your view. Shelfie Display This wood base holds 3 metal prints from your session. A modern way to display and add different elements to your decor.

Canvases, Prints and more Our studio offers traditional professional grade prints ranging in sizes 8x10 and larger. WE also offer traditional stretch canvases that are stretched over a wood frame. These range in sizes 16x20 and larger. We also offer our boutique contour acrylic display print in sizes 20x30 and 24x36. These are sure to be a statement over a crib or focal point in any room. All printed purchases will included the matching digital copy.

Bigger is Better If you live in a newer home changes are you have taller walls. Most ceilings are 8ft but many are 9ft and higher if vaulted. These means your wall space is HUGE. The idea of a large print can seem overwhelming, but you want your artwork to display proportionally along the wall and with the room. We will help you create the perfect layout for any space in your home to ensure the right fit.

Frequently Asked Questions I just want the digital files, can I buy just them? Yes, we still offer just digital options. We encourage our clients to display their images and choose options that give them both digital and display pieces. What is your most popular products? Many clients love our albums. I do the hard work for new moms and help them create their baby's album. So these are always a popular option for new moms and beyond. Do I get to choose the images for the album? YES! we sit down and I help you choose images that will work in our albums and give you a quality sampling from your session. Then I design the album and give you final say on the layouts before submitting for order.

What if I do the baby plan do I buy a package from each session? Our baby plan is super special. We offer 20% off any order with the baby plan. Many clients will choose the digital keepsake option so they can just purchase the digitals from the milestone session and add to their boxes. Do you stand behind these products? YES! 100% yes. We stand behind the quality and durability of our products and so do our vendors. As a mom, I want to be able to display my photos and let me family and friends view them too without worrying something will happen. So we ensure 100% happiness guaranteed. Does the digital images in a package have to match the printed items? No! That's the beauty of our packages. You can choose some images for the album or prints and different ones for your digital choices to maximize getting them most from your gallery.

"Sometimes we never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory" Why you should print your photos and why we help you 1. Preserve your family history. One day, your children will only have memories to go off of. This is your way to pass down your own family history book with photos to remind them of who people are, where they came from and the moments that made them happy. 2. Technology is not always the "Safe" option. We can store it in the cloud, on the hard drive, upload here and there but there is no guarantee it is forever. Hard drives crash and become corrupt, clouds can disappear and platforms can change. So they only way to keep these memories preserved is through printed options. 3. Boost Children's moral and self esteem. Our children are not on social media platforms until they are older. They are not seeing the photos you post and the comments. So having printed photos in your home allows them to see themselves daily, boost their self esteem and reminds them of happy moments. 4. Tangible prints generate emotions. I never held a USB drive and got excited. I have looked through old photos in a box or album and became flooded with memories. Holding a photo in your hand instantly brings you back and reminds you of the moment. You become flooded with emotions.